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Sony bringing PlayStation 2 titles to PS4 using emulator

Sony has confirmed it’s using emulation technology to bring PlayStation 2 titles to current-gen hardware. …

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Making a business out of bringing games like System Shock back

Fast Company chats with the folks at Night Dive Studios about how they’ve made a business out of buying the rights to old games, patching them to work on modern machines and putting them back on sale. …

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Gunman Clive Creator Bringing A Demo Of His Game To… Game Boy Color?

Bertil Hörberg, creator of the 3DS (and now Wii U) platformer Gunman Clive recently posted an update about a surprising side project.

Hörberg, for fun, decided to bring his game to Game Boy and Game Boy Color – a handheld console that was discontinued in 2003. It's not a port of the full game, but rather a demo port of the first level.

You can check out our review of Gunman Clive 2 by heading here.

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Our Take
It's a weird, but charming side project, and one totally in line with the tone of the game. It feels like a classic Game Boy platformer to begin with. – The Feed

Nintendo Celebrates Back To The Future Day By Bringing Wild Gunman To Virtual Console

Back to the Future fans likely remember Wild Gunman as the game Marty McFly plays while visiting the '80s café in Back to the Future Part II. The kids of 2015 weren’t particularly thrilled with his display, but maybe you’ll have better luck impressing today's youth when Wild Gunman arrives on Virtual Console this week.

Wild Gunman launched alongside the NES on October 18, 1985 and hasn’t been re-released in any form until now. The light-gun shooter originally used the NES Zapper, which the Wii remote will emulate in the Virtual Console release. If you're a Smash fan, you may recognize the gunslingers from Duck Hunt dog's attacks in Super Smash Bros. 

The game arrives to the European Wii U Virtual Console Thursday, October 22 with news of a U.S. release possibly hitting around the same time (Thursday mornings are typically when Nintendo shares downloadable release news). 

You can watch Marty flaunt his Wild Gunman skills in the clip below. 

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[Source: Wired]

Our Take
I've never played Wild Gunman, but it's always nice to see the Virtual Console bolstered by another classic title. Doing this as a way to celebrate Back to the Future, which I am nostalgic for, is a cool gesture as well. – The Feed

All about ports: Bringing Shovel Knight to a new platform

“Platform conversions don’t have to be arduous exercises in masochism! Conscious design decisions can greatly ease the effort involved in moving your game to new platforms.” …

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Bringing a 2D puzzler to VR in Fantastic Contraption for Vive

The developers of Fantastic Contraption explain what they learned about best practices for VR development when they ported their simple 2D puzzle game into a 3D experience for Vive. …

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Stanford team battles VR sickness by bringing worlds into focus

Stanford University research team hopes to cure nauseating side effects of VR by bringing virtual reality into focus — with new technology that helps the eyes adjust to wearing a headset. …

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Dave & Buster’s Arcade Chain Considering Bringing Pokkén Tournament To North America

Pokkén Tournament, the Pokémon/Tekken hybrid arcade game, may be heading to North America by way of Dave & Busters.

In a reddit AMA with Kevin Bachus, Dave & Buster's senior vice president of entertainment & game strategy, he remarked on the possibility of bringing the game to the restaurant/arcade chain. When asked by redditor Seven29, "You guys are on good terms with Nintendo/Namco, right? Pokkén Fighters would be likely to at least get a location test if they offered it, right?" Bacchus replied, "Yes. We will be testing Pokkén. Candidly both Namco and I are more optimistic about that title and our typical guests than Tekken."

Currently, the game is only available in Japanese arcades where the game saw release earlier this month. This is by no means a guarantee that the game will make its way to all Dave & Buster's locations, but currently, it's the best chance the game has of coming to North America.

For more on Pokkén Tournament, head here.

[Source: Reddit, via NeoGAF, Polygon]


Our Take
This is one of the odder uses of the Pokémon license, but I am curious to see how it plays. I don't think anything can unseat Super Smash Bros. in terms of fighting games featuring Pokémon, but I hope the game does find a home here somewhere. – The Feed

Report: 2K Sports Might Be Bringing Back College Basketball

Today, ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell stated on his Twitter that 2K Sports has obtained the licenses for at least 10 college basketball teams and will have some sort of college basketball offering for players.

Recently, speculation occurred that 2K Sports had something in the works after Operation Sports was able to confirm licensing for a set of teams using the The Collegiate Licensing Company's database (which handles most licensing for NCAA products). Unfortunately, after the report gained some traction, 2K no longer appears using the search for any of the teams it was previously listed under (Arizona, Arizona State, Connecticut, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, Villanova and Wisconsin.)  However, a recent leaked achievement list for NBA 2K16 also pointed to some involvement with college teams.

Rovell's report today only adds more credence to the possibility that 2K will bring back college basketball. Whether this is just for a part of Visual Concept's NBA 2K series or a brand new college basketball game remains to be seen, but Rovell's last sentence seems to indicate a new college basketball game. 2K Sports last published its NCCA series in 2008. EA Sports stopped soon after in 2009. In recent days, a $ 60 million settlement had been finalized due to  EA and The Collegiate Licensing Corporation improperly using players' likeness and not compensating them for such across its various college franchises. 

Rovell also revealed on Twitter that despite rumors to the contrary,  EA is unlikely to return with a college football game.


We reached out to 2K for confirmation and will update this story should we receive a response. 

[Source: Twitter, Operation Sports, True Achievements]



Our Take
Rovell is a pretty trusted source and I doubt he'd put something like that on his Twitter without doing his due diligence. This is pretty exciting, as every time March Madness rolls around, it bums me out that there's no longer a college hoops game out there. College basketball is exciting in its own right. After everything has played out in court, it feels like it's a good time to bring it back. Time will tell just what 2K has planned, but I'm excited to find out. – The Feed

Bringing Lara Croft to life: The tech and art of it

“When you’re putting together a well-known character like Lara, you have to be aware of every aspect that goes into making her,” says Rise of the Tomb Raider senior character artist Kam Yu. …

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