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Super Mario Run Comes To Android Devices Next Week

After months of letting Android users pre-register to be notified when the game would be available to download, Nintendo has announced Super Mario Run's Android release date: March 23.

As is the case on iOS, the game will be free for everyone to try and offer access to its first three levels. You can then buy the whole thing for $ 10. If you're thinking that might be too much for a mobile game, make sure to check Kyle Hilliard's review of the game, as well as our Test Chamber before buying.

[Source: Nintendo of America On Twitter]


Our Take
More like Super Mario Running Late, am I right? Up top, high five. – The Feed

PlayStation Now Dropping Support For PlayStation 3, Vita, Other Devices

Sony and Gaikai's PlayStation Now streaming service is undergoing some major changes.

The platform, first launched in 2015, was originally marketed as a "Netflix for games" which players could enjoy across a variety of devices, including PS3, PS4, Vita, PC, and even Sony Bravia televisions and media players.

Starting on August 15th, nearly all of these devices will lose PS Now support. Moving forward, only PS4 and PC will remain compatible with the cloud-gaming service. This is being done, according to the statement on PlayStation Blog, to "improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further."

[Source: Playstation Blog]


Our Take
PlayStation Now has a small-but-dedicated following, and many of them will be none-too-pleased with this surprising turn of events.  Hopefully, this isn't a sign that the service is being shut down for good. I am a regular user of PlayStation Now, and I mostly play on PS4. I played on Vita for a time, but ultimately found that playing on my laptop provided a far superior, and only slightly less portable, gameplay experience. Still, I'm gonna miss playing Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People on Sony's underrated handheld. – The Feed

Get some key tips on making audio adventures for Amazon Echo devices

If you want to dive into audio interactive adventure design (and you should), check out this preview of an upcoming GDC 2017 talk from the makers of Baker Street Experience on Amazon Echo. …

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Super Mario Run Is Arriving On Android Devices In March

Nintendo announced on Twitter today that Super Mario Run, which has already been out for over a month for iOS, will make its way to Android in March.

For those that want to stay informed about its release, you can register for updates via Super Mari Run's listing on the Google Play Store.

You can read our review of Super Mario Run here, along with our Test Chamber that examines its highs and lows.


Our Take
March is bit of a lengthy wait for Android users, considering this game has already been available on the Apple Store for over a month, but at least it's on its way. – The Feed

Game Informer Digital Now Available On Mobile Devices

The digital edition of Game Informer is how many subscribers enjoy our content, but since it launched, you've needed to access it through a tablet or computer. One of the most common requests we've received has been to make our issues available on smartphones. Today, we are proud to announce that we have done just that.

The mobile Game Informer app is available now on Google Play and the iOS App Store. The app is a new way to enjoy our digital issues at no additional cost if you already have a digital subscription. This isn't a PDF of our print magazine or a smaller version of our PC/tablet editions; the issues are rebuilt from the ground up to work on most smartphones. This custom-designed, mobile-friendly version was created to be easy to enjoy on the go. In order to use the app and access the issues, you need to have an internet connection and either an iPhone 5 or later or a phone running Android 4 or newer.

As a part of our final preparations for getting this app ready – an open beta, if you will – you can read our latest issue featuring South Park: The Fractured But Whole without needing a subscription. If you have any problems with this free issue, let us know so that we can fix it for our next issue, which is launching very soon! Going forward, new issues will launch on the mobile app on the same day as the PC and tablet editions.

The app is free to download, though to access new issues, you need a current digital subscription to Game Informer. To start a new subscription, head here. To convert an existing print subscription to digital, head here. – The Feed

Blog: Optimizing games for low-end devices

“Developing mobile games to run great on a low-end device without compromising the experience on a high-end one can be a big challenge. Here are some tips to help you do just that.” …

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Windows 10 to miss its target of being on 1 billion devices by 2018

The fact that the overall size of that Windows 10 ecosystem is not as large as Microsoft predicted it would be means there is that much less incentive for devs to bring their games into it.  …

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Pokémon Go Officially Available On iOS And Android Devices In The United States

iTunes and Google Play listings appeared in Australian stores last night, but now the game is officially available to download in the United States.

You can head here to grab the iOS version, and head here for the Android version. In honor of the launch, a new trailer for the game has been released. You can find it below.

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Jeff Cork and I played with the Australian version early today and recorded our adventures.  You can check out that video below, or by heading here.

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[Source: iTunes, Google Play, via @Wario64]


Our Take
I enjoyed my time with the beta, and am looking forward to seeing how the final release has changed. More than that though, I am looking forward to lots of other people playing the game and seeing what kind of community forms around the game. I have a feeling it's going to be huge. – The Feed

Skullgirls Is Making Its Way To iPhone And Android Devices

Skullgirls, the animated fighting game from developer Lab Zero, is making its way to mobile devices later this year following a closed beta.

It's not a direct port of the original game. Instead, it tells a complementary story with its first season serving as a prequel. It will feature dozens of characters, upgradable special moves, RPG progression, customization, team/deck building mechanics and a “Fight Assist feature that lets players take on a more turn-based, tactical role in combat.”

This version of the game is being developed by Hidden Variable Studios in partnership with Lab Zero and is planned for release on iOS and Android platforms later this year. The game will have a closed beta players will be able to sign up for soon.

For our review of the 2012 Xbox 360 release of Skullgirls, head here. You can check out the trailer for the mobile Skullgirls below.

(Please visit the site to view this media) – The Feed

Learn to make your game run better on mobile devices at GDC Europe

Intel’s Antoine Cohade will lead a session at GDC Europe this summer about how to efficiently reduce your games’ power consumption and optimize it for better performance on today’s mobile hardware. …

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