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Dwarf Fortress dev: ‘It’s kind of funny, we never achieved our original goals’

“This random side project suddenly becomes our fantasy game,” Dwarf Fortress co-creator Tarn Adams told PC Gamer, reflecting on the game’s development. “And it’s been strange to adapt to that.” …

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Dwarf Fortress dev: ‘It’s kind of funny, we never achieved our original goals’

“This random side project suddenly becomes our fantasy game,” Dwarf Fortress co-creator Tarn Adams told PC Gamer, reflecting on the game’s development. “And it’s been strange to adapt to that.” …

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Dwarf Fortress dev: ‘It always comes back to surprising ourselves’

Dwarf Fortress developer Tarn Adams speaks at length to PC Gamer about the charms and challenges of trying to incorporate a robust magic system into the procedurally-generated, dwarf-centric game. …

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Valve patches major Team Fortress 2 bug after a decade

Valve has finally patched a 10-yea-old Team Fortress 2 bug that caused client and server hitboxes to fall out of sync.  …

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Valve Patches 10-Year-Old Team Fortress 2 Bug

"I totally made that shot!" "There's no way that hit me!"

We've all had those infuriating moments during online matches where the shots just don't seem to line up. A newly-patched bug in Valve's multiplayer first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2, may lend some justice to these claims after all.

First demonstrated in a video by Nicknine in January of this year, the bug was further explained by Reddit user sigsev in a comment and additional video. According to them, if a player started as the scout, heavy, or sniper class, then switched to the soldier, pyro, demoman, engineer, medic, or spy class, there would be a server-side discrepancy between the character's avatar and hitbox due to differences in the classes' programming. Once the deviation between animation and hit detection began, it couldn't be fixed, meaning what players saw and what the server detected wouldn't match up.

The two players state the bug has been present since the game's release in 2007. Valve's latest update, applied February 14, 2017, has patched it, meaning the character models and hitboxes should now align with complete accuracy. 

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Our Take
This may be one of the oldest bugs to go unnoticed and then be patched in video game history. Guess we'll all have to go back to blaming lag for our missed shots… – The Feed

What To Watch This Weekend: League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., And Team Fortress 2

It seems like every big scene is fully waking up this weekend. Between the start of several major competitive seasons starting up, a week-long major, and one of the of biggest Super Smash. Bros. tournaments of the year, everyone's fighting for your precious viewing time.

League of Legends begins its Spring season with its Spring Split, pitting eight formidable teams against each other for the chance to represent their region in the Mid-Season Invitational (Europe Stream / Europe Schedule / North America StreamNorth America Schedule)

Meanwhile, Dota 2's best teams will be facing off in the Dota Pit, one of the biggest online tournaments outside Valve's own majors. The tournament features a $ 136,000 prize pool. (Stream / Schedule)

Heroes of the Storm's competitive season also goes into full swing this weekend, as both North American and European teams begin fighting for the their spots in the Mid-Season Brawl. (Stream / Europe Schedule / North America Schedule)

This Sunday also marks the return of the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive ELEAUGE, which will have a week-long major pitting the best teams in the world against each other for a $ 1,000,000 prize pool. (Stream / Schedule)

The Super Smash Bros. scene is hosting Genesis 4, which will have major events for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Wii U, and the Nintendo 64 version of Super Smash Bros. The event will also feature some Street Fighter V action, as well. For a list of streams, see below. (Schedule)

Finally, for those looking for some vintage gaming action, the eSports Arena is hosting the Rewind tournament, which features tournaments for Team Fortress 2, Halo: Combat Evolved, and Shadowrun. (Stream / Schedule)

That's it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed any tournaments, or if there's a scene you'd like us to cover in the future. – The Feed

Latest Halloween Update For Team Fortress 2 Adds New Maps, Revives Old Ones

Almost ten years later, Valve is still adding new content and events to Team Fortress 2.

This year's "Scream Fortress VIII" Halloween event will see the introduction of three new community-build maps (Brimstone, Pit of Death, and Maple Ridge Event), two taunts, and a crate filled with twenty-one new cosmetic items. During the event, any "unusual" rarity items that drop from the crates will have a Halloween visual effect on them, and the chances for these unusual items to drop has doubled for the duration of the event.

The update also brings with it a number of returning features. All maps from previous Scream Fortress events are currently playable, and the contracts from the previous Scream Fortress return, along with some new one contracts.

The update is available now on PC.

[Source: Official Valve blog]


Our Take
I love that Valve is still supporting Team Fortress 2 with events like this. That it's kept up a community like this for almost a decade is impressive. Also, not to be a downer, but where's Dota 2's Halloween event? – The Feed

Blog: The difference between Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch’s classes and heroes

Brazilian game programmer Arthur Canzi Zeferino offers an analysis of how Team Fortress 2 classes and Overwatch heroes relate to each other. …

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Blog: Inside Team Fortress 2′s secondary market

“Looking at the same item on two different markets, buying it on the cheaper market, then usually immediately selling it on the platform where it has a higher value. The Steam Community Market runs on this system.” …

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Watch Us Turn Into Iron Man In Just Cause 3′s Sky Fortress DLC

Just Cause 3's Sky Fortress DLC released today, and it gives Rico a jetpack and a flying fortress to try and blow up.

Andrew Reiner and myself take a look at the DLC, remark on its many, possibly intentional references to The Avengers, and do our best to pull off explosive feats of jetpack-assisted sky acrobatics. The DLC is available as part of the game's season pass, but can also be purchased separately.

For our review of Just Cause 3, head here.

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