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Distance brings Early Access patrons to the track this fall

After introducing players to its neon-streaked streets at PAX Prime last month and in a private beta, Refract Studios’ Distance will turn the corner on Early Access sometime this fall. Although an exact arrival date has not been set, Refract’s…
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Jungle Rumble brings musical monkey mayhem to Vita ‘very soon’

Developer Disco Pixel has announced that its rhythm-based platformer Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas is coming to Sony’s Vita handheld.

In Jungle Rumble, players control a troop of monkeys that must battle an opposing simian faction…
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Final update brings Forza Horizon 2 garage to 210 cars

After weeks of slowly unveiling cars from Forza Horizon 2 developer Playground Games has now reached its final update and is ready to show the world the remaining 22 cars slated for inclusion in the upcoming open-world racer.

No single theme unites…
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Joystiq Streams: Shadow of Mordor brings a Twitch to Sauron’s eye

Team Joystiq tackles Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor today at 4PM EST on, giving you an early look at Monolith’s dark fantasy adventure game ahead of its launch later this month.

Blending open-world action with stealth mechanics,…
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Musical puzzler Sentris brings the funk to Early Access

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, developer Timbre Interactive has released Sentris to Steam Early Access.

Equal parts rhythm game and puzzler, Sentris sees players aligning musical components on a series of rotating disks. Line up the…
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Toy Soldiers: War Chest brings rainbow doom to the diorama

War is an unrelenting gauntlet of hell, I think, watching a band of heavily armored rainbow ponies spill over a grassy field. Bursts of mortar fire end their horror-trotting advance, but the opposing men can’t replenish the ammo quickly enough to…
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Skyrim Mod Brings First-Person MediEvil Game To Life

MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere is a Skyrim mod that recreates the first four levels from the 1998 PlayStation title, MediEvil.

You can check out a trailer for the mod (which is still in development) below, with Sir Daniel Fortesque taking out some enemies from the first-person perspective and doing a little bit of platforming. You can find out more about the mod and keep up with its progress by heading to The Nexus Forums.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

We featured MediEvil on an episode of Replay back in 2012. You can check it out by heading here.

[Source: The Nexus Forums, KorinOo on YouTube, via Kotaku] – The Feed

Flappy Bird brings the whole family as it returns to Amazon

Like a phoenix from the ashes, viral sensation Flappy Bird has risen anew, just as the prophet (and game creator) Dong Nguyen foretold back in May of this year. The beast slumbered for a time, but has once again come to wreak havok on our…
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Drakerz Brings The Digital Card Game To Your Webcam

With games like Hearthstone bringing more players to the digital card game space every day, Drakerz seeks to take things to the next level.

Using webcams to bring cards to life in an augmented reality battleground, Drakerz is looking to provide an immersive DCG experience by bringing cards to life before battle. While the full experience requires a webcam, players can also opt to play without one if they are at a PC that doesn’t facilitate integrated play.

While the concept isn’t completely new (Eye of Judgment for PlayStation 3 comes to mind), it’s something that may indicate where things could be going, especially with virtual reality on the rise. Drakerz is currently available on Steam.


Our Take
I'm always excited to see established genres trying new things. We'll see if systems like this one are unique, user friendly, and add something special to gameplay – or just gimmicks to differentiate products in an increasingly crowded DCG market. – The Feed

Joystiq Streams: Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept brings us together [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Joystiq Streams simply can’t stop shooting things on We tried not to, we really did. First we tried to play The Crew beta, but technical issues forced Anthony John Agnello and Xav de Matos to retreat to the warm climes of Far Cry…
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