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Fan’s Mod Brings Overwatch’s Tracer To Street Fighter V

One 3D artist online has just released a mod for Street Fighter V that brings Tracer, the public face of Overwatch, to the fighting ring. Though she doesn’t have her own unique set of moves, the model is an almost spot-on recreation of Tracer.

THEJAMK recently started a Patreon page to collect donations as they make custom skins for characters in Street Fighter V. They uploaded a video of Tracer in action, which you can see below.

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THEJAMK’s previous work includes bringing The Flash and Spider-Gwen to the game. Tracer is a skin for Cammy, meaning she retains the moveset and voice lines of that character. Anyone can download the mod for the PC version of Street Fighter V from the page, and bring Tracer to their game at no cost. 

[Source: THEJAMK]

Our Take
While fan creations and projects like this are always cool to see, we’re not exactly sure how legal it is. Mods for PC games are usually allowed to get as unique as they want, but since this artist is accepting money for characters they don’t own, we wouldn’t be surprised if these costumes were taken down once they gain more attention. – The Feed

Activator update brings deeper button configuration to Steam Controllers

Valve has given its 500,000 Steam Controller owners another way to customize the versatile gamepad with the addition of activators. …

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Free Update Brings Pistons To Minecraft Pocket Edition And Windows 10

Mojang is bringing some much-requested features to the mobile and Windows 10 versions of  Minecraft. The friendly update will allow players to make even more complex mechanisms.

Pistons and sticky pistons shook up players' creations when they were added to the original game, and this new update aims to do the same for another platform. Update 1.5 has been dubbed the friendly update, for some currently unknown reason, Mojang teases. The complex mechanisms are the updates biggest draws, but other features like pig riding and horse armor will be included.Get a look at some of the features in action with the brief overview trailer seen below.

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In addition to the inventory and environmental updates, the game will be getting a number of technical fixes. A new UI is rolling out for the main menu and a number of came-crashing bugs are being removed. Online play is expected to run smoother once the update goes like as well.

An open beta for the new update is now live for Android players. The iOS and Windows 10 players will have to wait a bit longer for it.

[Source: Mojang] – The Feed

Yomowari: Night Alone Brings Frightening Creatures to Vita and PC This October

Yomowari: Night Alone is getting a global release just in time for Halloween. The latest title from NIS America is equally cute and terrifying.

When your sister and dog go missing, you'll be forced to face an entire town alone in a quest to find them. As the announcement trailer below tells you, things change drastically at night, and some rather frightening creatures seem to be haunting the area.

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Unique aesthetics and music are featured in this first look at Yomowari: Night Alone, and the premise is certainly intriguing. The game clearly borrows a lot from Japanese culture and folklore, with a good look at a Torii gate and multiple spirits. We aren't given the best idea of how gameplay will work, but it seems that there will be a good amount of exploration and finding clues.

The game comes to Steam on October 25, with a physical release on PS Vita the same day. Additional goodies in the physical version include a heat changing tumbler, art book, and soundtrack. – The Feed

Rocket League update brings Steam cross-network play

Rocket League has become the first Xbox One title to support cross-network play with a Steam PC game. …

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Bandai Namco Brings Pac-Man 256 To Consoles and PC

If you missed the latest mobile Pac-Man adventure, you'll have a chance to play this Summer on consoles and Steam. The endless maze runner Pac-Man 256 will debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this June.

Pac-Man 256 debuted on mobile phones and tablets last August, bringing the classic gameplay and mazes to an all new platform. To celebrate the birthday of the titular hero, Bandai Namco announced today that the mobile game developed by Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets will finally be headed to consoles and PC this summer.

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The game launches on June 21 with all the
features from the original mobile release as well as a brand-new local
multiplayer mode for up to four players. Players will have to work
together to conquer the ghostly enemies from the original 1980 arcade

The gameplay of Pac-Man 256 was inspired by the glitched final level in the original arcade version that would bring up a kill-screen ending the player's progress. There are plenty of Pac-Dots and Power Pellets to be consumed, and each run-through of the course will unlock new power-ups and abilities.

Additionally, in-app purchases like the Coin Doubler on the mobile version of the game will be discounted from May 19 to May 27 in celebration of Pac-Man's birthday. – The Feed

Chromie Brings Heroes Of The Storm’s First Dragon To The Fight Today

Heroes of the Storm is getting its first gnome and its first dragon today. Chromie is available in the Nexus, and you can check her out in her own trailer.

Chromie a long-range fighter, and most certainly a glass cannon. She has an edge due to her Timewalker trait, which gives her talents a level earlier than other heroes.

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Learn more about Chromie and check out her alternate skins in the trailer above. You also have Medivh to look forward to in the Nexus. Read up on him in our previous coverage. – The Feed

Mod Brings Dark Souls III Into The First-Person

Modder Zulliethewitch recently released a mod for Dark Souls III that let's you see From Software's oppressive world from a whole new angle.

The mod lets you play Dark Souls III from the first-person perspective, which frankly, sounds terrifying. I struggle as it is to see behind my back when the camera follows from a comfortable distance behind me. The video showing off the game comes from YouTube channel  Iron Pineapple, and you can check it out below.

You can grab the PC mod, which comes with the requisite, "install at your own risk" warning, by heading here.

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For our review of Dark Souls III, head here. For our full playthrough of Dark Souls III, check out our Chronicles video series here.

[Source: Reddit, (1), Iron Pineapple on YouTube,] – The Feed

Halo 5: Guardians Free Memories Of Reach Update Brings New Mode, Map & More

Sometime this month, Halo developer 343 Industries will release Halo 5: Guardian's latest free update, Memories of Reach. The update includes a new arena map, multiplayer game, weapons, and much more.

The multiplayer game Infection is a 12-player, round-based mode that starts out with one infected player who must convert the others by taking them out. We'll have more on Infection here at Game Informer later today, so please check back.

Meanwhile, the map – Statis – is a mid-sized asymmetrical map that 343 says it will detail more in this week's livestream on Wednesday, May 11 from 3 to 5 p.m. Pacific on Twitch and the Halo Channel.

Memories of Reach also contains matchmaking improvements, new REQ items, balancing updates, and more.

For a complete rundown of the update, check out Halo Waypoint.

[Source: 343 Industries] – The Feed

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Expansion Brings Planetary Landings, Loot, More

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has announced that the Horizons expansion, which arrived on PC late last year, is coming to Xbox One. Horizons adds a variety of new features, including planetary landings, multicrew co-op, loot, and more.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons on Xbox One will include the 2.0: Planetary Landings content as well as the upcoming 2.1: The Engineers. It's set to hit the console sometime in the second quarter of the year.

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