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Seeing through the game, to the spreadsheet that drives it

“You can’t avoid the fact that video games are made and run on computers. In some games, most commonly games closer to what we’d call ‘RPGs,’ the player is directly modifying the spreadsheet through their choices in a veiled way.” …

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What drives a world-class eSports competitor?

Take a tour inside the mind of Daigo Umehara, a world-champion Street Fighter player who ranked second at December’s Capcom Cup. …

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The scripting language that drives 80 Days is now open-source

Narrative game developer Inkle Studios is capping off the week prior to GDC by releasing its Ink scripting language as open-source software for fellow developers to use in their own projects. …

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Director Miyazaki speaks to what drives development of Dark Souls 3

“What we want to communicate to the fans is that there’s an inherent beauty that can be found within everything,” said Dark Souls 3 director. “Beyond all the withering and decay.” …

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’70s Sci-Fi Cinema Drives A New Live-Action Metroid Fan Film

As long as there are video game fan films like this, there’s hope for a proper adaptation. Metroid: The Sky Calls is the latest in impressive fan productions that capture the spirit of their respective origins.

The 11-minute film stars the Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran and Halo 5 motion capture actor America Young pulling stunt work, as the legendary bounty hunter explores a barren planet emitting a mysterious distress signal. The film is equal parts an eerily nostalgic riff on Ridley Scott’s Alien cinematography and modern CGI-fueled action epic. Rainfall Studios, the team behind the film and previously a popular Wonder Woman short, incorporated techniques like VHS transfers and custom scanned 16mm film stock to give the short a retro vibe.

“Composer Dodson’s original score pays homage to composers Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner, while the sound design was specifically tailored to evoke both sci-fi classics and the video game’s iconic universe,” the studio said in the short’s official post.

Check out the full film below.

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Sympathy for the dragon drives Kamiya’s development of Scalebound

Gamasutra chats with PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya to learn a bit more about what passions influence his design of Scalebound, and how his long career in the game industry has shaped its development. …

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Grand Theft Auto V drives tidy year-end profits for Take-Two

Take-Two closed the book on its 2015 fiscal year this week with a strong fourth-quarter showing thanks to big revenue generators like the PC version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V and 2K’s multi-platform shooter Evolve. …

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Don’t Miss: The creative process that drives Valve’s writers

In this classic chat, Valve writing lynchpins Marc Laidlaw and Eric Wolpaw dig into the narrative structure and pithy quips driving critically feted games like Half-Life 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead 2. …

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Grand Theft Auto drives off with top UK spot for third week

Oh, hey! Ok, so, we know it’s Thursday and all, but there’s a perfectly good reason we’re posting the UK sales data late this week. First off, Grand Theft Auto 5 was top of the pops for the third week in a row. Now, excuses time: Monday, the Chart-Tr…
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Nintendo: Sales tracking below forecasts, weak yen drives profit

Nintendo reduced its annual sales forecast by 6.8 percent today, leading to a 50 percent drop in the projected operating profit for its core business. Nonetheless, the ever-weakening state of the yen is balancing that out by boosting the company’s ov…
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