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Puerto Rico awards its first tax incentives for game development

San Juan-based Space Rhino Games is the first studio awarded under the U.S. territory’s new scheme, which offers a 40 percent tax credit on projects $ 100,000 and up. …

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Development costs for This War of Mine covered in two days

This War of Mine presents a different vision of war than many gamers may be used to, trading QTEs and pew-pew ‘splosions for somber reflection and grim analysis of war’s collateral damage. And yet, despite its dreary, depressing atmosphere, developer…
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Development realities of ‘games as a service’ revealed at GDC

The vague notion of “games as a service” is gaining traction in the industry; MunkyFun’s Bethany Frank explains what LiveOps is and how developers use it to make better games at GDC 2015. …

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New Video Details Evolve’s Development History

In the last episode of The Evolution of Evolve, we got an early peek at the asymmetric multiplayer game’s “Big Alpha.” This time around, the show goes behind the scenes, showing off the many iterations Evolve had before it became the game it is now.

In the video, Adam Sessler once again interviews developers at Turtle Rock and uncovers new details. Originally, there would only be one hunter for each class of character. Turtle Rock later decided to give players a wider breadth of choice and introduced more characters, including the support class’ Cabot  and Abe the trapper.

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But the developer didn’t always err on the side of player choice. Early versions of the game had no character classes, instead allowing players their choice of equipment. Turtle Rock soon realized that some weapons loadouts made squad victories impossible and later went with the four class set up Evolve has now. 

Evolve will be out on February 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Check out the video above for even more revelations about the game’s development process. – The Feed

Survival horror sequel Outlast 2 in development

Independent developer Red Barrels delivers terrifying news just in time for Halloween, announcing that it is developing a sequel to its first-person survival horror game Outlast.

“After shipping the [Xbox One] version of Outlast, we took some time…
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Get a job: Nintendo of America seeks a Visual Development Artist

Nintendo is looking to hire an experienced visual development artist who will work alongside the team in the company’s Redmond office to “work on projects that span several products.” …

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Myst-based television series in development


In news that is about 20 years past due, Variety and Deadline reported yesterday that film studio Legendary Pictures’ (of Inception and The Hangover fame) television branch has signed a deal with the video game developer Cyan World to develop a series based on the Myst franchise.  Myst is an immersive first-person point-and-click adventure game that requires the player to use special books to travel to different ages in order to explore locations, solve puzzles, and learn the story of the Myst island.  The first game was released way back in 1993, spawning 5 more games to be developed and 3 novels that all expanded the mythos of the Myst universe.

Cyan World plans to use the television series as part of a “transmedia product,” which will come out in tandem with a companion video game to tell a story across multiple forms of media.  The creators of Myst will remain involved in the adaptation, and if the Myst franchise is any indication of their storytelling abilities, then this combination of passive and interactive media could work to tell stories and engage audiences in novel and exciting ways.  The game will likely be available via tablets, but we may see multiple games on both PCs and portable devices to bring an even further immersion into the Myst story.  It is currently unknown whether the television portion of this project will be released through conventional television outlets or by way of a digital platform, such as Amazon or Netflix.

Legendary Pictures is also reported to have other video game franchises in the works for the big screen, including Mass Effect and Dead Rising, the latter of which will be provided exclusively through the digital media service Crackle.  Cyan World is keeping busy as well, with a new game franchise Obduction, which will be a sort of spiritual successor to Myst that was funded through Kickstarter last year.

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Blog: The wind-up and pitch in game development

“Over the past 30-plus years as a game developer I’ve been to many product pitch sessions… During this time I’ve experienced my fair share of do’s and don’ts that I thought I would share.” …

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night delayed, Persona team leading development

Atlus’ Persona team is now leading Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s development troupe, according to IGN’s translation of a blog post from the game’s producer and director, Kazuhisa Wada. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series developer and Dancing All…
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Blog: When the fun of game development dies

“What happens when making games is no longer fun for the developer? This is a question all videogame designers and developers have struggled with over the years.” …

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