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Capcom Increases Full Fiscal Year 2015 Profit Despite 37 Percent Drop In Sales

Capcom has closed out its fiscal year ending March 31, 2015. The company marked increased operating income and net income, with the latter closing up nearly 100 percent.

Net income for fiscal year 2015 was ¥6.6 billion ($ 55.1 million) compared to the previous year of ¥3.4 billion ($ 28.4 million). Sales dropped from ¥102.2 billion ($ 853.7 million) to ¥64.3 billion ($ 537.1 million), largely on the collapse of the company’s amusement business (pachinko). Sales dropped 67.4 percent and operating income for the segment decreased by 61.6 percent.

The digital business (video games) also saw decrease in sales, but an increase in operating income. Sales dropped by 31.1 percent from ¥65.8 billion ($ 549.7 million) to ¥45.4 billion ($ 379.3 million). Operating income rose from ¥4.9 billion ($ 40.9 million) to ¥10.2 billion ($ 85.2 million).

Capcom announced earlier this week that it had shipped over 1 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the west. The title continues to perform well worldwide.

Ultra Street Fighter IV continues to sell well, especially in the west. The company hasn’t specified sales for Resident Evil Revelations 2, which it says was released “in an ingenious manner” (read: episodically over four weeks) is off to a strong start.

Capcom expects improved sales in the new fiscal year of ¥76 billion ($ 634.9 million), with net income of ¥7.7 billion ($ 64.3 million). The company says it will reach these targets by improving efficiencies and launching more major titles.

[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
With impressive sales of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the west, Capcom continues to build a worldwide fan base. The publisher hasn’t spoken much about its upcoming titles though. We’re eager to see what Capcom is bringing to E3. – The Feed

Capcom Delights Mega Man Fans As The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne Arrives On PlayStation Store

If you weren’t gaming on the PlayStation 1 in the late 1990s, you might have completely missed Mega Man Legends. The two titles were an action/adventure take on the classic hero, pitting him against new foes in a new world. One of those enemies, Tron Bonne, eventually got her own game.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a collector’s item now, with complete copies selling as recently as last week for nearly $ 250 on eBay. For those that aren’t interested in breaking the bank, a digital version is available right now on the PlayStation Store for $ 5.99.

The title stars the anti-hero, who is working to pay off her brother’s debt. The different segments of the game borrow from a variety of genres, including managing the Servbots (who might look familiar if you’ve played Dead Rising).

You can download it from the PlayStation Store, if you’ve got the nostalgic itch (or want to try out this obscure title). Interested in seeing Mega Man Legends in action? Check out our Super Replays of the first and second games.

[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
The optimist in me wants to believe this gets us one step closer to a PSN release for the two Mega Man Legends games. I can dream, right? – The Feed

Capcom Announces Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter For iOS

Capcom is bringing a licensed Ghostbusters puzzle and card game to iOS.

Capcom hasn't exactly keeping it a secret. It was asking for interested players to take a survey about the game earlier this month. On Capcom Unity's website where it announced the game, you will find the brief description:

An all new iOS game from Beeline. Assemble the ultimate team of Ghostbusters and ghosts. Part puzzler, part card game, part RPG, “Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter” gives you the chance to collect characters from the Ghostbusters universe.

The game's facebook page also has some details including pictures of familiar undead from the movies and other (presumably non-canon) Ghostbusters. You can also check out those images in the gallery below.

[Source: Capcom Unity, Facebook]


Our Take
I have a lot of love for Ghostbusters, but I have very little interest in playing this game. It looks like a free-to-play match-3 title, which I have pretty much had my fill of at this point. I am excited, however, to see the beginnings of a Ghostbusters resurgence, which will only gain momentum as we approach the release of the new films. – The Feed

Learn Why Capcom Never Pursued Monster Hunter On Xbox 360 Or PlayStation 3

Monster Hunter is a hugely popular series outside of America (though it is gaining in popularity), and Did You Know Gaming recently took a look at some of the game's more obscure factoids.

The video below details why the game is structured the way it is, and how a street-cook cat is Chinese in a subtle way.

Some of the tidbits from the video below were sourced from a recent interview we did with Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. You can read the full interview by heading here.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

You can check out other videos from the Did You Know Gaming channel covering Grand Theft Auto, Halo, more Halo, The Last of Us, Pokémon, more Pokémon, Assassin's Creed, Mario, Jet Set Radio, Mega Man, Fire Emblem, Donkey Kong, Killer Instinct, Rayman, Mass Effect, Dragon Quest, Castlevania, Zelda, more Zelda, Final Fight, Doom, Dragon Ball Z, multiple Super Smash Bros. videos, Team Fortress 2, Harvest Moon, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, the history of the NES, Genesis, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo 64, the DS, the PlayStation, and two covering the Game Boy by hitting the links.

[Source: Did You Know Gaming on YouTube] – The Feed

Capcom Seeking Beta Testers For Ghostbusters Mobile Game

Capcom has a mobile Ghostbusters game in the works and it is currently seeking beta testers.

If you head over to Capcom's Unity website, you can take a survey in order to sign yourself up for the mysterious beta. The questions of the survey don't reveal or even hint at what the game is, how it will play, or if it is based on the original Ghostbusters film franchise, or the upcoming reboot. Instead, it just seeks details like gender, age, and gaming habits.

2009 saw the release of a major Ghostbusters video games that reunited the original cast, but it was developed by Terminal Reality and published by Atari (read our review here, watch us play the Wii version in a recent episode of Replay here). 2013 and 2014 saw the release of mobile Ghostbuster games from Beeline Interactive and a pinball game from Farsight Studios respectively. It's unclear if what Capcom has in store is affiliated with those games in any way.

There's also a Ghostbusters board game in the works, which you can read about here.

[Source: Capcom Unity]


Our Take
Mobile doesn't inspire much confidence for the return of a beloved franchise, but who knows. With Capcom behind the wheel, maybe it could be something special. I'd certainly like to see more. – The Feed

Capcom Releases New Trailer And Details About Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Capcom’s official announcement of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition comes with a laundry list of goodies.

Vergil has finally been confirmed as a playable character for the remastered game (Capcom has been teasing it for a while), and joining him are Trish and Lady. While Capcom hasn’t announced what role Vergil will take on in the story, it has revealed that Trish and Lady will be taking on Dante and Nero’s missions, respectively. 

Consoles will also be getting the Legendary Dark Knight Mode, originally a feature in the PC release of the original game, which spawns more enemies with higher strength and vitality. Also coming are a set of new costumes and skins that will appear in the game’s cutscenes. Finally, the game will run at 1080p while maintaining the original release’s 60 FPS performance, and Capcom has announced unspecified balancing changes.

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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is planned for a digital release this summer on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Capcom has not announced plans to sell the game at retail. – The Feed

New Teaser Image Unveiled For Archie Comics’ Worlds Unite Sega and Capcom Crossover Event

Two years ago, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man teamed up in Archie Comics’ Worlds Collide crossover event. Last year a follow-up was teased, and today we learned that the World’s Unite event is even larger than originally thought. Not only are characters from Mega Man X and Sonic Boom entering the crossover, but other characters from both Sega and Capcom are joining the event as well.

(Click image above to see full-sized version)

IGN has the exclusive reveal of the first teaser image which you can see above and will be unveiling more characters in the days ahead. Sonic, Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Sticks the Wild Jungle Badger are the first four characters revealed for the crossover.

For more on Archie Comics’ Sonic and Mega Man series, check out Tim Turi’s interview with the creators of the World’s Unite crossover event. – The Feed

Capcom Posts 60 FPS DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Gameplay Footage

Capcom has posted a pair of YouTube videos showing the definitive edition of DmC: Devil May Cry running at full speed.

To see the two videos in full 60 FPS 1080p resolution, you will have
to watch the videos in a Chrome browser and bump the quality up using
the little gear in the bottom right corner of the video.

DmC Devil May Cry was
no slouch in the graphics department when it released on PlayStation 4
and Xbox 360, so to see the game running even smoother is an impressive

(Please visit the site to view this media)

(Please visit the site to view this media)

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 10. For our review of the last-gen version of the game, head here.

[Source: Capcom Unity] – The Feed

Capcom Breaks Down Resident Evil Revelations 2′s Updated Raid Mode

Resident Evil Revelations 2 producer Michiteru Okabe explains the assorted changes coming to Raid mode.

The run and gun mode that appeared in the first Revelations will be making a return. When the first episode launches, it will come included with a handful of offline Raid levels. Online will be added shortly after the game's final episode releases, and each new episode will add new levels. There will be 15 playable characters, new maps, and new weapons from the first Revelations' Raide mode. You can't find more details about the mode (along with gameplay) in the video below, or by heading here.

Episode one of a planned four episodes launches February 24.

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For more on Resident Evil Revelations 2 click the banner below.

[Source: Capcom Unity] – The Feed

Marvel Vs. Capcom Spidey Gets Knocked Out In Marvel’s Spider-Verse #2

Forgive the multiple comic book stories tonight, but this one was too good to ignore. Marvel brought together a number of different incarnations of Spider-Man for an event called Spider-Verse, opening up the door to all sorts of clever nods.

The premise is that the villain Morlun is hunting all of the Spider Totems across the multiverse. In response, the Spideys team up and fight back.

There have been jokes about Spider-Man’s broadway appearance in Turn Out the Dark, the old Electric Company episodes, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and (of course) an appearance by the Porktaculuar Spider-Ham. Today, we were made aware of the appearance of one of the many versions of the character that have appeared in gaming.

The page above comes from Spider-Verse #2 (out today), written by Dan Slott, artist Kris Anka, and colorist Chris Sotomayor. If you’ve ever wondered in which plane of the Marvel multiverse Capcom fight games take place, ponder no more. It’s Earth-30847.

Thanks for taking us for a ride, gentlemen.

Click to enlarge.

[Source: Marvel via NeoGAF] – The Feed