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Grab A Digital Copy Of The First Issue Of The Mortal Kombat X Prequel Comic For Free

Mortal Kombat X released today, and if you want to learn about the events that lead to the game's story, you can now check out the first issue of the prequel story's comic for free.

You can head here to grab the issue for free from ComiXology. Mike Futter recently wrote up some impressions on the comic, which you can find here. You can also find our very positive review of the game by heading here.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Invites Beta Players Back For Free Weekend

Starting Thursday, April 16 at 10 AM EDT and ending the morning of Monday, April 20, beta users who have not purchased the full game are being given the opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free all weekend.

Returning players will have full access to the recent Tamriel Unlimited version of the game, which expanded the world with six new content updates, such as the Justice and Champion systems, the premium service ESO Plus, and the in-game Crown Store. 

Last month, The Elder Scrolls Online dropped its subscription fee and became free-to-play after a one-time purchase of the game. The MMO is currently available on PC and Mac, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions underway, releasing June 9. Read our original, first-hand impressions of the game here.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate April Free DLC Features New Quests, Weapons, And Sonic Palicos

Monster hunter 4 Ultimate's second monthly free downloadable content is now available, and it comes with Sonic and Mario stuff.

You can check out a trailer for the new content below, which was made available yesterday. This is the second DLC pack, the first of which was made available last month and included Zelda equipment.

You can read our Monster 4 Ultimate review here.

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This free pack also includes 14 New quests, two New weapons, three Complete armor sets, four Palico weapons, seven Palico armor sets, a Bonus Palico: Blue Pal, four Guild Card backgrounds, two Guild Card poses, 13 Guild Card titles, and a Poogie outfit: Vagaboar. The April DLC pack is
available to download now, but some server maintenance is happening on the game today and tomorrow, which you can find out more about here. It only affects some downloads, not online multiplayer.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets More Free DLC In April, Including Sonic Palico Skin

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means a new batch of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC. This time out, there are new quests, gear, and the fastest thing alive.

This month features a partnership with clothing retailer Uniqlo for some high fashion gear. Capcom and Sega are also partnering up to give your Palico a Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

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The Mario: Oh, Brothers quest will give you what you need to craft both Mario and Luigi gear (even if you happened to miss out on the free starter pack). You can check out the entire rundown of new, free content in the video above and read our review for more. – The Feed

Project Cars Giving Away Free DLC Car Every Month

Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios has announced the first car in what's a series of monthly free DLC cars – the Lykan Hypersport.

The Lykan Hypersport is the first supercar made in the Middle East, and will be featured in the upcoming Furious 7 film. It can go 62 mph in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 245 mph.

It can be yours in May for what Andy Tudor, the game's project director, says is a "thank you to our fans for being so patient for the launch of the game." Project Cars was recently delayed until mid-May.

Tudor says that a full schedule of content for the game will be released "soon."

[Source: Project Cars]

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Our Take
I'm personally not into DLC cars, but I know a lot of gamers covet various vehicles. Apart from a make-good for the delay, knowing what free DLC car will be out when could induce some players to pick up the game if they know when their favorite car can be had. – The Feed

Dead Rising: Watchtower Now Available To Watch Online For Free

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film adaptation of Capcom's other zombie franchise, is now available for everyone to watch online for free.

The movie stars Jesse Metcalf (Dallas), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time), Virginia Madseon (Sideways), Dennis Haysbert (24) and Rob Riggle (The Daily Show) as Frank West.
Xbox Live Gold members got first crack at the film, and is now available to watch on Crackle.

You can check out a trailer for the film here, or just head here to watch the whole thing. You won't even need to create a free Crackle login.

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PSA: Humble Store 2K Sale Includes Free Spec Ops: The Line

The Humble Store is currently running a weekend-long sale on 2K Games titles. And, if you purchase at least one, you’ll get a free copy of Spec Ops: The Line.

Included in the sale are classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete for $ 1.29 and more recent titles, including XCOM: Complete Edition for $ 12.49 and Evolve for $ 44.99. You can check out the entire sale on the Humble Store.

10 percent of Humble Store purchases support the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Wikimedia, GamesAid, and charity:water. To date over $ 54 million has been raised for charity by Humble Bundle. – The Feed

Microsoft makes a version of Azure free for student developers

Microsoft is making a show of reaching out to young developers by making a suite of Azure development tools and resources freely available to students registered in its Dreamspark educational program. …

Gamasutra News

Unity creates educational resources, makes engine free to teachers

Unity 5 can head to high schools complete with a curricular framework for teaching the engine, and standards aimed at integrating with school curricula. …

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s First Month Is Filled With Free DLC

Atlus’ first Etrian Odyssey mashup, Persona Q, was well-received by fans of both series. The publisher is hoping to capture that magic once more when Etrian Mystery Dungeon launches next month.

Atlus is sweetening the pot for the first month of the game’s release with free DLC. If you purchase the game before May 5, you’ll be able to get approximately $ 8.50 of additional quests. After that date, you'll have to pay for the five quests at $ 1.49 or $ 1.99 each.

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Three of these are one-time opportunities that unlock new food recipes that confer stat buffs for your next dungeon adventure. The remaining two quests are repeatable and potions for extra experience and nuggets for extra spending money.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is due out on April 7. For more, check out our previous coverage to see how Atlus is blending these two franchises.


Our Take
After previous failed attempts to get into the Etrian series, it all finally clicked with me thanks to Persona Q. I’m looking forward to giving the other entries another shot. I’m also curious about this mashup, and the DLC offer has elevated it on my to-buy list. – The Feed