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Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon Preview Card And More

Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon set hits on July 22, and today we have an exclusive card reveal to share with you – along with some cool art! The upcoming set features terrifying Eldrazi, cool transformations, and even a few cards that meld together to create new, twisted aberrations (Check out a great rundown of the mechanics on the official site here).

To kick things off, take a peek at Turn Aside, a cheap little counterspell that protects your assets on the board. Turn Aside originally made an appearance in the Scars of Mirrodin expansion, but we'll have to see how it resonates this time around.


We also have the full art from Tamiyo, Field Researcher to share! The card itself was revealed yesterday at GatheringMagic!

Artist: Tianhua X

We also have some artwork from a card that has yet to be unveiled that also features Tamiyo!

Artist: Jaime Jones – The Feed

Animation Throwdown Card Game Mashes Up Fox’s Cartoon Lineup

Fox has found great success in its adult-oriented cartoon lineup. From The Simpsons to Family Guy to Bob’s Burgers, the network has found a niche in embracing animated absurdity.

The network. along with Kongregate (Disclosure: Kongregate is owned by GameStop, Game Informer’s parent company), is bringing five of its cartoons together this fall in a mobile card game. Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards combines American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill.

Players will create decks, with cards themed around each of the shows. No gameplay details are available yet, so it’s not clear if this is a card battler like WWE Supercard or something more intricate like Hearthstone.

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is being developed by Synapse Games (Tyrant Unleashed, Spellstone) and Chinzilla Games (Little Alchemist). It’ll be available first on iOS and Android devices this fall.  

[Source: Kongregate]


Our Take
The collectible card game genre is getting crowded, but unique games with popular themes can find an audience no matter what. Provided this plays well and gets the kind of support we’ve come to expect from games like Hearthstone, Fox could make a killing. – The Feed

Gwent Is Much More Than Just A Digital Card Game

Despite offering an expansive open world filled with monsters, political rivalries, and loot, many players of 2015 game of the year The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt spend more time in taverns littered throughout Temeria playing a creative card game called Gwent. CD Projekt Red noticed the intense following the pub game got, so it took the natural next step in creating a standalone digital card game that doubles down on the formula.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game plays much like the version that appeared in the original game, but with a few minor but important tweaks. First, you are allowed to mulligan up to three cards at the start of every competitive match. Second, your deck is limited to four heroes. From there, the developers rebalanced the action to make sure certain play styles (like aggressively relying on spies in the first round) aren't overpowered, while improving the visuals and user interface. Each card has a premium version that is animated and interactive, allowing the player to change the angle of the card with an analog stick or mouse to appreciate the model.  New abilities, cards, and mechanics are coming to Gwent as well. 

Competitive play is grouped by skill tiers that players can climb or descend based on their performance while in the groupings. Beyond head-to-head play, CD Projekt Red is fleshing out the experience with offline, 10-hour campaigns for each of the four decks (Northern Realms, Scoia'tel, Skellige, and Monsters) complete with top-down maps to explore and untold stories starring both new and well-known characters from the universe. The stories play out in fully voiced comic book style cutscenes. As with any Witcher game, choice and consequences play a role in the adventures.  

(Please visit the site to view this media)

In the demo we watched, Geralt is tagging along with a mercenary named Falibur and an elven guide named Milaen. The group is escorting a small girl named Torina who they find next to a slaughtered guard in a tavern. From here they set out in the open world, heading to an old elven ruin. Here the player can choose to explore or disregard the ruin. Exploration yields a new Gwent card called Scorch, which is an ancient elven recipe for a fire bomb. 

As the group approaches a town, the girl transforms into a demon named Zaphire. A Gwent battle ensues in which the player can test out the new card. As the battle plays out, characters placed on the board will react to certain situations with voiced dialogue. 

The depth of the Gwent experience for this standalone game is impressive for a free-to-play game. CD Projekt Red says it's still fine-tuning the microtransaction model, but stressed that they don't want it to turn into a grind fest for those who choose not to spend money. 

Gwent is scheduled to move into a closed beta for Xbox One and PC in September, with a PlayStation 4 version to come at a later date. To sign up for the beta head here. – The Feed

How The Witcher 3′s card game within a game was brought to life

CD Projekt Red’s Damien Monnier and Rafal Jaki explain the background of The Witcher 3′s collectible card game Gwent. …

Gamasutra News

The pros and cons of collectible card game-based design

“A big part of CCGs is letting the player personalize their experience. The most straightforward approach is having a deck or deck-like system that the player picks and chooses from.” It doesn’t end there, though. …

Gamasutra News

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Takes The Iconic Game Into The Digital Card Realm

The digital card game market is exploding on PC and mobile, and old-school MMORPG RuneScape isn’t falling behind. Next week on March 23, everyone can get in on the action with the launch of open beta. Progress won’t be wiped for official launch, making this a soft launch.

The game attempts to do something markedly different than many others available today by incorporating board game elements into the mix, and having players essentially build their own decks to beat. While a dragon or massive monster might be difficult to defeat, including them in your deck can confer massive rewards to your character as well over the course of a match. In essence, players are building decks for their own champion to beat, not a deck to defeat the opponent.

There’s still plenty of room for interaction with the enemy though, and that can take place in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. Perhaps you’re the type that wants to fight the opponent directly with battle cards, or maybe you just want to buff enemy monsters – making it harder for the opponent to fulfill their plans. If you’re playing as the thief, maybe you’re focused on stealing enemy resources to hinder their progression and resource acquisition. A multitude of playstyles are available to explore.

As many trading card game enthusiasts know, draft mode is one of the big draws. RuneScape Legends will be adding a draft mode soon that will allow players to cut their teeth in a limited format. Instead of a single player campaign mode to help players get used to the game, Jagex will be using single player challenges to get players tackling difficult achievements. These achievements confer special titles and unique cosmetics that will give players the opportunity to add a bit of signature flair to their champions.

While the digital trading card game market almost feels like it’s bursting at the seams right now, RuneScape Legends is doing some things that should help it stand out, by embracing new forms of gameplay that combine board game elements and creating your own deck to defeat. We’ll see where the cards fall next week! – The Feed

Game Freak’s Pocket Card Jockey Blends Solitaire, Horse Racing, And Animal Husbandry

Pokémon developer Game Freak is reminding fans it isn’t a one-trick pony. The studio released Tembo the Badass Elephant last year, and it has something galloping to 3DS in May.

Pocket Card Jockey is a blend of solitaire and horse racing. As players clear cards from the board, they’ll give their thoroughbred a burst of speed.

Horses will level up and, eventually, you’ll want to retire them to a farm. Once you have a couple of aging racers, you can breed them to continue the winning lineage.

Pocket Card Jockey is coming in May for 3DS. – The Feed

Pokkén Tournament Lands In March, First Run Copies Come With Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card

Pokkén Tournament has a release date in North America. Nintendo has announced that the game will drop in March for Wii U.

The Bandai Namco-developed Pokémon fighting game was released in Japanese arcades last year. First run copies of the home version will come with an Amiibo card featuring Shadow Mewtwo. Tapping the card on the gamepad unlocks the character for use immediately.

We’ve inquired with Nintendo if the Mewtwo card can substitute for an Amiibo figure in Smash Bros. We’ll update should we receive a response.

Pokkén Tournament will be out on March 18 for Wii U. Nintendo will also be re-releasing the original Pokémon Red, Blue,and Yellow on February 27. At the same time, a special New 3DS will hit stores with Red and Blue pre-loaded.


Our Take
Provided Nintendo and Bandai Namco support Pokkén Tournament as they did Smash, this could a huge game for the publisher. However, it needs to start ramping up promotion here in North America to explain just what this game is. It doesn’t have the immediate recognition of a Smash or a core Pokémon game. – The Feed

The Elder Scrolls Legends Digital Card Game Delayed Until 2016

As the days remaining in 2015 wind down, we’re left looking at a list of games slowly being officially nudged into 2016. The latest is Bethesda’s answer to Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls Legends.

The digital collectible card game was announced at the publisher’s E3 press conference. Since then, little information has been shared, which already left us pretty convinced it wasn’t going to be out in 2015.

Yesterday, Bethesda vice president for public relations and marketing Pete Hines addressed the matter directly on Twitter in response to a fan.

While this isn’t a huge surprise, anything we can move to our 2016 release list from the 2015 roster is one left unanswered question. You can read up on the announcement from E3 for more.

[Source: Pete Hines on Twitter via IGN]


Our Take
I’m interested to see how Bethesda continues to expand into the mobile space. The opening of the new studio in Montreal working (at least in part) in mobile gaming will likely be a piece of this game’s puzzle. – The Feed

The Latest Mobile Card Games You Shouldn’t Miss

If you turn to your iPad or phone for your digital-card-game fix, chances are you’re already dabbling in titles like Hearthstone. Next year should be bringing plenty of new contenders in the expanding mobile digital-card-game market, but recently two new options are already competing for your collection attention: Mabinogi Duel and World of Tanks: Generals.

Mabinogi Duel has all kinds of PVE and PVP activities for players of all skill levels and collection sizes, and thankfully the options trickle out over the course of a player’s first 10 level ups to make things more manageable. There’s a version of “draft” as well, so you can try out tons of strong cards and combos for free during daily missions against the A.I. or against other players, and once you think you’ve got a deck or two good enough for serious competition you can compete for large rewards in the main real-time PVP arena. A single-player campaign provides what amounts to numerous “puzzle” challenges, where the player must work with a certain set of cards to defeat special encounters.

You can even trade with other players on the go in Mabinogi Duel by linking up. While certainly there are some very strong cards available that may take plenty of packs to crack to nab, I’ve been competing completely free-to-play and I’m fairly happy with my progress – I can hold my own quite nicely in each tournament, putting me in enough prizes to keep my collection growing at a nice rate. Matches are (mostly) fast and fun, and the UI is polished and clean. Mabinogi Duel definitely has a lot more strategy to it than the neverending slew of “card brawlers” that plague the mobile marketplace, combining deckbuilding, resource management, placement, and timing as critical factors for success. If you are into the whole digital-card-game scene, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

World of Tanks: Generals is available on multiple platforms, including iOS (you can play in your web browser!). Players smash into each other’s headquarters with tanks, artillery shells, and other special cards as they accumulate resources and edge out the opponent for board control. It’s an interesting combination of tactical battling and card-game mechanics, especially as players dive down into each nation’s research trees – allowing for diverse strategies to come into play. 

While it’s fine to just create a variety of tanks and push forward into the enemy’s territory, other card mechanics are available to explore once your collection begins to grow and your loadout opportunities become more diverse. Things start out rather simple with stock tanks and cards, but more interesting strategies await those that choose to dive in, such as taking advantage of units on the field, discard, or casualties. Research systems are similar to World of Tanks and other Wargaming offerings, with premium accounts accumulating resources faster than true free-to-play users. World of Tanks: Generals is a nice lightweight addition to the digital-card-game scene, and is definitely worth a checkout if you’re a fan of the rest of Wargaming’s suite. – The Feed