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Until Dawn Brings Halloween Early With Late August Release Date

Until Dawn might be the game you play on Halloween this year, but it might also be the game you play again on October 31. The game is coming out well in advance of the spookiest holiday, and will be one of the games kicking off the fall rush.

Along with a new trailer, Sony announced that Supermassive Games' teen slasher flick will be arriving at the end of August. Additionally, Peter Stormare (Arrow, Destiny) has been revealed as a member of the cast.

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Until Dawn will be out on August 25 on PlayStation 4. You can read our most recent preview from December's PlayStation Experience for more information. – The Feed

Koei Tecmo Brings Nobunaga’s Ambition Back To The West This Fall

It’s been six years since Koei Tecmo’s classic strategy series, Nobunaga’s Ambition, has made an appearance in the West. That changes this fall, as Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence heads to North America and Europe.

For those unfamiliar with the series, players are tasked with uniting feudal Japan. Players must build up the land, engage in diplomacy, and exert their power via military conflict.

The title is planned for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, on September 1. For more, you can see the first screenshots below. – The Feed

Overwatch’s Mercy Brings Healing On The Wings Of Angels

Yesterday, we shared a video of Overwatch’s “omnic monk” Zenyatta finding inner peace through outright destruction of his opponents. Today, we showcase a character that plays quite differently.

Mercy is a winged healer who is better played away from the front line. You don’t want her too far out of reach though, because her healing beam can keep the damage-dealing members of the team alive and killing. She can also amplify ally damage with the alternate version of the beam.

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Mercy also has a pistol for offense, and it her ultimate ability can raise teammates from the dead. Overwatch is due to hit beta later this year. For more, you can read our impressions from PAX East. – The Feed

Crysis Analogue Edition Brings Nanosuits To The Tabletop

Just as video game developers have been thriving on Kickstarter, so to have board game creators. The latest blends to the two, bringing Crytek’s PC-melting Crysis series to the tabletop.

Crysis Analogue Edition is an officially licensed strategy game for two to eight players, with Nanosuit-wearing USF soldiers and opposing CELL troops. The game takes place on a hex-grid board with moveable walls and cover.

The game comes with character sheets that allow USF soldiers to change between the three nanosuit modes: speed, armor, and stealth with different game effects, weapon cards, and tokens. The standard version of the game is available at the €75 ($ 84) tier, with a collector’s edition (complete with four Ceph alien miniatures) for €150 ($ 167).

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Developer Frame6 says the prototype is complete and needs the funding for manufacturing. The company also has stretch goals planned that include additional scenarios and improved miniatures.

Frame6’s website indicates that it currently has a tower defense video game, Splee & Glob, that has been approved via Steam Greenlight. It also has another title that is currently on hold. No full releases are credited to the company’s name.

We’ve embedded a game walkthrough above. You can check out the Crysis Analogue Edition Kickstarter page for more details. Frame6 is asking for €85,000 ($ 94,851) to manufacture the game. – The Feed

The Technomancer Brings Sci-Fi RPG Action To Mars

Following last year’s Bound By Flame, Focus Home has announced that developer Spiders is trading in their fantasy world for a science fiction take on Mars.

The Technomancer puts players in the shoes of a man who specializes in the combination of technology and magic, as he flees from the Secret Police during a war over Mars’ resources. Focus Home hasn’t released much information about the RPG, but the announcement comes alongside a small set of images you can see below.

A few features have been announced for the game, such as crafting that affects character appearances, interactive conversations, and a handful of combat styles, but Focus Home hasn’t said much about the game’s broader strokes so far. Cyberpunk themes were also hinted at, but whether the game falls into that category or leans on more standard sci-fi is unclear.

The Technomancer is currently set for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2016. – The Feed

Microsoft Over-The-Air Tuner Brings Cord-Cutting Television To North America

At Gamescom, Microsoft announced over-the-air televisions for some territories in Europe. Now, that same service is available for Xbox One preview members in the United States and Canada.

The company announced that using the Hauppauge WinTV-955Q ($ 79.99) or the not-yet-released Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One ($ 59.99) with an HDTV antenna will allow uses to access local programming broadcast over-the-air. This fills a gap that other services like SlingTV aren’t able to fill, allowing cord-cutters to create a facsimile of the packages available with cable.

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The TV tuner will integrate with other Xbox One features, including Snap, OneGuide, and voice controls. This will be in preview for a number of months before making its way to the broader user base.

Microsoft is also expanding over-the-air coverage in 11 more territories in Europe, bringing the total to 15 countries on that continent. The service is available in:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
With SlingTV both affordable and functional (and getting HBO in the next few days), Netflix, Hulu, and now over-the-air options, The Xbox One might just make cord-cutting possible for more people. Over-the-air service varies depending on topography and geography, so before you dive in, make sure you know what channels you’ll be able to access. – The Feed

NIS America Brings Rodea The Sky Soldier To 3DS And Wii U This Fall

A big surprise from last night’s NIS America press event is that NIS America will be bringing Rodea the Sky Soldier to the Wii U and 3DS this Fall, as a retail release and on the eShop as a digital download. The game was originally announced four years ago to be coming to the Wii and 3DS and the Wii version specifically would be developed by Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights creator Yuji Naka and his studio Prope.

The Wii U and 3DS versions of Rodea the Sky Soldier tell the story of Rodea, a robot who once stopped the invasion of the sky kingdom of Garuda by Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire together with Princess Cecilia. In the present day, 1000 years in the future, Rodea is reawakened by a mechanic named Ion and learns from her that Garuda has known peace for 1,000 years. The evil Naga Empire soon rises again and it is up to Rodea to save the kingdom.

In the game you control Rodea, who is capable of flying through the sky. By collecting Gears and Gravitons you can upgrade your stats and acquire new weapons like machine guns at Ion’s workshop. The robot army you are fighting contains massive enemies that you must fly around to dodge attacks and discover their weaknesses. You are encouraged to replay levels to uncover hidden objectives and items and also to improve your time and score.

You can check out Rodea flying through the sky and the scale of the battles in the video below that contains both the trailer for the game as well as a small interview with Naka and Hasegawa from Kadokawa Games.

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The original Rodea Wii game developed by Naka was finished, but never released. The publisher Kadokawa Games was still interested in the project and decided to develop a new Wii U and 3DS version of the title that will release in Japan on April 2. In Japan, the Wii version of the game, which differs in content and execution between the Wii U and 3DS versions, will be a pack in for the Wii U version.

It’s currently uncertain whether the Wii version will be released or included with the Wii U version in America as it is in Japan. An NIS representative has told Nintendo World Report that while they are interested in getting the Wii version as a pack in for the Wii U version they cannot confirm it will at this time.

Be sure to check out the screenshots of Rodea the Sky Soldier in action below. – The Feed

Bedlam Brings Banner Saga’s Engine Into A Post-Apocalyptic Future

If the video for Bedlam below reminds you a bit of The Banner Saga, you’re not wrong. Developer Skyshine Games is using Stoic’s engine for its 80s-inspired, post-apocalyptic RPG.

You’ll build a team of humans, mutants, and robots to explore the wasteland and find the fabled Aztec City. Of course, there are bandits and mutated creatures in your way.

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Bedlam is coming to fruition thanks to a successful Kickstarter that closed in October. The campaign raised $ 166,540 against a $ 130,000 goal. Members of the Skyshine team worked at Vigil Games on the Darksiders and Unreal Tournament franchises.

The game is scheduled for release this summer on PC. – The Feed

Nintendo Brings Indie Slate To IndieCade East

Nintendo is touting more indie games for its platforms, and if you're attending IndieCade East this weekend you can get your hands on them – including some that utilize the New 3DS handheld.

The games are:

  • IronFall: Invasion (3DS)
  • Moon Chronicles (3DS)
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (3DS)
  • Gunman Clive 2 (3DS)
  • Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U)
  • Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U) (above)
  • Elliot Quest (Wii U)
  • Blek (Wii U)

Also, if you're a developer at the event, Damon Baker, Nintendo's senior manager of licensing, will host a seminar called, "Self-Publishing With Nintendo."


Our Take
Anything to get more indie titles on Nintendo platforms the better. – The Feed

MLB 15: The Show Trailer Brings Back That Baseball Feelin’

Sony is prepping MLB 15: The Show for a March 31 release on PlayStation 4, PS3, and Vita, and the game's new trailer revels in visual splendor of MLB 15 and the sport.

For more on the game, check out these screens detailing its visual improvements, as well as info on its 10th anniversary edition.

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