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PSA: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition Of Final Fantasy XV Does Not Come With A Season Pass

Today at Gamescom 2016 during some questions from the fans regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, some clarity was offered regarding the season pass and the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game. In a tweet, the official Final Fantasy XV account stated that the season pass is not included in the Ultimate Collector's Edition.

If you are able to get one of those limited edition copies, you get an angler set, travel pack, Noctis figure and a whole lot more, but not the season pass for the title.

Check out much much more on Final Fantasy XV in our cover story coverage hub! – The Feed

Fans Come Together To Create The Original Unofficial Pokémon Uranium

A massive fan created, unofficial Pokémon released today called Pokémon Uranium.

According to the game's website, the game has been in development by a small team for nine years, features 150 original Pokémon, and “ aims to recapture the classic Pokémon experience along with some added twists.” You can check out a trailer for the game, below and find a link to download the game on its website.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

There is a new official Pokémon game on the way in November with Pokémon Sun & Moon. To read the latest updates on those games, head here.

[Source: Pokémon Uranium]


Our Take
This is an interesting and impressive project, but one that will likely attract Nintendo's ire, much like the recent fan remake of Metroid II. This is a slightly different scenario as this creation features original content but uses the Pokémon name, where the Metroid game was a full remake. It's a tough position for Nintendo to be in because it is fully within its rights to protect its brands and should be making sure people are not using its franchise's inappropriately, but ultimately it is shooting down the projects and work of some of its biggest fans which isn't great for anyone who is involved. We will be keeping an eye on this project to see how things play out. – The Feed

Come to GDC Europe for expert advice on rendering your games in 4K

GDC Europe 2016 is happening very soon, and organizers want to highlight a talk taking place at the August conference will help you better understand what it takes to make 4K-ready games. …

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The Next 100 Monsters That Might Come To Pokémon Go

What comes next? This is the question Pokémon Go players want answered most, and Niantic has not been upfront with any concrete information following the game's launch earlier this month. We know that future updates bring the promise of trading, improved PokéStops and gyms, leaderboards, and potentially raids, but will there be new Pokémon to catch as well? In an interview with Forbes, Niantic's CEO John Hanke says new Pokémon will be introduced into the game "around special events at certain times in certain parts of the world," but we don't know if the company plans on following Pokémon's timeline for the roll-out of new critters.

For those of you that don't know, all of the monsters in Pokémon Go are from Pokémon Red and Blue, the original two Pokémon games that launched in 1998. The next games in the series, Pokémon Silver and Gold introduced 100 new creatures to catch, putting the total number of Pokémon in the game at 251. People assume (and hope) Niantic will follow the same timeline as the original games, but there's also a chance that the next batch of Pokémon may instead come from the forthcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games for Nintendo 3DS (launching November 18). If this is the route Niantic takes, all bets are off for future updates.

If they do adhere to the established release schedule, Pokémon Silver and Gold's creatures could be mined for more than just 100 new creatures to catch. This sequel added Pokémon genders and breeding. The baby Pokémon inherit the traits of their parents and grow at a daycare. Gold and Silver also debuted a feature that would likely turn Pokémon Go into an even bigger sensation: Shiny Pokémon. If you thought hunting down rare Pokémon was fun now, picture what would happen if an even rarer Pokémon showed up. Shiny Pokémon are basically palette-swaps with new colors that are extremely rare. Gold and Silver also introduce pre-evolutions for Pokémon that didn't have three forms in the previous game, such as Pikachu who starts out as the adorable Pichu. And yes, there are also third evolutions for critters like Zubat that didn't have them in Red and Blue.

For those of you who didn't play Pokémon Silver and Gold, here is the revised Pokédex with all 251 Pokémon and images of all of the new faces:

001 Chikorita

002 Bayleef

003 Meganium

004 Cyndaquil

005 Quilava

006 Typhlosion

007 Totodile

008 Croconaw

009 Feraligatr

010 Pidgey

011 Pidgeotto

012 Pidgeot

013 Spearow

014 Fearow

015 Hoothoot

016 Noctowl

017 Rattata

018 Raticate

019 Sentret

020 Furret

021 Pichu

022 Pikachu

023 Raichu

024 Caterpie

025 Metapod

026 Butterfree

027 Weedle

028 Kakuna

029 Beedrill

030 Ledyba

031 Ledian

032 Spinarak

033 Ariados

034 Geodude

035 Graveler

036 Golem

037 Zubat

038 Golbat

039 Crobat

040 Cleffa

041 Clefairy

042 Clefable

043 Igglybuff

044 Jigglypuff

045 Wigglytuff

046 Togepi

047 Togetic

048 Sandshrew

049 Sandslash

050 Ekans

051 Arbok

052 Dunsparce

053 Mareep

054 Flaaffy

055 Ampharos

056 Wooper

057 Quadsire

058 Gastly

059 Haunter

060 Gengar

061 Unown

062 Onix

063 Steelix

064 Bellsprout

065 Weepinbell

066 Victreebel

067 Hoppip

068 Skiploom

069 Jumpluff

070 Paras

071 Parasect

072 Poliwag

073 Poliwhirl

074 Poliwrath

075 Politoed

076 Magikarp

077 Gyarados

078 Goldeen

079 Seaking

080 Slowpoke

081 Slowbro

082 Slowking

083 Oddish

084 Gloom

085 Vileplume

086 Bellossom

087 Drowzee

088 Hypno

089 Abra

090 Kadabra

091 Alakazam

092 Ditto

093 Pineco

094 Forretress

095 Nidoran

096 Nidorina

097 Nidoqueen

098 Nidoran

099 Nidorino

100 Nidoking

101 Yanma

102 Sunkern

103 Sunflora

104 Exeggcute

105 Exeggutor

106 Sudowoodo

107 Wobbuffet

108 Venonat

109 Venomoth

110 Scyther

111 Scizor

112 Pinsir

113 Heracross

114 Koffing

115 Weezing

116 Grimer

117 Muk

118 Magnemite

119 Magneton

120 Voltorb

121 Electrode

122 Aipom

123 Snubbull

124 Granbull

125 Vulpix

126 Ninetales

127 Growlithe

128 Arcanine

129 Stantler

130 Marill

131 Azumarill

132 Diglett

133 Dugtrio

134 Mankey

135 Primeape

136 Meowth

137 Persian

138 Psyduck

139 Golduck

140 Machop

141 Machoke

142 Machamp

143 Tyrogue

144 Hitmonlee

145 Hitmonchan

146 Hitmontop

147 Girafarig

148 Tauros

149 Miltank

150 Magby

151 Magmar

152 Smoochum

153 Jynx

154 Elekid

155 Electabuzz

156 Mr. Mime

157 Smeargle

158 Farfetch'd

159 Natu

160 Xatu

161 Qwilfish

162 Tentacool

163 Tentacruel

164 Krabby

165 Kingler

166 Shuckle

167 Staryu

168 Starmie

169 Shellder

170 Cloyster

171 Corsola

172 Remoriad

173 Octillery

174 Chinchou

175 Lanturn

176 Seel

177 Dewgong

178 Lickitung

179 Tangela

180 Eevee

181 Vaporeon

182 Jolteon

183 Flareon

184 Espeon

185 Umbreon

186 Horsea

187 Seadra

188 Kindra

189 Gligar

190 Delibird

191 Swinub

192 Piloswine

193 Teddiursa

194 Ursaring

195 Phanpy

196 Donphan

197 Mantine

198 Skarmory

199 Doduo

200 Dodrio

201 Ponyta

202 Rapidash

203 Cubone

204 Marowak

205 Kangaskhan

206 Rhyhorn

207 Rhydon

208 Murkrow

209 Houndour

210 Houndoom

211 Slugma

212 Magcargo

213 Sneasel

214 Misdreavus

215 Porygon

216 Porygon2

217 Chansey

218 Blissey

219 Lapras

220 Omanyte

221 Moastar

222 Kabuto

223 Kabutops

224 Aerodactyl

225 Snorlax

226 Bulbasaur

227 Ivysaur

228 Venusaur

229 Charmander

230 Charmeleon

231 Charizard

232 Squirtle

233 Wartortle

234 Blastoise

235 Articuno

236 Zapdos

237 Moltres

238 Raikou

239 Entei

240 Suicune

241 Dratini

242 Dragonair

243 Dragonite

244 Larvitar

245 Pupitar

246 Tyranitar

247 Lugia

248 Ho-oh

249 Mewtwo

250 Mew

251 Celebi – The Feed

Blog: Pokemon Go, and the good things that can come from bad UI

PopCap Seattle UI/UX expert Chris Furniss argues how Pokemon Go’s confusing UI is applying meaningful friction and is feeding into the dense social experience of the game. …

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Come to GDC Europe and learn how to make the industry more diverse

In a GDC Europe session titled simply “Who Needs Diversity? Everybody!” developers, journalists and academics will discuss how to make the industry a more diverse, welcoming place. …

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New Races, Vehicles, Discounts Come To GTA Online

Last week, Rockstar released the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online, which injected a shot of adrenaline into the game's racing component. Speed remains a huge part of the action – they are races, after all – but the overarching theme is over-the-top tracks. Today, as part of a weekly series of updates, six new tracks are being added to the game, too.

Bike racers can showboat in, Afterburner, which takes place high above the city at night, and High Flier, another elevated track that goes around most of Los Santos' skyscrapers. If you're more into super cars, you can tear through tubes, over jumps, and around loops in Double Loop, or try not to toss your cookies while participating in the point-to-point Zebra challenge – this weekend's premium race. Off-road racers can do their best to avoid trees in Forest, while muscle-car drivers will have to do their best not to leave their paint on the canyon walls in Trench II.

Players can also add three new cars to their collections: The Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa, and Western Cliffhanger. If you're hurting for garage space, the 20-percent discount on properties with garages has been extended, too.

Finally, be sure to check out the Special Items category in your wardrobe before July 25 to snag a silver jumpsuit and matching helmet. You want to look good if you win, after all. Or, if you don't think that's going to happen, perhaps the helmet will help conceal your shame (and identity). – The Feed

Come to GDC Europe and see how Remedy coded Quantum Break with D

At GDC Europe Remedy Entertainment’s Ethan Watson will reveal how the studio built its hit 2016 action game Quantum Break using the D programming language. …

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Cunning Stunts Update Hits GTA Online Today, More Thrills To Come

Racing fans have a slew of new options today in GTA Online, thanks to the new Cunning Stunts update. It brings 16 new stunt races, 13 new vehicles, and much more to the game, in advance of a suite of creative tools designed to bring out your inner stuntman coming in early August.

Rockstar says that new vehicles and races will be coming every week, so you might want to hit the road (and skies) today and warm up your tires. The Cunning Stunts update adds new racing blips to your in-game radar, to make it easy to jump into a race. The races themselves are split between stunt races and high-stakes premium races. 

You can check out the complete details below, straight from Rockstar.

Stunt Races

16 Rockstar-created Stunt Races will debut with the launch of Cunning Stunts on July 12. Races will run the gamut with unique locations across San Andreas and feature harrowing heights, incredible speeds and a dazzling spectacle of fireworks, lights, sounds, and stomach-churning twists and turns. Rockstar-created Stunt Races at launch include:

  • Maze Bank Ascent
  • Racing Alley
  • Over and Under
  • Plummet
  • Turbine
  • Downtown Loop
  • Vinewood Downhill
  • Canyon Crossing
  • Threading the Needle
  • City Air
  • Nightlife
  • Duel
  • Splits
  • Rally
  • Trench I
  • East Coast

And keep an eye out for weekly drops with new races and vehicles.

Stunt Series and Premium Races

Cunning Stunts brings with it the release of both a new Stunt Series and Premium Races.

Stunt Series

The Stunt Series aims to keep players racing together and reduce overall downtime. All Stunt Race blips on the map now direct players to the same active Stunt Series. The Stunt Series is a sequence of Rockstar-created Stunt Races on an automatic refresh timer. Players can approach any Stunt Race corona and match-make into the current Active Race, or go on call to continue cruising in Free Mode until the Active Race is ready to launch.

When the race is completed players can use the Next Job Vote Screen to vote to play another race in the Active Series. Players can also manually queue into any race in the current Race Series using the in-game phone’s Quick Job option, regardless of the Active Race. 

Premium Races

Premium Races are high stakes, winner-takes-all events that require a $ 20,000 buy in from all participating players. The winner receives the entire combined cash pool ($ 100,000) while second through last place finishers do not receive GTA$ payout. All players are rewarded with triple RP for completing a Premium Race, even players who DNF.

Premium Races launch with eight players, no more or less. Players who win a Premium Race must wait one in-game day (48 minutes) before entering again.

There is only ever one active Premium Race at any time and to help keep the competition sharp, players are required to own specific vehicle or vehicle within a designated class to participate. Due to the nature of Premium Races, the lobbies operate differently from a normal race. No player is designated Host; lobby options are removed; invites are not allowed; no betting options; and all players are returned to Free Mode at the completion of the race.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Stunt Race Creator (August 2nd)

Brand-new Creator specifically for the Stunt Race Category. Using the Stunt Race Creator, players can layer Stunt Props to build their own custom race. This robust Creator gives players the tools to design and build spectacular heart-stopping races. With access to hundreds of props and new race modifiers players can build a race limited only by their imagination.

  • Players can now use up to 150 props per race
  • Stunt Props snap together to allow seamless positioning
  • Speed Strip Props to provide speed boosts or slow vehicles down
  • Option to allow vehicles with speed boosts
  • Secondary Checkpoints: Split players in a race and send them in two different directions
  • Circular Checkpoints: Similar to those found in Air Races, helpful for checkpoints inside tubes
  • Fireworks Placement: Players have the option to place fireworks to trigger at certain times during a race
  • Audio Props: Audio-emitting props that players can tune to trigger specific sounds at certain ranges
  • Animated Props: moving signs, rotating tubes, and more
  • RP Bonus for performing stunts such as flips, 180s, 360s, etc during a Stunt Race

Stunt Props

Props are the building blocks of Stunt Races. They are easy-to-use, snappable structures such as ramps, loops, wall rides, tubes, raised tracks, and dynamic objects such as oversized soccer balls and bowling pins that allow for over-the-top, unpredictable racing. From subtle flourishes like a perfectly placed ramp or wall ride to elaborately designed spectacles featuring flaming rings, steep drops, and dizzying loops, Stunt Props offer players tremendous creative freedom to design wholly unique races. 

 Prop categories include:

  • Stunt Set Pieces: Single, Half, and Multi-loops; Small and Large Spirals; Wall Rides and Wall Ride Spirals
  • Stunt Tubes: Variations of tubes including Short, Medium, Long, and Forked; Rotating Tubes, Speed Boost Tubes, and more
  • Stunt Ramps: Collection of ramps ranging from Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, Giant, and Quarter Pipes
  • Stunt Raised Track: Collection of Straights, Turns, Forks, U-turns, Funnels, and more to create tracks high above the streets
  • Stunt Track: Various track pieces with rumble strips, caution areas, and other racing flourishes
  • Stunt Special: Speed Boosts, Slow Downs, Fireworks, Targets, Landing Zones, Hoop of Fire, Soccer Goal, and more
  • Stunt Signs: Stop Signs, U-turn Signs, Hairpin Turn Signs, Numbered Signs, Branded Signs, and more
  • Stunt Building Blocks: Blocks of various dimensions for layering and building
  • Dynamic: Bowling Ball, Bowling Pins, Soccer Balls, and more

New Vehicles

13 vehicles new to GTA Online for sale on July 12th, including:

  • Annis RE-7B
  • Emporer ETR1
  • Progen Tyrus
  • Grotti Brioso R/A
  • Lampadati Tropos Rallye
  • Obey Omnis
  • Vapid Trophy Truck
  • Vapid Desert Raid
  • Nagasaki BF400 (motorcycle)
  • Western Gargoyle (motorcycle)
  • Pisswasser Dominator
  • Burger Shot Stallion
  • Redwood Gauntlet

New Clothing

Hundreds of new clothing and accessory options including leather jackets, bomber jackets, racing jerseys, racing jackets, helmets, hats, alongside new racing suits and stuntman suits.

Other Additions and Features

  • 50 new tattoos
  • New Adversary Mode Entourage
  • Re-organization of the Player Interaction Menu
  • Players can now select an outfit in Stunt Race lobbies or choose a default Race Outfit
  • New helmet visor animations
  • New idle animations while sitting on a motorcycle – The Feed

Come to GDC Europe for tips on building your local game dev scene

At GDC Europe Mikolaj Kaminski, indie developer of games like McPixel and Thelemite, will share hard-won advice on how to build your own vibrant local community of game developers. …

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