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Sympathy for the dragon drives Kamiya’s development of Scalebound

Gamasutra chats with PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya to learn a bit more about what passions influence his design of Scalebound, and how his long career in the game industry has shaped its development. …

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The ‘trinity’ of game development: A framework for design

The trinity of game development: “There are at least 3 basic categories that everything in a game can be broken down into, which I call ‘Context,’ ‘Theatrics,’ and ‘Questions.’” …

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Roguelike development with free tool, REXPaint

Cogmind developer Josh Ge explains how to use REXPaint, the freely distributed tool he developed to create his game’s world. …

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Key takeaways from Epic’s open development of Unreal Tournament

Senior designer Jim Brown took the stage at GDC Europe today to talk about some of the lessons the Unreal Tournament team has learned about open development and turning players into contributors. …

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Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 In Development Exclusively For Japan And Asia

Dead or Alive Xtreme, the series that takes Dead or Alive's cast and puts them on vacation with less clothing, is getting a third entry, but not in North America.

Announced during DOA Festival yesterday, Team Ninja wrote on its Dead or Alive Facebook page about the event, "We announced DOAX3 (Working Title) today, but it will be made exclusively for Japan and Asian market." Pictured above is an image from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, released for Xbox 360 in 2006.

For our review of the last Dead or Alive release, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, head here. During the event, Team Ninja also announced new costumes, a new stage, and details about the game's next patch for Dead or Alive 5.

[Source: Dead or Alive on Facebook, via Gematsu, Games Talk]


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With no intentions to bring the game to North America, it seems the market for this bizarre off-shoot has evaporated stateside, which is probably for the best. The first one was novel in a, "I can't believe this exists!" kind of way, but I can't imagine anyone is clamoring for a third game in America. – The Feed

Sponsored: Professional game development tools

Microsoft tech evangelist Dave Voyles runs down the tools that every professional game developer should know about. …

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Google Analytics-driven game development: An experiment in mobile design

“I performed something like a gamedev experiment: It was ‘just create a trashy game, update it as frequently as possible and make it better based on users’ and Google Analytics’ feedback.’” …

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Blog: The world-system of the game development biz

“It’s a new world for a new generation of developers. They’ve transitioned from Laborers of a product to Consumers of middleware solutions. They generalize in high-concept game development.” …

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Video: Satoru Iwata – Disrupting Development

“Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone,” says late Nintendo president in this 2006 GDC keynote speech, delivered as the Wii was about to shake up the industry. …

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Microsoft’s CEO makes the case for Windows 10 and HoloLens development

In a new interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella lays out the company’s plans for its Windows ecosystem — including Windows Phone — and sets expectations for the first release of HoloLens. …

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