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Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom Vancouver [update]

In a surprising move, Yoshinori Ono, a longtime Capcom fixture best known for his work as producer of the Street Fighter 4 line of fighting games, has announced his departure from Capcom Vancouver.

“I resigned from the director position about Capcom…
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Capcom Announces 12 Wii U Virtual Console Titles Including Breath Of Fire, Mega Man X3 And More

During E3, Capcom detailed a large collection of games planned for the Wii U and 3Ds Virtual Console including Mega Man 7, X3, and Battle Network and Zero titles.

Capcom doesn't have dates ready, but they should release before the end of 2014. This is the list of confirmed titles coming to North American Wii Us:

  • Breath of Fire (Wii U)
  • Demon's Crest (Wii U)
  • Gargoyle's Quest II (3DS, Wii U)
  • Mega Man 5 (Wii U)
  • Mega Man 6 (Wii U)
  • Mega Man 7 (Wii U)
  • Mega Man X3 (Wii U)
  • Mega Man Zero (Wii U)
  • Mega Man Battle Network (Wii U)
  • Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (Wii U)
  • Mighty Final Fight (3DS, Wii U)
  • Street Fighter 2010 (3DS, Wii U)

Capcom has a few more games planned, like Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Battle Network 2, and Mega Man Battle Network 3, but those will likely be 2015.

[Source: Capcom Unity]


Our Take
I am really excited to grab a digital copy of Mega Man X3. I have only played it through a few times, which is a small number compared to how much I've played the other Mega Man X games. I am also excited to grab Mega Man Zero. That was a title I started, but never finished, and I would love to revisit it. – The Feed

New Art of Capcom collection to debut at San Diego Comic-Con

UDON Entertainment has unveiled the Art of Capcom: Complete Edition art book, a massive, 600-plus page hardcover tome dedicated to UDON’s frequent collaborations with the House of Street Fighter.

Not only will Art of Capcom: Complete Edition include…
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Capcom sales up 8.6% thanks to Dead Rising, Monster Hunter

Capcom reported net sales of 102,200 million yen ($ 1 billion) for the fiscal year that ended March 31, an 8.6 percent increase over the previous year’s sales. The publisher also announced a net income of 3,444 million yen ($ 33.8 million), which…
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Capcom schedules month of Mega Man on Virtual Console

Mega Man fans voted and Capcom has planned accordingly – the schedule for the eShop’s month-long marathon of portable Mega Man games has been revealed. Priority in the release order was granted according to the number of votes received from fans,…
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Capcom investing around $80m into two new R&D buildings

Capcom announced it’s spending approximately 8 billion yen, which converts to just under $ 79 million, on two new research and development buildings located near its head office in Osaka. The investment is part of Capcom’s ongoing focus to make more…
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Capcom reveals Decapre as fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 newcomer


Capcom has been hinting at who the fifth and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter IV will be for quite some time. And just recently they announced who it will be. The leader of the Shadaloo, M. Bison, is known to have many Dolls, one of which is Cammy. Meet Decapre, who is a new character while… not being new. She isn’t an entirely new character as she is an NPC in Street Fighter Alpha 3, (which is shown in the intro to the video above) but she is new as a playable character.

Bearing a giant burn mark located on her face, she is a charge character who uses scramble moves and psycho-powered attacks. She may look like “Evil Cammy” but her playstyle is very different from that as shown in the video above. I look forward to seeing her in action during the upcoming fighting game tournaments.

The other four characters who will be given the Street Fighter IV treatment will be Hugo, Rolento, Elena, and Poison. This upgrade will also include six new battle environments and bring the final roster count to 44 characters, all rebalanced to provide what Capcom is calling the “most balanced Street Figher ever.”

Ultra Street Fighter IV is set to be available for digital upgrades for PS3 and Xbox 360 in early June for $ 14.99. PC bundles and upgrades will be available for $ 29.99 and $ 14.99 respectively in August alongside retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game for $ 39.99. Players who purchase the retail or full digital bundles of the game will receive all previously released costumes for the series which clocks in at about a $ 40 value according to Capcom.

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Capcom reveals Decapre as fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 newbie

Capcom’s long-teased fifth new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is a real doll – one of M. Bison’s Dolls. Decapre is part of the grinning archvillain’s Doll guard, and she’s essentially a physical clone of former Bison Doll and now MI6 operative…
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Capcom and Twitch Join Forces to Deliver Year-Round Fighting Game League

The world’s leading video platform and community for gamers and the most celebrated fighting game franchise of all time is joining forces to bring to the masses the Capcom Pro Tour.  Capcom and Twitch have collaborated to deliver the first ever Street Fighter-focused fighting game league.  The Capcom Pro Tour will establish a year-long foundation for the fighting game community and will be comprised of a combination of premier events, ranking tournaments, and online tournaments, all culminating with the grand finals at the Capcom Cup this December.

The Capcom Pro Tour’s goal will be to provide an infrastructure to help support tournament organizers while bringing to the fans increased production values, supplementary video content and new opportunities for players, content creators and sponsors.  Initially, the tour will focus solely on the Street Fighter IV series, with the early portion of the tour featuring Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.  When Ultra Street Fighter IV releases in June, the tour will then transition to it.

This year, a total of 16 spots will be available at the Capcom Cup offering players two different ways to qualify.  Players who dominate and win their premier event will instantly qualify.  The remaining spots will be determined using a new point structure that tracks the rankings of all the other players competing in the tour.

The current line-up of premier events includes:
·         Final Round (March 14~16 – Atlanta, GA, USA)
·         NorCal Regionals (April 18~20 – Sacramento, CA, USA)
·         Southeast Asia Majors (June 20~22 – Singapore)
·         Community Effort Orlando (June 27~29 – Orlando, FL, USA)
·         Evolution Championship Series (July 11~13 – Las Vegas, NV, USA)
·         The Fall Classic (October 10~12 – Raleigh, NC, USA)
·         DreamHack Winter (November 27~30 – Jönköping, Sweden)

The Capcom Pro Tour will host a total of 10 premier events with the 6 remaining spots being determined by tallying the new point structure.  Premier events will all retain their independence and core values and will be collaborating with Capcom and Twitch to deliver the Street Fighter live streams via the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel.  More details about the three additional premier events will be announced at a later date.

The top 16 placements at both the premier events and ranking events will be awarded points.  Trade shows and independent tournaments will comprise the ranking events which are managed and streamed separately from the Capcom Pro Tour.

The current line-up of ranking events includes:

·         SoCal Regionals (February 28~March 2, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
·         PAX East (April 11~13 – Boston, MA, USA)
·         E3 (June 10~12 – Los Angeles, CA, USA)
·         San Diego Comic Con (July 24~27 – San Diego, CA, USA)

Points will be awarded to SoCal Regional placements retroactively and more details about additional ranking events will be announced at a later date.

Fighting game fans and players can keep track of the action and receive all of the latest news and information at the official Capcom Pro Tour website:

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Capcom fan service runs thick in Strider

Capcom has always been a slave to self-reference, and the recent Strider reboot drives that point home with remixed tunes, classic costumes and retro collectibles – everything short of dressing the futuristic ninja as a certain plucky blue…
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