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Update Brings New Contraptions And Enemies To Minecraft: Windows 10 And Pocket Editions

An incoming update for the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta and Minecraft: Pocket Edition will bring the games’ experiences closer to the original Minecraft by adding more advanced contraptions and new enemies to Survival Mode.

The Overworld Update comes after last November’s 0.13 update, which introduced Basic Redstone to the Windows 10 and Pocket versions of the game. Overworld will expand on that addition by introducing additional Redstone components that will enable advanced mechanical contraptions. 

Other highlights of the Overworld Update include Item Frames, enemy witches, eight new achievements, and more. A full list of updates can be found on Xbox Wire

Beyond gameplay expansions, the update will grant players the ability to import and export maps into the Windows 10 Edition Beta. 

Mojang says the Overworld Update will go live by the end of this month. For more on recent updates to the Windows 10 Edition Beta of Minecraft, check out the recent Journey to the West character skin pack. – The Feed

Dead By Daylight Brings Asymmetrical, Procedurally Generated Multiplayer Horror To PC

Dead by Daylight is a newly announced horror title from developer Behaviour Interactive, a studio known for games like Wet and Naughty Bear. It sounds a lot like Illfonic’s upcoming Friday The 13th game. Both feature teens being maimed and an asymmetrical game of cat and mouse. This developer diary reveals the game and makes a case for how the game will be different when it eventually comes to Steam.

In Dead by Daylight, perspective is everything. If you’re one of the four unlucky teens being tracked by a murderer, your view is in third-person. If you’re the killer in this scenario, the game takes place in the first-person.

When you enter a level, you’re encouraged to cooperate with other players to survive. The procedurally generated stages switch up the layout so players don’t get too familiar with their environment.

There are also multiple killers that you could end up playing as, and not every slasher is as by-the-books as Jason Vorhees. Some have supernatural powers like the ability to pass through walls.

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Dead by Daylight is at an early point in development. There are no videos or screenshots of the game, but Behaviour Interactive has outlined the atmosphere of the game with detailed concept art of terrified teens being stalked by a shadowy killer.

You can join Dead by Daylight’s community hub on Steam to unlock two horrifying masks for Payday 2. The game’s price-point and release date are yet to be announced. If you’re looking for more coverage on broad-shouldered hatchet carriers, then check out our coverage of Friday The 13th – The Feed

Nyko Brings Data Bank Hard Drive Add-On To Xbox One

At the beginning of this year, Nyko announced a conversion kit for the PlayStation 4 that allows use of larger 3.5-inch hard drive replacements. The company is now bringing something similar to Xbox One.

Unlike the PlayStation 4, which supports internal hard drive upgrading, the Xbox One uses external hard drives for additional space. The $ 40 peripheral is a housing for 3.5-inch drives, which are typically less expensive than standalone, portable drives.

This version of the Data Bank plugs into a rear USB port and requires a separate power supply. Nyko says the device is available now, but does not seem to be live on the company’s online store yet.


Our Take
I reached the point of needing more storage on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One months ago. This is certainly an option, but given how big the Xbox One already is, make sure you have the clearance for the added height. – The Feed

Granite SDK 3.0 brings major updates and VR support

According to Graphine, the new SDK is a “major update” that features a significant redesign of Granite’s layer and caching systems that will remove any negative impact on system resources. …

Gamasutra News

Rival Challenges Brings Head-To-Head Online Multiplayer To Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is getting an update that lets players take on one another online and show off their customized playercard and note highways.

The new mode has a strange implementation. As opposed to entering a newly added multiplayer mode, you will be periodically matched against a player of similar ability every half-hour or so while playing GHTV tracks. The winner of the battle will receive +100 Status XP. You need to be at least a level 10 to access the mode, which is available today.

For our review of Guitar Hero Live, head here. – The Feed

UFC 2 Brings Its Cover-Star Fight Into Real Life

EA Sports cover star competitions usually come in the form of fan votes, but UFC 2 is setting things in the octagon.

Whomever wins the UFC 194 featherweight fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor on December 12 will join Ronda Rousey on the cover of the game.

UFC 2 comes out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the spring. For more on some of the game's features, check out this previous preview.

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Our Take
Perhaps this will be the way forward to determine other EA Sports cover stars. It would prevent fans from cooking the voting and allowing unworthies like Peyton Hillis from gaining cover star status, as well as the awkwardness of Rousey being on the cover after getting kicked around by Holly Holm. – The Feed

Fallout 4 Mod Brings Your Companion To Infinity And Beyond

Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase may be “To infinity and beyond,” but it’s doubtful he ever envisioned a beyond that involved ravenous deathclaws. A new Fallout 4 mod allows players to dress a certain companion up as the famous space ranger.

Posted by Nexus Mods user Sorenova, the mod allows players to make Paladin Danse, the Brotherhood of Steel soldier, change his power armor color scheme to the familiar green, white, and purple mix. Players must have Danse currently enabled as their companion, acquire the new set from a power armor station aboard the Prydwen, and trade with Danse. Much like equipping goggles or a bandana to Dogmeat, the player simply needs to select the gear as Danse’s primary equipment.

User Sorenova added on his Nexus Mods post that he encourages other modders and players to create other mods, videos, or other content without his expressed permission. If you want to read about the making of Fallout 4, check out Andrew Reiner’s extensive coverage here.

[Source: Sorenova via Nexus Mods] – The Feed

Star Wars Battlefront Mod Brings Ultra-Realism To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Thanks to a Toddyhancer graphics mod, Star Wars Battlefront is receiving an extra level of realism.

Toddyhancer creator Martin Bergman, formerly a QA and localization tester at Activision (according to his LinkedIn), is still developing the mod, but plans to release it for public use. Bergman is also behind the Grand Theft Auto V photorealism mod.

Bergman states that the mod currently begins to falter at the 30-40 frames per second mark, though. Battlefront currently runs at 60 frames per second on consoles and PC.

Check out the gallery below for a look at Bergman’s work modding Battlefront.

[Source: Martin Bergman via imgur]


Our Take
While the mod certainly looks markedly more impressive than the base game, it's hard to get past that frame rate drop, especially if it starts to falter at a modest 30 frames per second. Bergman is under no obligation to release the mod, though. At this point, it's a personal project. Bergman never ended up releasing his previous Grand Theft Auto V mod, so it remains to be seen if his work can translate well enough to be playable. – The Feed

Life-Size Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Brings Dark Justice To Your Living Space

If standard Batman action figures and collectibles just aren't a strong enough expression of your Bat-fandom, here's an item that should do the trick: A life-size statue of Batman: Arkham Knight's version of the caped crusader now exists to enhance your decor and, potentially, frighten off intruders.

Standing 6'2, the Dark Knight is crafted from a combination of foam and rubber latex, while his cape is made from mixed materials to achieve "game accuracy". The figure ships in two boxes and some assembly is required. Here's a photo of the jumbo-sized vigilante. 

If that's not enough proof of scale, see how Bats stacks up against this eerily life-like civilian statue. 

The Batman: Arkham Knight statue becomes available for shipping in March 2016. There's currently no price, but you can view more details and photos by visiting the NECA product page.  Be sure to also check out our Batman: Arkham Knight review – The Feed

Helldivers Brings Galactic Democracy To PC This December

Helldivers has enjoyed success on PlayStation consoles since its release this past March, but now PC players get their shot at living out their Starship Troopers fantasies. Arrowhead is bringing Helldivers to Steam sometime next month.

The PC version comes with all three free expansions, which include the recently released Democracy Strikes Back. Additional DLC will be up for purchase as well. Grab a few alien-hunting friends and watch the announcement trailer in the name of democracy. 

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For more on Helldivers, read our review of the console version as well as some helpful tips for dying less while playing.


[Thanks to reader Ryan for the news tip.] – The Feed