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New Destiny: The Taken King Details Emerge In Latest Bungie Video

We’ve been posting new details about Destiny: The Taken King all month in support of our blowout cover story on Bungie’s next big step for their sci-fi/fantasy franchise. Today, Bungie released a teaser to announce a live stream tomorrow. However, even in this brief video, some important new details are apparent.

The live stream is set for tomorrow, August 19, at 11 a.m. Pacific time, and it’s meant to address investment and leveling in The Taken King, including more specifics regarding light, the improved Tower, and additional gear details. Tune in to Twitch for the full feed. Bungie community manager Deej, executive producer Mark Noseworthy, and senior design lead Tyson Green will all participate. It’s worth noting that despite Tyson Green’s title, he is the person at Bungie most responsible for investment design. 

During our visit for our recent cover story, some of the investment systems were still being finalized, and we were unable to share all the details regarding how they work. It appears that at least some of those mechanics have now been set in stone, and the team is ready to share them with the world. 

Even in the brief trailer below, there’s a good bit of info to take away. One of the coolest is the brief flash of Exotic Weapon blueprints, which seems to indicate a way for players to recraft existing exotic weapons, though it’s unclear exactly how the process might work – perhaps you’re able to recraft any exotic you’ve already obtained on your account? 

In another moment of the video, we also get confirmation of exactly how light works in The Taken King. According to the pop-up tip when hovering over a character’s gear number: “Your light score is an average of the Attack and Defense values across all of your currently equipped gear. A higher light score improves both your damage output and your defense." On the same screen, we can see that there are now 10 gear slots – 4 armor pieces, 1 class item, a ghost shell, and what appears to be the artifact slot, which is mentioned later in the teaser video.

We also got some new details about Faction Badges, which allow you to pledge allegiance to one of the game’s factions, and thus acquire that faction’s reputation instead of vanguard or crucible reputation. You can only purchase a new allegiance once a week, and it costs 2,500 glimmer.

Another pop-up offers details about how legendary marks are earned, which are the new replacement for Crucible and Vanguard marks. Legendary marks are obtained from completing daily heroic and daily crucible playlists, and you can also dismantle legendary gear to get these marks. In turn, these new legendary marks are used to purchase new legendary gear from vendors.

We also see mention of nameplate collections (perhaps this is the new term for emblems?), and what seems to be confirmation that the previously announced character boost will allow players to jump a single character to level 25. Finally, we also see mention of the infusion mechanic, which is likely the same as the mechanic described in our cover story, in which players are able to infuse the power of one piece of legendary or exotic gear into another. 

Check out the trailer, and tune in tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST to get the full scoop from Bungie. 

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Our Take
I'm pleased to finally see Bungie shedding some more light on questions of investment and leveling. It has to be one of the most challenging aspects of developing a game like Destiny, so I can understand why it's taken the team a long time to finalize all these features. Some of the above-mentioned mechanics were in-progress during our recent visit to Bungie, and it's good that the developer is offering details to its players about how these important game systems work prior to launch. – The Feed

Comcept Details Red Ash Kickstarter ‘Stretch’ Goals

After yesterday’s announcement that Fuze stepped in to fund all of Red Ash, Comcept has detailed what backer funds will support. This is, of course, predicated on the campaign recovering its losses from yesterday and raising an additional $ 300,000 in the next three days.

The good news is that with Fuze backing the project, Red Ash will be a full game (instead of only a few of the chapters guaranteed). The stretch goals, funded at the $ 800,000 level, include one post-game dungeon, one additional playable character, and a loosely detailed post-game “village reconstruction” mode.

Comcept is also remaining silent on retailers listing a delay for Mighty No. 9. We’ve reached out to the company and have not yet heard back on the matter.

[Source: Kickstarter]


Our Take
These stretch goals are very loosely defined, and it took Comcept 25 percent of the remaining campaign time to update with this information. At this point, it doesn’t look like it matters much. Unless an angel backer swoops in, this campaign has little chance of success. – The Feed

Rocket League DLC Details Scream Onto The Scene

Psyonix provided a few teases about its upcoming Rocket League DLC last week, but now the studio behind the surprise hit is going into greater detail. August's Supersonic Fury DLC adds a pair of new cars and a variety of new decals and visual effects, and it's being accompanied with some free add-on goodies, too.

The Supersonic Fury download is priced at $ 3.99, and it includes the Dominus muscle car and Japanese street racer-styled Takumi cars, pictured above. You can also spot a pair of new boost effects in the image, nitrous and burnout. Cars can be covered with five new paint types, including brushed metal, carbon fiber, metallic pearl, pearlescent, and wood (!). You can also roll around on new wheels, the ball-themed Cristiano and spinners. The download is due out early August.

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In addition to the paid DLC, Rocket League players will also get a free update that includes a new arena, Utopia Coliseum, and 70 new country flags. Players will also be able to tune into other matches in the new spectator mode, which lets viewers soak in the action from anywhere in the arena. Finally, players will see some new explosive effects to accompany their goals, and the soundtrack is getting beefed up with a new song from Hollywood Principle, "Firework." Whew.

[Source: PlayStation Blog] – The Feed

[Update] Razer Details How Developers Can Get Owed Ouya Funds

Update – 8:26 p.m. Central on July 28: Razer has provided information to Game Informer detailing how it will handle the outstading $ 620,000 of Free the Games funds owed to developers. While there are stipulations, Razer is working to find a solution that is both equitable to developers and the company, which has no obligation to fulfill Ouya's outstanding commitments.

Developers will need to sign a publishing agreement with Razer's new Ouya platform. There is no exclusivity required, and developers will be able to distribute their game to all Android platforms, including Google Play.

However, developers will be required to provide an equitable value of games for free on the Cortex TV platform. The example provided suggests that if a developer receives $ 10,000 for a game ultimately sold for $ 1 on the store, 10,000 copies will need to be available for giveaway.

Razer is careful to reiterate that it only acquired certain assets previously owned by Ouya, a now defunct corporation. Just as Ouya's obligations did not transfer to the company, neither did legal arrangements. This explains why developers will need to sign new agreements. 


Our Take (Updated)
This is a smart move by Razer as it should earn the company good will in the development community. The revised arrangements also favor developers, who would only be hurt by exclusivity on the nascent platform.

This also gives Razer a way to start building a usership for Cortex with $ 620,000 worth of games to give away (assuming all developers sign new agreements). There aren't many ways this could have ended better, as Razer was under no obligation to pay out anything. 

Update – 4:30 p.m. Central on July 28: Razer has decided to quieted the storm surrounding Ouya's failed Free the Games program. The company has made a good will gesture toward affected developers and, in the process, cleared the Ouya brand which it purchased of some recent bad press.

As we recently reported (see below), Ouya's closure meant that developers were losing any outstanding funds owed from the incentive program. Razer has decided to fulfill the remaining obligations from the $ 1 million program.

According to a report on Polygon, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has decided to close the approximately $ 600,000 gap left by Ouya's demise. The company has no financial or legal obligations to do so, as it only purchased select assets and did not assume any outstanding Ouya liabilities, including those tied to the Free the Games program. We've reached out to Razer for more information and will update should we receive a response.

Original Report – 3:45 p.m. Central on July 28:

The writing was on the wall for Ouya for a number of months leading up to yesterday’s announcement of a partial asset buyout by Razer. While the Ouya name will live on, only its technical and developer relations staff remain onboard. Hardware and outstanding company commitments have ceased to exist.

One such commitment was the troubled Free the Games program that was designed to lock up timed exclusivity in exchange for cash incentives. According to a report by Motherboard, a number of developers are out thousands of dollars.

Because of a clause in the contract, there’s nothing they can do about it either. Ouya included a section that gives the company an out from its obligations in the case of bankruptcy or insolvency. 

Motherboard reports that Ouya informed developers via Skype rather than put notification in writing. The report also alleges that Ouya implored developers not to speak with press.

Razer has no commitments to those developers, as it did not acquire the Ouya corporation, just some assets (its Android storefront) and the brand name. Razer intends to integrate its new acquisition with the Forge TV Android microconsole.

For more on the acquisition and Razer’s plans for its new assets, please read our previous coverage.

[Source: Motherboard]


Our Take
This is an unfortunate situation for the developers who put their trust in Julie Uhrman and Ouya. The contract (as reported) seems to cover the exact contingency that Ouya went through as it scrambled to find a buyer, which means there is little recourse for those anticipating funds. 

Razer carries no obligation to those developers, but should it choose, it could earn some good will. That is something entirely optional though, and no one impacted should have any expectations. – The Feed

Our Lengthy Look At A New Fallout 4 Demo Is Packed With New Details

On July 17, 2014, QuakeCon attendees were treated to an exclusive look at id Software's Doom reboot. The demo ran longer than expected, giving the people in the auditorium (many of the screaming variety) a hell of a look at this bloody shooter. Heads were severed. Bodies were chainsawed. The legacy of Doom was alive and well. Showgoers raved about the carnage, but publisher Bethesda Softworks never released the footage shown at the con. In fact, Bethesda didn't show or talk about the game again until this year's E3.

This year, Bethesda gave the people of QuakeCon another exciting exclusive: a unique and lengthy look at Fallout 4. No video recording or cameras were allowed. Security guards walked the aisles constantly, eying everyone to ensure none of this new Fallout 4 content made it any further than the auditoriums screens.

The show began with a greeting by Bethesda Game Studios' director, Todd Howard. He broke Bethesda's rule of no photography and snapped a panoramic shot of the crowd with his iPhone. Seeing most people were wearing masks of Vault Boy, which were provided by Bethesda at the door, Howard took a step back and said, "Those masks are creepy as s–t. That picture is going to replace my recurring nightmare of the Poltergeist clown."

Howard began his talk by saying he wanted to give the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Fallout 4. "Our game starts in the past," he says, as different pieces of concept art flash onto screen, showing how the world was before the apocalypse. One image in particular gives us a look at the interior of a "house of tomorrow" with a mother and father living life in each room. "This art dates way back," Howard says. "I really like this piece because it was done by Adam Adamowicz, who was a concept artist of ours who passed away in 2012. It's really special for me to show some of his work today. We have a wonderful group of artists who have done incredible work on this game."

Howard says that the team obsessed over the little details in this house. We then see another piece of art that highlights this home's bathroom, which looks as sci-fi as it does retro. It's clean, and loaded with color, and features an oddly shaped toilet. "I just realized Elder Scrolls starts you in a prison and this game starts you in a bathroom," Howard jokes.

Next up is art of Mr. Handy. We see concept art of Mr. Handy floating around the family home as a door-to-door salesman talks to the wife and a high-res model of the robotic helper. "We don't just build the outside of the robots," Howard points out. "We build the insides so you can blow all of their pieces off. Mr. Handy is voiced by the great Stephen Russell who we use in a lot of our games. He's a Boston native, and is very well known for doing the voice of Garrett in Thief. He's an amazing voice actor. And he'll say your name [in the game]. We had Stephen record like a thousand of the most popular names and other things we find people like to name their characters."

We're then treated to a brief gameplay clip showing Mr. Handy rattling off a variety of names, including Mr.Matthews, Mr. McFly, Mr. Boobies, and Mr. F—face. The last one brought a lengthy roar of laughter from the crowd. Howard smiles and says, "Now I wish I had shown the longer version of that video."

The next image that appears on the screen is 10 to 12 illustrations of the Vault Suit, showing the different ideas Bethesda's artists had for revamping this classic blue and yellow look. Some were radically different, almost looking like something Isaac Clarke would wear in Dead Space. The final design, which we see as an in-game model and you've seen in the trailers and screenshots, is heavy on little details, like the intricate stitching on the shoulder seams. "We want back to more of a sci-fi flight suit look," Howard says. "It's a tighter look like they had in the earlier Fallouts."

We then see an image of a handful of Bethesda Game Works employees. On the floor is a German Shepherd named River, a female dog who was used for the motion capture and audio recording of Dogmeat. A video montage shows the various techniques the team used to capture River's likeness, including frisbee throwing in the motion capture studio, stick fetching, and holding a mic in front of River to capture her sounds. "If we're going to do the dog, we're going to do this right," Howard says.

Dogmeat is one of a dozen companions in the game. Only one can travel with you at any given time. Another companion is Preston Garvey, the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen, who was shown in the previous trailers. He has a signature laser musket. "When it comes to doing humans in the game, it's much trickier than doing a robot or a dog," Howard says.

Howard then plays a video that gives us a look at the acting and motion capture process used to bring Garvey to life. "Man, I don't know who you are, but your timing is impeccable," Garvey says to an actor standing in as the player character. "Preston Garvey, Commonwealth Minutemen. A month ago there were 20 of us. The other day there were eight. Now we're five. First it was the ghouls. Now this mess." We then see this same recording in-game. The camerawork switches frequently as Garvey speaks, much like we've seen in Mass Effect to bring a little cinematic flair to an ordinary conversation between two people.

"In the in-game one, we're not scanning the actor," Howard adds. "The character faces and their bodies are procedurally done, and then we take those movements and map them onto any character. We build an archetype, a suite of animations because we have so much dialogue we can't capture all of it this way. The game uses a mix of stuff actors recorded and procedural facial animations, and a suite of prerecorded body animations that can go with various lines that you are saying. All of that comes together to create pretty much any scene we want to put together in the game."

The next companion we are introduced to is named Piper, a sharply dressed female character in a red jacket and grey cap, who resides in Diamond City. This locale is built in the ruins of Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. This little detail brought a cheer from the crowd, which confuses Howard. "Does that mean you like the Red Sox, or do you want [Fenway] to be blown up?" – The Feed

New Fallout 4 Details Emerge From QuakeCon

QuakeCon 2015 attendees were privy to an exclusive presentation of Fallout 4 this afternoon, and Bethesda took the opportunity to share some important new details about the game.

Todd Howard took the stage to share news. First up is the news that Fallout 4 will include 12 companions who can join you on your journey. You'll be able to romance them, regardless of their gender. 

In addition, Howard discussed the naming of your character, and proclaimed that they've selected over 1,000 names that include both common real names as well as names that Bethesda believes its player may use, even in jest. By way of example, Howard proclaims that if you want to call your character F—face, that option is available to you, and the game will use that name in actual dialogue and conversations.

We also learned that Fallout Shelter will no longer be an iOS exclusive — it's on the way to Android as well.  

We'll continue to update with additional details as they emerge from the presentation. – The Feed

Nintendo Still Excited To Bring Devil’s Third To Wii U, Promises More Details Soon

Rumors circulated yesterday that Nintendo of America was considering dropping Devil's Third for release in North America. Today, Nintendo reconfirmed it is still coming to Wii U.

In a tweet from the official Nintendo of America twitter account, Nintendo wrote, "We know you are eager to hear more about Devil’s Third. We are excited to bring the game to Wii U and will have more to share soon."

The rumors hinting at Devil's Third not releasing in North America cited quality issues with the game. According to sources connected to YouTube channel Unseen64 and Siliconera, the game is apparently not up to Nintendo's quality standards. Nintendo's tweet, which comes from the Nintendo of America account, confirms the game is coming to Wii U in North America.

For more on the game, which comes from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive's Tomonobu Itagaki, head here for a 2014 interview with the game's producer.

[Source: @NintendoAmerica]


Our Take
In the tweet Nintendo says, "We are excited to bring the game to Wii U." It's fair to assume that Nintendo is still publishing the game based on that, but you could also make a semantics argument that it means Nintendo is not publishing the game itself, but the game will still be available on Wii U, perhaps published by somebody else. The big takeaway, however, is that we will be able to play the game on North America Wii Us sometime in the future. Right now, I'm interested in the "more to share soon" part of the tweet. Devil's Third has always been an interesting oddity in the Wii U library, and I'm curious to see the final product. – The Feed

FreeStyleGames Details Hero Powers In Guitar Hero Live

FreeStyleGames have revealed new information about the successor to Guitar Hero’s Star Power mechanic. Like Star Power, Hero Powers are activated by tilting the controller or pressing the dedicated button on the bridge. Guitar Hero Live has seven of these unique abilities, all purchased with in-game currency and usable in Guitar Hero TV.

The Clear Highway power removes all notes in the immediate vicinity on the screen. All notes removed this way are counted as hits, so your score and multiplier still climb. Another is Dial Up, which temporarily increases the frequency of notes. Brave players can use this ability to make certain passages harder – and score more points. 

Dial Down works in the opposite direction. Encounter a part of the song that is too difficult? Note frequency decreases when activated, which is perfect for coasting through a tough solo with your multiplier intact. Double Multiplier and Score Chaser are more basic powers similar to traditional Star Power. Double Multiplier doubles the player’s score multiplier for the duration of the ability. Score Chaser doubles the maximum possible multiplier.

Players who like having a wider margin of error on those tough songs will enjoy Safety Net and Invincibility. Safety Net keeps your multiplier and score streak at their current values, while Invincibility hits all notes while active and doesn’t register missed notes.

Guitar Hero Live hits the stage on October 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Read about our hands-on time with the game here, and our ranking of the Guitar Hero franchise here. – The Feed

First Details For Arkham’s Batgirl DLC

The upcoming DLC for Arkham Knight, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, gets some serious details and a new screen today. If you're not interested in knowing anything about the DLC content that takes us to a time before the events of Arkham Asylum, stop reading now.

Revealed in an exclusive at Entertainment Weekly (head here to check out the new screenshot!), the Dual Play system will allow players to switch between Batgirl and Robin during a battle with Joker and Harley Quinn.

Batgirl teams up with Robin to save Commissioner Gordon from the Joker, on a journey that takes her to the Seagate Amusement Park – a dangerous new environment perfect for letting the Joker play out his hilariously deadly designs. Batgirl will play a bit differently than Batman. You can check out all the details and the new screen at Entertainment Weekly.

Our Take
Batgirl's DLC content sounds awesome, I'm always excited for more Joker and his traps – the amusement park sounds like a natural fit for this. – The Feed

Haxe and OpenFL are coming to game consoles: The details

Lars Doucet shares details on the work that’ll let games like his Defender’s Quest and the award-winning Papers, Please onto consoles. …

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