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An AI watchdog could be the solution to Counter-Strike’s cheater problem

Early versions of AI agents trained to identify cheating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are already showing promising results, says Valve. …

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Signs of an online gaming cheater

Signs of an Online Gaming Cheater

When you’re playing online, you probably just want to relax and having fun, but gaming apps and technology ports for gaming have become increasingly popular targets for hackers and identity thieves. It’s important to watch for the warning signs. Here are some of the most common ones.

Regular Cycling Players

It’s not uncommon for scammers to have a cycle of identities. They log into these identities on a regular basis throughout the game in order to gather information and hack into your account. In some cases, the player names are actually part of an algorithm. What you’ll most likely notice is that multiple players cycle in and out in a particular order. So, for instance, you might notice the names, jackx1987, mm21fvr and russgurl91. These names might then cycle in and out in the same order throughout multiple games and with no real reason for their presence. They will play, but they are actually automated bots that are gathering information from the chat logs or your play style. Be suspicious when you start to notice the cycles.

Requests That You Download Something

Most of the time, whether you decide to play free online poker or black jack, the game app should be all that you need to access the game. However, another common scam and hacking technique involves asking legitimate players of the app or program to download a guide, pictures, or something similar. Never accept a download request. The technology involved in these online gaming apps and platforms is sophisticated enough that you will not need to download anything in the middle of the game. Chances are that anyone who asks you to download something in the middle of the game, especially if it is to enhance your play, is just out to scam you in some way.

Flickering Screen and Financial Request

Another common sign of scammers and thieves is the flickering screen followed by a financial request. Most gaming platforms have excellent security systems in place, and they come with warnings that if you are diverted from your gaming screen, you should log off and then log in a new window. Always follow this advice, even if the gaming site you are on does not specifically encourage you to do so. Additionally, if a screen pops up asking you to put in your financial information, shut it down immediately. The flickering screen followed by a financial request is one of the classic attempts at theft on gaming platforms.

When you are gaming online, you can spend many pleasant hours enjoying the game. Technology has made it easier than ever to enjoy. However, you need to be cautious of thieves and scammers. If certain players keep randomly cycling through at regular intervals, you are probably being scouted by scammers. Never download anything during the middle of a game. The platforms and apps are sophisticated enough to handle all of the download requirements when they initially start. Additionally, if you have a flickering screen that transitions into a financial request, you need to shut down and reopen the gaming platform.

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Max Payne 3 ‘Cheater Pool’ is live, don’t get stuck in it

Max Payne 3's cheater playlist is live

The Max Payne 3 Cheater Pool launches today, quarantining anyone confirmed to be using hacked saves, modded games or any other cheats into one, isolated playlist where they can’t pick on honest players.

If you’ve cheated and are worried about ending up in the Cheater Pool, first of all: Good, that means the system is working. Second, you’ll know if you’ve been caught if you consistently end up in empty lobbies or matched up with games full of other cheaters. If you genuinely haven’t cheated and have somehow ended up in the Cheater Pool, you can email Rockstar support at the address found on the Cheater Pool FAQ. It’s unlikely, Rockstar says, since it manually reviews each Banhammer report and only takes action if there is clear evidence of cheating.

Happy gaming to all, and to all cheaters good night.

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