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Grandia II HD Edition Gets Name Change, Release Date, And Discount

Gung Ho Online Entertainment announced today that Grandia II HD Edition, a remaster of the 15-year-old Dreamcast RPG, is coming to PC via Steam and on August 24. To celebrate the game's 15th anniversary this month, Gung Ho has also changed the title to Grandia II Anniversary Edition.

Gung Ho CEO Kazuki Morishita said the name change was meant "to properly celebrate Grandia II's 15th
anniversary." The game was chosen to be remastered due to feedback from a previous fan survey.

Grandia II Anniversary Edition will have a limited time sale price of $ 14.99 on both Steam and, discounted from the regular $ 19.99. For more on the game, take a look at our preview.


Our Take
It's always great to see a company make moves to preserve older games, especially ones that are tough to revisit outside of emulation. Grandia II is a classic that I will enjoy jumping into again, if anything just to see how the title has held up after all these years. – The Feed

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PSA: PlayStation 10 Percent Discount Code Is Live

Sony is running a weekend-long promotion that gives each PlayStation Network user 10 percent off an entire purchase. The universal code is finally available (in the image above), and you can start picking out your items.

If you happen to forget the code, you can find it also under the “What’s New” section on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 home screens. As a reminder, the code expires on January 26 at 9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern.

Most items are eligible, but you can’t use the code on pre-orders, PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited subscriptions, and video or PlayStation Now rentals. Let us know what you decide to buy. – The Feed

PSN members get one-use 10% discount code this weekend

Sony’s goodwill discount is up for the taking this weekend, allowing users to save 10 percent off a one-time total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store. The offer is part of Sony’s show of appreciation for PSN members’ patience following the networ…
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Sony to compensate PSN users with Plus extension, discount code

Sony’s offering five days of extra PlayStation Plus membership as its way of making up for the recent network outage. The gesture of goodwill isn’t limited to Plus subscribers, as all PlayStation Network users are getting a one-time 10 percent discou…
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Flight Simulator X lands on Steam at an 80 percent discount

Dovetail Games’ updated, Steam-friendly version of Microsoft’s seminal Flight Simulator X only just reached Steam yesterday but is already being swept up in one of the digital retailers’ seasonal sales.

For the next 24 hours, Flight Simulator X: Ste…
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GameStop, Amazon discount PS3 and PS TV ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday may be two weeks away, but retailers are already dropping the price on two pieces of Sony hardware: PlayStation TV and PlayStation 3. Both systems will start at $ 80 and $ 200 respectively through Amazon and GameStop for the holiday…
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GameStop reveals The Last of Us Remastered trade-in discount

According to GameZone, GameStop will soon offer owners of the PS3 edition of The Last of Us a chance to upgrade to the PS4′s Remastered Edition for 50% off, if they trade in their PS3 copy. In other words, if you’ve got a PS3 copy of the game that you’re willing to hand over to GameStop, you’ll be able to grab The Last of Us Remastered for $ 25 instead of $ 49.99.

The Last of Us

This is a pretty enticing offer for anyone who has already played the game, and is looking to experience it one more time at higher resolution and and with smoother fps.

The offer will kick off on July 27th and will last until August 2nd.

That VideoGame Blog offers huge discount on select games today (Amazon) is slashing off prices on a number of games today. The select games are discounted from 50% to 75% and are downloadable for personal computers and Steam. The eligible games and their discounted prices are:

The sale does not have an end date attached to it, and Amazon can be very fickle on its sales.

To find out more about the games and their discounts, visit their respective Amazon websites above.

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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Delayed On PC, Receives Pre-order Discount

Those looking forward to picking up Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z on the PC will have to wait a few days longer than those picking up the console version, but will be rewarded with a discount. For two weeks, starting March 7, Yaiba can be pre-ordered for $ 49.99 on Steam.

Along with the news of the PC discount, Team Ninja also released a bunch of screenshots that are visible in the gallery below. Some of the images depict several locations that the cyborg ninja Yaiba will end up, including a surgical room, pyramids, and what looks like some kind of military base. 

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Yaiba are coming out March 18 at $ 59.99, and the PC version arrives March 21. If you’re interested in the story for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, then you should check out the prequel comic series that explores Yaiba's backstory. – The Feed