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Capcom Drops Two More Resident Evil 7 Teasers

Last week Capcom teased some of the features coming to Resident Evil 7, including item boxes and guns. Today the company teased two more features that should appease fans' desire to see more classic Resident Evil elements.

Teaser #3 teases the return of the save points, this time making the jump from typewriters to tape recorders.

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The fourth teaser shows off the ability to use a knife to open boxes, revealing that inventory management will be another returning element.

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Iam8bit And Capcom Team Up For Resident Evil 7-Themed Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a fairly popular way for groups of people to get to together, test their mettle against difficult puzzles, and bond with each other. With Resident Evil 7 due to release next year, Capcom and video game merch company iam8bit are teaming up to create a Resident Evil-themed escape room. They're dubbing it an "escape experience" because the escape actually comprises of multiple rooms.

Tickets for the experience are extremely limited (only 300 are available), and only one room, located in iam8bit's Los Angeles office, will be presenting the experience from October 20 through November 6. Tickets are $ 35 and teams of up to six people are allowed. For more information on the escape room, visit the Eventbrite page for the event.

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Capcom Issues Street Fighter V Update To Delete ‘Capcom.sys’ File

Last week we chronicled the saga of Street Fighter V's September 1.09 update, which added a character and a number for new features but also contained a dangerous file called "Capcom.sys." The file was originally planned as an anti-cheating measure but opened up a back door hackers could potentially use to introduce malicious software into users' computers. Capcom rolled back the update last week (leaving the characters and features intact), but players still had to manually delete Capcom.sys from their computers and hope it hadn't affected any registries.

Capcom has issued another update, this time including a tool players can use to locate and remove all traces of the file. According to Capcom, players should download the latest update directly from Steam, restart their computer, and launch the included deletion tool. Here are Capcom's full instructions for using the deletion tool:

1. Close the Street Fighter V application. 

2. Please keep the Steam client open. The Street Fighter V game update will begin automatically. Once the update is complete, you will notice 2 batch files have been added to the folder path below. (Please note that the location of the batch files may vary, depending on the users settings) 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\Tools

3. Right click on DeleteSFVdriver_en.bat, and select “Run as administrator."
If you double click on the tool to run it, the tool will not run.
DeleteSFVdriver_ja.bat is the same tool with Japanese instructions.

4. Follow the instruction prompts. 

5. The tool will prompt you to restart your PC. Please restart your PC. 

6. Once your PC has restarted, right click on the DeleteSFVdrive_en.bat and select “Run as administrator”. 

7. Once the message “Capcom.sys or related registry doesn’t exist. End the program.” is displayed, the files have been deleted.

The deletion tool is a .bat file, which Capcom used "so that users can see the source code and be assured that this file does not contain any harmful data." .bat files are also easily manipulated, since their source code is visible. For this reason, Capcom warns players to not download the file from a third-party source. "Obtaining this file through other sources can put you at risk of opening up your system to additional security risks. "

[Source: Street Fighter V Steam page]

Our Take
I can't be the only one who thinks this is a strange fix for the issue, right? Having to run a command prompt in order delete a file a game installed on my computer (and worrying about malicious .bat files) was definitely not something I'd foreseen myself doing in 2016. I love the heck out of Street Fighter V, but issues like this only further cement the game's bad reputation among casual players. That said, they've been fairly proactive about fixing this issue, so props to them on that front. – The Feed

[Update] Capcom Rolls Back Security Measures In Latest Patch

Update 09/24/16: The patch rolling back the security measures is live as of last night. Users no longer have to accept a prompt asking if Street Fighter V can make changes to their computer in order to launch the game.

We should note the update does not remove the "Capcom.sys" file, which was causing issues for many users. Players should find the file (which is located in the System32 folder of their computer) and delete it manually.

Update 09/23/16: Capcom has announced via Twitter it will be reverting the security measures in this week's update.

Players will still retain all the content from the update (Urien, the new costumes, color packs, and missions) when the rollback occurs. Capcom did not announce when the update would be rolled back, only promising they would post an update about the situation in the near future.

The update had installed a Capcom.sys file into players System32 folder, and many users claimed their anti-virus software recognized the files as a virus or rootkit, preventing the game from running. The update required a "handshake" to launch the game, which asked users to agree to Street Fighter V making changes to their computers. Many users were uncomfortable with the request, but without that handshake, the game would not run. – Suriel Vazquez

Original story:

The recent Street Fighter V update is preventing some PC players from launching the game, and Capcom says it's looking into the issue.

The update installs a new system-level file called Capcom.sys, and some users are apparently getting a corrupted version of that file. It appears to be connected to Capcom's recent anti-piracy measures, which were implemented with this new update.

It isn't affecting everyone, but if you haven't already updated it makes sense to hold off until the situation is fixed.


Our Take
While it's great that they're looking into the issue, it's cold comfort for people who just want to play the game they bought. – The Feed

Street Fighter V Update Causing Problems On Some PCs, Capcom Investigating

The recent Street Fighter V update is preventing some PC players from launching the game, and Capcom says it's looking into the issue.

The update installs a new system-level file called Capcom.sys, and some users are apparently getting a corrupted version of that file. It appears to be connected to Capcom's recent anti-piracy measures, which were implemented with this new update.

It isn't affecting everyone, but if you haven't already updated it makes sense to hold off until the situation is fixed.


Our Take
While it's great that they're looking into the issue, it's cold comfort for people who just want to play the game they bought. – The Feed

Here’s What Civil War’s Big Fight Scene Sounds Like With Marvel Vs. Capcom Sound Effects

The fight scene at the airport in Captain America: Civil War is a big important set piece, but it is missing something crucial.

Thankfully, YouTube user Frob Man recognized the scene's shortcoming and fixed it – by filling it with sound effects from Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom series of games. It cheesy and silly, but strangely appropriate.

For a more serious take on Captain America: Civil War, head here for a spoiler-filled discussion.

[Source: Frob Man on YouTube] – The Feed

PSA: Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle Gets You Both Resident Evil Remakes For $15

Usually, Humble’s curated bundles of games at bargain bin prices are limited to PC and Android devices. For the next two weeks, PlayStation 3 and 4 owners get their moment to save.

The Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle offers up 13 games and more. Here’s what you can get:

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  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (PS3)
  • Strider (PS3 or PS4)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
  • Final Fight Double Impact (PS3)
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Pay more than the average (currently $ 9.69)

  • Lost Planet 3 (PS3)
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
  • Resident Evil HD (PS3 or PS4)
  • Okami HD (PS3)
  • Remember Me (PS3)
  • Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 Combo Pack (PS3)

Pay $ 15 or more

  • Resident Evil 0 Remastered (PS3 or PS4)
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3)
  • Coupon: 50 percent off Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4

This bundle supports three charities: Save the Children, American Red Cross, and You can check out the bundle on Humble’s website. – The Feed

Capcom Sales Drop 25 Percent Due To Focus On ‘Minor Titles’

Capcom is backloading its fiscal year 2017 releases, pushing major games into the holiday and beyond. The company reports a significant sales dip and net loss for the first quarter of its fiscal year.

Revenues dropped 25 percent to ¥10.9 billion ($ 103.7 million). Combined with a foreign exchange loss of ¥1.3 billion ($ 12.7 million), Capcom reported a net loss of ¥1.4 billion ($ 13.4 million) for the quarter.

Capcom says that its sales dip was due largely to releasing only “minor titles” during the period. The company points to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (released in Japan on June 6) as performing as expected. The company also released the critically panned Umbrella Chronicles during the quarter. 

The company has a few titles on the horizon, including the long awaited Resident Evil 7. Revealed at E3, the game will be out in January. Capcom is also re-releasing Resident Evil 4 in August.

The Dead Rising series will have a big year, too. Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will see release on current-gen consoles. Dead Rising 1 will also be making its way to PC for the first time. Dead Rising 4 is due out later this year for Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
It’s too early to tell where Capcom’s year is headed. Monster Hunter Generations sales from the western release have yet to be reported. Dead Rising has typically performed well, and the company has done right by its remasters. Resident Evil 4 is the update people are waiting for, so it’s likely to sell well. As for Resident Evil 7, we still don’t know quite what to make of it, but we’re curious. – The Feed

[Update] Capcom Removes Release Date Listing For Dead Rising Bundle On Xbox Store

Update (07/24/16, 12:06 p.m.): Capcom has responded to our inquiry about this release date, and has noted that the date listed is placeholder and not final. The representative mentioned that more information surrounding the official release timing will be revealed in the near future.

Original Story (07/23/16, 1:20 p.m.):

Last week, after a leak, it was confirmed by Capcom that Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record are each coming to current-gen systems. Now, the Xbox Store is listing them to have a September 13 release date, prior to any official announcement from Capcom.

According to the listings, the three games will be available through a bundle. We can't confirm the accuracy of this date just yet, but we've reached out to Capcom and we will modify this article appropriately as soon as we hear back.

Dead Rising will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will be purchasable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on Dead Rising, check out our hands-on with Dead Rising 4.

[Source: Xbox Store (1, 2, 3) via lifelower on Twitter]


Our Take
Considering the listings earlier this week ended up being accurate, I'd guess that this release date is likely true, too. However, we won't know for sure until Capcom responds to our inquiry. Most likely, this was simply leaked too soon prior to an official release date reveal from the publisher. – The Feed

[Update] Capcom Now Targeting Last Week In June For Street Fighter V Story Mode, Ibuki DLC

Update 2: Capcom has apologized for the delay, promising to improve its communication moving forward. The company has also narrowed down when Street Fighter V story mode and the next DLC character, Ibuki, will be out.

Both are now slated for the last week in June, but Capcom isn't making any guarantees that it will hit that mark. "We are doing our best to release the content in the last week of June," the company says. The company also warns that it may not meet a regular release schedule as it is prioritizing quality over deadlines.

Additionally, Capcom says developers are exploring reports of input lag. Given how serious an issue this is for fighting games, especially at the competitive level, Capcom will likely prioritize research and repair.

The company is also looking into additional methods to dissuade and punish rage quitters. "We know some of you are still not having the best experience online due to players who rage quit but we are happy to report that the latest solution has brought the amount of players who disconnect during matches down by roughly 60%," Capcom says.

You can read the entire blog post on Capcom's site.

Update 1 (May 31, 2016 @ 2:46 p.m. Central): Capcom has confirmed that Ibuki's release will not be arriving in May as originally intended. The character will launch later in June, alongside the Story Mode content.

The publisher explained in a series of tweets that Ibuki's release was met with "unforeseen delays." We've inquired as to the nature of these delays and will update should we receive a response.

Original Story (May 31, 2016 @ 12:45 p.m. Central):

Capcom has released a gameplay trailer for its new Street Fighter V character, Ibuki. Check it out to see her combat in action.

Ibuki first appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation and has appeared in a number of mainline and spin-off games since. In the trailer, she can be seen taking on Guile using a number of her special moves, including her V-Trigger, Isshaku Horokudama, where she throws a bomb at her opponent with several different detonation options depending on the direction thrown. Also shown in the trailer is an upcoming alternate stage of the Kanzuki Estate called Estate at Noon.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

No release date has yet been given for Ibuki, but we've reached out to Capcom for clarification on a specific date and will update the story accordingly. Make sure to read our review for more on Street Fighter V.

[Source: Capcom Blog] – The Feed