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Future Amiibo Figures We’d Love To See

With its all-star cast of recognizable characters, the Super Smash Bros. line of Amiibos served as a great introduction to the figures. The nostalgic elements of each character sold the figures for many, and their success has caused demand to be dramatically more than supply in many cases.

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed that it would be branching out the Amiibo figures into separate lines by announcing the Super Mario Bros. line. The second official line of Amiibos brings new versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi, and debuts Toad to the Amiibo collection.

While we don't know what functionality Amiibos will bring in future games (though Justin made some educated guesses), the announcement got us thinking about what other lines would make sense to include in future releases of Nintendo’s popular figures. While some of these might not be the most realistic, we can’t help but fawn over the ideas.

Classic Zelda Line

The Zelda franchise has put its popularity on display for Nintendo time and time again. With Link being such a popular Amiibo to this point and The Legend of Zelda Wii U on the horizon, it would only make sense that we’d see a line celebrating Zelda’s history by the end of the year. 

The line could include such supporting characters as Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask, Navi from Ocarina of Time (which could prove to be an interestingly-structured figure), and Midna from Twilight Princess, but the real draw would likely be in the different versions of the main characters. Classic versions of Link from the NES/Super NES days up to the N64 games (in “young” and “adult” forms) would send collectors to stores in droves.

I would also like to see Skyward Sword Link make an appearance, plus Toon Zelda and Toon Ganondorf from Wind Waker, and Beast Ganon from any of the games. If we don’t already have him in the Super Smash Bros. line at some point in the future, Ganondorf would be extremely sought after as well.

On the next page, we look at the possibility of another big 2015 Wii U release getting its own Amiibo line, as well as a third-party line that would make a lot of sense. – The Feed

Limited Edition Easter And Valentines Day Skylanders Figures Unveiled

A trio of new figures are coming to Skylanders Trap Team to commemorate Valentine's Day and Easter. Available at announcement, Love Potion Pop Fizz is a full-size Skylander and will be joining the main roster of Trap Team characters.

A pair of mini-figures, Power Punch Pet-Vac and Eggsellent Weeruptor, along with a new trap card themed around Easter were announced for release later in the Spring, though Activision hasn't given a specific date for when they will release. 

Activision also announced partnerships with General Mills and Crayola, to put Skylanders themed toys in cereal boxes and the Crayola 4D Experience. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

While the mini-figures don't currently have a set price, Love Potion Pop Fizz is available for $ 9.99. For more Skylanders info, check out Game Informer's review of Trap Team and some recent news about the franchise – The Feed

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First 4 Figures Teases Zelda: The Wind Waker Series With Peek At Ganon

First 4 Figures is preparing to launch a collection of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker figures, and it is teasing the line with a look at Ganon.

Not much is known about the line like what figures will be created (other than Ganon), but pre-orders open up on January 20, which you will be able to do on the First 4 Figures website. For a look at other Zelda figures from First 4 Figures head here to see Link on Epona form Twilight Princess, here to see Link on a Loftwing from Skyward Sword, and here for a look at Zelda from Twilight Princess.

[Source: First 4 Figures on Facebook, via Kotaku] – The Feed

The War Of The Action Figures: Disney And Activision’s Dueling Sales Stats

There is a war brewing in the gaming world, and it’s not the one you might think. Ever since last year, Activision and Disney have been duking it out in the growing “toys to life” market (also called “toy-loadable content”). Today sees dueling statistics about performance during 2014.[Ecxerpt]

In the United States
According to the NPD Group, which released data on December 2014 as well as the full year yesterday, Disney Infinity outperformed Skylanders in total starter packs sold and total revenue. Disney points out that Infinity 2.0 is on three fewer platforms than Skylanders, and on those that they share, Infinity outsold Activision’s franchise by 72 percent in terms of starter packs.

However, Activision says that Skylanders is still the largest brand in the United States. This takes into account all sales across all years, of which Activision has two additional as the pioneers in the genre. (Update: Activision reached out to clarify that the number provided was for franchise sales in 2014. Skylanders total franchise sales for the past year surpassed Disney Infinity.) Note that Disney’s statistic about starter packs doesn’t take into account the equally important figure sales (and this year, Skylander traps) that come after.

This certainly points to strong growth for Disney Interactive’s most valuable franchise. The Marvel tie-in has done wonders for the brand, and with Disney’s vast stable of characters, there is more to tap into. However, these statistics don’t tell the entire story.

Gaming is a worldwide business
Skylanders is still top dog when looking at the entire video game market. While Infinity was on top in the United States this year, Activision says that it is still 30 percent larger. Additionally, worldwide, Trap Team outsold Disney Infinity by 17 percent. Even without specific sales figures, Activision's franchise is still larger and outperformed the competition across all markets.

The NPD says that in the United States, interactive gaming toys like these and Nintendo’s Amiibo figures were the top-selling accessory. On a dollar basis, sales increased 5 percent over 2013.

Activision and Disney haven’t opted to share specific sales statistics, but it’s clear that both are performing well and are here to stay. With other minor entries, like Angry Birds Telepods and inexpensive licensed games such as Hero Portal, the market is still filling up with no sign of stopping.


Our Take
This is an interesting case in how publishers use statistics as part of promotion and marketing. It’s worth taking the time to look at and understand the context in order to get a clearer picture of the landscape. – The Feed

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Ten Other Uses For Nintendo’s Amiibo Figures

Like many of you, I got some Nintendo Amiibos for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, I’m visiting my sister on the east coast and I forgot to bring my Wii U, so I decided to experiment with several other uses for Nintendo’s adorable new figures.

1. Pepperoni Placeholder
What’s for dinner? Pizza! Create the perfect pie, and instill a love of cooking in your kids at the same time. Amiibos can be used to create indents in a cheesy pizza foundation that are just the right size for delicious slices of pepperoni. Now your kids will know exactly where to put the pepperoni. Don’t have a kid? Try cooking with a dog or old people.

2. Ostrich Charm
Ostriches love shiny little objects. Use one of Nintendo’s Amiibos to charm any ostrich into a hypnotic sleep and then implant false memories into it subconsciously. Who needs a modern video game when you can watch an ostrich strut around, acting like a giant chicken.

3. Replacement Donatello
My sister had an old box of toys for me from my childhood. It was basically an amazing assortment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers from when I was a kid. (Remember the figure where Michelangelo fired pizzas from his abs? That one was crazy!) The only problem is that my original Donatello figure seems to have gone missing, which made it hard for me to play with my nephew. So I just explained to the kid that Donatello went to the city, got some plastic surgery, and now goes by the name Link.

If you're allergic to peanuts, consult your doctor before eating Amiibos

4. Last Chance Snack
the road during the holidays? Don’t leave home without your Amiibos. If
you accidentally take a detour and end up lost in the woods slowing
starving to death, you’ll be glad you have them. Sure, Amiibos don’t
offer any nutritional value, but they will keep your tummy full and your
spirits up while you wait for rescue.

5. Melting Stick
Have you ever enjoyed just watching plastic melt? Amiibos are made from a lot of plastic. You can use a BIC lighter to turn an Amiibo into a sad pile of tears, but it might take awhile. If you have a blowtorch, however, you’ll start to see some nearly instant melting. Editor’s note: if you use an Amiibo as a Melting Stick, then it can no longer be used as a Replacement Donatello. – The Feed