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Fallout 4 Mod Brings Your Companion To Infinity And Beyond

Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase may be “To infinity and beyond,” but it’s doubtful he ever envisioned a beyond that involved ravenous deathclaws. A new Fallout 4 mod allows players to dress a certain companion up as the famous space ranger.

Posted by Nexus Mods user Sorenova, the mod allows players to make Paladin Danse, the Brotherhood of Steel soldier, change his power armor color scheme to the familiar green, white, and purple mix. Players must have Danse currently enabled as their companion, acquire the new set from a power armor station aboard the Prydwen, and trade with Danse. Much like equipping goggles or a bandana to Dogmeat, the player simply needs to select the gear as Danse’s primary equipment.

User Sorenova added on his Nexus Mods post that he encourages other modders and players to create other mods, videos, or other content without his expressed permission. If you want to read about the making of Fallout 4, check out Andrew Reiner’s extensive coverage here.

[Source: Sorenova via Nexus Mods] – The Feed

Star Wars Battlefront Mod Brings Ultra-Realism To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Thanks to a Toddyhancer graphics mod, Star Wars Battlefront is receiving an extra level of realism.

Toddyhancer creator Martin Bergman, formerly a QA and localization tester at Activision (according to his LinkedIn), is still developing the mod, but plans to release it for public use. Bergman is also behind the Grand Theft Auto V photorealism mod.

Bergman states that the mod currently begins to falter at the 30-40 frames per second mark, though. Battlefront currently runs at 60 frames per second on consoles and PC.

Check out the gallery below for a look at Bergman’s work modding Battlefront.

[Source: Martin Bergman via imgur]


Our Take
While the mod certainly looks markedly more impressive than the base game, it's hard to get past that frame rate drop, especially if it starts to falter at a modest 30 frames per second. Bergman is under no obligation to release the mod, though. At this point, it's a personal project. Bergman never ended up releasing his previous Grand Theft Auto V mod, so it remains to be seen if his work can translate well enough to be playable. – The Feed

Life-Size Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Brings Dark Justice To Your Living Space

If standard Batman action figures and collectibles just aren't a strong enough expression of your Bat-fandom, here's an item that should do the trick: A life-size statue of Batman: Arkham Knight's version of the caped crusader now exists to enhance your decor and, potentially, frighten off intruders.

Standing 6'2, the Dark Knight is crafted from a combination of foam and rubber latex, while his cape is made from mixed materials to achieve "game accuracy". The figure ships in two boxes and some assembly is required. Here's a photo of the jumbo-sized vigilante. 

If that's not enough proof of scale, see how Bats stacks up against this eerily life-like civilian statue. 

The Batman: Arkham Knight statue becomes available for shipping in March 2016. There's currently no price, but you can view more details and photos by visiting the NECA product page.  Be sure to also check out our Batman: Arkham Knight review – The Feed

Helldivers Brings Galactic Democracy To PC This December

Helldivers has enjoyed success on PlayStation consoles since its release this past March, but now PC players get their shot at living out their Starship Troopers fantasies. Arrowhead is bringing Helldivers to Steam sometime next month.

The PC version comes with all three free expansions, which include the recently released Democracy Strikes Back. Additional DLC will be up for purchase as well. Grab a few alien-hunting friends and watch the announcement trailer in the name of democracy. 

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For more on Helldivers, read our review of the console version as well as some helpful tips for dying less while playing.


[Thanks to reader Ryan for the news tip.] – The Feed

BioShock Halloween Party Brings The World Of Rapture Topside

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow, especially when it results in one of the coolest themed Halloween parties ever? Two BioShock fans proved they were born to do great things with their own festivities.

The BioShock party was thrown together by Daniel Hoppes and Haley Johnston, who attended the event as villainous splicers. Friends and family joined in for a costume contest, the winners sporting Big Daddy and Little Sister outfits complete with glowing lights from inside the massive helmet.

The event evidently spared no expense in recreating every fine detail of the BioShock universe, including damaged splicer masks, neon lights for plasmid advertisements, and even that classically unsettling execution scene of one of Fontaine’s smugglers. Need to recharge a bit? Try out the Vita Chamber next to the bathroom.

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Check out the gallery below for a full look at all the detail thrown into the party. You can also click here to see a Big Daddy get down to Kanye's "Gold Digger."

[Source: Buzzfeed] – The Feed

Fan Mod Brings Old, Terrible Voice Acting To Modern Resident Evil HD Remake

A fan-created mod for the recent high-definition remake of the Resident Evil Remake takes back the updated voice acting and inserts the terrible campy dialogue from the original PlayStation release.

You can find the mod here as well as a clip from the game that showcases the so-bad-it's-good dialogue reinserted dialogue. The creator, who goes by Bunny on the Resident Evil modding boards, says the mod required the editing of more than 500 audio files, many mixed with gunshots and footsteps making the process difficult and tedious.

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For our review of the Resident Evil HD Remake, head here.

[Source: Resident Evil Modding, via NeoGAF] – The Feed

Blizzard Brings Character-Based Shooter Overwatch To Beta On October 27

With the MOBA genre firmly established, developers and publishers are looking for new ways to build on the premise of characters in lieu of classes. Motiga’s Gigantic, Hi-Rez’s Paladins, and Gearbox’s Battleborn are all competing in that new sub-genre of multiplayer games.

Blizzard’s entry, Overwatch, is one that we’ve been following since its announcement at BlizzCon last year. If you’ve not had a chance to play yet, you might have an opportunity soon.

The beta begins on October 27 in closed format. That means, you’ll need to apply for access. You can do that on the official Overwatch website.

In addition to the small group of testers that have access around the clock, Blizzard will be conducting larger test weekends. These are designed to stress test servers, but will still be by invitation only. These will be more streamlined, with limited maps, characters, and modes.

The beta will run on Windows, and you’ll need to have the app. You can register for the beta and read the fine print on the Overwatch website. For more, check out our hands-on impressions.

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
I’m curious how Blizzard plans to monetize Overwatch. It seems ripe to run as a free-to-play (and Heroes of the Storm has tested those waters for the publisher). Hopefully BlizzCon will herald the clarity we’re looking for. – The Feed

Wasteland 2 Brings Classic Fallout Action To Console Next Month

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a year of adventures in the desert, Wasteland 2 is making its way to consoles next month. In advance of the game’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 outing, inXile is showing off some new features making their way to the console version of the Director’s Cut.

Wasteland 2 drops the point-and-click interface for a more controller-friendly approach. InXile says that navigating menus and choosing targets is much faster than had they simply ported the PC control scheme.

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There have also been some classic Fallout-style elements introduced. The “quirks” system is similar to Fallout 1’s “trait” system. These deliver both a positive and negative benefit.

There’s also a targeting strike system, which sounds similar to the body part targeting featured in the isometric Fallout games (the predecessor of Fallout 3’s VATS). Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut will be out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 13. For more on Wasteland 2, check out our review of the original 2014 release.

[Source: PlayStation Blog] – The Feed

New Xbox One Experience Brings Windows 10-Inspired Updates To Preview Members Starting This Month

Microsoft has announced its plans for previewing the revised Xbox One dashboard. Starting this month, users in the preview program will have the opportunity to opt-in for testing.

Because this is such a significant revision, Microsoft isn’t assuming that everyone will want to risk it. You’ll receive a message via Xbox Live to register your interest in the preview app.

The publisher will be starting with members who have provided the most feedback and slowly add more on the way to launch in November. There will be a number of builds pushed through along the way, so expect to receive a updates before the general public gets in.

The “New Xbox One Experience” as it’s being called (similar to the New Xbox Experience on the 360) will enable backward compatibility for all, with more than 100 titles planned for launch. Microsoft say that it will also speed up the user experience by up to 50 percent, improve the OneGuide, and improve usability of the storefront.

[Source: Microsoft]


Our Take
The backward compatibility feature alone is a solid addition, and I’m glad to see that the sluggish dashboard is getting remedied. I expect that this will go a long way to muting the Kinect-focused design of the original user interface, as the device is all but phased out. I’m eager to see how the platform evolves with this, as I was fond of how the 360 matured over its life cycle. – The Feed

Playable Mash-Up Brings Half-Life 2′s Gravity Gun To Hotline Miami

A fan-made mash-up, dubbed Half-Line Miami, mashes up two disparate games in an impressive way.

You can check out a video from the game below which comes from creator Thomas Kole who wrote on his website, "I made this game as a declaration of my love for these two games, and as an experiment in game design."

The game has eight levels based on Half-Life 2's assorted areas, a cool soundtrack, and a level editor. You can download the game and play it yourself here.

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[Source: Thomas Kole on YouTube,, via Polygon] – The Feed