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Blog: Using language to make our games more inclusive when localizing

This article will be putting forward the case for more localization in games, but also how to do it on a budget. …

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Blog: The indie’s guide to surviving events

Whether you’re looking for feedback, exposure, press or just dev chit-chat, leaving your office for a few days might be good for you. Here’s some tips to follow if you plan on doing just that. …

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Blog: Analytics and KPIs – Marketing for video games

Here’s how a business analyst uses metrics to map out opportunities in the game industry. …

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Blog: It was all for love – The Evangeline postmortem

In this post, Nicholas Laborde, video game “business guy” and founder of Raconteur Games, recounts the development of a game about life, love, and loss. …

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Blog: Female gamers want to kill you, just not with guns

Survey data on gamer preferences in thematic setting and weapon choice. When it comes to killing things, female gamers are more selective about the weapons they use. …

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Blog: How ‘games as service’ delayed Owlboy for nearly a year

In this post, Jo-Remi Madsen of D-Pad Studio (Owlboy, Savant – Ascent) writes how ‘games as service’ ended up delaying Owlboy for a long period of time, due to maintaining their first minor title. …

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Blog: Building a scalable online game with Azure, part 1

In this blog series, I’m walking you through the basics of getting your gaming backend up and running in the cloud and storing your player data in a scalable cloud storage. …

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Blog: A design discussion – Bloodborne vs Dark Souls 3

From Software has been refining their action RPG design to a tee, and it’s now time to break down two of their biggest hits. …

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Blog: How much money will your mobile game make?

Learn professional techniques used to forecast the potential revenue of F2P mobile games including key performance indicators, how to estimate the size of your market, and genre based metric values. …

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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (February 16, 2017)

Another week full
of blogs – and great ones to boot! It seems with the impending release of a new Zelda
game, we all have Link and company on the brain.

Community Blogs For
February 9 – February 15:

Wrong with Battlefield 1

When StarterPack writes about issues he has with Battlefield 1, he gives us
a thorough look at what worked and didn't. Also, don't get him started on the
issue of the flamethrower.

a Gamer Without Gaming

Cru Hunter knows it's tough to find time to game when you have responsibilities
like a job and a family. But there other ways to enjoy gaming, and our blogger
informs us of some of his favorites. I find podcasts a chore to listen to – and
don't enjoy many gaming ones – but it's a great way to stay up to date on the

Essentials Challenge

Father Titan has a fun challenge where bloggers will play "essential" games
and then interview the player about them. It's a good list, and all of the
games – from Mass Effect to Cave Story – deserve a spot on every essentials

Replay, or Not to Replay

Attackcobra poses a good question: Is a game worth replaying? Some people
do it for Achievements or Trophies. I like to replay games when I've forgotten
them enough to make it worth enjoying again. It's the same for me with books,
comics, and movies.

Every Legend of Zelda Title

Taking on the gargantuan task of ranking Zelda games is Haley Shipley. What
are your favorites? I'd put Ocarina in number one, and Majora's Mask as far
away from that spot as possible, if we're talking the original release and not
the fine-tuned 3DS version.

First Favorite Game of the Year is Mobile?

General Mills44 can't quite believe it, but Fire Emblem Heroes may
just be one of the best he's played. Mobile gaming really hasn't offered me the kind of experiences I care about, but while Fire Emblem Heroes isn't something
I'll stick with, it did get me back to playing the original games on 3DS.

Dead Space 4 Should Be

When issacclarke322 writes about Dead Space, the blogger is writing about his
favorite series. Here we get some ideas for another iteration of the series. Basically,
the story and setting need to return to the intense
psychological horror of the first two games .

Community Writing

Who has been the
most helpful video game partner you've had? Maybe it was a computer-controlled
partner in Call of Duty. Or was it someone who saved your back online in Star
Wars: Battlefront? Let us know!

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