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Hasbro Releasing Star Wars Battlefront Black Series Action Figures

The most popular line of Star Wars action figures on the market today is Hasbro's six-inch-scale Black Series. Collector's lined up for hours on Force Friday to snag the first line of Black Series figures from the upcoming film, The Force Awakens. While most of Hasbro's upcoming products focus on this movie, we are seeing a few new figures inspired by the Rebels TV show, and video games like Knights of the Old Republic (Darth Revan) and Battlefront.

The first black series figure from Battlefront is an Imperial Shock Trooper that comes packaged with two weapons. The figure is currently available for pre-order on Order Sixty Six Toys, and is estimated to release next March. Star Wars Battlefront the video game is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17. – The Feed

Action Figures Wage Office Warfare In Live Action Toy Soldiers: War Chest Trailer

The launch trailer for Toy Soldiers: War Chest captures the spirit of the game, despite not showing much actual gameplay. In the trailer below, a worker confined to a cubicle turns his desk into an open battleground where action figure superstars like Cobra Commander, He-Man, and Ezio Auditore engage in deadly, office warfare.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Similar to the trailer, the actual game puts players in charge of armies led by some of their favorite childhood action figures. The base game includes generic armies modeled after science fiction, civil war, supernatural, and cutesy childhood toys. The Hall of Fame edition introduces familiar faces from G.I. Joe, Assassin's Creed, and He-Man: Masters of the Universe into the mix. Players take control of one of these armies and must upgrade and customize it to gain the competitive edge in Toy Soldiers' hybrid action-strategy matches. Check out the armies in action here.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The base game retails for $ 14.99 while the Hall of Fame edition, complete with all eight armies, costs $ 29.99. – The Feed

Star Wars: Episode VII Figures And Play Set Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0

Actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, who play Finn and Rey respectively in Star Wars: Episode VII, took the D23 stage to reveal figures based on their characters.

You can see the new figures above, which will be accompanied by a Episode VII playset.

It was also revealed that a set of figures with light-up lightsabers will also release for the 3.0 version of Disney Infinity. Here are the details from Disney Infinity's website:

A new set of limited edition Light FX Star Wars™ character figures were unveiled. Available this holiday, these figures have Lightsabers™ that light up when placed onto the Disney Infinity Base.  Figures include Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the Star Wars™ Rise Against the Empire Play Set, as well as Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic Play Set and Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars™ Rebels.

Additional details are scarce, but we will be sure to update this story as more details are revealed.

For lots more on Disney Infinity 3.0 and all of its Star Wars
content, click the banner below for all of our coverage from when the
game was on our cover. For details on the recently announced Star Wars PlayStation 4 Disney Infinity bundle, head here. – The Feed

These Street Fighter II Figures Want You To Go Home And Be A Family Man

The worst part of Street Fighter II was seeing your character, battered, broken, and taunted after a brutal defeat at the hands of your opponent. Soon you'll be able to immortalize that soul-crushing experience thanks to a set of 12 upcoming Street Fighter II figures.

The series includes the characters Ryu, E.Honda, Blanka, Guile, Balrog, Vega, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, Dhalsim, Sagat, and M. Bison all featured in their Street Fighter II forms. The "Continue? Portrait" busts are being created by PVC figure manufacturer Embrace Japan, though no pricing or release schedule has been announced at this time. 

[Source: Nonsolohobby] – The Feed

Celebrate Thomas Was Alone’s Birthday With These Limited Run Action Figures

It’s been three years since puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone launched for PC and Mac. To celebrate that anniversary, developer Mike Bithell has teamed up with Kerry Dyer to create set of limited edition Thomas Was Alone action figures.

The set features the characters Thomas, Claire, Chris, and John. Just like in the game, the Claire figurine floats in water but each cube would probably be perfectly content just sitting on your desk and keeping you company.The figures are available in a very limited quality and will be gone for good once sold out, so Thomas Was Alone fans may want to act quickly. The set can be found here and retails for £20.00, which is roughly $ 31.47 USD.

If you’re confused as to why anyone would create figurines of brightly colored squares and rectangles, consider taking a look at our review for the Vita release of Thomas Was Alone here or check out the game itself on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC, Vita, iOS, or Android. – The Feed

NECA Announces Godzilla, Batman Action Figures

Ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between
Godzilla and Batman? Thanks to the National Entertainment Collectibles
Association (NECA), anyone interested in action figures now has the
opportunity to orchestrate a battle between these two iconic characters. The
manufacturer's ¼ scale Batman figure releases in July, and its 12" Godzilla
arrives in stores later this week.


For more Batman figures, check out this reveal by DC Comics as well as an exclusive collectible from Square Enix. Consumers
attracted to NECA's high quality products may also be interested in the company's
Devil May Cry toys

[Source: NECA] – The Feed

A Checklist Of Skylanders: Trap Team Figures

Update (6/7/2015): The entire set of Skylanders: Trap Team figures is now available. Once you're caught up, be sure to check out our extensive preview of this year's game, Skylanders Superchargers.

Update (3/18/2015): Another wave of figures will be arriving to retail soon. This batch includes three Springtime variants, including two minis (Power Punch Jet Vac and Eggselent Weeruptor) and a special Easter-themed Earth Trap.


Update (12/18/2014): Wave 3 figures will be arriving at retail soon. These will make available the remaining closed elemental gates, including the two "unknown" elemental areas. Those have recently been confirmed as Light and Dark, with an expansion pack available at retail for each starting on December 22.

Update (10/17/2014): Wave 2 figures are now available at many retailers. These include three Trap Masters (Headrush, Bushwhack, and Lob-Star), two new core characters (Tread Head and Fist Bump) and a second Adventure Pack (Mirror of Mystery with Déjà Vu and two items.)

We've put images of the new characters as they appear in-game in the gallery below. If you're waiting for a specific character, sit tight. Activision releases them in waves through the winter and into the next year. Some figures will not be out in time for the holidays.

Original Story:

Fall is here, the leaves are turning, and the air has a chill in it. That can mean one thing: everything now has a pumpkin spice flavor. OK, fine. It also means that a new Skylanders game is out and I’m running down the list of characters available now and coming later in the season for Skylanders: Trap Team.

As you might recall from our review, there are three different types of characters this year (and you may already have some of the “new” ones thanks to an older Frito-Lay promotion). In addition to the large Trap Masters and new and returning core characters, the Skylanders Sidekicks are now fully playable. Of course, all your existing core, giant, swap force, and lightcore characters work in Trap Team. You can also use the items you've collected from adventure and battle packs.

This are sold in two-packs representing each in-game element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Life, and Undead). If you have some of them from their promotional releases, you’re ready to play.

Here’s what you can find in stores now:

Starter Packs

  • Standard – Snap Shot (Trap Master), Food Fight (Core), two traps (water and life)
  • Dark Edition – Snap Shot (Trap Master), Wildfire (Trap Master), Food Fight (Core), three traps (water, life, Kaos)
  • Legendary (Toys R Us) – Legendary Snap Shot (Trap Master), Legendary Food Fight (Core), two traps (water and life)
  • 3DS – Gusto (Trap Master), Barkley (Mini)

Trap Masters

  • Snap Shot (Water – included with all starters)
  • Wildfire (Fire – included with Dark Edition starter)
  • Gusto (Air)
  • Jawbreaker (Tech)
  • Legendary Jawbreaker (Tech – Toys R Us only)
  • Gearshift (Tech)
  • Wallop (Earth)
  • Krypt King (Undead)
  • Nitro Krypt King (Undead – Target only)
  • Lob-Star (Water)
  • Bushwhack (Life)
  • Headrush (Earth)
  • Blastermind (Magic)
  • Ka-boom (Fire)
  • Tuff Luck (Life)
  • Winterfest Lob-Star (Water)
  • Thunderbolt (Air)
  • Short Cut (Undead)
  • Enigma (Magic)

New Core characters

  • Déjà Vu (Magic – Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack)
  • Legendary Déjà Vu (Magic – Toys R Us only) 
  • Torch (Fire)
  • Food Fight (Life – included with all starters)
  • Blades (Air – In three-pack or with Nightmare Express Adventure Pack)
  • Tread Head (Tech)
  • Chopper (Tech)
  • Fist Bump (Earth)
  • Funny Bone (Undead)
  • Cobra Cadabra (Magic)
  • Trail Blazer (Fire)
  • Echo (Water)
  • High Five (Life)
  • Rocky Roll (Earth)
  • Bat Spin (Undead)
  • Flip Wreck (Water)
  • Fling Kong (Air)
  • Blackout (Dark)
  • Spotlight (Light)

Returning Core characters – Compatibility: Spyro’s Adventure (SA), Giants (G), Trap Team (TT) 

  • Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (Magic – G, TT)
  • Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Water – SA, G, TT)
  • Tidal Wave Gill Grunt with Gill Runt Mini (Water – Walmart Only)
  • Hog Wild Fryno (Fire – TT)
  • Sure Shot Shroomboom (Life – TT)
  • Full Blast Jet-Vac (Air – G, TT)
  • Hog Wild Fryno with Small Fry (Fire – Walmart only)
  • Love Potion Pop Fizz (Magic – G, TT)


  • Spry and Mini Jini (Magic two-pack)
  • Trigger Snappy and Drobit (Tech two-pack)
  • Bop and Terrabite (Earth two-pack)
  • Hijinx and Eye Small (Undead two-pack)
  • Gill Runt and Thumpling (Water two-pack)
  • Weeruptor and Small Fry (Fire two-pack)

Adventure Packs:

  • Nightmare Express with Blades and two items (Piggy Bank and Hand of Fate)
    • Legendary version available at Toys R Us with Legendary Blades and gold items
  • Mirror of Mystery with Déjà Vu and two items (Rocket Ram and Tiki Speaky)

Expansion Packs:

  • Light Element Expansion Pack with Knight Light, light trap, and level piece
  • Dark Element Expansion Pack with Knight Mare, dark trap, and level piece

Eon's Elite – Available at GameStop (Disclaimer: GameStop is Game Informer's parent company.) 

  • Elite Spyro (Magic) 
  • Elite Chop Chop (Undead) 
  • Elite Trigger Happy (Tech)
  • Elite Whirlwind (Air)
  • Elite Terrafin (Earth)
  • Elite Stealth Elf (Life)
  • Elite Eruptor (Fire)
  • Elite Gill Grunt (Water)

This year, there are some unrevealed characters on the poster that comes with each starter pack. These have since been revealed as one Trap Master and regular Skylander in each of two new elements: light and dark.

You can also purchase collector-style Eon’s Elite figures (pictured at the top, listed above). These are re-releases of original Spyro’s Adventure characters with a special metallic finish, extremely power stats, and a display case. 

Finally, you’ll likely want to have at least nine traps. These are available in each element plus one styled after series villain Kaos himself. There are multiple designs and you can store one of the forty villains in each trap. Don’t worry though, these can be swapped out so you can make due with just one in each element. 

Note that the 3DS version doesn’t use the trap crystal accessories. Capture and use is handled directly on the 3DS handheld.

Check back throughout the year as more characters are released. Still catching up on Skylanders: Swap Force? Visit our checklist from last year. – The Feed

Square Enix Showcases Its Boba Fett And Storm Trooper Variant Figures

Square Enix and Play Arts have some Star Wars figures in the works, and it recently showed off its Boba Fett and Stormtrooper variant figures.

You can check out the impressive figures above and below as well as in the gallery below. Each comes with an assortment of interchangeable hands and weapons. The two will be available in July and will cost around 12,000 Yen (about $ 100 USD) according to Toyark.

This is isn't the first time Square Enix has tackled a piece of popular American culture in figure form. You can find a Square Enix-designed Batman here.

[Source: Toyark, via NeoGAF] – The Feed

Limited Viewtiful Joe Statue On The Way From First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures is currently taking pre-orders on an "extremely limited" Viewtiful Joe statue.

The statue will be $ 209.99 and features Viewtiful Joe standing on a film reel – a collectible you will recognize if you've played the game. Joe's eyes and head jewel also light up and fade out when they're turned off. You can find more pictures of the statue and pre-order options by heading here.

On the Capcom Unity blog showcasing the statue, Capcom's Yuri Araujo wrote, "In the statue's description, they actually say this is the first of their Capcom All Stars series… can't wait to see who's next!" You can find another Capcom First 4 Figures figure, Mega Man X, by heading here.

[Source: First 4 Figures, Capcom Unity] – The Feed

Future Amiibo Figures We’d Love To See

With its all-star cast of recognizable characters, the Super Smash Bros. line of Amiibos served as a great introduction to the figures. The nostalgic elements of each character sold the figures for many, and their success has caused demand to be dramatically more than supply in many cases.

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed that it would be branching out the Amiibo figures into separate lines by announcing the Super Mario Bros. line. The second official line of Amiibos brings new versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi, and debuts Toad to the Amiibo collection.

While we don't know what functionality Amiibos will bring in future games (though Justin made some educated guesses), the announcement got us thinking about what other lines would make sense to include in future releases of Nintendo’s popular figures. While some of these might not be the most realistic, we can’t help but fawn over the ideas.

Classic Zelda Line

The Zelda franchise has put its popularity on display for Nintendo time and time again. With Link being such a popular Amiibo to this point and The Legend of Zelda Wii U on the horizon, it would only make sense that we’d see a line celebrating Zelda’s history by the end of the year. 

The line could include such supporting characters as Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask, Navi from Ocarina of Time (which could prove to be an interestingly-structured figure), and Midna from Twilight Princess, but the real draw would likely be in the different versions of the main characters. Classic versions of Link from the NES/Super NES days up to the N64 games (in “young” and “adult” forms) would send collectors to stores in droves.

I would also like to see Skyward Sword Link make an appearance, plus Toon Zelda and Toon Ganondorf from Wind Waker, and Beast Ganon from any of the games. If we don’t already have him in the Super Smash Bros. line at some point in the future, Ganondorf would be extremely sought after as well.

On the next page, we look at the possibility of another big 2015 Wii U release getting its own Amiibo line, as well as a third-party line that would make a lot of sense. – The Feed