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Stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device later this year

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One owners will soon be able to stream their library of games to any Windows 10 device, later this year.

“With Windows 10 we will enable streaming of Xbox One games to any PC or tablet running Windows 10, later this…
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Kickstarter suspends funding of blood-collecting game device

A modified blood collection unit that draws blood from game players whenever their controller rumbles launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, but unfortunately for the Canadian duo behind the project (and video game-loving vampires everywhere), K…
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Burn Rubber On Your Mobile Device With Need For Speed: No Limits

Electronic Arts has announced a new Need for Speed game specially designed for mobile devices. Need for Speed: No Limits is coming to iOS and Android devices in 2015.

At present, we know that No Limits is being developed by Firemonkeys Studios (the team that handles the Need for Speed series’ mobile ports) and that Electronic Arts has paired in some capacity with rally driver Ken Block for the release of the game. Block is the man behind the wheel of the Gymkhana Seven video that went viral earlier this week.

The teaser trailer below shows a little bit of in-game footage, but a blog post from the developer promises more information about the game in the coming weeks.

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Need for Speed: No Limits is coming to iOS and Android devices in 2015. To find out why there weren’t any Need for Speed games released in 2014, read this. You can also check out the game’s official website for more information. – The Feed

Device 6 dev Simogo politely teases The Sailor’s Dream

Knowing that its fans would be wondering what’s become of The Sailor’s Dream after Simogo – the studio behind the elegantly crafted mobile hit Device 6 – first mentioned the game, the developers have written an explanation.

“We’d like to explain a…
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Device 6 developer drops anchor on The Sailor’s Dream

The Sailor’s Dream is a melancholic, introspective game that features a lot of writing – most likely good writing, considering developer Simogo’s previous work – the open seas, a series of islands and a splintered story that you piece together in…
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Threes, Device 6 take home Apple Design Awards

Apple doled out its Design Awards earlier today, giving its stylish, pearl white nod to several games. Alongside lifestyle apps like Cinemagraph Pro and Sky Guide, Apple recognized Threes, Device 6, Blek, Monument Valley and Leo’s Fortune for…
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Report: Oculus partnering with Samsung for phone-compatible VR device

Virtual reality company Oculus sure has been palling around with some high-profile outfits lately. First there was the company’s acquisition by Facebook, and now, according to a report by our friends over at Engadget, Oculus is schmoozing it up with…
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Nintendo unveils NFC character figurines, compatible 3DS device

Nintendo is developing figurines with built-in tech to communicate with both the Wii U and 3DS, along with a new device to make them compatible with the handheld.

​The NFC (near-fields communication) reader and writer is due in the first half of…
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You Can Now Control Hulu Plus Console Apps With Your Mobile Device

If you're using your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One to watch television content through Hulu Plus, you've got a slick new interface option at your fingertips.

A new Hulu plus feature now lets you "cast" Hulu Plus streaming content from your phone to one of the compatible consoles (for some reason, Xbox 360 is not supported). As long as you're logged in to the same Hulu Plus account on your iOS or Android device and your console, you just have to hit an icon to instantly show what you're watching on your handheld device to your television. It's definitely preferable to the existing Hulu Plus console interfaces, and will allow for quicker selection and searching of content. Similar functionality has already been used for the Hulu Plus app on Google's Chromecast.

[Source: VentureBeat]


Our Take:
This is a great feature, and I hope more entertainment apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime adopt similar tech. However, what's up with leaving Xbox 360 owners in the cold? – The Feed

Control Hulu on consoles from the comfort of your mobile device

Because remote controls are so 2008, those who own an iOS or Android mobile device, along with a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, will now be able to control Hulu Plus on their console of choice directly from the service’s mobile…
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