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Rock Band 4 Gives Xbox One A Dozen Exclusive Pre-Order Songs


Pre-order Harmonix's Rock Band 4 on Xbox One through the console's online store and you'll get a dozen exclusive launch songs on the system.

The PlayStation 4 has its own exclusive pre-order songs as do retailers such as GameStop [Full Disclosure: Game Informer is owned by GameStop].

Rock Band 4 comes out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6. For a list of the game's tracklist so far, head here.

  • All That Remains – "What If I Was Nothing"
  • Babymetal – "Gimme Chocolate!!"
  • Earth, Wind & Fire – "September"
  • Interpol – "All The Rage Back Home"
  • Jefferson Starship – "Jane"
  • Linkin Park ft. Daron Malakian – "Rebellion"
  • Marilyn Manson – "The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles"
  • Mastodon – "High Road"
  • My Morning Jacket – "One Big Holiday"
  • Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn – "King For A Day"
  • Weird Al Yankovic – "My Own Eyes"
  • The Wild Feathers – "Backwoods Company"

[Source: Harmonix]


Our Take
The wording that these songs are "available for free at launch" makes me think that they will be offered as paid DLC after launch. – The Feed

An Exclusive Quick Look At Dark Souls III’s Academy Assassin In Action

Dark Souls III is on the cover of Game Informer's October issue, so that means we've got a month of extra Dark Souls action coming your way. Today is a brief look at the starter class template, the Academy Assassin, complete with an tri-cornered hat that looks like it's straight out of From Software's Bloodborne.

The Academy Assassin, like the previously announced Northern Warrior or Wandering Knight, is a template class players can start out with in Dark Souls III. This video shows off the masked Academy Assassin facing off against a knight with a spear, small buckler, and a handful of impressive Soul spells. Dan Tack and I introduce the short gameplay clip and offer some context during the video below.

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Dark Souls III is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC April 2016. For more details on Dark Souls III's magic system, check out our hands-on impressions.

Keep visiting the site throughout the month, as we’ll be rolling out several interesting Dark Souls features, including more insight into the mind of Miyazaki, a tour of From Software's studio, and more. Click on the banner below to visit our Dark Souls III hub and follow our coverage. – The Feed

Check Out An Exclusive Battle For Zendikar Preview Card

Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Battle for Zendikar set will be arriving in October, but at PAX Prime 2015 many of the details are sure to drop during the annual Magic: The Gathering event and party. We can expect to see a slew of new cards, new mechanics, and maybe even an iconic planeswalker or two.

Game Informer has an exclusive preview card to share before the spoilers and teases start to roll out in force this evening. While the card isn't an awesome new planeswalker or legendary artifact, it's what I would call a "classy common" Here's Gideon's Reproach!

If you're looking for more set details and preview cards, at 7:30 PM Pacific Wizards of the Coast will be streaming the Battle for Zendikar Preview Show from PAX at !–> – The Feed

PlayStation exclusive DriveClub goes double platinum

Troubled PlayStation exclusive DriveClub bounces back to go double platinum — even if it’s caused the company, and its developer, no end of headaches. …

Gamasutra News

[Exclusive Trailer] Marvel Heroes 2015 Gets A Little Smaller This Week As Ant-Man Arrives

With Ant-Man hitting theaters this week, the team at Gazillion has cleverly timed the diminutive hero’s arrival in Marvel Heroes. Scott Lang becomes the 49th playable hero in the free-to-play action-RPG.

For a limited time, Ant-Man comes with both his Avengers NOW and theatrical costumes. If you’re a Hank Pym fan, he’ll be available to purchase as an enhanced costume with unique voiceover and dialogue when the character launches. Ant-Man will be available this week as early as Thursday. 

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If you’ve not played Marvel Heroes, you can give it a try for free. Think of it as Diablo, but with almost 50 Marvel heroes and villains to purchase and upgrade (either with cash or earned in-game currency). The connection with Diablo goes beyond gameplay, as the mind behind Blizzard’s dungeon delving dynasty, David Brevik, is the president of Gazillion Entertainment.

The company is also running an in-game contest worth $ 25,000. There are five extremely rare “Vibranium Ticket” drops that are worth $ 5,000 in real money. Everyone is eligible to win, regardless of how long they’ve been playing. The contest is ongoing through August 31, 2015.

Gazillion is also offering an opportunity for fans to vote on the 50th playable character. This will be the final reveal and release for 2015. If you’d like to weigh in, head over to the official site to cast your vote.

Finally, Marvel Heroes has grown and changed much since its initial release over two years ago. Gazillion has provided some statistics about player engagement and hero selection. We’re not entirely surprised that people love Rocket Raccoon and his theatrical appearance.

Click to enlarge.

If you’re interested in playing, head over to the Marvel Heroes website to create an account and download the client. – The Feed

Microsoft Puts Silent Hills Xbox One Exclusive Rumors To Rest

Rumors circulated online recently that Silent Hills development had moved over to Xbox One to become a Microsoft exclusive. Microsoft has flatly denied the rumor.

Responding to tweets about the rumor online, Microsoft's head of Xbox Phil Spencer wrote, "Sorry, this isn't true. Not sure where the rumor started but I don't want to mislead anyone." Microsoft often responds to rumors, even unsubstantiated ones, with the typical PR line, "We do not comment on rumors and speculation." Spencer's straightforward response lends extra weight to the unfortunate death of the rumor.

Silent Hills was recently cancelled by Konami, despite an incredible amount of buzz surrounding the project after the release of its playable teaser.

[Source: @XboxP3]


Our Take
I definitely want to see Silent Hills come back to life, and moving over to Microsoft wouldn't have been outside of the realm of possibility. It would have been a huge exclusive steal for Xbox One, but I am not surprised to see the rumor collapse. I do hope, however, that the appearance of the rumor gives Microsoft some ideas and it pursues action to eventually complete the game with the original team – Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus. For Now Silent Hills remains dead, but I do hope it finds life at some point in the future. – The Feed

Check Out These Exclusive Hex: Armies Of Myth Preview Cards

Digital card game Hex: Shards of Fate is currently available to all in an early access phase, and you can check out a few special cards from the upcoming third set, Armies of Myth, today! Armies of Myth is expected to hit this summer, and new mechanics have already been revealed, including one you'll see on today's card: Shift. Shift as a power goes away after you use it, but you can essentially transfer the skill that may be on an undesirable body (like today's Duke's rather marginal 2/2 frame) and put it on something more appropriate, if you have the other troop around; the Duke's ability plays rather well with high-power or comes-into-play creatures, for instance.

We'll also be getting cards with the Prophecy ability, which augments upcoming cards in your deck, and Allegiance cards that will reward players for using cards of various race alignments. But enough about all that, I know you're here to take a look at some exciting new cards, and the first one is a real doozy. For one thing, it's multi-shard. For another, it's legendary. Without any additional fanfare, here's Windsinger, Master of the Hunt!

While he commands a kingly casting cost of 6 and requires 2 shards, this card looks bonkers on the surface. Not only will your resources replenish during your opponent's turn so you can use all kinds of spells and abilities, but you'll get to draw every time they do. Wow. The 4/6 body isn't too bad either, considering the wild abilities this crazy coyotle possesses. I know it's sort of early to be commenting on how viable Windsinger will be in constructed play, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say completely viable and exceptionally powerful. We'll see how that prediction turns out!

And we have another cool card here to show: Duplicitous Duke! This rather underwhelming 2/2 frame conceals a deadly secret, the Shift ability. Foist it off our little duke onto something with 6-8 power and you can win a game from out of nowhere as monstrous copies overwhelm your opponent or trigger gobs of come-into-play effects. While he may not be quite as exciting as our multishard monster, he's still pretty cool, and a neat way to show off the upcoming Shift ability.

Hex: Armies of Myth is expected to launch sometime this summer. – The Feed

Exclusive Gameplay Of Disney Infinity 3.0′s Space Battles

While some Star Wars fans were bummed to learn that this year's Battlefront from DICE won't include space combat, Disney is making space flight and interstellar dogfights a key component of the Star Wars playsets in Disney Infinity 3.0. Players can leave planets behind and freely fly to other locations, encountering TIE Fighters and small planetoids along the way.

Watch the video below to see more gameplay footage of the space exploration in Disney Infinity 3.0.

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Click on the banner below to enter our constantly updating hub of exclusive content for Disney Infinity 3.0. – The Feed

CD Projekt Explains The Witcher 3′s Ever-Changing Weather With Exclusive Screenshots

Today our review went live for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and one of its main attractions is its vast world, which contains new discoveries around every corner. CD Projekt RED wanted the world to feel as real as possible, bringing back its day/night system and creating a dynamic weather system. Both of these elements impact your journey in different ways. For instance, a storm might make for choppy waters when sailing and taverns get much more lively at night. We nabbed some exclusive screens to show just how much detail goes into creating the ever-changing atmosphere. For more context, we also chatted with art producer, Michał Stec.

Note: Click images to enlarge.

What went into creating the weather and environments for The
Witcher 3?

Hundreds if not thousands of hours of browsing through references:
paintings, pictures, films, photos – everything, really. I remember this one
time, Lucjan (one of the leads) and I were on our way to some party and he
suddenly stopped the car, pulled a camera out of the glove box and started
taking pictures of the setting sun to use as a reference. We drew a lot on
photographs and movies. Sometimes we'd
pull up a visual reference on our second monitor and not quit until the game
looked exactly like the image.

It was the same with rain and other weather conditions. We
often scrutinized even the little details, like how fast a storm should roll
in, how clouds should move. I personally am a big fan of snowboarding, so I had
plenty of inspiration and references to draw on for the peaks in Skellige

On top of all that, we of course drew on the extraordinary
talent and hard work of one of the best art teams ever. For the icing on the
cake, we added special effects: lovely little cloud details, wood dust
particles, fog, smoke plumes, etc. Add it all together, and you get amazingly
believable locations.

 How often will the weather change as you play?

All the time – the weather is constantly changing. This is a
randomized mechanism; working it out took us quite a while, since it required a
lot of testing, checking if how it felt in the game was okay, or if it was too
much. The weights given to particular weather conditions change depending on
the region – in the swamps of No Man's Land it's practically always foggy and
rains a lot, whereas in Skellige you can expect more thunderstorms near the
coasts and sunshine up in the mountains.

 What do you think the changing weather and day/night shifts
add to the experience?

I think it's really important – it adds a lot to the
believability of the world. We were able to create moments in the game like you
get in life: You look at the sky and think, "Damn, it's gonna rain, I need to
find shelter and meditate till morning." There are places in the game where you
don't want to go after dark – dark alleys in the city, for example. Personally,
I love playing at night, particularly when the moon's shining brightly.
Monsters act differently at different times of day, and so do Geralt's skills –
noonwraiths famously are tougher around noon, and Geralt can acquire Abilities
that, for example, speed up his Vitality regeneration during the day.

What has the advanced tech allowed you to do that you
weren't able to in The Witcher 2?

I think the guys from our amazing Technical Arts team are
better positioned to answer this question. In general I can say we were
definitely able to pimp out the clouds and fog. Given how passionate fans are
about these technical issues, I think it's best to leave the details to our

How will the weather affect your adventures? Are there any
events that are related to the weather? Do NPCs characters react to the
changing time/weather?

NPCs definitely react to the weather, just like animals and
monsters do. Inns will become crowded in the evening and at night, for example.
Thieves, thugs, and other dangerous elements come out at night as well. Some quests
can only be triggered at certain times of day.

What are you most excited for with this feature? Anything
you think fans will be surprised to know about it?

The most interesting part was the creation process. It was
an enormous challenge to make locations that are always accessible (open
world), that can be examined from all angles with a torch in hand (we don't
block the player from exploring) and that in addition also have to look good
during the day, at night, in the morning, in the evening, in the morning when
it's raining, in the evening when it's foggy, during a storm, etc., etc.
There's an amazing number of combinations. Plus we had to give the player total
freedom to screw with the lighting. You can light and extinguish candles,
torches, etc. This took a massive amount of testing, tweaking…and time

Be sure to compare all the different screens of the same place with different weather and time of day effects in the gallery below! – The Feed

Hi-Rez Helps Smite Fans Support Nepal With Limited And Exclusive Skins

Game companies are stepping up to help in the Nepal relief efforts in a variety of ways. Bungie is offering t-shirts with profits supporting the effort and CCP is offering a cash match for in-game “PLEX” currency donations. Now, Hi-Rez is joining in with its MOBA, Smite.

For 400 gems (which can be earned in-game or purchased with real money), players can unlock a chest full of limited and exclusive skins representing a number of countries. The bundle includes:

  • Lucky Baby Fuwa skin for Cupid
  • The Sydney Shredder skin for He Bo
  • Orbital Strike skin for Rama
  • Jaguar Footballer skin for Xbalanque 
  • Ra’merica skin for Ra
  • Soldier of Fortune skin for Ares

For each chest opened, Hi-Rez will be contributing $ 2 to the American Red Cross through May 17. The chests can be purchased through the Smite in-game store.

If you opt to purchase gems, they come in various increments. The smallest is 400 for $ 7.99, with discounts for buying larger quantities. 


Our Take
It’s great to see developers stepping up in different ways to incentivize their communities to assist. While direct contributions are always appreciated, developers coming up with unique ways to mobilize their communities give some who might not otherwise contribute a reason to. – The Feed