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Drakerz Brings The Digital Card Game To Your Webcam

With games like Hearthstone bringing more players to the digital card game space every day, Drakerz seeks to take things to the next level.

Using webcams to bring cards to life in an augmented reality battleground, Drakerz is looking to provide an immersive DCG experience by bringing cards to life before battle. While the full experience requires a webcam, players can also opt to play without one if they are at a PC that doesn’t facilitate integrated play.

While the concept isn’t completely new (Eye of Judgment for PlayStation 3 comes to mind), it’s something that may indicate where things could be going, especially with virtual reality on the rise. Drakerz is currently available on Steam.


Our Take
I'm always excited to see established genres trying new things. We'll see if systems like this one are unique, user friendly, and add something special to gameplay – or just gimmicks to differentiate products in an increasingly crowded DCG market. – The Feed

Joystiq Streams: Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept brings us together [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Joystiq Streams simply can’t stop shooting things on We tried not to, we really did. First we tried to play The Crew beta, but technical issues forced Anthony John Agnello and Xav de Matos to retreat to the warm climes of Far Cry…
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Akiba’s Trip 2 brings the full monty, including PS4, to North America

Akiba’s Trip 2 AKA the helpfully named Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is confirmed for PS4 in North America. Acquire’s action-RPG leaves its hat on the PS4 sometime this holiday season, after arriving on PS3 and Vita on August 12.

One of this…
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Ubisoft Brings Collectible Card Game Might & Magic: Duels Of Champions To Console

With all the buzz around Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, Ubisoft decided to broaden the audience for its own collectible card game. Might & Magic: Duels of Champions has been out in a free-to-play format on PC and mobile devices since last year. Today, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers can dive in.

Ubisoft has announced a new version of the game, sub-subtitled Forgotten Wars, for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The $ 9.99 title includes 30 single-player missions, local competitive play, online play, and 650 cards. 

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The title does include in-game transactions that allow players to purchase more gold (for acquiring cards), competitive decks, and expansions (of which four are available now). The game includes a full deck-builder, and there are no random packs (what you see is what you get).

The gameplay is similar to the PC and iOS version, but the monetization and progression are different. If you want to see what the gameplay is like before putting down your $ 10, you can setup a PC or iOS account for free and learn to play. – The Feed

Ratchet & Clank Collection brings lombax memories to Vita this week

Sony quietly announced the Ratchet & Clank Collection is coming to Vita tomorrow, July 22, as a PSN downloadable. The publisher unveiled Insomniac’s compilation for European and Australian Vitas in May before finally ending the radio silence over…
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Hot Wheels Forza 5 DLC brings cars, lacks bendy orange roads

Sometimes it’s hard to find an excuse to play with the toys and properties you enjoyed as a kid. However, Forza 5 is about to reunite you with your long-lost Hot Wheels collection. Well, sort of. A new car pack, brought to you by Hot Wheels, is now…
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Bounden brings its dancing charm to Android next week

Following a short delay, developer Game Oven has revealed that Bounden will dance its way onto Android devices on July 3.

Though Bounden prompts players to dance, it can’t properly be described as a traditional rhythm game. Game Oven has worked in…
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Dead Rising 3 brings death, limbs and fire to PC in September

Dead Rising 3 flays again on Windows PC starting September 5, Capcom announced this week. The news follows the formerly Xbox One-only zombie massacre headlining the new Steam summer sale, in which it’s currently a quarter off as a $ 37.49…
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Plants vs. Zombies brings the turf war to K’NEX

K’NEX is making a line of Plants vs. Zombies toy sets, ranging from adorable mystery figurines to large battlegrounds.

The following Plants vs. Zombies K’NEX sets are available now: Mystery Figure Bags, a Pirate Ship set, Wall-nut Bowling set, Cone…
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Heavy Bullets Brings Roguelike Sensibilities To First-Person Shooting

At first glance, Terri Vellmann's Heavy Bullets might look like your average shooter-meets-indie. The first-person gameplay functions exactly like you’d expect, and the aesthetic is definitely the super-polygonal stuff we’ve come to see from many small teams.

Heavy Bullets charm doesn’t come through in screenshots, though. The title eschews the speed-heavy bent of so many modern shooters by infusing elements of the now-prevalent rogue like movement.

Players start with six bullets, which can be recovered after discharge (even if they destroy an enemy). The game only has eight levels, and it’s possible to get through them quickly once you understand the title, but the learning curve is steep.

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Erasing years of run-shoot-die-respawn thinking takes a bit of time, and until you do, you’ll find yourself staring at the Game Over screen often. Because Heavy Bullets’ levels are procedurally generated with a variety of enemy types, taking things slowly is the smartest course of action.

Peeking around corners to see if turrets lie in wait, listening for the telltale hiss of a hidden snake (which can poison you), and smartly using the very limited items, all contribute to Heavy Bullets genre-bending uniqueness. Like some roguelikes, you can purchase life insurance with in-game currency, preserving some of your money for your next play.

Vellmann tells us that he expects the speedrun community to latch onto Heavy Bullets given its easily digestible level structure and intense difficulty. Heavy Bullets is currently in early access on Steam with release planned for the near future on PC, Mac, and Linux. – The Feed