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PlayStation 4′s Persona 5 Steelbook Exclusive Is One Good-looking Bonus

Back in June, Atlus announced
Persona 5's premium edition
, along with a steelbook case for those who get
a launch-day copy of the game on PS4. Today, the publisher showed off just how
spiffy that steelbook is.

The case features a black-and-white portrait of the Persona
5 cast on the outside, along with a colorful rendition of their Phantom Thieves
alter-egos on the inside. The steelbook is available to anyone who pre-orders
the PS4 version and will also be available in limited supplies on launch day.
Check out the full art by clicking on the image below.

Persona 5 launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on February 14.
For more on the game, check out these hot
from our interview with director Katsura Hashino. – The Feed

Get Ready For Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s Release With Our Exclusive Content Hub

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases in just two days, which means it's a great time to look back at our hub of exclusive content, interviews, and videos.

We featured tons of Rise of Iron coverage for our September cover story. You can view the entire hub by clicking here or the banner below. These include our break down of new enemies, our impressions after exploring the game for three days, a roundtable discussion with Destiny's writers, and more.

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We also kicked off a competition that asked readers to create their own version of the Game Informer Destiny: Rise of Iron cover. You can take a look at the winners we picked here. Rise of Iron releases September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. – The Feed

Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh Gremlins Preview

Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Kaladesh set is filled with vibrant spells and majestic artifacts.

With an all new energy resource, vehicles for creatures to hop inside and pilot, and decision making mechanics taking center stage, Wizards of the Coast is moving hard from the gothic horror of the last year and going bright and brilliant. If you're heading out into this realm of creativity and artifice, these preview cards may help wreck and ruin an opposing mage's great inventions.

While some of the other colors have moved to make the most of amazing contraptions and wild artifacts, red comes with a new threat to smash and destroy all the tinkering and toiling. Not goblins, not yeti, not orcs, and not barbarians, but the somewhat disturbing and somehow cuddly gremlins! Check out two of the new gremlin cards below!

Kaladesh launches on September 30, with prerelease events happening on September 24-25 if you want a chance to get started on those incredible inventions early. – The Feed

An Exclusive Tour Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s Archon’s Forge

We're continuing to roll out exclusive features detailing Bungie's upcoming Destiny: Rise of Iron. While visiting the studio for our September cover story, we sat down with world designer Dan Callan and world artist/level designer Alex May to take a deeper dive into a new PvE space called Archon's Forge. Found in the Plaguelands, Archon's Forge is an arena that draws similarities to both Prison of Elders and Court of Oryx, in which fireteams fight waves of dangerous Fallen to collect rewards. Callan and May lead viewers through the thought process of designing the space, its development history, and a few interesting details highlighting Fallen culture. If you like this detailed walkthrough of the space, be sure to investigate a similar tour of the Crucible map Vertigo from last year.

Check out the video below to see new gameplay from Destiny: Rise of Iron and get a tour of the mysterious Archon's Forge.

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Revealing Supremacy: Exclusive Gameplay Of Destiny’s New PvP Mode

With our month of coverage on Bungie's Destiny: Rise of Iron, we've shown you plenty of gameplay from the campaign and PvE content but now we want to show off the new crucible mode Supremacy. While visiting the studio we were able to capture several rounds of the new mode played by Bungie's senior multiplayer designer Leif Johansen. Supremacy tasks Guardians with scoring points by picking up "crests" that fall after a player is killed. Players can also pick up crests dropped by their fallen teammates, robbing the enemy team of potential points. It's a core concept that should be familiar to players who have ever enjoyed a match of Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed.

Check out the video below to see Supremacy in action on three of Destiny: Rise of Iron's new maps, and don't miss today's other big Destiny news: Bungie just announced the existence of private matches

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An Exclusive Roundtable With Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s Story Team

Visiting Bungie for our cover stories on the original Destiny and Destiny: The Taken King, there's always been one aspect of Bungie's universe that has eluded the spotlight: The writing team. This time, with our cover story on Destiny: Rise of Iron, we finally got the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the key figures responsible for continuing the story of Destiny.

Game Informer's senior previews editor (and Destiny lore fanatic) Matt Miller is honored to sit down with lead writer Chris Schlerf, senior writer Christine Thompson, writer Jill Scharr, and cinematic lead Matthew Ward to talk about the evolution of characters and storytelling in Destiny. The video discussion starts out on broader topics including the challenges of writing the Grimoire and adding humor to the game, but continues on into an intricate discussion covering the history of the Iron Lords, the importance of flavor text for equipment, and the potential future of key Destiny characters, including some choice tidbits about the mysterious Efrideet. Also, we should note, in the video the team occasionally refers to Destiny: Rise of Iron by its internal Bungie name "DLC 3".

Watch the video discussion below to learn from the team what it takes to write Destiny: Rise of Iron, how they think the game compares to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the ways they're inspired by Arthurian legend, and whether Cayde is ever going to get out of the Tower.

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Rogue One Takes On SDCC With Exclusive Jyn Erso Figure, Giant Lego Death Trooper

Rogue One is making a splash at San Diego Comic Con. Though no new merchandise is being announced on the show floor, attendants will be able to grab an exclusive Jyn Erso figure that was revealed last weekend at Star Wars Celebration.

The protagonist of Rogue One is getting The Black Series treatment, a high quality line of Star Wars figures, and the Comic-Con exclusive pack comes with extra goodies. In addition to multiple blasters and a hooded cloak, the Jyn Erso pack includes four photo cards depicting scenes from the film. Get a better look at the figure below.

This figure joins the previously announced Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan Kenobi figure packs that will be available at San Diego Comic-Con. However, fans will be able to grab a limited number of these figures online after the convention on the official Hasbro shop. Action figures aren't the only presence Star Wars has this weekend though, as a giant Lego Death Trooper is standing watch over the show floor. Our own Brian Shea is at Comic-Con snapped an image of the soldier seen here.

For more of the best Comic-Con merchandise, check out our recent feature. Rogue One hits theaters on December 16. – The Feed

13 Of The Coolest Exclusive Toys Coming To San Diego Comic-Con

A collector’s paradise, San Diego Comic-Con is the stop for exclusive pop-culture goods. With this year’s con kicks off on July 21, so we gathered up some of the coolest exclusive toys you’ll be able to pick up on the show floor. From Simpsons to Star Wars, from reality television to comic books, this year is bound to have at least one toy for everyone.

The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 7” Medium Figure
A combination of a lightbulb and a fish, Mr. Sparkle shares a close resemblance to Springfield, USA’s most famous man, Homer Simpson. Kid Robot will be bringing this exclusive figure to San Diego this month, pre-orders are open now.

Terminator 2 T-1000 Figure
NECA Toys hasn’t released much information about this figure yet, aside from announcing its existence on Twitter. But expect to see more of him on the SDCC show floor.

Super Powers Micro Figure 3 Pack
Gentle Giant has this classic take on DC’s most popular heroes available for pre-order now, however you must be a Premium Guild member to order. These are remakes of the popular 1984 Kenner figures.

Chewbacca McQuarrie Concept 1:6 Scale Mini Bust
This bust of Ralph McQuarrie’s early designs for Chewbacca from Gentle Giant is unfortunately sold out at this time, but it’s still worth a look to see this excellent recreation of what one of Star War’s most famous characters could have looked like. 

Kidrobot Exclusive Bebop 
Kidrobot is bringing this awesome Bebop figure from the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series to the show floor. It costs $ 40.

Kylo Ren And Obi-Wan 6-Inch Figures
Hasbro will be bringing these Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan figures to the convention, costing $ 34.99 and $ 44.99 respectively. The Obi-Wan comes with a small replica of a Princess Leia hologram definitely makes the cooler of the two. 

Check out page two for even more cool toys. – The Feed

Loot Crate Reveals Exclusive Halo Figure

Loot Crate and 343 Industries have shown off an exclusive Halo figure. It is available to order now.

The figure (shown above) will come in the upcoming Loot Crate Legendary Crate, an offering based around the Halo series every other month. Orders can be placed at the link.

Representatives from both Loot Crate and 343 will be speaking about their partnership at a panel during this week's RTX conference on Saturday at 5pm central time. The conference can be streamed at Halo's Twitch channel.

Loot Crate recently launched a service called "Loot Crate Gaming," centered around gaming collectibles. – The Feed

Hasbro Announces Two New Star Wars Figures Exclusive To Conventions

Hasbro revealed today new Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure packs. They are exclusive to Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic Con, respectively.

The six-inch Kylo Ren is $ 34.99 and comes with a stand, banner, and Darth Vader's mask. It can be bought at the Forbidden
Planet booth #S1003. Star Wars Celebration is in London from July 15 to July 17.

The six-inch Obi-Wan figure runs $ 44.99 and includes two lightsabers, a light-up table, and a Princess
Leia hologram. The figure is available at San Diego Comic Con (July 21 and July 24). A limited amount are available afterwards at Hasbro's Shop website. The figure is also available at the Fan
Expo Canada (September 1 and September 4). Check out the figures below.

Speaking of Star Wars and toys, make sure to read our review of the recent Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. – The Feed