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The Best, Worst, And Most Confusing “Jokes” Of April Fools 2015

It's a fact: The first day of April is the worst day on the internet. Even so, amid all of the lame April Fools pranks and fake news, sometimes we see some gems that are actually clever and entertaining. Whether they're good, bad, or bizarre, we're collecting all of the day's stories from across the gaming industry.

We'll be updating this list with new entries as the day goes on.

PlayStation Flow
These goggles from Sony are a combination of immersion and submersion, allowing you to have a more realistic underwater experience when you are playing games with swimming sections.

Nug Elope
Nugs are little pig-hamster things in BioWare's Dragon Age franchise. Instead of using them in crafting, you can help them find love and acceptance in the pretend romantic simulation Nug Elope

Curse Voice In Hearthstone
You can't speak directly to your opponents in Hearthstone, but this addition changes that. Not only does it let you chat, it auto-translates your speech into any language (with perfect accuracy, of course).  

Project McFly
Razer makes some high-tech stuff, but this hovering mouse is like something out of Back to the Future II. Using a magnetic field, the mouse completely eliminates friction to keep you on top of your game.

Dog Ace Attorney
In a now-private video, Capcom shows a canine-themed re-imagining of the Ace Attorney series. It's basically just anthropomorphic dogs barking as they talk in the series' signature courtroom setting.

Romance Central
Leaving the music genre behind, Harmonix is venturing into the online dating world with Romance Central in an effort to match gamers up with the dance partners of their dreams. 

Steam Machine
Not to be left out on Valve's Steam Machine initiative, Think Geek is getting in on the action with an actual steam-powered gaming console. Unlike some previous years, this is one April Fools product that is never becoming reality. 

Minecraft: Love and Hugs
This snapshot makes some big changes to Minecraft, removing all traces of violence and aggression and letting you be friendly with the creatures of your world. Though it's a joke, it is also an actual thing you can play. (Images from videos by CptKillFeeds! and AshleyDesigns) – The Feed

April Fools – The Geometry Wars: A Film By Ken Burns

From the renowned documentarian Ken Burns, creator of The Civil War and The National Parks: America's Best Idea, comes an insightful new look into the catastrophic events of The Geometry Wars. In this trailer for the new 126-disc box set, learn all about the mysterious origins of the conflict and the impact it had on everyday lives.

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For more April Fools stories, check out our 2015 edition of Game Infarcer and read about various company's fake announcements – The Feed

April Fools – Game Infarcer 2015 Edition

We have a yearly April Fools tradition here at Game Informer: We include a multi-page parody magazine called Game Infarcer in our April issue. It's full of fake news and games, and even helmed by a fictional editor-in-chief. In the past, it's been exclusive to our magazine, but this year, we're posting the whole feature for our online community to enjoy.

We start with the art by the talented Zander Cannon for our cover game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Everything. We then move on to the blatantly untrue articles, features, and reviews. 

Be sure to click the images to enlarge them! They're hard to read otherwise.

Next: Pretend news and products that do not exist. – The Feed

Bohemia Follows Through With April Fool’s Day Joke With Arma Karts

Bohemia has put a spin on the tired tradition of video game April Fool's Day jokes by doing the unexpected – it actually created the joke game.

This April, Bohemia had one of the more amusing game April Fool's Day jokes with Arma Karts, a fictional kart racing game based on its ultra-hardcore military shooter Arma 3.

Well, it's no longer fictional. Bohemia has released Arma Karts on Steam, and it's on sale for $ 1.99. All proceeds go to the Czech Red Cross.

Source: Destructoid


Our Take:
Okay, this is pretty awesome – and I'm a big grump about April Fool's Day. Also, it's benefiting the Red Cross, which is no joke. – The Feed

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Becomes G.I. Bro [April Fools’ Day]

If you load up Call of Duty: Ghosts today, you might have a hard time finding your favorite multiplayer mode. Infinity Ward has dumped the boring labels like “deathmatch,” “team deathmatch,” and “free-for-all” in favor of something a bit more reflective of the audience we all think plays these games.

Activision has stripped away the military professionalism and, in its place, you’ll find a fully “bro” slate of offerings. In case you need help translating, we’re pretty sure “cranked” is now called “PCP.” “Kill confirmed” is now “tags or it didn’t happen.” “Domination” is now “bro, do you even cap?”

You get the point. So get in there, and set us up the bomb! – The Feed

[Update] EA Deletes Wii U April Fools’ Jabs

Update: Following the tweets from the official Frostbite Engine Twitter account this morning, EA has offered an official comment on the situation. The statement comes from chief operating officer Peter Moore (fittingly) via Twitter.


Original Story:

April Fools' Day is often interpretted as a license to make silly jokes, sometimes at the expense of fans. One EA tweet took things a little too far though, poking at the still open wound left by comments that the Frostbite engine can't run on Wii U.

Additionally, the account tweeted two more Wii U-focused messages. One read, "Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive." The other, was a poke at the problems EA had on getting the new Frostbite 3 engine to run on Nintendo's hardware. "Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our 'netcode'. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU," said the third tweet.

The missives have since been deleted, but the scars (and the screenshot above, taken by NeoGAF user Quentyn) still remain. Despite originally supporting the Wii U, EA pulled away from the console (later backpedaling saying that it had games in development for Nintendo's most recent home console). EA's most recent game for Wii U was released in March 2013 (Need for Speed: Most Wanted), leaving us to wonder where those "in development" games are.

[Source: NeoGAF]

Our Take
April Fools' Day jokes can be silly, convincing, far-fetched, or play on our dreams for what simply won't ever be. They should never be mean spirited, though. Whomever runs the official Frostbite Engine account crossed a line that shouldn't be stepped over, even on April Fools' Day. – The Feed

Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy April Fools’ Day?

April Fools’ Day has become a bizarre holiday in the video game industry, full of fake announcements and laughable unveils. Do you enjoy it?

Is there confusion over what’s real and what’s fake? Did you think for a moment this morning that Blizzard was preparing to release a fighting game? Or is everything immediately transparent and lacking in whimsy?

The image above, the box art for the 2.5D platformer Pandemonium, feels like the perfect fit for this reader discussion. It features a jester, and the word pandemonium is a fairly accurate descriptor for the insanity of the day. For all of today’s April Fools’ announcements gathered in one location, head here. – The Feed

When executives apologize for April Fools potshots

EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore has tweeted a necessarily brief apology to Nintendo of America and its fans, distancing all parties from an unapproved, “unacceptable” and “stupid” joke that made the rounds earlier today.

The handlers of an…
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Razer’s New Drone Lets You View Life As A Video Game [April Fools' Day]

Have you ever wished you could see your life like you do in your favorite third-person video game? Razer's Eidolon is a fake product that lets you do just that.

The Eidolon is a wearable drone system that deploys from a device that looks similar to the infamous Nintendo Power Glove. The drone itself, a little helicopter-like device, flies behind users, and feeds video direct to their vision. The video is in HD and 3D, and according to Razer’s webpage for its fake product, it will run in 1080p at 60 frames per second. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The Eidolon has different preset configurations for various shots and angles, including a Nimbus mode that gives you a birds eye view of your surroundings, and can be used to take selfies. Eidolon also has the ability feed you snacks by flying them from the bag to your mouth, or to attend meetings remotely.  

Toward the video’s end, Razer asks how you would use your Eidolon, and then we get to hear from a surprise guest about how he uses his. You can learn more about Razer’s Eidolon at the webpage it has set up. – The Feed

Square Enix Website Inserts Thief’s Garrett Into Playable Final Fantasy [April Fools' Day]

One nice part of Square Enix owning the Thief license is
they can do fun stuff with it on days like today. If you go to the official Japanese
Thief site
, you will be taken to a Final Fantasy battle where you can only play
as the "Master Thief" class, who has way lower HP than the other classes.

Thief has eight options to choose from, seven of which are steal ('nusumu' in Japanese) and the other one is run away ('nigeru'). With that information, you ought to be able to puzzle your way through, even if you can't read Japanese.

It’s pretty funny as it is, and even more funny if you can read Japanese. There are dozens of lines in Japanese about what the thief
was successful or unsuccessful in stealing. Some of the lines I saw read “You
stole car keys,” “The bike you stole could not run well,” “You stole something
useless!” and “What’s yours is mine.”

[Source: Siliconera] – The Feed