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An AI watchdog could be the solution to Counter-Strike’s cheater problem

Early versions of AI agents trained to identify cheating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are already showing promising results, says Valve. …

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How the gorilla concentration test could help your game design skills

If you’re struggling to figure out how to keep players’ attention focused in the right space in your current game, this interview with escape room designer Laura E. Hall may help. …

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Glu restructure could result in over 100 layoffs, loss of two studios

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood maker Glu Mobile has posted details of a restructuring plan that could result in over 100 layoffs and the shuttering of two studios.  …

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Reader Discussion – What Canceled Game Do You Wish You Could Uncancel

Well, news shot across the wire today that Platinum Games and Microsoft's dragon-focused RPG is no more. Bummer. Scalebound isn't the first major game to be canceled and it won't be the last. However, here at GI we started talking about what games we wish could be brought back in development.

For me (and for a lot of people) I think the big answer is going to be Silent Hills. Kojima's works are absolutely bonkers and often frustrating but man, I would have loved to see him and del Toro's take on the classic horror series.

What about you, readers? What game would you bring back from the dead? – The Feed

Vivendi now owns 25 percent of Ubisoft, could soon be forced to make takeover bid

French media conglomerate Vivendi has upped its stake in Ubisoft yet again, and now holds 25.15 percent of the company and 22.92 percent of its voting rights. …

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‘I felt we could build more empathy into the play’: Lorne Lanning reflects on his Oddworld

“I gave [you] infinite lives…because I wanted you to never give up,” Lanning told Waypoint. “No matter how fucking sucky you were, if you stuck with it, you’d get there. And that’s life, man.” …

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Official Website Implies Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Could Require Infinite Warfare Disc To Play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might be one of the most anticipated games of the Fall. It's also only available digitally, as part of the special editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, meaning players have to spend at least $ 80 to get it.

And, if Activision's official website is to be taken at its word, you may also need to have the disc for Infinite Warfare in your console of choice in order to play the game at all. As Call of Duty fan site Charlie Intel reports, the official website for Modern Warfare remaster includes the following wording, in relatively small text:

"Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered)."

This phrasing implies users would either have to insert then remove the Infinite Warfare disc every time they want to play Remastered, or have the Infinite Warfare disc in the system at all times in order to play.

Taking a look at the website's FAQ section offers little additional information. The site implies Remastered is a separate full-game download, but doesn't clarify the disc issue. How this verification would work with the digital versions of the game is also unclear.

We've reached out to Activision to clarify the wording on the website and will update this story should they reply.

[Source: Modern Warfare Remastered Official Website via Charlie Intel]


Our Take
If the wording on the site is correct, that would make the game a bit less accessible than I previously figured it would be. I'm also curious as to how that would end up working with the digital version of the game. At the very worst, this would mean Remastered and Infinite Warfare may as well be the same game, as far as my reluctance to get up off the couch and swap discs is concerned. – The Feed

Overwatch Director Says Symmetra Could Receive Major Changes

In an ideal game of Overwatch, every hero plays their role. Some defend, some attack, some heal, and everyone finds their own way to be useful. But according to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, Symmetra is having a tough time finding her place. Fortunately, that could change come November.

Speaking with Business Insider, Kaplan says Blizzard is looking into making major change to the character. "She’s one of our least-played heroes, [but] you have to read the stats with a little grain of salt there," said Kaplan. "She’s a hero who’s very situational and she actually gets played a fair bit, but she gets switched off of. What happens commonly is players will play her on defense on the first part of a point, and then when they’ve lost that point, then they’ll switch off of Symmetra. So, that definitely impacts her play time when you’re looking at the stats."

According to Overwatch stats site MasterOverwatch, Symmetra is currently the second least-played character on PC and Xbox one (she's third least-played on PlayStation 4), with only the game's most recent character, Ana, being played less often across all of the game's platforms. This could be due to her odd mix of roles; she's listed as a Support in the game's character select screen, but carries many traits of a Defense hero. Players may not full know what kinds of lineups she works best in, or as Kaplan mentions, may assume she isn't useful past the first lost objective.

According to Kaplan, "I don’t think we’ll see a change go live until probably some time in November." Though the team has implemented some character changes more quickly in the past, Symmetra's changes are substantive enough to take longer to implement. "It’s one thing when we do something [minor] — like, we have a change to Junkrat on the [Public Test Realm] where his Ultimate activates faster," says Kaplan. "But it’s a very incremental, safe change — whereas the type of changes we think need to happen to Symmetra require a lot more internal testing and discussion."

[Source: Business Insider UK]

Our Take
Symmetra is one of my most-played characters, so the idea of her getting major changes both delights and scares me. She could become a lot more useful, but she could also no longer be the character I fell in love with. I do think the character could use a more defined role, so I'm for the changes overall. – The Feed

Blog: How Battlefield 1 could change the perception of history

“Battlefield 1 will be a great game but its vision of history is questionable and raises ethical issues.” …

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Orange Jam Could Be The Downfall Of Hitman’s Latest Elusive Target

Hitman's elusive targets are limited-time affairs, in which failure means you permanently lose your shot. They've included politicians, forgers, and (of course) actor Gary Busey. The latest one is particularly tricky, since you don't know what he looks like. This sticky-fingered hacker does have a soft spot for something sweet, however, which could prove beneficial.

The Black Hat target is a mysterious figure named Owen Wagner, who calls himself Protagonist. You don't have any images of him to go by, but you know that he has a boyfriend who goes by "whitecap" and that Wagner also has a fondness for orange jam. Good luck?

You have 72 hours to track him down, starting today. – The Feed