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Catching Up With Two Weeks Of Free The Witcher 3 DLC And 1.05 Console Patch Notes

The parade of free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt keeps on marching. We didn’t get a chance to cover last week’s drops, so we’ve got a double dose of add-ons to share with you.

If you haven’t picked up last week’s content, you can grab a new quest (Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear) and an alternative look for Triss. This week, you can get another new quest (Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted) and the Skellige Armor Set.

CD Projekt has also released a set of notes related to the upcoming 1.05 console patch. This list is notably shorter than previous updates:

  • Gold will no longer reset beyond 65535
  • Fixes lack of interaction with Roche on Oxenfurt Bridge in the quest 'Get Junior' 
  • Geralt's clothes will no longer be wet after leaving the menu
  • The gate in the crypt now works correctly during the quest 'Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear'
  • Fixes the endless loading screen when fighting the Ice Giant during the quest 'Lord of Undvik' 
  • Mutagen bonuses will now be saved properly. 
  • Potion of Clearance will no longer be automatically placed into the quick slot if player runs out of other edibles
  • Fixes issue where some skills were not removed properly by Potion of Clearance
  • Improves stability in gameplay and the UI

Community manager Marcin Momot says that the next update will be significantly larger. We’ll update once 1.05 is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. – The Feed

Get Free Skins In Advance Of Smite Xbox One Open Beta On July 8

If you’ve been hoping to get into the Smite beta but haven’t yet been selected, your wait has an expiration date. Hi-Rez has announced when the gates will be opened for all interested players.

The open beta begins on Xbox One on July 8. If that’s still too long, you can purchase the Founder’s Pack, which gives you access to all existing and future gods, two exclusive skins, and 400 gems to use on more skins and boosts.

Those that are in the closed beta will have a seamless transition with no account wipes. Your profile and unlocks will remain intact.

For those playing on PC, you’ll have one opportunity to merge your accounts. Before you do so, you might want to unlock some free skins on that version. Here are the skins available at no cost (three of these can still be obtained after the one-time account merge):

God: Nu Wa
Skin: Water Dancer
Method: Subscribe to Smite YouTube Channel

God: Ra
Skin: Solar Eclipse
Method: Like Smite on Facebook

God: Artemis
Skin: Stalker
Method: Follow Smite on Twitter

God: Apollo
Skin: Curse
Method: Play five games of Smite using Curse Voice

Once you have these and merge your account, they’ll become available for you on Xbox One. Unfortunately, if you merge before unlocking the Curse skin on PC, there's no way to unlock it on Xbox One yet. Smite accounts are free via Hi-Rez’s website, and you'll want to use this page on the company's website to verify your subscriptions and obtain your codes.

For more on Smite on Xbox One, you can read our previous coverage.


Our Take
I’ve been playing Smite on Xbox One, and while the MOBA learning curve isn’t any mellower, there are some handy features to ease you in. Letting the game auto-purchase items means you don’t need to worry about one of the most complex aspects of the game until you’re comfortable. The third-person perspective makes it more familiar to those console gamers who haven’t experimented with the genre. In short, it’s worth a try come July 8. – The Feed

Say Goodbye To Your Free Time, These Are The Open World Games Of E3 2015

Besides yarn, one of the biggest trends at E3
this year was open world gaming. Open worlds fulfill the next-gen promises of player freedom and a seamless melding of exploration,
combat, and narrative. This year we have robot dragons, post-nuclear Boston, and a dictator's picturesque island paradise. Read on to learn more about the virtual worlds we're all going to be exploring in the coming months.

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ubisoft is taking two of their
popular Tom Clancy games open world. Ghost Recon Wildlands is set in a Bolivia
torn between a corrupt government and a bloodthirsty drug cartel. Players can save the country together with drop-in, drop-out co-op. Missions can be approached from
multiple angles, ranging from loud and dumb to smooth and stealthy. Read our hands-on here.



Fallout 4

Bethesda kicked off the show this
year and they did it in style by dropping the Fallout 4 bomb. We finally got to
see over 30 minutes of gameplay from the long-awaited title. Fallout 4 takes
place 200 years after the nuclear war, set in the wasteland of downtown
Boston. While Dogmeat stole our hearts, the sprawling world set our
imaginations racing with post-nuclear implications. We've assembled everything Bethesda revealed about the game here.



Just Cause 3

The third entry in this
ridiculously over-the-top franchise looks to be the best one yet. Rico
Rodriguez returns to his mother’s homeland of Medici when a tyrannical dictator
assumes control over the peaceful inhabitants. Avalanche Studios has crafted
over 400 square kilometers worth of infrastructure to utterly destroy. Thanks
to the best grapple hook in video games and a wingsuit, players will have
unparalleled mobility that matches the game’s frenetic action. Don’t worry. The
laws of physics don’t apply in Medici. Check out our coverage hub for even more info.



Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games, best known for
the Killzone series, surprised everyone this year with a stunning look at
Horzion: Zero Dawn. The game takes place sometime in the far future, when the world
has been overrun by both nature and an entire ecosystem of robotic animals. Our
bow-wielding hero Aloy is from one of the human tribes that dot the globe and
fight to survive. Horizon’s world is draped in mystery and nuance. The trailer
raises all of the right questions about this unique take on the post-apocalypse:
what happened to humanity? What (or who) created the robots? The brief time we
had with the game only intrigues us more.


On the next page we travel to New York, London, and Afghanistan… – The Feed

Nintendo Invites Us To Splatoon’s Kelp Dome Map For Free Tonight

Nintendo is committed to bringing you back to Splatoon's ink-splattered world. Tonight, a third free add-on arrives in the form of a new map.

This multi-level map includes catwalks high up and winding pathways down below. The outer walls and inner boundaries are ink-proof glass, also.

This will be available at 7 p.m. Pacific / 10 p.m. Eastern tonight. For more on Splatoon, check out our review – The Feed

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Will Feature Free DLC For A Limited Time

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight will be out in only a few months, and what better way to celebrate than with free DLC? Atlus has announced that four add-ons will be free following the release of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, but only for a limited time.

One content pack will release every week for four weeks, starting in early August when the game releases. Each DLC drop will remain free for only a week, so be sure to act fast and grab them while you can. The free stuff can be found below:

August 4-10
  • Highlander's Return: Download and play as the protagonist's class from the original Etrian Odyssey Untold game.
  • Hidden Hot Springs!: A quest focused on finding a hidden hot spring. Completion will reward players with special portraits for the characters Arianna and Chloe

August 11-17

  • Ultimate Feathered Warrior: A boss fight involving combat against a giant chicken that offers different rewards for defeating it solo or taking it down with your party. 
  • Winter's Harbinger: A quest line to track down and defeat the creature behind the recent cold temperatures.

August 18-24

  • Thunder Queen's Legacy: A boss fight against the Thunder Queen.

August 25-31

  • The Original Sin: A challenging boss battle, with a recommended party level of 99.

The timed free DLC listed above will also be accompanied by optional paid DLC, including even more missions and boss fights. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight, and the first wave of its DLC, releases for the 3DS on August 4. 


Our Take
Free DLC is always a wonderful thing, and timed DLC is a great way to reward fans who buy the game on launch day. Plus, these DLC bosses seem like a great addition for the players that are up to the challenge. – The Feed

The Sims 4 Gives Players A Blank Slate With Free Newcrest Update

EA has announced that it is bringing some new content to The Sims 4 next week. Starting on June 11, players will be able to download Newcrest, a free update that gives players a bit more space to work with.

With Newcrest, EA is adding three new neighborhoods, each with five vacant lots to build on. The lots range in size from a massive 50×40 to a more modest 20×15. 

Newcrest will be available to all Sims 4 players who have access to an internet connection. If you'd like to check out more of the free Newcrest update, you can check out the very brief look below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)


Our Take
While it's good to see the team supporting this game through free expansions and updates, this is all stuff that should have been in at launch. Despite this free content, The Sims 4 still lags behind The Sims 3 in terms of what the overall package offers. – The Feed

Back Bard’s Tale IV On Kickstarter, Get A Free Game

InXile Entertainment is turning to Kickstarter once again
for its latest game and the developer is making it all the more enticing to
back the project.

InXile announced Bard's Tale IV back in January, and is finally set to launch the Kickstarter campaign for it tomorrow. As a bonus, those who back it in the first 24 hours get a free game of their choice between
Wasteland 2, The Witcher, or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (backers must choose
the $ 20 reward tier or higher). The kickstarter will give a full rundown of
Bard's Tale IV, but so far inXile has stated that it will be a single-player,
party-based dungeon crawler with "dynamic phase-based fights as well as devious puzzles and riddles."

Bard's Tale IV is inXile's third kickstarter. Its first
project, Wasteland
, released to positive reviews, while Torment:
Tides of Numenera
seems to be coming along nicely.


Our Take
InXile has certainly
found its gaming niche, and based on its success with Kickstarter, also 
seems to have found a dedicated fundraising audience. I'm guessing Bard's Tale IV will soon
be added to the developer's list of successful kickstarters – the free game is
merely icing on the cake for its supportive fans. – The Feed

Next Free Wave Of Witcher 3 DLC Adds Armor, Elite Crossbow

CDProjekt Red has announced what's in this week's free DLC delivery for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It includes a cosmetic upgrade, as well as an elite long-range weapon.

The free download, available for all systems, adds a set of Nifgaardian armor and an elite crossbow to the game. It's part of The Witcher 3's 16 weeks of free DLC, where two new pieces of content will be made available to players at no charge.

Last week, it was a new mission and an alternate look for Yennifer. The first batch included armor and a variety of haircut and beard options. 

[Source: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Facebook]


Our Take
I'm not a fan of the Nilfgaardians in the game, so I'm probably going to steer clear of the armor for nerdy role-playing reasons. I do, however, love picking off enemies from a distance, so I'm eager to get my mitts on the crossbow. Regardless of how each week's DLC stacks up, I'm happy that I have the choice to pass up free content in the first place. The game is certainly not without faults, but it's one of the best RPGs I've played in a long while – with or without free crossbows. – The Feed

More Free DLC For The Witcher 3 Coming This Week

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red has announced free DLC for the action/RPG, and it's coming your way this week.

The DLC (for all systems) is a contract to search for missing miners in Skellige and an alternate look for Yennifer.

This content is part of the studio's weekly DLC rollout for the title, featuring 16 batches of free content. Two substantial paid expansions are also on the docket, starting in October with Hearts of Stone.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[Source: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Facebook]


Our Take
I can't tell if October is too far away for the game's first expansion. Is it better to have content like that drop while you're still playing the game? If you've already beaten the game by October – I imagine most gamers would – are you less likely to take it off the shelf for DLC? – The Feed

Evolve’s Free Arena Mode Gets You Into The Fight Faster Starting Today

Ever since its announcement, Evolve was positioned as one big boss fight after another. Now, Turtle Rock is giving players a way to strip out the hunt and get right to the throwdown.

Starting today, players will be able to take on a stage two monster in one of seventy different arenas. The battlegrounds are carved from the fourteen maps, with five different arenas selected on each.

Arena matches are set up as best-of-three affairs, with each round taking place in a different battleground on the same map. The round ends when either the monster or the hunters are defeated.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Turtle Rock and 2K also announced The Evolve Proving Grounds Tournament. The European division semifinals took place on May 24, and North American teams will square off on May 31.

The $ 100,000 finals will consist of four teams (two from each region), fighting it out during E3 on June 17. You can either attend the event at Club Nokia or watch the stream live on the Evolve Twitch channel.

For more on Evolve, check out our review. To learn more about Turtle Rock's hopes for Evolve's eSports future, check out an interview from PAX East. – The Feed