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Learn How Star Wars Snuck Its Way Into Chrono Trigger And Other Obscure Details

The latest Did You Know Gaming episode looks at the SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and why dreams were an integral part of its creation.

Learn how much of the game's soundtrack was born during composer Yasunori Mitsuda's dreams, and how the stress of development gave him a stomach ulcer. The video also looks at what is known about the franchise's future, and a possible character overlap with the game's sequel Chrono Cross.

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Fan Video Details Cloud’s Super Smash Bros. Move List

Cloud may be a formidable fighter, but he’s only as good as the player controlling him. A new fan video details the move list for the Final Fantasy protagonist in Super Smash Bros., revealed in last week’s Nintendo Direct.

Produced by Andy Garner (or “MasterOfHyrule” on YouTube), the video details all the known moves seen in last week’s presentation. Some moves remained absent from the showing, however, and thus remain a mystery until a new trailer is released or Cloud becomes available in-game at a currently unannounced date.

Check out the video below for the rundown. You can also check out our initial report and screenshots here.

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Fire Emblem Fates Version Details Explained

We’ve known that the upcoming Fire Emblem release would be split into two alternate versions, but has Nintendo released some info about how exactly the distribution of these iterations will roll out.

Birthright and Conquest present two takes on the same story, so you may only want to purchase one. However, players who get one version (which costs $ 40) will be able to download the other for a discounted $ 20.

Beyond those, a third epilogue chapter, entitled Revelation, will come out after Birthright and Conquest release. If you absolutely must have the complete experience, you should get the $ 80 special edition, which includes Birthright, Conquest, Revelation, an art book, and a pouch for your 3DS.

Players will also be able to additional DLC further down the line, including one free map and six more for purchase. – The Feed

New Details And Screenshots On Quantum Break’s Frozen Reality

In Quantum Break, time is just as much an ally as it is a foe. The player has some special abilities when it comes to time manipulation, but occasionally time stutters will freeze the action and shift time in dangerous, uncontrollable ways. It's up to the player to survive.

During time stutters, aspects of the world will pause, but many others will get caught in these indefinite, indecipherable loops. During one of our demos for the game, we saw debris stuck in a time loop where it continually fell, threatening to crush the player. We spoke with narrative designer Greg Louden about the process of designing a world that isn't necessarily in motion and what goes into making it a compelling experience.

Louden has an interesting background that doesn't involve work on video games. He joined Remedy in 2012, and before that he was heavily involved in the animation and special effects for the motion picture industry. He worked on films like Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Sucker Punch, and Happy Feet 2. He was also involved in Prometheus, helping to create the digital effects of the ship landing and sandstorm sequences. Louden also had a hand in one of World War Z's most memorable aspects – the simulation of the massive mobs of zombies. However, Louden seems most proud of his work on Gravity. “Usually in film you work on maybe five seconds of film. In Gravity I worked on maybe 45 seconds,” Louden says.

For Quantum Break, Louden's job title is narrative designer, but he is also involved with level design and the game's Junction Points, where players make decisions that direct the story. The time stutters, which Louden is also involved with, offer some of the most compelling aspects of level and visual design, as it's much more than a simple pause of the action. “Stutters are basically the apocalypse," he says. "You can’t control it. Basically, you’re going down the street, a stutter happens and everything starts going crazy. It’s not slow motion – it’s a stutter. It’s a frozen moment of chaos."

The creators looked to long exposure photography to help influence design, painting streaks of light from assorted light sources, and made sure to fill the environment with debris and leaves where appropriate in order to fill the world with elements that show the world was in motion when the time stutters occurred.

Time may be mostly paused in these moments, but some aspects of the environments move and shift. These moments are meant to feel dangerous. The animated .gif above showcases, with a handful of connected screenshots, how the world changes when a time stutter is activated. The color and tone of the world changes, creating an uncomfortable environment that you're clearly not in control of. Alan Wake experimented with the idea of the player versus the environment, and that idea appears to be moving forward in Quantum Break, albeit in a different way where everything is not shrouded in darkness. “We really want to scare the player with this," Louden says. "We don’t want them to want stutters to be normal. We want them to think, ‘How do I get out of this?' Whether it’s during the level having cars that go back and forward as they are stuck in a violent loop, or how do we kind of illustrate that this is kind of what your trying to stop. This is the goal of the game.”

Even when the world is not paused during a stutter, Quantum Break requires a different set of design ideals, because the player can manipulate time to a smaller degree. “[The time powers] have made it so much more complicated," Louden says. "Being able to run around the enemies all the time, and how do we design that? Always having to find ways to gate players, which is a very level-design thing. Like how do you block the player from proceeding to the next sequence?"

During one moment in the game, which was shown earlier this year at Gamescom, a ship crashes into a dock during a time stutter. Louden says this differs from the typical set-piece moment. “In most games, you would just play through that and it would be over, but in Quantum Break we can freeze it," he says. "We can freeze that, so you are jumping on cars that are flowing down. We’re not inhibited by natural environments. We can create our own environments to create new and exciting ways for players to adventure, which has been really cool.”

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DICE Details Star Wars Battlefront’s Free Companion App And Mobile Base Command Game

In what is very nearly a requirement for all modern AAA games, Star Wars Battlefront is getting a free companion app.

The app is coming to iOS and Android platforms before the game launches on November 17, and a version of it will be available at during the beta. The app will let you look closer at your assorted stats, customize your loadout, connect with your team, and get news – pretty much the standard companion app.

Alongside it, also comes Base Command. It's a tactical turn-based card game that lets you earn credits for Star Wars Battlefront. Base Command will not have microtransactions, DICE is quick to point out, and you will never lose any of your cards.

For more on Star Wars Battlefront, specifically its upcoming beta, head here.

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Harmonix Details $15 Million Equity Investment Revealed In September

With Rock Band 4 just days away from launch, Harmonix is already looking toward the future. The company detailed the $ 15 million in equity funding revealed in September today and another new project.

The funding comes in the form of equity investment, which means that those putting up the capital have an ownership claim in Harmonix. The group is led by venture capital firms Foundry Group, which has previously invested in Zynga, Fitbit, Makerbot, and Ello, and Spark Capital, which has stakes in Coin, Oculus, Tumblr, and Upworthy.

Harmonix also says that it is developing an unannounced game for the Oculus Rift. The company already has a VR project in development for Gear VR and PlayStation VR called Harmonix Music VR. The company will also be returning to crowdfunding this fall, before the wide release of its first Kickstarted game, Amplitude.

Rock Band 4 is out on October 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 


Our Take
Harmonix has had its ups and downs since the launch of Rock Band 3 in 2010. Dance Central bridged the gap, but didn’t have nearly as strong a DLC profile as the Rock Band franchise. 

Rock Band 4 is important because of its long-term potential for returning to the profitable DLC model that fueled the company for years. The VR endeavors are a gamble that the company will be able to take as long as revenues flow long-term from Rock Band fans.

Note: The Our Take original stated that Rock Band 3 launched in 2007, which is when the first title in the franchise was released. This has been corrected, and we regret the error. – The Feed

Bungie Details Returning Destiny PVP Events

Bungie finally shares its plans for PVP events in its latest weekly update. Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are both returning and receiving notable adjustments in year two.

The Iron Banner makes its return on October 13 with new weapons and armor. It's also receiving some changes. You no longer need to purchase the tempered buff; as you get the buff for simply participating in the event. Bungie also promises higher drop rates, new emblems, and new bounties. You'll also use legendary marks instead of glimmer to purchase gear from Lord Saladin. Only level 40 Guardians can lead a team and the recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner entry is 230.

Trials of Osiris also has its share of changes. The elimination style PVP mode now has a better drop rate, granting you Trials gear for wins. The more you win, the better the drops. In addition, if you lose, you'll continue to gain more passage coins. Also new is that you must buy all your buffs at the beginning of a Trials passage, rather than being able to purchase certain buffs partway through your passage. New Trials bounties are  now available to obtain Trials gear for those who don't reach the Lighthouse. One of the biggest and most welcome change is matchmaking that will try to pair you with people that currently have the same amount of wins, which should lead to fairer matches overall (and very hard matches when you're at 8-0). The recommended Light is 290 and only Guardians with 251 Light can lead a Fireteam.

For the complete details, you can check out Bungie's blog.

[Source: Bungie's Weekly Update]


Our Take
It's great to hear about some of Bungie's PVP event plans for year two. The Trials of Osiris changes are especially noteworthy; being able to obtain new gear even if you don't make it to the Lighthouse via bounties is great. Also, questionable Trials matchmaking was a big issue during House of Wolves, and knowing you'll be more appropriately squared off against an enemy team is encouraging, and a smart change. – The Feed

New Details On What’s Returning for Dark Souls III

From a gameplay perspective, Dark Souls III seems much like the merging of several of From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki’s design philosophies, almost a mixing bowl of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. While this might indicate certain features that will make it to the third installment of the franchise, Miyazaki has chosen specific elements to return from the series, and others to return to the catacombs. Here’s a rundown of some key aspects that players can expect – or not expect – to see in Dark Souls III.

Fast Travel

Players can expect to use fast travel from the very beginning of the game, much like Dark Souls II. Miyazaki wants to keep the convenience aspects from previous titles, unless they interfere with game design.


While Miyazaki is unsure if the “Soul Vessel” item will be available in Dark Souls III, he says there will be a method for players to reallocate stat points so that they can change builds around without having to create a completely new character. “I’m not sure if the same sort of item will be implemented, but there will be a method for players to re-assign souls,” Miyazaki says.

New Game+

New Game+ will look more like Dark Souls II than other games, with new weapons, items, and reconfigured enemy locations and placements to keep the surprises and exploration elements fresh in Dark Souls III. Of particular note is that bonfire ascetics will not be returning, so players will be unable to artificially + zones.


Miyazaki’s take on durability is that Dark Souls III will find a happy medium between the two extremes of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. “Still tuning the balance, but I personally think that the weapons in Dark Souls II break a little too easily. This was implemented intending for the players to try out many types of weapons, but even so, I felt they broke too quickly. However, in Dark Souls I, they didn’t break enough, and so I’m hoping to find a good balance for Dark Souls III. “

Summoning And Invasion

If you were worried that Dark Souls III would be shifting toward Bloodborne’s bell summons, not to worry; it will have the standard summoning system found in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, and will use soul level for matching, not soul memory. Here’s something interesting – Miyazaki states that players won’t be locked behind consumable items for invasion; they’ll be able to do so as they wish without having to worry about keeping stocked up on cracked red orbs.

Hidden Walls

Hidden walls will still be there for players to find in Dark Souls III, but forget walking to each section of a zone and tapping the interact button – they’ll be tied to attacking again, like the first Dark Souls. “This is due to my thinking behind this type of feature,” Miyazaki says. “I like to have coincidences happen during battles, or accidental reveals due to swinging weapons around, randomly shooting arrows. I want to implement this sort of surprise discovery in a natural way when playing the game.”


Tim Turi runs down some of the magic changes here!

Looking for more? Check out our Dark Souls III cover story, going live today with the digital edition, and check out the Dark Souls III hub for a month-long of Dark Souls coverage! – The Feed

Destiny 2.0 Update Details Revealed, Including PvP Trial And Exotic Bounty Auto-Completion

The launch of Destiny's The Taken King expansion is just around the corner, but you don't have to wait long to experience all the benefits and changes of the big update Bungie is releasing in preparation for the game. Next Tuesday, September 8, Destiny's 2.0 update will go live, implementing a wealth of changes that will affect how everyone plays. Today we have all the info on what will be affected, from a playable trial of the new Crucible content to news that players' bounties that earn exotic weapons will complete automatically.

Here are the big changes we pulled out from Bungie's update that will kick in with the update:


  • The Taken King's new PvP Crucible content will be available for trial from September 8-14, including a look at the 8 new maps along with Rift and Mayhem modes
  • All players can now progress up to level 34, enabling all The Taken King players to level to 40
  • The Quest Screen will become active, which tracks all active quests
  • Exotic bounties in players' inventories will auto-complete when the update goes live. All lesser bounties will be automatically discarded
  • Collections will now be available at the Tower, allowing players to access their emblems, shaders, and ships anytime
  • Exotic blueprints will be available at the tower, letting players dismantle and rebuild their best equipment at their whim
  • Widespread weapon rebalancing will go in effect, which just might finally make the auto-rifle worth a damn
  • The deadline to complete the Moments of Triumph meta-achievement has been extended


Head over to for the full rundown on next week's Destiny 2.0 update. The Taken King hits PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and 360 on September 15. For more info on the upcoming expansion, check out our huge hub of exclusive cover story content below. – The Feed

New Destiny: The Taken King Details Emerge In Latest Bungie Video

We’ve been posting new details about Destiny: The Taken King all month in support of our blowout cover story on Bungie’s next big step for their sci-fi/fantasy franchise. Today, Bungie released a teaser to announce a live stream tomorrow. However, even in this brief video, some important new details are apparent.

The live stream is set for tomorrow, August 19, at 11 a.m. Pacific time, and it’s meant to address investment and leveling in The Taken King, including more specifics regarding light, the improved Tower, and additional gear details. Tune in to Twitch for the full feed. Bungie community manager Deej, executive producer Mark Noseworthy, and senior design lead Tyson Green will all participate. It’s worth noting that despite Tyson Green’s title, he is the person at Bungie most responsible for investment design. 

During our visit for our recent cover story, some of the investment systems were still being finalized, and we were unable to share all the details regarding how they work. It appears that at least some of those mechanics have now been set in stone, and the team is ready to share them with the world. 

Even in the brief trailer below, there’s a good bit of info to take away. One of the coolest is the brief flash of Exotic Weapon blueprints, which seems to indicate a way for players to recraft existing exotic weapons, though it’s unclear exactly how the process might work – perhaps you’re able to recraft any exotic you’ve already obtained on your account? 

In another moment of the video, we also get confirmation of exactly how light works in The Taken King. According to the pop-up tip when hovering over a character’s gear number: “Your light score is an average of the Attack and Defense values across all of your currently equipped gear. A higher light score improves both your damage output and your defense." On the same screen, we can see that there are now 10 gear slots – 4 armor pieces, 1 class item, a ghost shell, and what appears to be the artifact slot, which is mentioned later in the teaser video.

We also got some new details about Faction Badges, which allow you to pledge allegiance to one of the game’s factions, and thus acquire that faction’s reputation instead of vanguard or crucible reputation. You can only purchase a new allegiance once a week, and it costs 2,500 glimmer.

Another pop-up offers details about how legendary marks are earned, which are the new replacement for Crucible and Vanguard marks. Legendary marks are obtained from completing daily heroic and daily crucible playlists, and you can also dismantle legendary gear to get these marks. In turn, these new legendary marks are used to purchase new legendary gear from vendors.

We also see mention of nameplate collections (perhaps this is the new term for emblems?), and what seems to be confirmation that the previously announced character boost will allow players to jump a single character to level 25. Finally, we also see mention of the infusion mechanic, which is likely the same as the mechanic described in our cover story, in which players are able to infuse the power of one piece of legendary or exotic gear into another. 

Check out the trailer, and tune in tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST to get the full scoop from Bungie. 

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Our Take
I'm pleased to finally see Bungie shedding some more light on questions of investment and leveling. It has to be one of the most challenging aspects of developing a game like Destiny, so I can understand why it's taken the team a long time to finalize all these features. Some of the above-mentioned mechanics were in-progress during our recent visit to Bungie, and it's good that the developer is offering details to its players about how these important game systems work prior to launch. – The Feed