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Starbreeze devs form virtual reality startup, First Contact Entertainment

A group of former Starbreeze developers have joined forces to found new virtual reality startup, First Contact Entertainment.  …

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Rovio, EA, and DICE vets form new VR studio, Fast Travel Games

“Our games will focus strongly on narratively rich worlds full of possibilities for exploration and social gameplay, where players can cooperate, share worlds and experiences, and play together.” …

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Ex-Ubisoft devs form Sloclap and strike a publishing deal with Devolver

Last year a group of ex-Ubisoft devs quietly formed a new Parisian indie studio, Sloclap, and now they’ve signed a deal with Devolver Digital to publish their inaugural ‘online combat RPG’ Absolver. …

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Everything You Need To Know About Battleborn In Trailer Form

The Battleborn open beta kicks off on April 8 for PlayStation 4 owners and April 13 on PC and Xbox One. If you’re not sure what to expect, there’s a 12-minute trailer to catch you up.

Within, you’ll learn about the story, the different factions, and the competitive multiplayer modes. You may have heard the term “MOBA” used to describe Battleborn, but that’s only one mode.

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The open beta will include two story mode episodes, two multiplayer modes, all 25 heroes, and the progression systems. Battleborn will be out on May 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC. For more, check out a hands-on preview. – The Feed

See Halo 5: Guardians’ Nornfang Sniper Rifle In Lego Form

Lego Master Builder Nick Brick has a new impressive Halo 5-themed creation.

Mr. Brick put together a Lego berison og the Nornfang Sniper Rifle from the latest Halo. You can find a collection of images of the sniper rifle by heading here, or by check out the video below.

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For more on Jensen's creations check out his Lego Halo M45 Tactical Shotgun, the Halo 5 Assault Rifle, and his 40-inch long replica of Halo: Reach’s UNSC Savannah.

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Quebec indies form cooperative — with 75 studios so far

Developers in Quebec have formed La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo indépendants du Québec, an independent game development cooperative — representing 75 independent studios in the region. …

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Diablo Design Doc Shows The Action-RPG In Its Primal Form

Last week, long-time game designer David Brevik gave a post-mortem on Diablo, a game that went from his original design to one of Blizzard's biggest franchises. If you missed his talk, never fear; he's posted the original design document on his site. While you don't get any of his additional commentary, it's a great, early look at the game.

It's a fascinating way to see how much of the game evolved, and also demonstrates just how much of it was there from the beginning. The original cast may have been whittled down from five or six races and three classes to the final three classes, but its strong Gothic setting was already a big part of the vision. There are also examples of the game's turn-based beginnings, which were thankfully scrapped in favor of the real-time action the series is known for. Curiously, some elements of the game's loot system was planned to be distributed via expansion discs. As proposed, they would have cost $ 4.95 and included a variety of rare, uncommon, and common items; monsters; hallway types; and other gameplay elements. 

You can download the document here.

[Source: David Brevik]


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I've been a Diablo fan since the first one came out, and it's great to see the game from its earliest days. It's interesting to imagine an alternate timeline, where players beefed up their core Diablo games by plunking down cash on expansions sold by the cash register. Knowing what hackers and dupers did in the actual game, it's easy to say now that such an idea would have been doomed. – The Feed

Ubisoft and ESL form Rainbow Six Siege eSports league

Ubisoft and leading eSports outfit ESL have joined forces to give the developer’s tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, its own dedicated eSports league.  …

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Saved from their bankrupt parent company, sim devs form new studio

Just Flight is evidently the “new company” former Mastertronic MD Andy Payne mentioned would be spun out of the firm last week as Mastertronic sold it off to a new buyer amid bankruptcy proceedings. …

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Lee From Telltale’s The Walking Dead Finally In Figure Form

While Telltale’s The Walking Dead is very much Clementine’s story, discounting Lee Everett’s role would be a tragedy. It’s through his eyes that we experience the tale, watching the young girl mature in a harsh world.

Now, the Dave Fennoy-voiced character is finally getting his own figure. The McFarlane Toys piece comes in two different varieties: full color and blood-splatter.

If you haven’t played all the way through, you might not want to look at the pictures in the gallery. There is a spoiler in how the figure is designed.

The figure also comes with an axe and a meat cleaver. You can pick this up exclusively at New York Comic Con next week in Skybound’s booth, number 1544. No price has been listed. – The Feed