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Surviving the nine-year development of Owlboy

We talked to the team at D-Pad Studio to learn about how they grappled with the emotional and technical challenges of finishing Owlboy. …

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Blog: Time well spent? Six months of indie development

A detailed breakdown of how Ryan Darcey used his time during his first six months as an independent game developer. …

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Come talk VR development with Robin Hunicke and Ben Vance today at 3PM EST

We’ll be streaming VR gameplay and talking about the future of VR today at 3PM EST! …

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A look at the indie game development scene in Saudi Arabia

“Local devs have found each other and organized gatherings, and have also connected with other dev communities in the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region.” …

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Owlboy dev talks about the journey of its decade-long development

After first starting work on the game in 2007, members of Owlboy’s development team talk about the ups and downs that they experienced leading up to the completion of their game. …

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Real-life development stories: The Colosseum map

“A short story based on real events about the efforts to make an external producer understand what a whitebox map is, and the pain of dealing with people not educated in real video game development.” …

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Blog: Why the Wii U is my dream development toybox

The Wii U is reaching the end of its lifetime, but after nearly three years making games for the console, I still plan to continue doing just that for as long as Nintendo will let me. Here’s why. …

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Development Officially Ceases On The Fan Created Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Uranium, an unofficial Pokémon project created by a team of fans, has officially ceased development.

The game was in development for nearly a decade, and was officially released last month. Shortly after its release, however, the creators pulled the game down after a number of sites that were hosting the game received takedown notices from Nintendo. Updates were still being issued for the game, however, for those who grabbed it in time. Today the Pokémon Uranium team took it a step further and announced it would totally be ceasing development on the game.

In a tweet announcing its intentions, the team wrote the following:

Unfortunately, as Pokémon Uranium is a Fan Game, there is a limit to how far projects such as these can go. We are therefore ceasing development on this project. As such, we, the creators of this game, will no longer be offering game downloads, updates, online services or support from Pokémon Uranium.

Earlier this year, a comparable fan project that remade Metroid II also had to stop distributing downloads shortly after launch. You can read more about that game here.

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Our Take
This is not an unexepected fate for Pokémon Uranium. But hopefully, even though we're no longer able to play it, it can serve as good resume fodder for those that came together to create the project. – The Feed

World Of Warcraft’s Rob Pardo Opening New Game Development Studio

Rob Pardo, formerly lead designer on World of Warcraft as well as the former Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard Entertainment, has revealed that he's starting a new game development studio called Bonfire Studios.

Pardo, now serving as CEO of Bonfire, wrote up a post to explain the philosophy behind the studio as well as the reason behind its name:

One of the most rewarding parts of creating any game, be it a D&D campaign or a massive persistent world, is the connection you have to the players themselves. You get to see the player’s reactions, you get to respond to them and make their experience better over time. It’s like the warmth of friends around a bonfire, sharing stories.

And that’s why we named our studio BONFIRE. The bonfire is a metaphor for the experiences we wish to create. We want friends to connect through our games and share amazing experiences, tell the stories, and come closer together.

Bonfire Studios has partnered with Riot Games and Andreessen Horowitz and has secured $ 25 million in investments. No games have been announced at this time and the company has no positions listed but is taking resumes here.


Our Take
World of Warcraft is one of the biggest, most important video games ever made so we're curious to see what Pardo does with his new studio and all the talent that will join as well. – The Feed

H1Z1: King of the Kill development ‘paused’ on consoles

Daybreak has paused development on the console versions of H1Z1: King of the Kill to focus on prepping the PC version for launch on September 30. …

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