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Story Details For Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Emerge At PSX Panel

Shortly following the unveiling of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at Sony's PlayStation Experience Showcase, Naughty Dog writer Josh Sherr, animator Shaun Escayg, and lead gameplay designer Kurt Margenau took to the stage to reveal new details about the upcoming side story, which follows Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross.

The game started development as a DLC add-on for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but the team quickly realized it was a much bigger game than that, and changed their focus. The Lost Legacy is now being created as a standalone story experience that will be longer than The Last of Us: Left Behind, but shorter than Uncharted 4.

Actress Claudia Black (Chloe), also took the stage to discuss the game along with fellow actress Laura Bailey (Nadine). Black said the two hunters uniting is an interesting dynamic for Chloe, who is a lone gun that doesn't like to play with others. The game is set largely in India, a place Naughty Dog views as a rich geographical playground with hidden temples and iconic architecture. Escayg also points out that Chloe is half Indian, and her connection to this region is a big part of this story, which takes place after the events of Uncharted 4.

In terms of gameplay, Sherr says that the team is expanding on what they made in Uncharted 4 and are pushing it as far as they can. This means we'll see a mix of linear and open environments. Chloe and Nadine are searching for an ancient tusk that is believed to be in India. That search reaches to fantastical underground areas and tombs.

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Kojima Productions Discusses Engine, Trailer Details At PSX Panel

At this year's PlayStation Experience, Kojima Productions had a panel discussing details on their premiere game, Death Stranding. The panel, which was hosted by Geoff Keighley and featured Hideo Kojima (who recently received an industry award at The Game Awards earlier this week) showing off a special version of the Death Stranding trailer that was revealed at PSX, this time set to Low Roar's "Easy Way Out."

Discussing the inclusion of Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus in the game, Kojima said he'd been a fan of MIkkelson's for a long time, and used a mutual contact to reach out. Norman Reedus made it in through Del Toro, who was a mutual acquaintance. Keighley then asked Kojima if there would be any female characters in the game. "Of course," said Kojima, speaking through a translator. "But we're not ready to announce anything right now." Kojima then confirmed Mikkelsen would be the antagonist of the game.

Keighley also brought up the rumor that there are direct links between the E3 trailer and The Game Awards trailer, such as the timing of a baby's disappearing in the latter, then appearing immediately in the other if the two are played back-to-back. Kojima confirmed that there are hints in both trailers, and that since the game is still a long ways out, he wants fans to enjoy putting those clues together in the meantime.

The panel then brought out Managing Director for Guerilla Games Hermen Hulst, as well as Mark Cerny. It was then announced that Death Stranding will be using the Decima engine, which is an upgraded version of the engine Guerilla Games uses. Cerny discussed how he was involved in helping Kojima find the right engine for the game. "Give me two weeks," Cerny remembers saying to Kojima. The two toured a number of studios before deciding on Decima. For his part, Hulst mentioned he has a very open philosophy about his engine, offering help to developers who don't have engines on which to run their games. – The Feed

‘This Is A Game About Hate’: Startling New Details For The Last of Us Part II

Sony closed out this year's PlayStation Experience showcase with a brief look at The Last of Us Part II, and while game director Neil Druckmann says it's "a ways off [from release]," he couldn't wait to reveal it. Following the showcase, Druckmann discussed more of his and Naughty Dog's vision for the forthcoming sequel, and was joined by the game's leading voice talent, Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie), in a panel moderated by Game Informer's own Editor-in-Chief, Andy McNamara.

The panel began with Druckmann boldly saying "this game is about hate," whereas the first game was about love and friendship and the bond between them. He then unveiled that the sequel is played via Ellie's perspective – a reveal that brought a boisterous cheer from the packed arena of thousands of fans. Taking place a few years after the last game, Ellie is now 19. Druckmann said he feels the same way some fans do about revisiting these characters. He believes in this new story so much, explaining that Last of Us is Ellie and Joel's story, and no one else's.

Johnson was asked about working with Druckmann, and she said that this project (and the original The Last of Us) were special in a different way, because it felt like a true collaboration between Druckmann, Naughty Dog, and the actors. Baker added that Joel is the character he misses the most and wonders what he's up to. He added that Naughty Dog feels like a family to him. He also said that he almost didn't get the role out of his own foolish fear of not being the right age for Joel. He said he almost walked out of the door when he saw the other people in the lobby who were up for the part, but the casting director called his name before he reached the door. He learned valuable life lessons from both the game and this moment, such as trusting yourself.

When asked about Ellie's shaking hand in the trailer, Johnson said she couldn't say much, but did say "she's gone through some s—." Druckmann added that the singular scene shown dates back two years to a time where he sent Johnson the idea of a musical sequence.

The Last of Us Part II uses new performance capture technology, and the most advanced character models Naughty Dog has ever made. We were shown a brief demo of the technology in action, and saw Johnson acting out facial motions which were reproduced in real-time on Ellie's character model.

Druckmann said that it's easier to find moments in an original game, and that there's a fear and danger of trying to replicate those moments in a sequel. He's hoping that they can create moments that are just as powerful, but without treading the same territory.

Both Johnson and Baker say Druckmann is their favorite director to work with. Johnson in particular emphasized just how much fun he is to work alongside. He gives them the freedom to experiment, and will often weigh their opinions into the flow of scenes.

Druckmann revealed that Gustavo Santaolalla is returning to score The Last of Us Part II, and concluded the panel by saying that Ellie and Joel are the heart of this series. It's about human relationships, with theirs being the focus in this story. – The Feed

Blizzard Details Upcoming Symmetra Revamp

Just like Blizzard suggested in September, Overwatch's Symmetra is getting a hefty overhaul to make her a more valuable and less situational pick. Game director Jeff Kaplan detailed her changes coming "soon" to the Public Test Region on PC in the latest edition of the Developer Update series.

The revamped Symmetra has two Ultimates players can swap between during the match: a teleporter and a shield generator. The teleporter still allows passage for six teammates but it has been given more overall health on top of regenerative shield health to make it more durable. The new shield generator is a built object like the teleporter and gives "substantial" shields to players over a "very big radius." It doesn't operate on line of sight, meaning Symmetra players can hide it from the other team and still reap its benefits.

Symmetra can no longer apply 25 shields to her allies but it has been replaced with an ability called Photon Barrier. Photon Barrier shoots out an elliptical-shaped shield that functions like a smaller, projectile version of Reinhardt's barrier. This barrier is "projected on a track of movement," meaning it continually moves forward after it is fired and blocks enemy attacks. This helps Symmetra stay back but also help her team and gives her more complexity.

Her turrets and gun have also been slightly tweaked. She can now bank up to six turrets (as opposed to three). This change allows her to set up more easily in the beginning of a match since she doesn't need to wait for all the turrets to become available. It also helps during the match since it allows her to move with the flow of combat by letting her relocate more easily. Her lock-on laser gun also has a bit more range but Kaplan insists that she won't be a "long-range beam sniper now or anything like that."

Kaplan closed out the video with an update on Oasis, the new Control map announced at Blizzcon. Oasis will be coming to the PTR "very soon," as Blizzard wants to test it thoroughly before it hits the full game in early 2017.

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Our Take
Symmetra has always been a little underpowered and far too situational, and this update sounds like it will fix that. Giving her two Ultimate abilities was a smart way to have her keep her awesome teleporter and give her more versatility. – The Feed

Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Diary Details Its Expansive Open World

Horizon Zero Dawn is a step in a different direction for the team at Guerrilla, who are known for their Killzone franchise. Horizon Zero Dawn mixes both role-playing and action mechanics, and plops you in a world where society has regressed to a primitive way of life and robot dinosaurs roam the wilderness.

"Storytelling in an open world and in an RPG is not something we had done before," says managing director Hermen Hulst in the video. "But I think all of us just really welcome it as a wonderful opportunity to create something that's so fresh, so new, that it's a wonderful challenge for us."

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The game will feature several different eco-topes, which are distinct areas that have unique machines with their own behaviors. Some of these places include forests, deserts, mountain peaks, jungles, and more.

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Details on GameMaker Studio 2 features roll out as limited beta begins

YoYo Games has announced GameMaker Studio 2, a new development tool that rebuilds the Studio platform with a new UI, node based coding, and overall updated workspaces. …

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Bungie Details New Destiny Festival Of The Lost Features

Destiny has increasingly focused on creating content for its players to engage in over real time, with designated times for competitive tournaments and holiday themed events. Last year saw the introduction of the Halloween-centric Festival of the Lost, and Bungie has just announced the details behind the event’s return. 

2016’s Festival of the Lost will go live after reset next week on October 25, and run through November 8. Players can expect opportunities to collect new masks, emotes, consumable items, and engage in several different quest lines, including a quest line that begins in the Iron Temple, the new social space that first showed up at Rise of Iron’s launch. 

The introduction video is notable (and amusing) for the inclusion of Eris Morn. Her gloomy, Eeyore-like attitude toward the Festival is the perfect touch to communicate what the Festival is all about. At one point she declares: “Candy will not save you!”

Have fun trick-or-treating, Guardians. 

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EA Sports Details NHL 17′s October Update

Just in time for the new season, NHL 17 has detailed its October update, out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While it contains a few bug fixes, some of the update is based on player feedback.



  • Improved functionality to stick lifts in the open ice and during net battles. 

EA SPORTS Hockey League

  • Addressed issue with EASHL Drop-in’s where captains on the Class Select screen couldn’t change player class or jersey selection.
  • Added a roster download check on entry into EASHL to fix an issue
    where Creation Zone in EASHL wouldn’t load newly added jerseys or
  • Resolution to a jersey issue seen by some users after they switched from custom uniforms to stock.
  • Resolved issue where some EASHL teams were not able to match up in
    regular season games after winning an EASHL Playoff Championship.

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Reduce the chances of the HUT Infinite load issue from occurring.
  • Added the ability to add a timeout value via Tuner Set for the HUT infinite loading issue some users are experiencing.
  • Added additional telemetry logging to help us gather more information about the HUT infinite load issue.


  • Improved game stability online and offline based on some crash issues seen by the community.

For more on NHL 17, check out our review here.

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Our Take
Supporting games past their release is always a good sign, especially when it is based on player feedback. If only EA Sports could listen to my feedback and patch in the ability that lets the real-life San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup. – The Feed

Telltale Reveals Batman Episode 3 Details

Telltale Games has announced the release date and story details for the third episode of Batman: The Telltale Series.

The latest installment comes out on October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with timing for the other platforms to be announced later.

Episode 3 (titled New World Order) deals with the emergence of The Children of Arkham as well as Batman's relationship with mayor Harvey Dent. There will be five episodes in total for the game.

For more, check out our reviews of Episodes 1 and 2. – The Feed

Rumor: Details, Images Of Overwatch Character Sombra and Halloween Event Surface Online

The road to the reveal of Overwatch's next likely character has been long and difficult. What started out as a partial tease for the last new character, Ana, became one of the most in-depth game-related ARGs in recent memory. Overwatch players scoured the internet in search of the next clue, only to rebuffed my timed unlocks and dead ends. After several months of searching and putting clues together and it seemed as though the character was still a ways away.

Now, however, it seems that "later" might have finally become "sooner." A recent leak, allegedly found by a Russian Overwatch group, has begun circulating online through Twitter, Reddit, and other sites. The full image (below) suggests the character will be coming very soon (as indicated by the text "She will be hacking her way into the build later tonight." The text in the image also references her origin as part of the "Los Muertos" gang, which appeared in the short Blizzard released about Soldier 76.

The text also makes reference to a Halloween event, in which players would have to "protect the castle doors from the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein's evil allies," and try their hand at "three different difficulties" to earn more points. These references point to an earlier leak of an Overwatch comic book, which showed Dr. Junkenstein (who is likely an alternate outfit for the character Junkrat), as well as Mercy and Reaper in Halloween costumes.

Another piece of evidence in a potential leak are images of Halloween-themed loot boxes that also allegedly leaked onto the Xbox Store, once again pointing to a Halloween-themed event.

We've reached out to Blizzard regarding the leak and will update this post should they reply.

[Source: Reddit, Polygon]


Our Take
One leak might seem suspicious, two leaks might sound like a Photoshop conspiracy. But three leaks from different sources make this rumor hard to ignore. Still, it's hard to know for sure, since fakes for these kinds of things get more elaborate every day. I'm more hopeful for this whole Sombra mystery to finally settle, honestly. – The Feed