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[Update] Ubisoft Says Deactivated Far Cry Keys Purchased With Stolen Credit Card, EA Confirms

Update: EA has confirmed Ubisoft's assertion that the fraudulent keys in question were purchased from Origin. The company provided us with additional detail.

"A number of activation keys for Ubisoft products were purchased from Origin using fraudulent credit cards, and then resold online," an EA representative told us via email. "We identified the unauthorized keys and notified Ubisoft. If you are having trouble with an activation key, we recommend you contact the vendor who sold it to you for a refund. We strongly advise players only purchase keys from Origin or trusted resellers. For more information on our policy is available here:"

EA has since removed Ubisoft games from Origin. The publisher says this was to "protect against further fraudulent purchases."

We removed Ubisoft games from Origin to protect against further fraudulent purchases. We've followed up with EA with a request for more information, including why Ubisoft games were targeted and how removing that publisher's catalog improves security.

EA has declined to provide further detail at this time.

Original Story:

In an update to yesterday’s story about deactivated Far Cry 4 keys, Ubisoft has provided additional information about the situation. The company says that players affected are, essentially, in receipt of stolen property.

"We strongly recommend that players purchase keys and downloadable games only from the Uplay Store or their trusted retailers," the company said in a prepared statement. "We regularly work with our authorized resellers to identify and deactivate fraudulently obtained and resold keys. In this case, we confirmed activation keys were recently purchased from EA’s Origin store using fraudulent credit card information and then resold online. These keys may have been deactivated. Customers who may have been impacted should contact the vendor where they purchased the key for a refund."

We approached Kinguin, one of the retailers in question yesterday about the matter. At that time, the company told us something quite different.

"The banned game copies in question were acquired through licensed wholesale distributors and as such the origin of the ‘keys’ is the publisher himself,” said Kinguin chief marketing officer Bartłomiej Skarbiński.

We've reached out to Kinguin again for comment on this revelation. We'll update should we receive a response.


Our Take
Consumers still lose out here, but Ubisoft is operating appropriately. Given fraudulent and illegal activity, the company must protect itself. This is a hard and painful lesson for affected users and, quite frankly, it isn't fair. The best course of action is to contact your retailer and hold them accountable. Please let us know what happens. – The Feed

PSA: Final days to earn eShop credit in Wii U Deluxe promo

If you purchased a Wii U Deluxe (that’s the black one with 32GB of onboard storage) at any point since the console’s November 18, 2012 launch, you’re eligible for Nintendo’s Deluxe Digital promotion, which awards 10 percent of all digital purchases b…
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[Update] Xbox Live Issues Resolved, PSN Attackers Taking Credit

Update: Xbox Live's earlier sign-in issues appear to be resolved. A separate problem pertaining to Diablo III, however, continues to persist.

I was just able to sign into Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 without issue.


Original story:

Xbox Live is currently experiencing sign-in issues and those claiming responsibility for the earlier PSN attacks, and the bomb threat against a flight carrying Sony online president John Smedley are taking credit.

The good news is, Microsoft is fully aware of the issue, and has this message posted on the Xbox Live status page:

Xbox members, are you having a hard time signing into Live? We’re aware of the issue and working hard to find a solution as quickly as possible. Thanks for being patient in the meantime. Please check back in a half hour for an update on our progress.

The issue does not appear to be entirely widespread. While I did have issues signing into Xbox Live with my Xbox 360, my Xbox One did not pose any problems.

We've reached out to Microsoft for details on Xbox Live's current issues and will update this story if more information emerges.

[Source: Xbox Live, twitter]


Our Take
The most confusing things about these attacks is I still did not know the ultimate goal. They have certainly crossed a line of annoyance and into a dangerous security issue, so I am glad the authorities are working on the case. – The Feed

Joystiq Deals: Google Play store credit giveaway

There’s no better deal than free money, which is why today Joystiq Deals is highlighting the ongoing $ 1,000 Google Play store giveaway. Those who register for the contest will be entered to win Google Play store credit from one of three prize tiers:…
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PlayStation Store Play event offers pre-order discounts, bonus PSN credit

Throughout the next month, Sony is launching a selection of new cross-platform games at a discount for PlayStation Plus members as part of its annual PlayStation Store Play event, with cash-back credit offered for buying multiple titles.

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Select Xbox 360 owners offered $75 credit with Xbox One purchase

A selection of Xbox 360 owners are turning on their systems and finding the above image, offering them an “exclusive” $ 75 code for Xbox credit with the purchase of an Xbox One. Microsoft confirmed the promotion to Joystiq today after 360 users posted…
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Proposed GOP bill excludes violent software makers from tax credit

The recently revealed Tax Reform Act of 2014 by House Republicans has caught the attention of some folks in these here parts for preventing makers of violent video games from qualifying for tax credits. The Washington Examiner correctly points out…
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Spend $85, get an Ouya and $25 games credit

Arguably the best deal on an Ouya we’ve seen in a while has surfaced over on digital commerce site Stack Social. You can grab an Ouya console, controller and a $ 25 credit towards games right now, all for $ 85.

Sorry, this deal is only available to…
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Microsoft Store offers $100 credit for PS3, Xbox 360 trade-in

Hoping to make an upgrade to the Xbox One that much more tempting, Microsoft has unveiled a new promotion that offers Microsoft Store visitors a $ 100 credit in exchange for their PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Before you rush out to hand over your …
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Disk for Downloads: $20 trade-in bonus PSN credit via


Now until January 31st, anyone who trades in at least $ 20 worth of video games, consoles, or accessories via will receive a $ 20 bonus credit toward PlayStation digital content on the PlayStation Network (PSN) Store. calls this promotion “Disk for Downloads”, which encourages people to buy video games digitally.

To redeem the Disk for Downloads promotion, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit’s website.
  2. Search for qualifying trade-in items (i.e., video games, consoles, and/or accessories) using the search bar
    1. A qualifying trade-item has a “Trade-In” button on the right-hand side of the webpage
  3. Submit your trade-in item(s) worth at least $ 20
  4. Send in your item(s) for processing following the instructions provided
  5. Wait for your item to be received and graded
  6. An gift card will be deposited directly to your account in the amount of the trade-in value plus an additional $ 20 bonus credit toward PlayStation digital content will be applied
  7. Order qualifying PlayStation digital content via’s PSN Store
  8. Your bonus credit will be applied automatically to your purchase

To find out more about’s Disk for Downloads promotion, visit

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