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Unity creates educational resources, makes engine free to teachers

Unity 5 can head to high schools complete with a curricular framework for teaching the engine, and standards aimed at integrating with school curricula. …

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s First Month Is Filled With Free DLC

Atlus’ first Etrian Odyssey mashup, Persona Q, was well-received by fans of both series. The publisher is hoping to capture that magic once more when Etrian Mystery Dungeon launches next month.

Atlus is sweetening the pot for the first month of the game’s release with free DLC. If you purchase the game before May 5, you’ll be able to get approximately $ 8.50 of additional quests. After that date, you'll have to pay for the five quests at $ 1.49 or $ 1.99 each.

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Three of these are one-time opportunities that unlock new food recipes that confer stat buffs for your next dungeon adventure. The remaining two quests are repeatable and potions for extra experience and nuggets for extra spending money.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is due out on April 7. For more, check out our previous coverage to see how Atlus is blending these two franchises.


Our Take
After previous failed attempts to get into the Etrian series, it all finally clicked with me thanks to Persona Q. I’m looking forward to giving the other entries another shot. I’m also curious about this mashup, and the DLC offer has elevated it on my to-buy list. – The Feed

Download Ori And The Blind Forest’s Main Menu Music For Free

Gareth Coker, composer for Ori and the Blind Forest, is offering the game's memorable menu music for free on his personal Soundcloud account.

If you've played the game, then you will likely be familiar with the tune. It's the main menu theme, but it permeates the entire game. You can listen to or download the song here.

If you're interested in grabbing the whole soundtrack, you can can find it on iTunes or Xbox Music and a few other download services. More on that here.

[Source: Gareth Coker on Soundcloud] – The Feed

Sling TV Available Today On Xbox One, All Members Get Free Month

In January, Microsoft and Dish announced a partnership to bring Sling TV to Xbox One. Starting today, cord cutters can start using the service via the console.

Xbox Live members are eligible for a free month of the live television service. Those that opt to cut the cord can do so for as little as $ 20 per month, which includes CNN, ESPN, TNT, Disney Channel, CNN, and more.

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Add-on packages offer additional sports, movie, kids, or news channels for $ 5 per month each. The Sling TV app also includes a “three day replay” feature that allows you to watch aired programs for 72 hours after they’ve been shown live. 

For convenience, you can pin the app or specific video on-demand content to your home screen. This allows you to pick up right where you left off.

The app and the free trial are available now via your Xbox One console.

Correction: This story originally indicated that only Xbox Live Gold members are eligible for the free month. All members can take advantage of this offer. We have corrected the headline and body of the story and apologize for the error. – The Feed

Play With Griffin, Earn Free Skins In Evolve’s St. Patrick’s Event

Today is St. Patrick's Day, which gives everyone an excuse to drink dyed beer. Turtle Rock is marking the holiday with a new Evolve community challenge. If teams that include Griffin win enough games online this weekend, players will earn new cosmetic options. They won't prevent you from getting pinched today, but the Trapper Predator Skins could keep you safe next year.

Starting Thursday at 9 p.m. Pacific through Sunday at 9 p.m. Pacific, Evolve players have a mission: Select Griffin as the trapper character, or be on a team with someone who has. If your team wins, it contributes to the overall goal. Once players win a combine 35,000 games with that team composition, the skins will unlock. You'll have to wait a while before you get them (2K says they'll be delivered by March 31), but they're free.


Our Take
Turtle Rock gave away gold monster skins a few weeks ago, saying that that future community events would be coming. And here we are. Considering how many people play the game, hitting that number should be a cinch, and the skins will be a fun way for players who participated to show off. If you're playing as the monster, you might not want to spend too much time oohing and aahing over the hunters' nicely decorated weapons. Who knows? Maybe the next event will actually overlap the appropriate holiday… – The Feed

PS4 Multiplayer Free For Everyone This Weekend

These past few weeks have been great for people interested in multiplayer games. Grand Theft Auto Online's Heists have finally gone live, and Battlefield Hardline is releasing tomorrow. Of course, you have to have a PlayStation Plus membership to get online. This weekend, however, Sony is making an exception.

Online multiplayer will be free on PlayStation 4 this weekend, from Friday at 12:01 a.m. Pacific through Sunday at 11:59 p.m Pacific. If you've been on the fence for whatever reason (say, to see how it performs on your Internet connection), this is the time to check it out without committing to a subscription.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
As always, you can't argue with free. Here's hoping that the network can handle what could be an influx of new players. – The Feed

WWE 2K15′s Season Pass Now Free With Purchase

Wrestling fans who haven't yet picked up WWE 2K15 face an enticing deal, courtesy of publisher 2K Games. If you purchase the game from select retailers, you can snag the season pass at no additional charge.

The Showcase Season Pass usually sells for $ 24.99, and it contains a slew of additional characters, storylines, and arenas. Take a look at the trailer below to see some of the content in action.

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The deal is available at Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, and GameStop (our parent company). This is a limited-time deal, though 2K isn't providing an expiration date for the promotion.

[Source: 2K Games]


Our Take
Unless something crazy happens, WWE 2K16 is bound to arrive later this year. Deals like this at least keep the luster on the previous game shiny for a bit longer. – The Feed

Meet The Cars You’ll Drive In The Free Forza Fast And The Furious Mashup

Last month, Microsoft announced a partnership with Universal to combine Forza and Fast and the Furious 7. The free, standalone expansion is coming soon, and you can now see what you’ll be driving.

The vehicles in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious include muscle cars, imports, and exotics. In the video below you’ll hear from Fast and the Furious car expert Dennis McCarthy about how he selects cars for the films and how they translate into the game.

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You can download the Forza Furious 7 standalone expansion for free on March 27 on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Move quickly though, as it won’t be gratis forever. For more on Forza Horizon 2, check out our review from last fall. – The Feed

[Update] All Titanfall DLC Free On Xbox One, Xbox 360, And PC

Update: EA has confirmed that the free TItanfall DLC is in celebration of the game's one-year anniversary. The PC DLC is now free, also.

"Thanks again to all of you who’ve supported us and we can’t wait to make more games for you in the future," writes Respawn founder Vince Zampella on the Titanfall website. "In the meantime, if you haven’t tried the new maps, we hope you love them and happy anniversary, Titanfall!"

Original Story:

EA and Respawn have quietly dropped the price on the Titanfall season pass and DLC. You can now get all of the add-on content for the low, low price of “free.”

Whether you access the store from the Xbox website or from your console, you’ll be able to claim ownership of the content. We confirmed this last night and everything seems to be working as expected.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment on this to better understand the reasoning. We’ll update once we know if this is a time-limited offer or a permanent action. The PC season pass still carries a price of $ 24.99, with individual content packs priced at $ 9.99.



Our Take
Regardless of why this is happening, move on it now. Even if you haven’t played Titanfall in months (or ever) there’s no harm in snagging the content while it’s free. – The Feed

PSA: Free Trial Of Dragon Age: Inquisition With Xbox Live Gold

For a limited time, Xbox Live Gold members are being offered a free trial for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox One. This gives fans the chance to try out Game Informer's 2014 Game of the Year winner before deciding whether they want to buy the full copy. Get ready to dive into the world of Thedas and experience the power of closing green-tinted rifts. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't announced the length of the free trial or what limitations are put in place.  

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The offer is valid starting today until March 16. Be sure to check out our review of the game, as well as our Test Chamber focusing on the first 45 minutes of gameplay. – The Feed