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Acclaim game rereleased nearly a decade after being sold at auction

Almost ten years after being sold off by publisher Acclaim in a bankruptcy auction, Criterion Games’ 1999 hoverboard racer TrickStyle for the PC and Sega Dreamcast was quietly rereleased this week. …

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Lara Croft Go Charity Auction Raising Money For Child’s Play Accompanies Game Discount

Lara Croft Go, the mobile turn-based strategy game starring the Tomb Raider herself, is on sale, and there is an associated eBay auction charity raising money for Child's Play.

You can grab Lara Croft Go for $ 3.99 right now. Regarding the charity auctions, there are three eBay actions available to bid on with 100% of the proceeds going to the Child's Play charity. Each one includes a Lara Croft & Temple of Osiris Steam Code, Lara Croft & Temple of Osiris Gold Edition Mini Figure, Lara Croft & Temple of Osiris lithographic and art book, a Lara Croft GO 3D Viewmaster, and a unique official Lara Croft GO PAX15 Poster signed by the Square Enix Montréal development team. You can find the auctions here, here, and here.

For our review of Lara Croft Go, head here.


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Good cause. Good game. It's a win-win. I don't generally get into turn-based games like Go, but I kind of want to play something as I am getting excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider. – The Feed

New Trailer Shows Off Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker’s Demon Auction

Atlus has release a trailer detailing the new Demon Auction mode from Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker.

For Record Breaker, players will have to purchase demons through auctions, rather than just signing pacts and fusing. The auction option also allows players to access demons they wouldn’t normally have access to. Check out the trailer for an explanation of how the system will fit within the game.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker releases for 3DS on May 5. For more on Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, check out the story and relationship trailers. – The Feed

’00001′ Anniversary Edition PS4 sells for $128K in charity auction

The first-off-the-line Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 went for ¥15.135 million in an online charity auction last night, which converts to a stunning $ 128,000. Sony Japan’s auction ended this weekend with the huge bid on the special grey console, w…
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[Update] Steam Holiday Auction To Resume Shortly, Gem Issues Resolved

Update 2: Valve has posted an update on the Steam Holiday Auction page stating that auctions will resume shortly. Here is the complete statement:

"We apologize for the interruption. The Yeti has been contained. We had an issue with gems that means we need to reset and start again.

– All gems created by you will be returned to your inventory

– Gem purchases from the Community market will be reimbursed

– Auction bids have been canceled and the auction will be reset

– Trades involving gems are being investigated on a case-by-case basis"

Update 1: The Steam Holiday Auction is currently suspended, due to what the official site says are "some issues with gems." Kotaku is reporting that these issues are some exploits that some less-than-honest Steam users are using to duplicate or artificially inflate their gem count.

Original Story:

Valve just announced a new promotion called Steam Auction that will allow you turn Steam Community items into gems that can be use to bid on new games.

Steam users can now turn unused items like trading cards, backgrounds, and emoticons into "Steam Gems." These gems can be used as currency to bid on a series of auctions rounds that will end every 45 minutes from December 15 at 7:45 a.m. until December 18 at 10 a.m. The first round is currently live on the Steam Holiday Auction site. The first round includes games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Star Wars Battlefront II, and The Talos Principle.

Different items have different values, Valve says you should craft Trading Cards into badges, as "the resulting emoticons and backgrounds have high gem values." There's a FAQ on the site that will answer more of your questions. Head over the and start bidding!

[Source: Valve]


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Steam is a popular service, and it's things like this that engender so much consumer loyalty. It's definitlely a creative way to create some excitement around Steam in the busy holiday season, and also rewards the service's most loyal customers. – The Feed

Steam Holiday Auction in a gem of a jam, temporarily closed

Steam launched its “Holiday Auction” overnight, promising that 100 copies of nearly 2,000 games would go up for grabs. However, things got off to a rocky start, and Valve “temporarily closed” the event mere hours after it begun, amid suspected exploi…
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Excavated E.T. Atari carts fetch more than $1,500 at auction

One man’s trash is another man’s pricey, crushed game cartridge. Last week’s eBay auctions for Atari cartridges unearthed during the production of the Atari: Game Over documentary have concluded, with the top-grossing auction pulling in $ 1,537 for a…
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Botting to a $130,000 profit in the Diablo III Auction House

Bulgarian bot user “Cherokee Brook” details how he made over € 100,000 (over $ 133,000) in a year of exploiting Diablo III’s real money Auction House. …

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PSA: Diablo 3 Auction House closes its doors on June 24

The Auction House in Diablo 3 that allowed players to sell items for in-game gold or real-world money will close up shop this week, Blizzard has reminded us. While the option to bid on, buyout or list new auctions was disabled back on March 18,…
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The ‘world’s largest game collection’ on the auction block

Owner of online game shop Good Deal Games auctions off a collection of over 11,000 games — verified by Guinness to be largest. …

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