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The Pokemon Trading Card Game comes to iPad

Nintendo subsidiary The Pokemon Company explores what the company itself has yet to really try: Releasing a mobile game. …

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EA and Mythic’s Ultima Forever comes to an end

Ultima fans were given a dose of unfortunate irony late last week, when an administrator for the Ultima Forever forums revealed that the game would be shutting down. As of August 29, the only place EA and Mythic’s game will last forever will be in…
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Swap to the GamePad when The Swapper comes to Wii U

Porting Facepalm’s The Swapper to PlayStation systems apparently isn’t enough for Curve Digital, as the studio has announced via Twitter that the atmospheric puzzler will be coming to Wii U later this year as well.

Never heard of The Swapper or its…
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Report: Cross-Buy Comes To 3DS And Wii U eShop, But Not In North America

The Game Bakers are breaking new ground, and helping Nintendo achieve a long-requested feature. The upcoming Squids Odyssey, an action-strategy game, will offer buyers a free version for Wii U with purchase of the 3DS eShop edition, but not if you’re in North America.

According to a report on Siliconera, The Game Bakers were approached by Nintendo of Europe to bundle the two versions. This brings a version of cross-buy to Nintendo consoles, and a step closer to bridging the gulf of accounts across systems.

Game Bakers reportedly approached Nintendo of America and was told that the North American organization isn’t yet able to support it. We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America for clarification and comment, and we’ll update should we receive a response.

Squids Odyssey is out now on the Wii U eShop and coming soon to 3DS. It includes all of the content from previous titles Squids and Squids: Wild West, as well as a new chapter.

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Our Take
Nintendo has committed to a unified account system moving forward, and this first step offers hope. Figuring out how to bridge the gap between Wii U and 3DS will help eliminate analysis paralysis that exists for Virtual Console purchases that exist on both platforms separately.

It will also create an ecosystem of Nintendo devices, instead of having separate platforms that are largely independent of one another. It also would allow the Wii U to capitalize on the success of the 3DS and, should content port over, give people more confidence about purchasing the home console. – The Feed

Benjamin’s Flight comes to Thomas Was Alone on Steam

Was this the end? That was what Thomas wondered when “Benjamin’s Flight” landed on Steam, completing the free add-on content’s journey across platforms. Jetpacks make for lovely levels, Thomas couldn’t argue with that. Or “free,” he couldn’t argue…
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Unity comes to PlayStation Mobile

Unity, the malleable video game development engine available for nearly every platform known to man, is coming to – you guessed it – another platform man is familiar with. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced the “official version” of…
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Pac-Man comes to Super Smash Bros

Pac-Man has been revealed as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. The news comes from a special event going on … right now at E3 2014, hosted by series creator Masahiro Sakurai.

He appears as he did in Pac-Land (similar to…
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Sacred 3 comes out swinging on August 5

Deep Silver revealed today that its co-op action-RPG Sacred 3 will hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms on August 5, bumping up its previously announced launch date by three weeks.

The latest entry in the fantasy-themed hack-and-slash…
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Craglorn Comes Alive In The Elder Scrolls Online’s Latest Update

The Elder Scrolls Online has now been updated to version 1.1.2. There's more going on than that drab number might lead you to believe. The biggest change that it brings is the addition of a new adventure zone, Craglorn.

Bethesda recommends that players be veteran rank 10 or higher before entering the area, and that they bring three similarly leveled characters. Even though those are merely recommendations, it's likely that you won't last long in the world if you ignore those guidelines. If you do forge on, you'll be able to check out the new death recap, which shows what exactly killed you, and provides tips on how to avoid it happening again. Take a look at the video below to learn more about Craglorn.

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For more information on v.1.1.2, go here for the complete patch notes. You'll want a comfy chair, since there's a lot of new stuff and tweaks to scan through. – The Feed

You Can Get An Xbox Live Refund Once The Paywall Comes Down

Microsoft is offering pro-rated refunds to customers because of the upcoming changes to Xbox Live policies. Yesterday, the company announced Netflix, Twitch, and other streaming services will be free to all console owners following an update next month.

Those who wish to cancel their memberships at that time will receive a pro-rata refund relative to the cancellation date and the end of the subscription. Free and trial memberships aren’t eligible, of course. Refunds will take six to eight weeks to process.

In order to request the refund, visit the Xbox contact page after the June update goes live changing the paywall.

[Source: Microsoft]


Our Take
This is the right decision for Microsoft, as there are those who subscribe to Xbox Live (or are at least influenced) by the old policies. I’d be interested to hear from you whether you plan to keep Xbox Live following this change or if you’ll be moving to a free account. – The Feed