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Blizzard Details Everything You Need To Know About Overwatch’s New Competitive Play Mode

With Overwatch's new ranked mode out in the wild (on
PC at least
), Blizzard has compiled a primer to get competition-hungry players up
to speed.

In a post on the official Overwatch website,
Blizzard gives a full rundown of what Overwatch's new competitive mode entails,
starting with news that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait a
little while longer for the update (Blizzard is currently targeting next week).
Once available on your platform of choice, you'll have to reach level 25 to
enter competitive mode, then play a series of 10 placement matches to earn your
skill rating, which lies somewhere between 1 (i.e., Bastion exploiter) and 100 (i.e., Tracer phenom).

The post also provides information on season length (the
inaugural summer season will be slightly abbreviated due to the late start, so get cracking!), as
well as some format changes to specific game modes: Control maps will now be
best-of-five affairs, and the scoring systems for Escort, Hybrid, and Assault
maps will be slightly more complicated (click the link below for full details).

Last but not least, Blizzard details what kind of rewards
players can expect. Just finishing the placement matches will net you a new
spray and player icon every season, but you'll also earn Competitive Points
throughout the season (plus bonus points based on your final standing) that can
be used to buy some nifty looking golden guns:

Blizzard also outlines some revisions to penalties should
you be prone to rage quitting, so be sure to check out the post in full for all
the info.

[Source: Overwatch Official Website]


Our Take
I'm super interested to
see how Overwatch's competitive seasons play out, and how climbing the ranks
works in conjunction with matchmaking. Many have questioned Overwatch's staying
power given Blizzard's cosmetics-only approach to progression. As someone who is firmly in the
"play because it's fun" camp, I still won't mind having a extra little bit
of motivation to keep coming back. – The Feed

Nintendo Details What Amiibos Do For You In Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Metroid Prime: Federation Force was viewed as a largely disappointing reveal at last year's E3 by fans who wanted a new entry in the Metroid series that mirrored the games that made the series so great in the first place. While the title was completely absent at this year's E3, the game is nearing the end of its development as it gears up for launch in just under two months. Nintendo has filled us in with new details regarding how its Amiibo figures will augment play in Federation Force.

Much like the Amiibo functionality in games like Yoshi's Woolly World, it seems as though most of the figures provide cosmetic changes to Federation Force. When you scan an Amiibo, your mech sports a paint job similar to that character. While we don't know which Amiibos will work with this function, Nintendo used the examples of Mario (see above) and Bowser (see below) to demonstrate what the mechs look like.

In addition, when you use either of the Samus Amiibos (regular or Zero Suit Samus) on Metroid Prime: Federation Force, you unlock helpful items and in-game upgrades. Nintendo did not detail what those upgrades are, but it did show the new paint jobs you unlock when you tap Samus and Zero Suit Samus on your 3DS.

As a reminder, in order to scan Amiibos to your 3DS, you need be using one of the New 3DS handhelds, or you need to buy the 3DS NFC Amiibo Reader that gives the original 3DS and 3DS XL devices the ability to read the Amiibos' NFC.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force releases on 3DS on August 19. The see the game in action, head over to our episode of Test Chamber.

[Source: Nintendo of America on Twitter (1), (2)] – The Feed

Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny: Rise Of Iron, Now Updated With Complete Details

Destiny fans are nothing if not hungry for new information about their chosen game. Destiny: Rise of Iron has been rumored for weeks thanks to several very authentic-seeming leaks, including story details and a release date of September 20. Today’s reveal event has confirmed virtually all of that game information, but a live stream is offering some additional information about what fans can expect.

The focus of the new expansion touches on one of the big mysteries of the game – the fate of the Iron Lords, alluded to repeatedly throughout the PvP Iron Banner tournament that runs every month. As was previously leaked, the reveal trailer also promises new story missions, strike content, a new raid, new equipment, an elevated light-value cap, and the return of a new version of the Gjallarhorn.

You can watch the full official trailer below. We’ve also updated this story with additional details from the live stream, which you can read below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Bungie’s Twitch stream has given us additional details about where Rise of Iron will be taking us. We were also introduced to the two leads working together to bring us Rise of Iron: Game director Christopher Barrett and executive producer Scott Taylor.

The central mystery of the game is about what happened when the Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to confront a technological plague called SIVA – a self-assembling, self-replicating nano-technology. The players must confront this threat once again, now that it is in the hands of the Fallen. The Fallen have taken their salvaging efforts to a new level in this expansion, and have unearthed this SIVA tech plague, and they’ve augmented themselves with the goal of becoming machine gods; the new Devil Splicers faction has different abilities than what we’ve previously seen. The subsequent story focuses on the way that player Guardians become Iron Lords themselves and confront the resurgent threat.

One of the most significant additions to the game will be new areas to explore. The Plaguelands is a new zone to battle through on Earth. Concept art of the Plaguelands shows that snow dominates the environment, punctuated by Fallen fortresses and other structures using SIVA tech. It also appears that we’ll be exploring a snowy version of the Cosmodrome wall.

Felwinter Peak is a mountain retreat where the Iron Lords once watched over Old Russia. Hundreds of years ago, the outpost was active, but fell into disuse after the fall of the Iron Lords, but the new story will see players retaking the space. We got to see concept art and a screenshot of one of the buildings at Felwinter Peak – a mausoleum that houses statues that depict the original Iron Lords. The Felwinter Peak social space will feel more remote and run-down than the other social spaces of the game.

Bungie has promised that the new raid is a big part of Rise of Iron, and Bungie teased out at least one location from the raid, in which we see a massive machine that appears to be attacking and chasing the guardians. 

Given the Iron Lords connect to Crucible play in such a significant way, Bungie has also promised that PvP is getting a major facelift, including a new game mode, new PvP maps, and other new as-yet undetailed new Crucible features. 

For many fans, one of the most exciting aspects of the game will be learning more about the mysterious Iron Lords. That info has already begun to trickle out as we learned that the wielder of the powerful machine gun called Jolder’s Hammer is actually a woman. 

We saw some cool new gear for all three of the Guardian classes, making it look like players can look forward to a full spread of weapons and armor not yet available in the current game. Equally important, Bungie is promising a “significant light increase” for players to pursue as they level up.

The double-headed battle axe seen in Lord Saladin’s hand in the trailer will get used by players as a relic, much as players have previously been able to pick up items like the Scorch Cannon. The battle axe doesn’t sound like it’s a normal arsenal piece. 

Before closing out the live stream, Bungie also took time to discuss the return of the infamous Gjallarhorn. Within Rise of Iron, a questline will let you forge a new Gjallarhorn, but you can also get a black and silver Iron Gjallarhorn through pre-ordering Rise of Iron. To build hype for the return of the weapon, we got a sizzle reel of player excitement surrounding the weapon, which was a big part of Year One play.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Bungie revealed that the new expansion will cost $ 30, and for the first time the new expansion will only run on newer consoles – PS4 and Xbox One.  That shift will mean that players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will need to upgrade if they want to play the new content. Bungie reps on the live stream implied that more information is forthcoming about ways to make that process better for players interested in shifting to a new console. – The Feed

Fallout 4 Xbox One Mods Arrive Next Week, Details Emerge From Live Stream

Bethesda announced on Twitter that mods will arrive on Xbox One as soon as Tuesday, May 31.

Yesterday, the studio broadcast a live stream previewing how mods will work on the console. While you still need a PC to create mods yourself using the Creation Kit, you will now be able to add mods created on PC to your game on Xbox One. 

Mods are accessed via the main menu of Fallout 4. You log on with your username and password to view an interface similar to Netflix, where mods are sectioned into categories. The size limit for mods you can download is restricted to 2 GB. This limit extends to all downloaded mods, even if they are not currently enabled, though Bethesda mentioned that this limit may increase in the future.

In the live stream, Bethesda previewed a few mods, such as a cosmetic update to your Pip Boy that gives it a Nuka Coka aesthetic, and another that turns Dogmeat into a feline companion. Mods are in closed beta right now, but there are nearly 2,000 mods currently which you can browse via Bethesda's website

Loading a mod will create a new save, so it will not affect your previous saves should something go wrong. Once a mod is enabled, Fallout 4 will reboot in order to load the mod. Another reboot will occur when disabling a mod. Finally, achievements will be disabled during mod usage. 

For the time being, console mods are exclusive to Xbox One, but they will be added to PlayStation 4 as well at some point this June.

You can watch Bethesda's full live stream here

For more on Fallout 4, you can read about the latest expansion, Far Harbor, which released earlier this month. – The Feed

First Details For Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

PES 2016 was a return to form for the storied soccer franchise, giving the series its first true next-gen iteration. Konami and developer PES Productions have just announced the first details for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, upping the ante with tons of new animations and tactical options.

"Hundreds of new animations" have been added, combining with refined ball physics and the way players address the ball to greatly influence how they react to and control the ball. Little flicks and touches were a hallmark of PES 2016, and it looks like it may get better this year. Similarly, passing is greatly affected by these advancements, improving the weight and precision of a great pass.

Players can tweak their team's defensive and offensive tactics "with simple controls" as well as more advanced instructions (including tight man marking and tiki-taka passing). This doesn't sound super different from previous years, so it'll be interesting to hear exactly what's new.

What is new are set piece strategies such as being able to call for zonal or man-to-man defenses or dictate the specific run of an offensive player.

In recent years it's been common for the A.I. of a team that's ahead or behind to change its tactics accordingly. PES 2017 is promising to widen the scope of its A.I. adaptability to learn how you play the game and react to your strategies accordingly.

Poor keeper play has been a criticism of the PES games this generation, so the developer is promising to address it in PES 2017 with greater keeper agility and animations. 

We hope to learn more about additions to the game's career mode, Master League, as well as MyClub mode at E3 next month, so stay tuned for more details.

[Source: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 official website]


Our Take
It's good to hear that the dev team isn't resting on its laurels, seeking to keep improving even those areas like ball control it's already good in. For the franchise to take a leap into the next tier, however, it will have to keep building out its Master League mode to make the series truly vital. – The Feed

Microsoft Announces Ticketing Details For E3 Xbox Fanfest

Microsoft is reprising its Xbox Fanfest to coincide with E3 next month. If you want to be one of 500 admitted to the event, you’ll want to start lining up early.

You’ll need to be over 21 and have an Xbox Gamertag in order to get in. You can start lining up at 10 p.m. Pacific at the Westfield Century City Microsoft Store in Los Angeles. 

The first 500 people in line will receive credentials. Tickets will then be distributed on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Pacific at the same location.

The event runs from Monday, June 13, through Wednesday, June 15. Ticketed individuals will get access to the Xbox E3 media briefing, a backpack of goodies, an invitation to a Forza briefing at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Monday, June 13, and access to a fan celebration event on Tuesday, June 14.

If you can’t attend, Microsoft will be streaming the briefing at 12:30 p.m. Eastern / 9:30 a.m. Pacific on Monday, June 13. You can watch on the Xbox Twitch channel, YouTube, Facebook, directly on your console via the Live Events Player, or on Spike TV. Microsoft will also stream a daily E3 show at 7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific on Tuesday and Wednesday. – The Feed

Rumor: More Arkham HD Details Emerge From The Batcave

The long-rumored Batman: Return to Arkham HD Collection has surfaced yet again, this time thanks to an apparent listing on an Italian retail site and magazine ad. The collection purportedly includes both of Rocksteady's last-gen Batman games – Arkham Knight and Arkham City – all gussied up to take advantage of the current hardware generation.

Gaming Tree House posted a screengrab from GameStop Italy, which featured a description for the game, as well as a magazine ad that shows the box art. The listing isn't currently up on the retailer's site, so that screengrab is all we have to go on right now. According to the apparent site listing, the collection is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 10 for an MSRP of about $ 40, and it includes remastered versions of the two games and their respective DLC.

Full disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer's parent company.

[Source: Gaming Tree House via Destructoid]


Our Take
At a certain point, Warner has to realize the luster has worn off this announcement. Maybe it's time to either officially confirm the news or squash it if it's indeed an elaborately orchestrated hoax. – The Feed