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Fantasy Flight Bringing XCOM To The Tabletop This Year

The melding of digital and tabletop isn’t a new phenomenon, as anyone who has played Scene-It or one of the many VHS-based “interactive board games” will recall. As tablets become more common though, the experiences have started to mature.

We’ve seen the blend of these two mediums in titles like Harebrained Schemes’ Kickstarted Golem Arcana. Now, 2K Games, Firaxis, and Fantasy Flight are taking advantage of the concept for XCOM: The Board Game.

In addition to the board, cards, and pieces representing UFOs, Interceptors, and XCOM troops, the game is managed in part on a tablet (or via an online tool). The free app is responsible for executing the alien invasion and responding to your actions. The idea is to create an feeling similar to the critically lauded XCOM: Enemy Unknown without exactly duplicating it.

It also enables a team of players to tackle the game at three different difficulty levels. The concept takes the cooperative nature of games like Arkham Horror, which use a system of card draws and “programmed” enemy movement, in a new direction.

Each player will take on a unique role: commander, chief scientist, central officer, and squad leader. Each takes on a specialist role, responsible for part of the team’s operations.

Fantasy Flight will release the game at retail during the holiday season this year. For an in-depth look at the game, check out a preview in the September 2014 issue. – The Feed

Square Enix bringing Chaos Rings 3 to mobile, Vita this year

A third entry in Media-Vision’s mobile JRPG series Chaos Rings is due to launch for smartphones and the PS Vita in October in Japan, publisher Square Enix announced this week (via Gematsu).

Chaos Rings premiered for iOS devices in 2010, finding a…
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Classic Platformer Another World Bringing Old School Charm To Modern Devices

Another World, the highly innovative classic platformer from the mind of Éric Chahi, is being re-released for the modern age. The new versions will include higher resolutions, cleaner anti-aliasing, and smoother animations. It will also feature both the original Amiga soundtrack and the updated Sega-CD soundtrack.

As it is releasing on the three Sony platforms, it will feature cross buy, cross save, and cross platform trophies as well. To get a taste of what's to come, check out the trailer below.

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Another World is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita on June 25. No release dates have yet been confirmed for the Xbox One, 3DS, and Wii U versions. – The Feed

Xseed Bringing Old-School JRPG Brandish To North America And Corpse Party To PC

Xseed has announced it is bringing Brandish: The Dark Revenant to North America, and Corpse Party to a new platform with a PC release.

Brandish: The Dark Revenant originally released on PSP in Japan. The game was a 3D remake of the Super Nintendo game of the same name, minus the subtitle. The game follows soldier Ares as he battles his way through a multi-level dungeon attempting to outrun a sorceress.

Corpse Party is a horror adventure game that released on PSP here in North America. You can read our review of the game here.

Xseed has no release date or window for either game, but is promising trailers for E3 next week.

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Our Take
I'm not familiar with Brandish, but it sounds interesting. I hope it gets a Vita release with trophies, as opposed to a PSP release, which would still be downloadable and playable on Vita. – The Feed

Loadout bringing PS4 owners an embarrassment of bullets

Loadout, a cartoonish third-person shooter that lets you build the weapon of your dreams and your enemies’ nightmares, will be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4, developer Edge of Reality has announced. Like its Steam counterpart, Loadout on PS4 will…
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Lionhead bringing Fable Anniversary to PC

While Fable Anniversary was previously exclusive to Xbox 360 owners, a clamoring cacophony of Fable fans has apparently persuaded Lionhead and Microsoft to bring the HD remake of the 2004 Xbox game to Steam. When and for how much, however, are tales…
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Mario Kart 8 bringing Mercedes DLC to Japan, shocking imagery to all

No, it isn’t the end of the world and frogs are not falling from the skies. That really is a real-life car in Mario Kart 8. As part of a surreal collaboration between Nintendo and Mercedes Benz, Japanese players are getting the Mercedes GLA as a DLC…
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Nintendo Bringing Mario Kart To NASCAR

Mario, in promotion of Mario Kart 8, will be on Matt Kenseth's No. 20 car in an upcomgin NASCAR race.

Kenseth will have Mario on his car during the Nationwide Series History 300 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you are physically attending the race, Nintendo has brought Mario Kart 8 kiosks ahead of the game's May 30 release date, as well as some Mario and Luigi mascots prime for photo-ops.

For our review of Mario Kart 8, head here. For our Mario Kart 8 Test Chamber. Mario Kart 8 launches May 30 on Wii U.

You can also see a time-lapse video of the Mario Kart 8 advertisement being attached to the car below.

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Our Take
First the Dogecoin car, now this? It looks like video games and Internet culture are working together to take over NASCAR. – The Feed

Goat Simulator Developer Bringing A Story About My Uncle To Steam Later This Month

The next project from Coffee Stain Studios is looking to offer a much different experience than the comedy-focused zaniness of Goat Simulator.

A Story About My Uncle comes from developer Gone North Games. Coffee Stain Studios is serving a publishing role on the title. In the game, which is a non-violent first-person platformer, players use crazy inventions to explore strange environments to seek out their lost uncle. You can check out a trailer for the game below which launches on Steam on May 28.

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You can check out our review of Goat Simulator by heading here.

[Source: Coffee Stain Studios on YouTube, Steam via Polygon]


Our Take
Coffee Stain Studios isn't developing this title, but it is attaching itself to it, perhaps in an attempt to show it is capable of more than just goofy games about goats with sticky tongues. I am a big fan of games where you can jump impressive distances, so this trailer has definitely made me interested. – The Feed

Ibb and Obb bringing its gravity-twisting co-op to Steam

Ibb and Obb makes the jump from PS3 to Windows PC on May 26, although in its world a jump is no simple thing. Gravity goes up as well as down in Sparpweed’s platformer, which makes for all kind of bizarre puzzles.

Luckily you have a local or online…
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