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Have Metro 2033 for free with Humble Store’s first birthday

It’s the Humble Store’s first birthday and there’s a sale to celebrate – grab a bunch of games for up to 85 percent off through November 11, and also snag Metro 2033 for free during the first 24 hours. The sale starts now, at 1PM ET on November 7,…
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The game that killed Free Radical

Following the PlayStation 2 era, the transition to a new generation of hardware proved to be extraordinarily difficult for some development houses. In Britain, dozens of mid-range studios were shuttered once the PS3 became a market leader: Midway…
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Deep Silver Teams With Dark Horse For Free Dead Island Digital Comic

Because two weeks is just too long to wait for the upcoming Escape Dead Island, publisher Deep Silver has announced its partnering with Dark Horse Comics to bring you a new digital comic series set in the series’ zombie infested world. What’s more, the first volume is available today for free.

With writing by Smoke’s Alex de Campi and art from Deadpool’s Mike Hawthorne, Dead Island #1 follows two average Joes named Richard and Marco who seize the opportunity to become heroes in the zombie apocalypse. These plucky heroes’ misadventures will play into the larger Dead Island universe. The comic acts as connective tissue between Dead Island 2 and the upcoming Escape Dead Island.

(Click to enlarge)

Dark Horse’s Dead Island series spans three volumes at 16 pages a piece. The first volume is available for free through the Dark Horse App, the Nook App, Amazon, and online.

Escape Dead Island launched November 18 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Dead Island 2 releases next year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. – The Feed

Bungie Is Doling Out Free Legendary Gear To Some Destiny Players

If you have been away from the Tower for a little while, check your email. You might have a note from Bungie letting you know about a special gift waiting for you in Destiny.

The email managing editor Matt Bertz received isn’t just a notification about his shiny new legendary armor, though. It features some additional information about increasing your light level to push past 20. Bungie recommends playing Vanguard strike playlists to earn marks, which in turn allow you to purchase legendary gear.

If you’ve received one of these emails, log into Destiny and head to the postmaster to claim your gift and nudge past level 20. That might get you on the road to completing the Vault of Glass raid and ready for the first DLC drop on December 9.


Our Take
It took me forever to get a legendary drop that allowed me to get past level 20. That segment of the game is poorly designed and explained, and it seems like Bungie is recognizing it’s a bottleneck. This giveaway might lure some players back and get them on the right path to continue on toward the endgame. – The Feed

Some Of Destiny’s First DLC Pack Will Be Free To All Players

Last week, we received a release date for Destiny’s first DLC pack. The Dark Below arrives in December and brings new story, PvP, strike, and raid content. It also includes new gear (including exotics).

In its weekly update, Bungie community manager David Dague discussed the contents of the first pack. A few of the things we mentioned last week will drop with The Dark Below, but aren’t expressly tied to ownership of that content.

Regardless of whether you pony up for the $ 20 DLC pack (or $ 35 content pass that includes the first two drops), you’ll get access to new weapons and armor. You’ll also be able to pick up new bounties and slot them into one of the five additional spots.

You won’t be able to take on any of the new missions or join your DLC-owning friends on the new strike or raid. You will be able to gear up, even if you can’t raise your light level to 32 without a purchase.

For more on The Dark Below, check out the coverage from last week. The DLC arrives on December 9.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
I’m surprised the level cap increase isn’t included alongside the new weapons and armor. Two levels shouldn’t have a huge impact on the next Iron Banner event, but eventually you’ll need to pay up to stay competitive if the level cap keeps nudging upward with DLC. – The Feed

Spacebase DF-9 players get Hack n’ Slash free, and vice versa

Double Fine is issuing free copies of its hacking-themed PC puzzler Hack ‘n’ Slash to players who purchased Spacebase DF-9 during its Steam Early Access phase, and Hack ‘n’ Slash owners will likewise receive Spacebase DF-9 free of charge.

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Check Out Sunset Overdrive’s Launch Trailer, Get A Free In-Game Costume

Technically, the headline is two separate thoughts. We have the Sunset Overdrive launch trailer below ahead of the game’s October 28 release. There’s also an opportunity to pick up an in-game costume if you act quickly.

The Sunset Overdrive launch trailer gives you a glimpse at the story as your customizable player character rises from custodian to catastrophe machine. You can check it out below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Microsoft has also announced a partnership with Discovery Digital Networks for a “Week of Explosions.” You’ll get to see more things blown up with real life incarnations of Sunset Overdrive’s weaponry.

You can also vote to see whether Sunset Overdrive mascot Fizzie or a bunch of mutants are blown up at the end of the week. Visit the Sunset Overdrive landing page, vote by tweeting, and get a code for the Granny’s Revenge costume. You can also pick up a pair of in-game headphones by visiting Walter’s Workshop, which shows off some of the real life weapons, like the TNTeddy. – The Feed

PSA: Play Civilization V For Free On Steam Through Thursday

Later this week, Civilization: Beyond Earth arrives at retail and digital storefronts. If you’re looking to sharpen up your strategic thinking though, you can do so right now with Civilization V (our review).

If you’ve never played a Civilization title or simply haven’t played the fifth numbered installment, you can do so now for free. The game is available on Steam as a full game trial now through Thursday, October 23, at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be out on Friday. Pre-order and pre-loading on Steam is going on now. For more on that title, check out our preview from Gamescom. – The Feed

Sigils of Elohim is The Talos Principle’s free, puzzling prelude

Sigils of Elohim is an early, free taste of one puzzle type you’ll find in The Talos Principle, but it’s also prime practice for those looking to brush up on organizational skills. Each timed stage asks players to arrange Tetris-esque shapes inside a…
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Buy Smash Bros. Wii U, get an amiibo free at Toys R Us

Even if the line of NFC-compatible amiibo toys doesn’t eventually reflect Super Smash Bros.’ entire roster, buying every figure revealed so far would put you back about $ 234 (!!!). You can ease into the investment by ordering the game from Toys R Us…
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