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SXPD patrols monochromatic panels on Android, iOS devices

In SXPD, a comic book and video game hybrid now available on iOS and Android devices, an all-female police force patrols New Royale, the United States’ hidden 52nd (yes, 52nd) state that’s owned by the richest man in the country. The Secret Order of …
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Android devices may now open The Last Door Collector’s Edition

Halloween may be over, but you can still relive the good old spooky days on your Android device with The Last Door Collector’s Edition, which is now available via Google Play. A related press release and Facebook post also lists the game for iOS, but…
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Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Terra Battle Comes To Mobile Devices October 9

During PAX in late August, we had a chance to sit down with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to check out his upcoming mobile game. Terra Battle is a new take on mobile RPGs, with a grid-based strategy system that will have your fingers dancing across the glass.

In order to do damage, you’ll need to flank enemy monsters. Thankfully, you can nudge your party members as you’re moving around and line up characters to include their attacks. 

It’s a unique systems that is perfectly suited for touch devices. You’ll be able to check it out for yourself on October 9, when the game comes to iOS and Android devices. It’s free-to-play, so you can give it a try without committing to it long-term.

The more people that download it, the more will be added to the game. Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker studio calls this a “download starter” (in the spirit of Kickstarter, but without the financial contributions). You can read more about that in our preview.


Our Take
I have some reservations about the game’s energy-based system, but the gameplay is clever enough that I will be giving it a try. It carries the aesthetic of classic Square Enix titles, but offers something new in terms of gameplay that I haven’t seen done before in mobile. – The Feed

Game consoles more popular streaming devices than dedicated boxes in U.S.

Apple TV, Roku, and even smart TVs with built-in services are left in the dust by game consoles, new research suggests. …

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Just Dance Now grooves on mobile devices later this month

For all those moments when you desperately need to bust a move, but the nearest dance floor (virtual or otherwise) is inaccessible, comes Just Dance Now, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s hit rhythm game franchise.

Unlike its console predecessors, Just…
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Apple’s new iPhone 6 devices may have a big impact on games

Apple revealed its next generation of iPhone devices today, and the sizes of the new smartphones — as well as what’s inside them — have some interesting implications for iOS game makers. …

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DeNA and 22 Cans bestow Godus upon iOS devices

Godus, the game that gives you phenomenal cosmic power, is now available on an itty-bitty living space: your iOS device screens. Mobile game developer / publisher DeNA has translated Peter Molyneux’s game that quite literally lets you play god for…
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Overkill 3 shifts to third person shooting on mobile devices

Overkill 3 pulls back from the series’ fondness for staring down gun sights, focusing on third person, cover-focused gameplay. Developer Craneballs Studios released the above teaser this week, giving fans snapshots of the locales, infantry and…
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Classic Platformer Another World Bringing Old School Charm To Modern Devices

Another World, the highly innovative classic platformer from the mind of Éric Chahi, is being re-released for the modern age. The new versions will include higher resolutions, cleaner anti-aliasing, and smoother animations. It will also feature both the original Amiga soundtrack and the updated Sega-CD soundtrack.

As it is releasing on the three Sony platforms, it will feature cross buy, cross save, and cross platform trophies as well. To get a taste of what's to come, check out the trailer below.

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Another World is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita on June 25. No release dates have yet been confirmed for the Xbox One, 3DS, and Wii U versions. – The Feed

Square Enix announces Hitman: Sniper for mobile and tablet devices

Square Enix has announced Hitman: Sniper for mobile and tablet machines. A follow-up to the critically acclaimed Hitman: GO, Hitman: Sniper will focus on the subtle nuances of execution and includes a series of scenario-driven contracts, which contain a number of targets and assignments to allow for more replayability.

The red carpet is about to get a whole lot redder

Hitman: Sniper will feature environments that can be manipulated, leaderboards, touch screen optimization, and be free to play! The title will release later this year, but E3 attendees can experience it hands-on next week. More info on the game can be found here, and a super short teaser with barely any gameplay can be found below. Also, tune in here during E3 for Square Enix Presents, which will be a half hour show from 12:30pm to 1:00pm PST that will allow everyone at home to access exclusive news and reveals.

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