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Watch A Goldfish Explode In Exclusive Asteroids: Outpost Trailer

Update: Asteroids: Outpost is officially available for Early Access on Steam. Atari temporarily priced the game at $ 19.79 to commemorate the year the original arcade hit was released (1979).

Trailblazing into new territory is rarely a peaceful process, and it’s foolish to think the expansion into space would be any less bloody. Atari has revealed the grisly premier trailer for developer Salty Games' first-person MMO space survival game, Asteroids: Outpost. Underwater in space, no one can hear your pet goldfish scream.

Check out the trailer below to see a stylish, slow-motion glimpse at the chaotic interstellar frontier. Be sure to also check out three new screenshots in the media gallery below this story.

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For the unfamiliar, Asteroids: Outpost is all about building up your base on a resource-rich planetoid, blasting asteroids out of the space above, racing to collect the useful materials that shower to the surface, then collecting those scraps to upgrade your gear and build out your base. All the while, you’ll have to fend off other villainous players and cooperate with allies with the option to link your bases.

Asteroids: Outpost is available today for Early Access on Steam for $ 29.99. I haven't gotten my hands on the game yet, but to learn more about what has me excited read this preview based off a recent GDC 2015 presentation. – The Feed

Check Out An Exclusive Early Peek At The Batman: Arkham Knight Lead-in Comic’s Fifth Chapter

The Batman: Arkham Knight prologue comic, which seeks to fill in the gap between Arkham City and Knight is going strong, and the fifth chapter releases tomorrow. We've got a early peek at a few of the pages as well as the cover. You can check out the pages below.

Batman: Arkham Knight release June 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Exclusive Mad Max Screens Show Off The Brutal Wasteland

We haven’t seen Mad Max in a game for a long while, which makes his return exciting enough.  Couple that with the fact that the new title is being developed by Just Cause creators Avalanche Studios, and you’ve got the makings of something special. We got to play the game for several hours during our studio visit, and you can read our impressions in the April cover story of Game Informer magazine. If you missed it, now’s your chance to see a few screenshots from the game, which cover some of its highlights.

Be sure to click the images to see them at full resolution.

The shot above shows more than just a man and his car. If you’ve watched the films, you’ll probably recognize Max’s black-leather getup. You won’t, however, recognize Max’s face or voice. He follows the antihero’s broad strokes, but Avalanche says its version of the character is essentially a reset. Take a close look at the car, too. It’s just one of a dizzying array of possible customized versions of Max’s car, which is affectionately called the Magnum Opus by the mechanic/companion who designed it. Players can tinker with a variety of the vehicle’s aspects, including ramming bumpers, tires, armor, engines, exhaust systems, and gearboxes. You can also pick one of several bodies, so you aren’t stuck with a muscle car if that’s not your thing. The car’s finish is worth a quick call out, too. Avalanche hesitates to call them paint jobs, since paint isn’t exactly commonplace in the Wasteland. Here, you can see that the car is blackened by a layer of tar, which has been etched to create the look of a street rod’s flame-inspired decorations. Sometimes you just have to make do.

Even though he spends much of his time behind the wheel, Max still has to hoof it from time to time. From our hands-on time, it’s rarely for a relaxing walk. As you clear out enemy outposts and accept other missions, you run into a variety of Wasteland scum. Here, Max is taking on a small crowd with his double-barreled shotgun. It’s certainly an effective way to remove a threat, but it’s not necessarily the most efficient tactic. Ammunition is scarce (expect to see a lot of arrows, like in the later films), which means that every frivolous shot you take could come back to haunt you later. Combat takes the center stage in this shot, but take a look at the Magnum Opus in the background. It’s another, rustier variation that players can create. – The Feed

[Update] Elite: Dangerous An Xbox One Timed Exclusive

Update: David Braben, co-founder of Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments, has revealed that the Xbox One version of the game this summer is a timed exclusive.

[Source: Twitter]


Original Story: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer just announced that it is teaming up with Frontier Developments to bring Elite Dangerous to Xbox One. The port of the PC title will be arriving this summer.

Spencer is currently making a presentation on stage at GDC. We’ll have more from the show and more details about Elite Dangerous on Xbox One as they are available

Until then, you can read our review for more information.

Update: In a press release sent by Frontier Developments, the developer states that all material in the PC version through the February Community Goal's and March Wings updates will be included. 

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[Confirmed] The Gold Mario Amiibo Is A Retailer Exclusive

Update: Nintendo has announced that the Gold Mario Amiibo will launch alongside Mario Party 10 on March 20. It will be available only at Walmart. It appears that pre-orders were available for a brief time on the company's website, but no longer. If you're interested, you may want to plan to be at Walmart early on March 20.

Original Story:

Earlier this month, listings for silver and gold variants of the Mario Amiibo from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. line appeared online. It seems that the latter of these is soon to be a reality and a retailer exclusive.

A Reddit user by the name of “pituvision” snapped the image below that labels the Gold Mario figure as a Walmart exclusive. Given Nintendo’s propensity for retailer Amiibo exclusives (Rosalina at Target, Lucario at Toys R Us, Meta Knight at Best Buy, and Shulk at GameStop – Disclaimer: GameStop is Game Informer’s parent company), this fits right in line with previous strategy.

Click to enlarge.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for more information. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Reddit, Images: NeoGAF user Zonic (above), Reddit (below)]


Our Take
Given the run of retailer exclusives, this certainly wouldn’t be a shock. I hope it does signal a change in approach for the company, though.

Retailer exclusive variants are much more reasonable than limiting characters to specific chains. Activision does this well with Skylanders, with Legendary versions at Toys R Us, Nitro versions at other retailers, and even glow in the dark varieties at others. This helps ensure players find the characters they want, even if not in the exact deco they’d prefer. – The Feed

Ominous Beauty – Exclusive Rise Of The Tomb Raider Concept Art Gallery

Concept art is an unsung hero in the game development process. It's often the first thing created for a video game and serves to direct the tone and style of the entire project. Before pressing the A button ever makes a character jump, or pushing the control stick makes a character move, concept art is in place pointing a game in the direction it is meant to go.

Despite establishing a solid stylistic groundwork with the 2013 Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics still needed to develop an artistic base for the new Lara Croft's second journey. We spoke with game director Brian Horton about what went into Rise of the Tomb Raider's initial artwork and how it is influencing the direction of the game.

"The concept art pieces that we do, generally have to accomplish a couple different things. They have to provide a sense of composition. You look at it and you go, 'Oh, I know where I am supposed to be looking. That is really interesting. I can’t wait to get over there.' You create that interest through lighting, through complimentary color schemes, things you can say like I am in a very cold place or there is a warm light, or vice versa."

"There is this sort of ominous beauty we put into our games that has an oppressive quality. There is always that feeling of something not quite being in focus. You don’t know what’s back there, but it’s got atmosphere across it. It’s intriguing, and at the same time we want to engender a bit of mystery and potentially even fear – the fear of the unknown."

"I’ve often said that the environment is the second most important character in the game. It is the adversary that Lara ultimately has to overcome. The weather and the danger of the traversal all have to come through in those concept pieces. A good concept for Tomb Raider tends to have those things: interesting composition, mood and atmosphere, and a sense of mystery and intrigue. There’s something over there I have to get there. How do I do that?"

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throughout the month. – The Feed

PlayStation exclusive TV show ‘Powers’ debuts in March

The PlayStation-exclusive original series Powers will debut on March 10, the PlayStation Blog has announced. The series will span ten episodes, with the first episode available for free to all PSN account holders. PlayStation Plus subscribers will ha…
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Listen To An Exclusive Final Fantasy Track From Legacy Sessions Studio Album

It’s always a joy when we can feature great adaptations of popular video game music. The latest is a studio album featuring 12 arrangements from the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 era.

Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 features original arrangements by Casey Ormond, Nicole Brady, Tristan Coelho, and a guitar duo called With Ether. Selections include Super Mario 64, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Metal Gear Solid:

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. The Curse of Monkey Island & Grim Fandango
  3. Super Mario 64 & The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  4. Pokémon (Blue, Red, Yellow)
  5. Super Mario 64
  6. Chrono Cross
  7. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  8. Silent Hill
  9. Final Fantasy Tactics
  10. Final Fantasy IX
  11. Metal Gear Solid
  12. Grandia (ft. With Ether)

We have an exclusive track featuring a medley of music from Final Fantasy VII to share with you.

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Beyond Generation 5, producer Demetri Potiris hopes to feature music from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. The album is available via Loudr and iTunes now for $ 12. – The Feed

Rosalina amiibo exclusive to the Target Galaxy

Lucario, Shulk and Meta Knight aren’t the only amiibo figures to sign exclusivity deals with various retailers across the country; now Princess Rosalina and her Luma buddy (which are packaged together as one figure) will also take some extra effort t…
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Final Fantasy 15 demo exclusive to day-one copies of Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy 15′s demo will be exclusive to those with a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Square Enix revealed. In fact, the publisher confirmed via PlayStation Blog that the demo is “intended to be a special gift for those of you who purchase early…
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