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Here’s How Moogle Decoys Work In Final Fantasy XV

If Moogles have always been a little obnoxious to you, you're going to love Final Fantasy XV.

The Moogle doll lets you throw a Moogle doll into combat to distract enemies. It will continue to distract enemies until it is destroyed, and you can destroy it yourself if it gets caught in the crossfire. You can check out a video of the weird Moogle doll in action below.

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Something Final Fantasy XV-Related Is Happening Tomorrow

Square Enix teased a Final Fantasy XV-related reveal called "Omen" on Twitter today.

Whatever Omen is, it's scheduled for tomorrow at 4 p.m. Central European Time (9 a.m. Eastern and 6 a.m. Pacific in the U.S.) and will be happening on the game's official YouTube channel. That happens to be one hour after Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata is scheduled to go onstage at the Paris Games Week to present new information and content on the game.

While it's unclear what exactly Square Enix plans on revealing, the fact that it's happening on an official YouTube channel means a new trailer is likely. Another possibility, given the title, is a music video – both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy X have songs called "Omen" on their soundtracks.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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World Of Final Fantasy Review – Capturing The Past

The last few mainline Final Fantasy titles made major modifications to the series’ long-standing formula, experimenting with new structures and battle systems. World of Final Fantasy casts that aside, deliberately returning to its roots and celebrating the series’ past, both in terms of cast and mechanics. You control twin siblings (Lann and Reynn) with the power to capture monsters, which is a thinly veiled excuse for players to embark on a greatest-hits tour of Final Fantasy’s extensive bestiary. The range of beasts is impressive, from fan-favorites like Behemoths and Moogles to deeper cuts like Skull Eaters and Nightmares. You collect these iconic creatures, improve their stats, and teach them signature attacks, then use them in a battle system that surprised me with its depth – especially considering the game’s cute aesthetic.

The concept clearly borrows from Pokémon, but World of Final Fantasy goes beyond this inspiration by adding satisfying layers of complexity. Instead of relying on the monsters individually, the real goal is combining their skills (and the protagonists’) into effective ability sets. You do this by stacking them on top of each other according to their size categories, and though it looks ridiculous to see your characters with monsters precariously teetering on their heads, it opens the door for lots of cool experimentation. For instance, a stack with Ifrit on the bottom, Lann in the middle (the twins can be large or medium-sized), and a Sylph on top gives you powerful fire powers and helpful support options. However, replacing the Slyph with a Flammantoise lets you absorb fire attacks, since its resistance compounds with Ifrit’s. Once you get a lot of monsters and unlock their skills, the freedom to diversify or specialize is incredibly fun.

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You only manage a two-member party in combat, since Lann and Reynn have just one active stack at a time and can’t swap mid-battle. This sometimes makes battles overly simple, but the added challenge of toppling enemy stacks and capturing new creatures keeps the action interesting. Winning battles isn’t hard; the challenge comes from meeting conditions necessary to recruit particular monsters. Killing a Tonberry King is easy, but getting its health low enough to make it vulnerable to capture without killing it is the real trick. The encounters drag on after you obtain everything cool in an area, but expanding your army with familiar beasts is a real treat for longtime Final Fantasy players.

The monsters aren’t the only recognizable elements you encounter. The “what-if” world you explore is a tenuously connected mishmash of Final Fantasy hallmarks, including towns, characters, and musical themes. I can’t list them all, but my time with previous Final Fantasy games was rewarded with constant nods, references, and cameos that made me smile.

If you like old-school Final Fantasy, this probably sounds like your prayers have been answered. However, a critical aspect of the formula is missing: the story. While seeing all of the established elements of the series is great, the newly created content is miserable. The premise is thin, but the pacing is especially bad. After you’re introduced to the world and characters, the plot plateaus for the entire game. People say vague and cryptic things about a larger threat, but those statements never coalesce or escalate. I was at the 40-hour mark before anything made sense (the story is way longer than it needs to be), but the clarity comes all at once, so I was long past caring by then. Not only is the exposition weak, but almost every cutscene has painfully unfunny banter between the main characters – including an irritating magic fox who randomly inserts “the-” before the-multiple words in every the-sentence.

Similar to my experience playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, I eventually just had to tune out the plot to enjoy the gameplay. That’s a shame, but it doesn’t erase the entertaining battle system, the satisfaction of building an unstoppable monster collection, or the thrill of seeing your favorite characters back in action. The barrage of references might be lost on casual followers who don’t have the nostalgia to draw from, but that’s okay. World of Final Fantasy is aimed directly at fans with fond memories of the series’ first 15 years. – The Feed

Test Chamber – Why World Of Final Fantasy Is A Love Letter To Fans

The Final Fantasy series tries to evolve and stay modern with each new installment, but World of Final Fantasy intentionally focuses on the past. By collecting iconic characters and monsters and using a traditional turn-based battle system, anyone with fond memories of this franchise should find something to enjoy here. 

Join Final Fantasy fanatics Joe Juba and Kim Wallace as they take a tour through the major beats of World of Final Fantasy, looking at classic creatures and talking about how the old-school battle system holds up. If you've played previous Final Fantasy games, you're bound to recognize a few faces.

Warning: We used a late-game save file for this video. It doesn't spoil any key story points, but it does reveal some monsters and abilities that you only get near the end. Proceed at your own risk!

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New Expansion Coming To Final Fantasy XIV In 2017

While Stormblood is probably the name of metal band in Finland, it's also the name of Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion pack slated for early summer 2017.

Square Enix showed fans at Fan Fest in Las Vegas a teaser trailer where two people punch each other on top of a large statue, which sounds very much like something in a Final Fantasy game.

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Our Take
While expansions are expected for MMORPGs, it's good to see that this game has a healthy enough community to warrant more huge content drops. Hopefully it tells the meaning behind the word "Stormblood." – The Feed

World Of Final Fantasy Demo Coming Next Week, Check Out Opening Cinematic Now

Final Fantasy mashup World of Final Fantasy is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in a few weeks, but Square Enix is letting players get a little taste of the turn-based action ahead of time. A free playable demo is coming to the PlayStation Store next week, and the publisher has also released the game's animated intro for your viewing pleasure.

The demo will be available October 17, featuring Reynn and Lann in their Lilikin and Jiant forms (sound it out, it makes sense. Kind of). Players can meet up with Cloud, Lightning, and Squall in the demo, and if you complete it you can battle and capture the Magitek Armor P for use in the full version.

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The full game is coming October 25 for PS4 and the Vita. – The Feed

Noctis Casts Death In New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

When Noctis and crew aren't cruising around in the Regalia, there's plenty of action to be had. The new Final Fantasy XV trailer shows off stretches of combat, with Noctis using the powerful Death Spell courtesy of the Ring of Lucii.

The trailer debuted at TwitchCon 2016, and the death magic featured drains the HP from enemies at a progressive rate.

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Final Fantasy XV comes out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29. – The Feed

Final Fantasy XV’s Road Trip Music Revealed

Yesterday, Square Enix held its latest Active Time Report, giving us another update on Final Fantasy XV. The biggest takeaway this time was a long list of songs you'll be able to listen to as Noctis and his buddies roam around the world in a rad flying car known as The Regalia (which you can read about right here).

Final Fantasy World is responsible for grabbing the list and translating it into English. You'll find a lot of songs from across the series that you can listen to while driving, including selections from Final Fantasy I-XIII, Dissidia, Type-0, as well as original music for FFXV. You can read the whole list here.

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Final Fantasy XV Art Director Yusuke Naora Leaves Square Enix

Yusuke Naora has worked on Final Fantasy for over two decades, taking the helm as Art Director of the series as far back as Final Fantasy VI and as recently as Final Fantasy XV. Naora's history spans some of the most memorable moments in the franchise's history. Unfortunately, it seems the time has come for the two to part ways.

Yesterday Naora announced via his Twitter in Japanese that his last day at Square Enix was September 30. A few hours ago, Naora posted a few tweets in English detailing his departure.

Naora also mentions that before he left, he had the chance to see Final Fantasy XV's ending. "It was my last work, and it became the greatest ending," said Naora on Twitter. "Everybody did fantastic! It was the finest work."

Naora also mentioned that he's also looking to begin work on a new venture.

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Our Take
I've fallen off Final Fantasy In recent years, but Naora worked on my favorite Final Fantasy (X), so I'm sad to see him go. Here's hoping whatever new venture he's pursuing ends up working out. – The Feed

Square Enix Releases A New Trailer For Final Fantasy XII Remaster

Final Fantasy XII may not have set the world on fire when it first launched in 2006, but a remastered version of the game could be just what it needed. Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which shows off its enhanced visuals and gameplay.

In addition to looking much better than it did the first time around, one of The Zodiac Age's biggest hooks is the inclusion of the Zodiac Job System. This feature wasn't in the original release, but it was added to Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. That version of the game, which released in 2007, included the 12-job progression system. You'll be able to check it out yourself in 2017, when The Zodiac Age comes to PS4.

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