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Editor’s Choice: Best Of Club Nintendo’s Final Games

The announcement that Club Nintendo is closing in July of this year was met with much chagrin. While the death of such a unique loyalty program is lamentable, Nintendo promised to make the Club go out with a bang.

With just a few months left in its life, Club Nintendo made the final reward offerings live this week, giving Nintendo fans plenty to spend their hard earned coins on. The final round of physical rewards includes a slew of Zelda-themed items including a Majora’s Mask messenger bag, a Fierce Deity Link jigsaw puzzle, and a Zelda 3DS XL pouch, plus a Retro Mario shirt, a desktop calendar, and several different sets of posters.

The most impressive section of the Club Nintendo rewards page, however, is the robust list of games offered. For as little as 150 coins, Club Nintendo members can choose from a list of over 100 nostalgic classics and recent hits to add to their collection.

With so many games to choose from – and the Club Nintendo website finally starting to stabilize – we went through the list of available games to tell you our favorites. Check out the games we think are most worth your coins and begin scrounging through your Nintendo collection to find any unused Club Nintendo codes.

On the second page, we dig into some of the biggest, most classic games of all-time. – The Feed

Club Nintendo closing, ‘new loyalty program’ on the way

‘Club Nintendo is dead, long live the new loyalty program,’ is the message from Nintendo this morning, after the company announced it’s closing its current rewards service. Users in the US and Canada have until the end March to earn Club Nintendo Coi…
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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U video review: Fight club

We concluded our written examination of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U last evening, but with a discerning absence of gifs within our review, we had to find another way to heed our fondness for moving pictures. The above video review offers a…
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Super Smash Bros. posters up for grabs from Club Nintendo

Sitting on a pile of Club Nintendo coins, just waiting for some worthwhile physical goods to show up in the program’s online store? Hopefully you’ve got some open wall space, because a new, Super Smash Bros.-themed poster set appeared earlier this…
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Mobile dev Storm8 taps Sims, Club Penguin, FarmVille 2 devs as execs

The Farm Story 2 studio has picked up a new chief creative officer and president — with backgrounds in popular casual franchises at EA, Disney, and Zynga. …

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Paper Mario, Kid Icarus 3D now available as Club Nintendo rewards

Club Nintendo has added a new set of downloadable games to its rotating lineup, allowing members to redeem their collected Coins for copies of Paper Mario, 3D Classics Kid Icarus, and other featured offerings.

July’s Club Nintendo games include the…
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Driveclub joins the PS4 bundle club in Europe

Driveclub is gearing up for its October launch with a newly unveiled PS4 bundle, as if to cement over the chances of another delay. The package is only confirmed for Europe so far, where it’s priced 440 euros and includes the game, console and a…
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EA Sports’ PGA Tour Isn’t Your Average Country Club

EA Sports' golf franchise skipped this year, and it's returning in the spring of 2015 now titled PGA Tour. These screens for the title show off both sides – its buttoned down, day-at-the-country-club side and its crazy fantasy golf side.

As the game's name indicates, the title is still affiliated with the real-world of golf, complete with a career, real courses, etc., but it's also adding fantasy courses. PGA Tour is being powered by DICE's Frostbite 3 engine, and accordingly, has a course where a battleship from Battlefield crash lands while you're playing.

Not just for looks, this event changes how you approach the course. "One of my favorite things about the game is discovering new shortcuts and alternate routes to the hole on fantasy courses," says Brent Nielsen, the game's executive producer. "Players are encouraged to wander off the beaten path and find new roads to success. Now that the entire course is open at all times you are as free to be as creative and imaginative as you want in your pursuit of a low score."

Another benefit of the engine is that EA says that a round of golf will not require loading between holes.

PGA Tour comes out next spring for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more, check out its debut trailer, as well as the screens in the gallery below.

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Europe gets boxed Wii Sports Club in July, baseball and boxing this month

Wii Sports Club will add its baseball and boxing events to the Wii U eShop on June 27 in Europe, Nintendo announced today. The publisher added the two sports to the game in Japan a few weeks ago, though it hasn’t offered a release date for North…
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Join The Golf Club on Steam Early Access, save 15 percent

Virtual golfers looking for an alternative to EA’s simulation franchise can now take a swing at The Golf Club, a new golf game from developer HB Studios that just hit Steam Early Access.

Though HB warns would-be players that The Golf Club is not yet…
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