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PSA: Try Tales Of Symphonia and Sniper Elite 3 On Steam For Free This Weekend

Steam is offering the chance to try two games for free before you decide to buy them this weekend.

For the next 22 hours, you can download and play the classic Gamecube RPG Tales of Symphonia, as well as Sniper Elite III, which former editor Tim Turi didn't have a high opinion of.

Both games are on sale for $ 6.79 and $ 9.99, respectively, so if you play either game and decide it's worth your time, you can get it for cheap. – The Feed

ReCore Gets A Free Trial And A Patch To Address Bugs And Load Times

ReCore, the recently-released third-person action game from Comcept and Armature Studios, is getting a free trial today, along with a bug-fixing patch.

Players can download a free 30-minute trial of ReCore on the Xbox One or PC and continue with their Achievements and progress if they decide to spend the $ 39.99 to purchase the full game.

Those who already own the game on PC or Xbox One can look forward to a patch also hitting today. The ReCore team claims players will experience "decreased loading times, see audio and visual improvements, and notice
improvements to issues you may have experienced with waypoints,
achievement tracking, collision locations, checkpoints, and respawn
points" once they download the update.

If you want to see how ReCore plays, watch our Test Chamber here. If reading words is more your thing, click here to check out our review.

[Source: Xbox Website, ReCore Website]


Our Take
While ReCore wasn't generally received well by critics, any sort of demo is appreciated, especially in an age where trials are rare. Squashing bugs and shortening load times is arguably the most important part, since issues like that only deter potential buyers and repel those who already bought the game. – The Feed

Download The Free Outlast 2 Demo Before It’s Gone

First-person horror title Outlast 2 from Red Barrels was delayed into 2017, but that doesn't mean you can't experience it this year. The developer has announced a limited-time demo available until November 1.

We don't know exactly what the demo includes (it's on PS4, PC, and Xbox One), but it didn't take our editor Javy too long to be impressed by what he played at E3 this year.

If the demo piques your interest and you're curious what happened between the events of the two video games, you can read the comic entitled The Murkoff Account.


Our Take
A demo for a horror game can go a long way toward really pulling gamers in; you just hope that when the full game comes out you haven't seen all the tricks. But I'm sure there will still be plenty of new types of scares in the full game. – The Feed

New (And Free) Rocket League Arena Available Today

Rocket League developer Psyonix had previously announced its plans to release a new underwater arena for free, and now gamers get to enjoy the results. The AquaDome update, which releases today, provides a handful of new options – some free, and some paid.

The titular underwater arena is free, and comes with some customization options, as well as what Psyonix is calling "refinements and adjustments" to the game.

Players can also choose to buy new premium battle-cars; two are available (called Proteus and Triton) for $ 1.99 each.

Just in case you don't remember, you can read our original review of Rocket League to see what all the fuss is about. – The Feed

New Rocket League Arena Coming For Free

Rocket League's Battle-Cars go just about anywhere, so why not under the sea? The game's October update includes the free AquaDome arena as well as two new cars for a fee.

The Triton Battle-Car is modeled after an ocean sub, and Proteus takes after a research vessel. Regardless of their inspirations, both are made to play ball and run $ 1.99 each.

The AquaDome arena is free, and will be included in all the game's playlists upon release.

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Killer Instinct’s Definitive Edition And Its Free Shadow Lord Campaign Out Today

Killer Instinct, which has been continuously updated since its launch alongside the Xbox One three years ago, got a whole bunch of goodies today, including a free campaign.

Definitive Edition is a retail version of the game that includes the content from of all three of the game's seasons, covering 26 fighters, 20 stages, and a whole bunch of other bonuses. The mode pits players against, “the dreaded overlord Gargos." The mode, which is free to all Killer Instinct players, is team-based and involves collecting loot and guardians, which gives you assorted bonuses. On Xbox’s blog announcing the new content, Killer Instinct community manager Rukari Austin boldly proclaims that it is, “completely unique from any other fighting game.”

You can check out a trailer for the mode below. For more on Killer Instinct, head here.

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[Source: Xbox] – The Feed

PSA: Star Wars Battlefront’s Bespin DLC Free To Play For Limited Time

If you haven't snagged the DLC for Battlefront that includes Cloud City, you can now play it free–for a bit anyway. DICE and EA are making the map open for everyone to play until September 18.

The free trial was initially revealed when the game's live events calendar was updated last. There's also a double XP weekend coming up on September 23 to celebrate the release of the upcoming Death Star DLC.

You can check out Andrew Reiner's review of the game here. – The Feed

Report: PS4 4K HDR Patches Are Free, Despite Earlier Info

Sony is planning to patch in 4K HDR support for some PS4 games to coincide with the PS4 Pro launch in November. An interview suggested that some graphical upgrade patches might require payment, but Sony has confirmed to multiple sources that is not the case.

The rolling out of new info about a new piece of technology can be complicated, as there are a lot of moving parts that any given spokesperson needs to communicate. That led to some misinformation earlier this morning, when the Japanese website Game Watch Impress asked Sony Interactive’s Masayasu Ito about whether third-party publishers might charge to patch the 4K HDR feature into existing PS4 titles. The answer indicated that it would be “different for each title.” Sony has since confirmed that is not the case; all patches that add 4K HDR support will be free.

For more on the addition of HDR and 4K HDR support, read our previous news story.

That clarification comes via multiple sources that discussed the topic with Sony, including Kotaku and Polygon. Even so, we have independently reached out to Sony for our own confirmation, and will update this story if we hear back.

[Source: Polygon, Kotaku]


Our Take
This seems to be a clear case of  miscommunication regarding how this new world of 4K gaming on the PS4 Pro will actually work. It seems clear that free patches are the best way to go for all involved, so it’s good to see that Sony is moving promptly to correct the mistaken impression that there might be an alternative. – The Feed

PSA: Get Tropico 4 For Free On PC Via The Humble Store

Humble Bundle is currently running its End of Summer sale, and one of the games on “sale” is a real steal of a deal.

Haemimont Games' city management/political sim is a really solid game (check out our review here). If you haven't checked it out for yourself, you've got until Saturday at 10 a.m. Pacific to grab a copy here or through the Steam store. Check out the game's trailer below.

[Source: Humble Bundle] – The Feed

Firewatch Is Coming To Xbox One, Getting Audio Commentary, And Free Roam

Campo Santo's woods-explorer is coming to a new platform, and getting a whole bunch of free bonuses on all platforms.

The game will be available on Xbox One on September 21, and all versions of the game will be getting the Firewatch Audio Tour, which Campo Santo describes as, "one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop, mixed with a dash of inside Campo Santo goofs."

Along with the commentary, Firewatch is also getting a free-roam mode. Campo Santo writes, "In free roam, you’ll be able to live in the Shoshone with a full day/night cycle and explore with a few hidden secrets."

For our review of Firewatch, head here.

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[Source: Campo Santo] – The Feed