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Proposed presidential budget cuts could hurt game development and education

The proposed budget put forth by President Trump yesterday could hurt educational game development programs that rely on funds from the National Endowment for the Arts. …

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Two Ubisoft games could soon be FDA approved treatment for amblyopia

Ubisoft, in partnership with Amblyotech, is one step closer to releasing a pair of games that can help treat adults and children afflicted with amblyopia, commonly known as ‘lazy eye’. …

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Devs without programming knowledge soon could create dynamic AI

The GDC X OLL podcast crew spoke with Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris about the work she’s doing to make artificial intelligence more accessible to game creators without programming expertise. …

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Blog: What could the Xbox Game Pass mean for the games industry?

The Xbox Game Pass announced today is Microsoft’s first step away from retail stores. Could this Netflix-styled way of buying games catch on for the rest of the industry? …

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An AI watchdog could be the solution to Counter-Strike’s cheater problem

Early versions of AI agents trained to identify cheating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are already showing promising results, says Valve. …

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How the gorilla concentration test could help your game design skills

If you’re struggling to figure out how to keep players’ attention focused in the right space in your current game, this interview with escape room designer Laura E. Hall may help. …

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Glu restructure could result in over 100 layoffs, loss of two studios

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood maker Glu Mobile has posted details of a restructuring plan that could result in over 100 layoffs and the shuttering of two studios.  …

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Reader Discussion – What Canceled Game Do You Wish You Could Uncancel

Well, news shot across the wire today that Platinum Games and Microsoft's dragon-focused RPG is no more. Bummer. Scalebound isn't the first major game to be canceled and it won't be the last. However, here at GI we started talking about what games we wish could be brought back in development.

For me (and for a lot of people) I think the big answer is going to be Silent Hills. Kojima's works are absolutely bonkers and often frustrating but man, I would have loved to see him and del Toro's take on the classic horror series.

What about you, readers? What game would you bring back from the dead? – The Feed

Vivendi now owns 25 percent of Ubisoft, could soon be forced to make takeover bid

French media conglomerate Vivendi has upped its stake in Ubisoft yet again, and now holds 25.15 percent of the company and 22.92 percent of its voting rights. …

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‘I felt we could build more empathy into the play’: Lorne Lanning reflects on his Oddworld

“I gave [you] infinite lives…because I wanted you to never give up,” Lanning told Waypoint. “No matter how fucking sucky you were, if you stuck with it, you’d get there. And that’s life, man.” …

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