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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII Comes West After Eight Years

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is getting a new entry after nearly a decade since its last Western release. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will be coming to North America this summer as a celebration of the series' 30th anniversary.

The game will be a return to the tactical strategy, political drama and historical settings that the series is known for. Players can once again assume the role of one of China's greatest warlords from the second century, or create their own character to climb toward leadership as the Han Dynasty collapses. Watch the announcement trailer and take a look at the first screenshots below.

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will offer a wide variety of options for conflict resolution between the warring factions of ancient China. Armies can be built from a large selection of foot soldiers, cavalry, artillery, and naval units. On the other hand, the game now has a particular consideration for diplomacy and personal relationships, which is designed to "give the player an extra incentive to build a stable and loyal network of friends and allies."

The game's Campaign mode will be like a classic strategy title, with players choosing a starting year and customizing the board. The Hero mode will include an in-depth tutorial for the game's extensive systems while closely following and highlighting the historical events that inspired it.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC on July 5. – The Feed

Uncharted 4 Development Comes To A Finish

It's been a long haul with many delays, but Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has officially gone gold, meaning the game has reached the end of development and is headed to manufacturing.

The news comes in the form of tweets, from both Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann, writer and director of Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us.

BitSummit, Japan’s indie event, comes back to Kyoto in July

The popular event launches its fourth iteration this summer; last year, the event attracted over 80 titles and speakers from around the globe. …

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Rhapsody Streaming Music App Comes To Wii U With Touchscreen Implementation

Wii U owners can now stream music from their Rhapsody accounts thanks to the release of the new Rhapsody app available in the eShop. Rhapsody currently boasts a streaming catalog of "millions" of songs.

The app comes to the Wii U with special touch controls thanks to the GamePad. Using the touchscreen of the Wii U's primary controller, users can browse through the large song library of Rhapsody and access customized song lists that they've created using other apps on smartphones, tablets, or on Rhapsody's online service.

Those who don't already have a Rhapsody or Napster account can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Following the 30-day trial period, the service costs $ 9.99 a month.

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Our Take
The Wii U isn't known for its massive app suite, but for those who either have an account with Rhapsody or are interested in getting one, this is a cool addition. If the touch controls are implemented well, this could be an easy way to get your music playing over your TV speakers or sound system – though it is slightly disappointing that it sounds like you can't create the custom song lists through this app. – The Feed

Monster Hunter X Comes West As Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter X has finally been announced for North America with Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS. Slaying gargantuan beasts and reassembling their body parts into armor and weapons has served the series well, and Generations continues this trend with new features and a release window.

Monster Hunter is a huge cultural and financial juggernaut in Japan, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate proved to be a commercial and critical success in America. Monster Hunter X released in November of last year in Japan, and fans have been patiently awaiting its announcement for the West.

Monster Hunter Generations introduces a slew of new monsters, abilities, and a revamped armor upgrade system in addition to other changes. The clip shown during the Nintendo Direct featured four colossal flagship monsters that seem to be tent poles in the plot. 

If you have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data on your 3DS SD card, then you will get bonus content in Monster Hunter Generations. There will also be a Fire Emblem crossover with downloadable Marth costumes. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate had myriad crossovers including Zelda, Mega Man, and Animal Crossing

Monster Hunter Generations is slated for a summer 2016 release on Nintendo 3DS. For more Monster Hunter coverage, click here – The Feed

Fallout 4′s Todd Howard: DLC comes from internal game jams, and it sells great

Fallout 4 has been a massive success, and part of that, says Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard, is thanks to the studio’s jam-focused culture. …

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Here are the games you’ll play when Day of the Devs comes to GDC

From Dreams to Day of the Tentacle, organizers reveal more details about the games that will be playable as part of the inaugural Day of the Devs interactive space at GDC 2016. …

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EA Access Comes To Origin On PC With 15 Free-With-Membership Games

EA Access, the publisher’s discount and free-with-membership gaming platform, has until now been limited to Xbox One. Starting today, PC gamers can get in on the action.

Origin Access costs $ 4.99 per month and offers similar benefits to the Xbox One version. Members save 10 percent on Origin store purchases, get free pre-release access to games, and a number of games in the “vault.”

The included titles at launch are:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe
  • Battlefield Hardline Digital Deluxe
  • Dead Space
  • Dead Space 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition
  • Dragon Age II
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe  
  • FIFA 15
  • Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • The Sims 3 Starter Pack
  • SimCity
  • This War of Mine

It appears that the PC version does not include bulk pricing. The only option is the monthly membership.

You can read more and sign up on EA’s website.

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Our Take
Comments made on past earnings calls indicate that this program has been a boon for EA. Expanding it to PC makes sense, but I don’t know that Sony will ever be interested in a PS4 iteration. The company said it didn’t see value in it when Origin launched, and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. – The Feed

Not A Hero Comes To PS4 Next Month, Vita Version Bites The Dust

Roll7’s follow-up to the OlliOlli series, Not a Hero, finally has a release date on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the previously promised Vita version has been canned.

The developer says that the handheld version met its premature end, though it wasn’t because of a choice the studio made. “It was out of our hands unfortunately, was not our decision at Roll7,” the company writes.

We reached out to the studio for comment to learn more about what happened to the handheld port. “We really wanted to bring the Not A Hero to Vita but, unfortunately, due to constraints of both time and money (both of which we have very little of!) we felt it was in the best interests of the game to concentrate on making sure the PS4 version was absolutely the best experience that it could be," says Roll7's Simon Bennett. "It sucks that we couldn’t make it happen on Vita, but rest assured the console version is definitely worthy of your 10/10 review score.”

The pixelated 2D shooter featuring the bombastic BunnyLord will land on PS4 on February 2. For more, check out our hands-on preview from earlier in the game’s development.

[Source: Roll7 on Twitter, PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
This is the second promised Vita title to be canceled in recent months. The last was Banner Saga, which Sony swept in to save. Whether the same thing will happen here isn’t clear, though with the decision being out of Roll7’s hands, that puts the decision in the hands of either publisher Devolver Digital or Sony (for quality assurance reasons). – The Feed

The Banner Saga’s Vita Comes Back To Life In 2016

After an extensive delay, Stoic Entertainment's fantasy, viking-themed strategy game The Banner Saga will finally be headed to the PlayStation Vita in 2016.

The Banner Saga originally released on PC back in January of 2014. Console and Vita versions have been in the works for a long time. Earlier this month, however, Stoic announced that the vita version was being put on hold. Thankfully, Vita owners don't need to give up hope entirely. PlayStation's Director of Third Party and Production Gio Corsi just tweeted that Sony would be helping publisher Versus Evil bring the game to its handheld.

The current-gen console versions are still due for release on January 12. To find out if the game is worth playing, check out our review of the original PC version.

[Source: @giocorsi]


Our Take
This is a little surprising. After the delay – and given the state of the Vita's library – we might have assumed that the game would never make it to Sony's handheld. This is good news for Vita owners. Hopefully, we'll see the handheld get more support next year than it did this year. – The Feed