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Card Hunter coming to mobile courtesy of new studio DropForge

Seattle-based DropForge Games confirmed today that it has partnered with Australian studio Blue Manchu to bring Manchu’s free-to-play browser-based game Card Hunter to mobile devices. …

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Card Hunter heading to mobile

Card Hunter, the RPG and collectible card game hybrid that launched last year, was one of the first “real” games we’ve seen for browsers, but even at the time it was obvious it would be best as a mobile experience. We weren’t alone in that thinking:…
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Card Hunter Is Coming To Tablets

In September 2013, work productivity nosedived around the world as Blue Manchu’s Card Hunter captivated the gaming world. The card-based strategy RPG is coated in a thick layer of 80s Dungeons & Dragon’s nostalgia that makes it as charming as it is enjoyable to play.

Today, Blue Manchu announced that you’ll be able to take Card Hunter with you on the go. The title is coming to tablets, with plans to start on iOS and then, shortly after, bring the game to Android. Despite Card Hunter’s start as a browser based title, tablet players won’t need a constant connection for single-player content.

Card Hunter was designed by Jon Chey (formerly of Irrational Games), Richard Garfield (the original designer of Magic: The Gathering), and Skaff Elias (the original business manager for Magic: The Gathering). The mobile version is under development at the newly formed DropForge Games.

No release date has been announced, but DropForge’s Joe McDonagh tells us, “we won’t be dragging our heels with this one.” For more on Card Hunter, check out our review of the original release.


Our Take
Card Hunter is a dangerous game for me, and I fear going to the website during work hours lest I get sucked into a game. The gameplay and aesthetics both sunk their hooks in deep, and I can’t wait to play it on my iPad. – The Feed

Zombie card shooter Deadman’s Cross checks off 1 million downloads

To celebrate the milestone of free-to-play mobile game Deadman’s Cross being downloaded more than one million times, Square Enix is giving away extra in-game currency through February 28 to all players who download and register the game.

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Diving Into The Digital Collectible Card Game

The digital collectible card game (DCG) is a genre getting a
lot of love and attention in 2014. As we get more acclimated to a world of
digital purchases, owning and playing with a collection of digital items is
becoming a real alternative to shoeboxes filled with physical items that could
be damaged.


Certainly there’s some give and take here, as the social
aspects that drive physical card games can take a serious hit in the switch to
digital. Collections could disappear forever if a game closes its doors.


Assuming you’re ready to take the plunge into the online CCG
world, selecting a digital card game can be intimidating. If you’ve never
played a card game before, where’s a good place to start? And how can you avoid
the nastier “pay-to-win” free-to-play titles that cater to whales only?


Up until recently, the DCG could be found mainly in mobile,
Facebook, and web-browser titles.  A few
solid options existed, but many of these were “card battlers” as opposed to
actual card games with significant mechanics. In 2014, we’re seeing a surge in
actual card games entering the market with their own clients and much less
offensive payment models. While many of the current options allow players to
purchase cards or pay to enter tournaments, they often have models that allow a
free-to-play player to progress and compete at a reasonable rate.


So where to begin? If you’re already a player of tabletop
staple Magic: The Gathering, you may have already explored Magic: The Gathering
Online or Duels of the Planeswalkers. If you’re looking to learn Magic or teach
someone else how to play, a Duels of the Planeswalkers title is the best option.
Players already familiar with the rules of Magic will find echoes in many of
today’s offerings and can dive in wherever they wish. Magic: The Gathering
Online may face some actual competition this year as the pricing for digital product
is tied to actual cards, i.e. a booster pack online costs just as much as it
does in the real world due to a redemption system that allows players to turn
in recent online sets for real copies. But what if you haven’t played Magic?


Perfect For Newcomers

Blizzard’s Hearthstone, which just entered open beta, is the
most accessible of the digital card games right now. There won’t be any
collection deletion moving forward and players are free to purchase packs
(read: soft launch). While World of Warcraft inspires the characters and
settings, you don’t need to be knowledgeable about the franchise to play. WoW
players will appreciate the themes, but they are completely unnecessary to
understanding and enjoying the game. I know quite a few people who dove in with
zero interest in World of Warcraft and still had a good time.


The turn structure in Hearthstone is simplified – the only
time players need to take action is on their own turns. This is combined with a
streamlined resource acquisition system that makes it one of the easiest card
games to learn and play. These design choices make Hearthstone one of the
fastest card games out there, with many matches taking around ten minutes to


Players searching for competition and challenge can find it
here as well, as it manages to have significant depth as well with ranked
ladder play via a rapidly shifting metagame and a variety of competitive decks.


One of the more enjoyable aspects of any collectible card
game is the format where fresh cards are opened and decks are built from
scratch, and Hearthstone offers this in the form of its “Arena” mode.


For The Seasoned

An option for more seasoned genre veterans is Ubisoft’s
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. The title adds a tactical layer with a
front and back row featuring ranged, flying, and ground troops each with their
own deployment rules and perks. Fans of the Might & Magic franchise,
particularly the Heroes of Might & Magic series, should notice the faction
and spell school correlations. Like many other titles coming onto the scene,
Might & Magic’s resource system eliminates the possibility of being screwed
holding resource cards, and instead allows players to develop gradually over
the course of a game.


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For The Gamer On The

As a mobile option that’s fairly painless to get into,
SolForge is worth a look. While the mobile market is filled with card battlers
and other pseudo-CCGs featuring expensive five-star cards that crush anything
below them, SolForge gives mobile players a real game. SolForge’s mechanics are
simple as they are designed for phone and tablet use, but there’s plenty of
depth there too. SolForge is available on PC as well, but shines as one of
mobile’s best.


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For The Strategy

For a healthy dose of tactics and strategy mixed in with
your card game, Mojang’s Scrolls or Abrakam’s Faeria may be worth checking out.
While both of these games feature card-centric mechanics, there are elements of
board and tactical games mixed in. Scrolls hasn’t had a whole lot of fanfare
since its initial early access buy-in, and Faeria is still many months away
from launch, but both titles are hoping to fill a niche sector within the
digital card game space.


Something Completely

If you’re looking for something similar to Magic with
digital in mind? Hex: Shards of Fate is worth consideration when it comes out
of alpha later this year. While it features PVE and MMORPG elements, the PVP
portion of the game is firmly rooted in Magic’s core concepts.


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A bevy of indie DCGs are also coming from Kickstarter and
Steam Greenlight. There are too many to mention, but up-and-comers like
Infinity Wars are looking to make a name for themselves on this frontier.


The digital card game genre isn’t new, but with big
publishers and developers turning their gaze to models that work within the
free-to-play space, expect to see many more this year. – The Feed

Vita card battler Monster Monpiece hits NA, EU this spring

Japanese publisher Idea Factory International announced that its card-battling RPG Monster Monpiece is due for a digital PlayStation Vita release this spring in North America and Europe.

Monster Monpiece equips players with a deck of cards that …
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Lara Croft: Reflections card game launches on iOS for New Zealand, Australia

Square Enix recently launched a Tomb Raider-based card game on iOS. Dubbed Lara Croft: Reflections, the free-to-play game has players dueling one another in real-time card battles, combining weapon cards to upgrade and evolve them and protecting …
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Greedy Wizards vs. Friday Monsters: A card game comparison

Gamasutra editor Mike Rose contrasts the design of tabletop card game Greedy Wizards against the digital one in Attack of the Friday Monsters for 3DS to see which is more robust. …

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Respawn’s Holiday Card Shows Tree Decorating Co-op

Respawn Entertainment posted an amusing holiday card on its Facebook page, showing some of Titanfall's characters and lumbering giants taking a breather to decorate a Christmas tree. One soldier doesn't appear to be as festive, and is using the tree as cover. To the receivers of the presents under this tree: We hope you asked for an armament, because that's all you are getting.

[Source: Titanfall's Facebook page] – The Feed

Buy a 12-month Xbox Live subscription on Amazon, get a $20 XBL gift card

Looking to get a head start on next month’s Xbox One launch and save some cash while you’re at it? Starting this week, Amazon is giving away a $ 20 Xbox Live gift card with every purchase of an Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership.

Amazon is also taking $ 20 off of the MSRP of Xbox Live Gold one-year memberships for buyers who purchase an Xbox One or Xbox 360 hardware bundle, stacking extra savings on top of the gift card offer.

Note, however, that the gift card promotion is only available for Gold memberships purchased through Amazon itself, and not from third-party sellers. The promotion runs from October 27 through November 9.

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