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Devolver serves up Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike for free on Steam

If the ongoing Steam Holiday Sale has you strapped for cash, Devolver Digital’s faux CFO Fork Parker wants to cut you a deal in Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike, a freeware platformer released today on Steam.

Developed by Enter the Gungeon creator …
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PSA: SSX free for Gold members on Xbox 360

It’s tricky to rock a pun, to rock a pun with SSX. It’s tricky.
It’s tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky. So we didn’t.

EA Canada’s 2012 reboot of the trick-crazy snowboarding series is free right now via Games with Gold. That means Xbox 360 owners with …
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Assassin’s Creed Unity Free Game Redemption Starting This Week

Following Ubisoft’s apology for the problems with Assassin’s Creed Unity, the company indicated that it would be making changes to the season pass. As a make-right for anyone that purchased the game, the Dead Kings DLC will be free. And anyone that purchased the season pass (that previously included that content) will be getting a free Ubisoft game.

The publisher has updated its question and answer page related to the free game offer. On a page related to the matter, Ubisoft says that the website to secure your additional title will be going live this week.

If you have purchased but haven’t yet redeemed your season pass, you should do so at your earliest convenience. Delaying will cause a lag in your ability to collect your free title.

As a reminder, the following titles are eligible:

  • The Crew 
  • Far Cry 4 
  • Watch Dogs 
  • Assassin’s Creed Black Flag 
  • Rayman Legends 
  • Just Dance 2015 

The season pass is no longer being sold, but those that did purchase it will still receive the other content they were promised. This includes Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, a standalone game.

[Source: Ubisoft]


Our Take
It’s wise for Ubisoft to get this in motion before Christmas, as the gaming networks typically become clogged with all the new consoles coming online. You would do well to move on this quickly once the redemption website is available. – The Feed

PlayStation Plus’ free games totaled more than $1,300 in value per subscription this year

Sony would, of course, like you to see its PlayStation Plus service as a bargain, but how much value does it really add to your gaming life? Well, according to data compiled by UK publication Push Square, quite a lot, actually. After combing through …
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Console Madness Giveaway: Free PS4, Destiny Ghost Edition, much more

In November, Joystiq went a little console crazy. We gave away an Xbox One Limited Edition Bundle. Then we gave away another Xbox One Limited Edition Bundle. Then we took a break to give away some sweet phones and a Witcher board game. Break’s over. …
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Apply now for a free GDC 2015 pass via the GDC Scholarship Program

GDC officials have once again donated a number of complimentary GDC 2015 passes to a variety of organizations through the GDC Scholarship Program, and the deadline to apply is approaching fast. …

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#IDARB Will Be Free For Xbox Gold Members In February, Other Ocean Giving Away Copies Now

Other Ocean's crowd-developed #IDARB will be releasing on Xbox One in February for free as a part of Microsoft's Games with Gold program. #IDARB, which is a competitive multiplayer game in the vein of Smash Bros. and NBA Jam, was developed using ideas from Other Ocean's fans and friends. The game lets you create your own player sprite , teams, flags, and even music. Check out the (somehow familiar) trailer below to get a short preview of the gameplay.

#IDARB is a game for up to eight players that pits two teams against each other in what is best described as hockey meets basketball in a 2D platformer. It sounds like a simple concept, but the game has a number of unique features, like the ability of the spectators to interfere with a match in real time. Using an applicable device, viewers can type commands like #bomb or #firework into a Twitch or Twitter message and see the game change as a result. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Although #IDARB doesn't officially release until February, Other Ocean developers will be giving out early launch codes for the game early through Twitter and Twitch. Some players who have received early copies are already streaming on Twitch, so go disrupt their game if you want a better idea of how the spectator features work. 


Our Take
As someone who uses Twitch every single day to watch competitive games like Dota and Super Smash Bros. I love the idea of a game that includes spectators as a part of the action. While I wouldn't recommend this feature for every game in the interest of balance I think #IDARB's use of it is brilliant and I look forward to trying it myself. – The Feed

EA Sports UFC Is The Next Free Game On EA Access

Attempting to keep pace with PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Games With Gold services, Electronic Arts continues to add titles to its EA Access game subscription service. The latest title in the lineup is EA Sports UFC, the first entry in the UFC franchise since EA acquired it from THQ in 2012.

The inclusion of EA Sports UFC on December 18 will bring the total count of games free with EA Access to seven, joining including titles like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Unlike Sony and Microsoft’s offerings, EA’s service never removes games from its collection, meaning that no matter when you subscribe, you’ll have access to the same games enjoyed by longtime members.

EA Access is currently only available on Xbox One at $ 5 per month or $ 30 per year. Along with the host of free games, subscribers get to play EA games five days before their general release and a 10-percent discount on digital content by EA.

EA Sports UFC is coming to EA Access on December 18. To find out what resident GI editor Ben Reeves thought of the game, check out his review.

[Source: GameSpot]


Our Take
For many gamers, the viability of EA Access will depend on the publisher continuing to add new games to its fledgling library. UFC may not be a big draw for most subscribers, but it's still another free game, and shows a continued dedication on EA's part to improve the service. – The Feed

#IDARB enters Xbox One in Feb., free in Games with Gold

You know what was missing in the new Star Wars trailer? Bacon.

The fine folks at Other Ocean Interactive have remedied this oversight in the new trailer for #IDARB, an eight-player competitive game coming to Xbox One for free via the Games with Gold…
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Microsoft Store offers free games with Xbox One bundles

Microsoft is offering up free copies of retail Xbox One games for shoppers who pick up one of three available Xbox One console bundles via the online Microsoft Store.

Eligible packages include the Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle ($ 349), the Assassin’s…
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