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Where’s My Sequel? – Binary Domain

Binary Domain is – in my opinion – secretly one of the best
third-person shooters from the last generation.

Unfortunately, the game was dragged through the mud thanks to
its focus on voice commands, which was a contributing factor to Game Informer's review. When Binary Domain launched and the voice commands
didn’t work, the failure of a relatively superficial system stole the thunder of its unique conversation mechanics, solid gameplay, and
excellent story.

What It Is:

Binary Domain is a handful of things that don’t seem like
they’d fit together on the surface. Its combat and some of its characters
resemble Gears of War’s brand of squad-based cover-shooting, complete with most
of the mechanical polish you’d expect from one of Epic’s shooters.

It feels good to unload on the robotic enemies, and the
ability to dismantle them with your gunfire is one of its best design choices.
It’s endlessly satisfying to blow up a scrap-head’s leg and watch it crawl
around like a Terminator, or shoot off a head and watch it turn on other robots.
A handful of massive bosses present excellent opportunities to explore the
well-crafted environments and toy with destruction.

Just below the surface is a slightly pared-down version of everything
you’d expect from a last-generation BioWare game. You upgrade main character
Dan Marshall and the rest of the party along with their weapons and skills,
respond to dialogue as you move through the world, and even decide how the
party splits up.

Topping off the excellent gameplay is one of my favorite
science-fiction video game stories of all time. Binary Domain is set in a
future where mass flooding of the planet forces the human race to turn to robotic
help to rebuild and survive. After it’s discovered that someone is violating
international law to create robots that look indistinguishable from humans, a
group of soldiers known as a Rust Crew is tasked with tracking down the man
believed to be responsible.

The story eventually unravels into a satisfying blend of
Metal Gear Solid-level craziness, thoughtful reflection on the technological
future of the human race, and a dash of Japan’s always wonderful take on American
action-hero bravado. The cast of characters steal the show though. The Rust
Crew is more than just cookie-cutter military filler; they feel like real
people, and that makes getting to know them a treat.

The one downfall of Binary Domain is that the voice commands
just don’t work. Fortunately, voice commands can, and should, be turned off in
favor of more traditional inputs.

When It Stopped:

Developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studios, the team behind the Yakuza
games, Binary Domain released in the spring of 2012. The biggest problem with the end
of development for Binary Domain is the same problem that occurs in other
multi-project studios: People leave when the project is over.

Following the release of Binary Domain, director Daisuke
Sato was bumped down to the role of an environmental artist for Yakuza: Dead
Souls. He now works for Konami as an environmental artist for the Metal Gear
Sold series. Losing the director was bad enough, but other key players have
also left.

Lead Designer Hiroyuki Sakamoto hasn’t been credited for
working on anything since Binary Domain, and producer Jun Yoshino now works for
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Toshihiro Nagoshi, credited as a producer
on most of the studio’s prior work, took over as Sega’s chief creative officer
shortly after the game shipped, and has worked sparingly on new projects since.

What Comes Next:

Sega recently
announced more restructuring plans
to move away from the console space,
where games like Binary Domain tend to perform better. The best thing that
could happen to the franchise would be its inclusion in a sale of assets as a
part of current or future changes. Sega clearly wasn’t sure of the game’s
strengths anyways, so it’s probably better off in the hands of someone else.

Abandoning the first game’s multiplayer and voice
recognition is the next step. The voice recognition was a cool idea, but Ryu ga
Gotoku Studios proved incapable of implementing it. I would gladly welcome it
back if it worked, but even the new Kinect struggles with voice commands on
Xbox One. Getting rid of the voice commands would allow the main character to
speak their responses to the rest of the team, and the dialogue options to
expand into something similar to what BioWare offers.

The multiplayer featured far less potential, however, and
there’s no real reason to keep it around. The last thing the shooter genre
needs are more of the uninspired deathmatch and survival modes that were tacked
onto Binary Domain. Shifting some of that manpower to the good portions of the
game, or to story-based co-op could really flesh out an already interesting

If a new game in the series got picked up, the team
developing it would have to decide where to take the story next without ruining
the excellent foundation of the first. Binary Domain didn’t end on a cliff-hanger,
but there’s room to keep going. A post-credit sequence shows main characters
Dan and Faye on the run, so there would be room to expand on the exploits of
the original Rust Crew following the events of the first game.

A better option might be to pick up a different Rust Crew
with new faces. It would avoid trampling what the previous game set up, but
would also be more difficult. If they got new characters right, though, there’s
plenty of room for a tale that runs parallel to the disappearance of the
original crew; or even one that has players hopping about the globe in search
of them.

I’m not kidding when I say I’d put Binary Domain in my top
10 list of last-generation games in a heartbeat. There’s so much potential left
in the world Ryu ga Gotoku Studios crafted, and it seems like a shame to leave
it to die. – The Feed

PlayStation Plus Members Get Binary Domain And Stranger’s Wrath This Week

If you’re still working on Contrast and Resogun, and even if you didn’t get a PlayStation 4 yet, it’s time to clear the decks. This week, Instant Game Collection welcomes two new titles.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath puts players on a quest to raise moolah for an important medical procedure. You’ll need to collect “live ammo” by harvesting the critters around the world to capture your bounties and earn enough cash. The Vita version is the one on offer here.

Binary Domain is a decidedly different adventure. Humans wage a war against robots in a futurist Tokyo. You can read our review here.

We also have gotten notice that Sine Mora is rotating off the Instant Game Collection. You’ve got until the store updates on November 26 to pick that up.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a smart remake that plays well on the Vita thanks to smart touch controls that complement that physical layout. I recently played through this, and if you missed this on the Xbox (it never came to PlayStation 2), it’s well worth your time for the excellent plot twists. – The Feed

Binary Domain, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath free on PS Plus this week

When the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, PS Plus subscribers will have access to a pair of new free downloads. Both Binary Domain on PS3 and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on PS Vita will be up for grabs.

Binary Domain is a third-person shooter, developed by Yakuza Team for Sega, set in a future populated by robots, humans and even robots that look like humans. The heart of Binary Domain is its Consequence system, which takes player actions into account and modifies squad AI behavior based on how they view your choices.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, the action-adventure where you hunt down bounties as the gruff-but-lovable Stranger, was developed by Oddworld Inhabitants and originally launched on the Xbox back in 2005. It is categorized by a unique system where players use in-game creatures as ammo. We’ve heard of pea shooters, but this one’s got bee shooters.

In addition to the free downloads, Worms 2: Armageddon will be on sale tomorrow when the weekly content update drops. It’s regularly $ 15 but will be discounted down to $ 4.50.

JoystiqBinary Domain, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath free on PS Plus this week originally appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 18 Nov 2013 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Glitch lives on, as MMO’s assets enter the public domain

Tiny Speck, studio behind the closed MMO Glitch, has announced that it will be releasing the entirety of the game’s art and animation assets for public use, under Creative Commons’ “No Rights Reserved” license. …

Gamasutra News

Hungover X Domain Registered By Take-Two

Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive has made claim on the domain name

According to, the domain was registered privately, but the records show Take-Two as the owners. The site's domain servers were also recently switched over to Take-Two's.

Currently, the domain doesn't actually go anywhere. It just delivers a blank page.

[Source: Fusible]


Our Take
This could be a brand new project from Take-Two, but it could also be related to one of Take-Two's already announced projects, like Grand Theft Auto V. For example is a website and domain devoted to a religion in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Hungover X could be a company or website referenced in the game. What do you think is? – The Feed

Star Wars Attack Squadrons Domain Names Registered By Disney

Disney has gone on a registration spree grabbing a collection of domain names for something called Star Wars Attack Squadrons.

Fusible reports that yesterday Disney registered 24 domain names that were all some version of the name Star Wars Attack Squadron. Outside of the name, there is no indication of what Attack Squadrons is. It could be anything having to do with Star Wars, like a new movie, TV show, theme park ride, or a video game.

[Source: Fusible]


Our Take
As mentioned previously, Attack Squadron could be anything. The words "attack" and "squadron" are just terms that make it sound like a cooperative interactive experience where players are attacking in squadrons. Also, there was the Rogue Squadron series, which shares 50% of the same words. Could this be a reboot of that series? I would certainly like it to be. – The Feed

Guacamelee enters ‘El Diablo’s Domain’ in new DLC

Guacamelee's second DLC pack plays dressup on PSN tomorrow

Guacamelee will unleash its next DLC pack, “El Diablo’s Domain,” on PSN tomorrow. Europe will get the DLC on July 24.

El Diablo’s Domain adds 17 new trials and a trio of new outfits for protagonists Juan and Tostada, all for $ 2.99. One outfit is based on noted Mexican soccer player Jorge Campos’ colorful training garb. Another is based on Mexican folk art, while the third outfit is Diablo himself, provided you can best some tough trials with style.

Guacamelee is a 2D action game by Drinkbox Studios starring Juan, a Mexican luchador who can travel between the worlds of the living and the dead. With the aid of mystical female luchador named Tostada, he sets out to defeat the evil Carlos Calaca and pile-drive so many chickens.

Continue reading Guacamelee enters ‘El Diablo’s Domain’ in new DLC

JoystiqGuacamelee enters ‘El Diablo’s Domain’ in new DLC originally appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 22 Jul 2013 19:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Atlus Parent Company Registers Persona 5 Domain

The domain name was recently registered by Index Corporation, the parent company of Atlus. It is by no means a confirmation of Persona 5, but it could mean the developer is working on a new Persona title, which has been rumored.

The domain was registered on June 25 according to the listing on

Index Corporation recently filed for bankruptcy and is being investigated for fraud. There haven't been any updates regarding this, but time frames of being registered and the news of Index Corporation's troubles seem to hint that the filing occurred while it was aware of the upcoming investigation.

[Via: NeoGAF]


Our Take
After the success of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena, Persona 5 seems like a sure thing. Index could be registering the domain as a precautionary measure against digital squatters, but the time seems right for a brand new Persona. Maybe it could be a PlayStation 4 exclusive? Or after Golden, maybe it will be a Vita exclusive. It worked for Dragon Quest IX. – The Feed

Atlus parent company registers Persona 5 domain

Atlus parent company registers Persona 5 domain

Index Corporation, the parent company of Persona series developer Atlus, registered the domain “” on June 25. Before throwing your hands up in glee, take a breath and look at the big picture: Index doesn’t own “,” “” or other similar constructions, and snagging a domain for Persona 5 doesn’t, on its own, confirm the existence of the game. Index could simply be protecting its brand against potential squatters.

Or Team Persona could be close to announcing Persona 5. (OK, now throw your hands up in glee and with full acknowledgement of all the information.)

In August 2012, series producer Katsura Hashino said Team Persona was working on “the next numbered Persona game,” but it wasn’t specified to be Persona 5. After all, a Persona 2 remake is still a numbered Persona game.

JoystiqAtlus parent company registers Persona 5 domain originally appeared on Joystiq on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 16:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Halo: Spartan Assault Domain Names Registered By Service Previously Used By Microsoft

We know that Microsoft needs to come out of the corner swinging when the company takes the stage a week from Monday at E3. That means lots of exclusives to woo gamers back in after some rocky communication last week.

A new Halo title certainly would make it harder for a segment of the population to say no to Microsoft. Fusible has noticed that domains for Halo: Spartan Assault have recently been registered by MarkMonitor, a company that helps protect brand identity.

The registrations for (and .net), (and .net), and were initiated on May 30, 2013. Fusible also points out that Halo: Spartan Assault is the name of a piece of fan fiction written in 2009.

After the company needed to initiate action to recover and from a domain squatter, it could simply be protecting itself. We certainly wouldn't mind new, diverse takes on the Halo universe, though we likely won't ever see that Halo Wars sequel we've been hoping for. 

Stay tuned for our E3 coverage next week to find out if Master Chief (or other Spartans) share the stage at the Xbox One keynote. 

[Source: Fusible, WHOIS (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)] – The Feed