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Sponsored: Professional game development tools

Microsoft tech evangelist Dave Voyles runs down the tools that every professional game developer should know about. …

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Google Analytics-driven game development: An experiment in mobile design

“I performed something like a gamedev experiment: It was ‘just create a trashy game, update it as frequently as possible and make it better based on users’ and Google Analytics’ feedback.’” …

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Blog: The world-system of the game development biz

“It’s a new world for a new generation of developers. They’ve transitioned from Laborers of a product to Consumers of middleware solutions. They generalize in high-concept game development.” …

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Video: Satoru Iwata – Disrupting Development

“Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone,” says late Nintendo president in this 2006 GDC keynote speech, delivered as the Wii was about to shake up the industry. …

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Microsoft’s CEO makes the case for Windows 10 and HoloLens development

In a new interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella lays out the company’s plans for its Windows ecosystem — including Windows Phone — and sets expectations for the first release of HoloLens. …

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Phantom Dust Isn’t Canceled, But It Isn’t In ‘Active Development’

One of Microsoft’s surprise announcements at E3 2014 was the revival of original Xbox property Phantom Dust. In February, Microsoft separated the project from developer Darkside Games.

Following the removal of the project from Darkside, Microsoft told us that Phantom Dust was still in development. Apparently, in the intervening months, the project was further downgraded.

Speaking with GamerTag Radio, Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg offered a clarification on the project’s status.

“It’s been a passion project for Phil [Spencer] and a lot of folks on the team,” Greenberg said. “We’re currently exploring what we’re going to do longer term with Phantom Dust. The project is not canceled, but we don’t have an active developer on it right now. It’s a project, like many things, that will take a little more time. At this time, we’re not giving any more updates on it.”

Phantom Dust was originally released in North America in 2005, blending arena-style dueling mechanics with deck-building features found in collectible card games. While the title was developed at Microsoft, it was published by Majesco in North America.

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Our Take
As a serious fan of the original, this saddens me. I hope we do eventually see the series return as a refined version of the original. There’s a lot to love there, and the potential for organized competitive play (if well balanced) is significant. – The Feed

Defense Grid studio halts development of Early Access game

Hidden Path, a studio best known for its work on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Defense Grid tower defense games, has halted development of its Early Access title Windborne due to lack of funds. …

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Yu Suzuki takes to Kickstarter to fund development of Shenmue 3

Unexpectedly, Yu Suzuki briefly took the stage during Sony’s E3 press conference this evening to announce that he’s launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund development of Shenmue 3. …

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Perks and pitfalls of part-time game development

“Whether you’re working a fulltime job with game development as a hobby in the evenings or you’re simply a student like me: the following perks and pitfalls I discovered might be of use to you.” …

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Oculus Offering $10 Million To Accelerate Independent Game Development

While the Oculus Rift hardware coming closer to consumer reality, the company is now turning more of its attention to software. We saw new games from Gunfire Games (Chronos) and Insomniac (Edge of Tomorrow). We also know that High Voltage, Sanzaru, Coatsink, CCP, Playful, and Carbon Games are working on titles.

Oculus' Anna Sweet took the stage at the company's pre-E3 conference to announce a major innovation to spur VR development. The company is putting up $ 10 million to help independent developers realize their projects.

The Oculus Rift will be available for consumers in Q1 2016. No price has yet been announced. – The Feed