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Come out to GDC 2017 and get hard-won Early Access tips from a DayZ dev

At GDC 2017, DayZ creative director Brian Hicks will go over the top (and sometimes most painful) lessons learned from DayZ’s transition through Early Access. …

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Come chat with Tyranny director Brian Heins today at 3PM EST

We’re asking the man who led the development of Obsidian’s latest RPG Tyranny why they made a game where it’s good to be bad. …

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Come to GDC 2017 and get expert advice on using video ads in games

In a GDC 2017 talk entitled “Breaking Ad: The Formula for Winning Video Advertising’”, Storm8′s Dillon Becker shows how to produce high-performing video ads through testing, analysis and iteration. …

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Come to GDC 2017 and learn to craft better sex scenes in games

At GDC 2017, narrative designer Michelle Clough will explore challenges that come with crafting believable, meaningful sex scenes in games. It promises to be a great talk, so don’t miss it! …

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Come play Moon Hunters with lead designer Tanya Short today at 3PM EST

If you want to learn how to make procedurally generated myths, join us today at 3PM EST for a stream of Moon Hunters with lead designer Tanya Short. …

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Come to GDC 2017 for pragmatic tips on curbing toxic behavior in your game

How can we make game communities better? At the 2017 Game Developers Conference, Two Hat/Community Sift chief Chris Priebe will explore the topic in a talk on “Trolls: The Cost of Doing Nothing.” …

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Come play Titanfall 2′s most interesting level with us at 3PM EST

Come find out why “Press L1 to Time Travel” may be the #1 game prompt of 2016. …

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Come to GDC for a behind-the-scenes look Frostbite’s rendering tech

At GDC next year, Frostbite engineer Yuriy O’Donnell will shed light on how EA’s’ multipurpose engine efficiently handles the rendering challenges that come with supporting a wide gamut of games. …

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Come talk VR development with Robin Hunicke and Ben Vance today at 3PM EST

We’ll be streaming VR gameplay and talking about the future of VR today at 3PM EST! …

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Halloween Update And Anniversary Sale Come To Grand Theft Auto Online

Like other popular online games, Grand Theft Auto Online is receiving its own free Halloween-themed event along with celebrating its three-year anniversary. Starting October 28 and ending at an unspecified date, PC, PS4, and Xbox One players will be able to buy the new skull-laded Sanctus motorcycle and play in the new Lost vs Damned Adversary mode. Along with the new content, last year's Halloween items and vehicles will also be returning for the event along with bonuses that will be detailed on Friday.

The new and unique Lost vs Damned Adversary multiplayer mode pits "Angels" against "Devils" with the day-night cycle on a 60-second timer. Angels get more health, armor, and better weapons during the day while the Devils see those benefits at night.

Grand Theft Auto Online is also celebrating its three-year anniversary along with Halloween. Players that log on from now until October 31 will receive a $ 250,000 deposit into their GTA Online bank account. A variety of weapons and vehicles are also on sale until November 7 along with the new Pegassi Vortex motorcycle. For the complete rundown on discounted items, check out Rockstar's extensive list here.

To read about the last Grand Theft Auto Online biker-centric update, check it out here.

[Correction: An earlier version of this story contained information about items from last year's Halloween update. We apologize for the confusion.]

[Source: Rockstar]


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It's hard to deny Grand Theft Auto Online's popularity, given Rockstar's consistent support for it. Like other Halloween-based events, it gives players a reason to keep coming back, along with some new gear to earn. – The Feed