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Updated: Come play Mass Effect: Andromeda with us at 3PM EDT

Learn more about how BioWare makes open-world games and how they’re grappling with the technical challenges of Mass Effect Andromeda today at 3PM EDT. …

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Come relax with the Gamasutra crew as we play Overwatch today at 3PM EST

The world could always use more game conferences. We take a break from prepping for GDC with a few rounds of Overwatch today at 3PM EST. …

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Come to GDC 2017 and play these 12 games in the Indie Megabooth Showcase!

The Indie MEGABOOTH Showcase is back for GDC 2017 with a lineup of 12 interesting indie games that all conference attendees can play, from Monster Prom to Rogue Process. …

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Come to GDC 2017 and see the math that made the worlds of No Man’s Sky

If you’d like to know how a universe is made using math, you’re in luck — Hello Games founder Sean Murray will be speaking about just that at the 2017 Game Developers Conference later this month! …

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Come to GDC 2017 and learn to design great reward systems for games

Forget everything you’ve heard about “dopamine” — Epic Games’ Ben-Lewis Evans is giving a great, well-informed talk at GDC 2017 that will empower you to build better game reward systems. …

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PSA: Shadows of the Damned And Rocket Knight Come To Xbox One Backward Compatibility Today

A tweet by Major Nelson today confirmed that two titles, Shadows of the Damned and Rocket Knight, are coming to Xbox One backward compatibility today. If you were looking to play one of these games, well, now's your chance!


Come to GDC 2017 and level up your community management skills!

GDC 2017 organizers highlight a handful of great game community management GDC 2017 talks from seasoned talent around the industry! …

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All Systems No: Come to GDC 2017 and learn from Brigador’s troubled launch

At GDC 2017, Stellar Jockey’s Hugh Monahan aims to break down all the details of what he calls the well-reviewed Brigador’s “doomed release” in an easy hour. …

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Come to GDC 2017 for Blizzard’s tips on helping players tell their own stories

2017 Game Developers Conference organizers want to let you know about a great game design talk taking place at the show from Blizzard game director Eric Dodds that explores why player stories matter. …

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Come to GDC 2017 and learn how to write better, richer game characters

At GDC 2017 Treachery in Beatdown City dev Shawn Allen will talk about how he approached creating dozens of characters of various ethnicities in a fictional NY, and how he too has stumbled.  …

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