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Atlus & Vanillaware Reveal Odin Sphere Remake & New Project

Atlus and Vanillaware have announced an HD remake of the 2007 PS2 title Odin Sphere. The project is called Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, and it's not the only thing the pair are working on.

Leifdrasir (currently only announced for release in Japan on January 14) is coming to the PS4, PS3, and Vita, and will feature new enemies, maps, and more – including tweaks to make the gameplay smoother and faster.

The two companies also teased a new project, with more info coming in September (possibly at Tokyo Game Show), which you can see briefly below.

Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir

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Atlus & Vanillaware's Upcoming Project

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Our Take
In a time when most companies give gamers warmed-over remakes that don't add anything new, it's great that Atlus and Vanillaware are going the extra mile with Leifdrasir (including putting it on PS3) and not letting it slow them down from new projects as well. – The Feed

Sega Says It’s Learned From Atlus, Will Restore Trust With Fans

When Sega acquired Atlus in 2013, there were fears that the niche publisher would be transformed by its new parent. Through nearly two years of releases and an unwavering commitment to loyal fans, those concerns have largely been abated.

What few (if any) foresaw was that Atlus wouldn’t just thrive under Sega, but would play a role in reforming the Sonic publisher’s business. According to a Siliconera translation of a recent interview in Famitsu, Sega has watched how Atlus operates and will be incorporating successful practices into its own business.

“As far as the Western market goes, we learned a lot from Atlus,” says Sega president and CEO Hajime Satomi. “If we can make a title with proper quality, I believe there’s a good chance for it to do well even in the West for players that like to play Japanese games.”

Satomi also says that he recognizes over the last decade, Sega has “partially betrayed” the trust of long-time fans. Sega may have something to announce at Tokyo Game Show this year, but Satomi recognizes that its shift to greater quality and its efforts to make amends to fans will be a longer endeavor.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
As an admirer of Atlus’ games and the way the company communicates with fans, this is a multi-faceted win for gamers. Atlus seems to have established itself in its new home with no outward facing changes, and it may help Sega return to the powerhouse it once was. If Satomi and his staff follow through on the sentiments in the Famitsu interview, it may very well be the salvation Sega fans have been waiting years for. – The Feed

Atlus Is Bringing Song-Filled RPG Stella Glow To North America

Atlus has announced that it will be publishing Imageepoch’s lyrical roleplaying game Stella Glow here in North America. The title is slated for a 2015 release.

There aren’t any localized assets yet, but we have the Japanese trailer for the title so you can get a feel for the theme and combat. The title was originally published by Atlus parent Sega overseas.

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In Stella Glow, Alto (pictured above) must unite the witches of the land in battle against Hilda, the Witch of Destruction. Players will use the magic of song in battle against her minions.

Stella Glow is a new IP from Imageepoch, which developed the Luminous Arc series (published by Atlus) on the Nintendo DS. We’ll have more information about the game as it’s revealed. – The Feed

Atlus Announces Traitorous Strategy RPG Lost Dimension For North America

Atlus has announced it will be publishing Lost Dimension, a unique take on strategy RPGs. The title, which was published in Japan in 2014, will be making its way to North America and Europe this year.

Lost Dimension twists the genre by putting traitors in your midst. After each mission, you’ll need to choose one member to eliminate from existence.

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The process is handled through psychic investigation and a trial. This is randomized (unlike games like Danganronpa), meaning that you won’t be able to cheat by looking up a walkthrough.

The title is planned for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita (with PlayStation TV compatibility) this summer. It’s also headed to Europe courtesy of NIS. – The Feed

Atlus crawls back into the dungeon with Etrian Odyssey 5

Mere days after the North American debut of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Atlus is planning a return to lengthy, life-consuming dungeon crawls with the newly-unveiled Etrian Odyssey 5.

Little is known of the next entry in the long-running,…
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Atlus’ EarthBound Love Letter Citizens Of Earth Delayed Again

Citizen's of Earth, the EarthBound inspired RPG where you play as the vice president of the United States, is now coming out early next year.

The game, a turn-based RPG from developer Eden Industries, follows the vice president as he builds a team of random citizens to battle some kind of threat – that part of the game isn't entirely clear yet. It was delayed once already back in August, and is now slipping beyond its November release date.

Atlus brought the game by the office a few months ago and showed off some gameplay, which you can see in the Test Chamber video below. You can also check out a new batch of screens for the game in the gallery below.

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Citizens of Earth is now coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Vita, 3DS, and Wii U on January 20. For more on the game, head here. – The Feed

Atlus gives Persona lovers more Persona to love!

Persona 5, the first entry in the role-playing series developed for the PS3, will be coming stateside sometime in 2015. That’s the big news Atlus announced this week. No word yet on the characters or the storyline, though it’s a safe bet it will involve school children (for the former) and battling monsters (for the latter).

Atlus got a little less vague about the spin-off titles also making their way west; Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will launch in the Fall of 2014 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night sometime in 2015. Persona Q, the first Persona title to grace the Nintendo 3DS, will combine Persona 3 and 4 characters with Etrian Odyssey-inspired dungeon crawling. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the PS3 and X360 bound sequel to Persona 4 Arena, continues the story of the first fighting game and adds new fighting modes and a new character – Sho Minazuki, a mysterious man sporting two facial scars and two swords. Some people will go to such extremes to coordinate. And finally Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a rhythm-based action game for PS Vita, sees Persona 4‘s Rise battling beasties from the Midnight Stage with the POWER! OF! DANCE! to the tune of 30 pulse-thumping tracks.

Releasing now, absolutely free of charge: the waiting game.

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Atlus Confirms Four Persona Games For North American Release

If you have Persona envy over November’s Japanese announcements, you can put down the evoker. Atlus USA is confirming all four of the Persona games for North American release.

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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
First up, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a crossover featuring characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4. The gameplay is borrowed from the Etrian Odyssey series, which we suspect means first person exploration and a the need to map out the dungeon on the 3DS’ lower screen.

The different character groups will follow different paths through the story as they investigate Yasogami’ High School’s eerie clock tower. This marks the first time that Atlus’ Persona branch of the Shin Megami Tensei series comes to a Nintendo platform. 

Persona Q will be out in Fall 2014. For more, check out two new trailers out of Japan.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
The sequel to Persona 4 Arena, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, will be headed here this fall. The Persona 3 and 4 characters from the original return, along with new fighters Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori. The title also introduces a new villain, Sho Minazuki. Look for it on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night
In 2015, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, will come to PlayStation Vita. This title puts the cast of Persona 4 on the “Midnight Stage.” Fighting shadows in the traditional ways won’t work, but dancing will. As you might have guessed, Dancing All Night is a rhythm game.

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Persona 5
Finally, Persona 5 is now confirmed for North American release. The title will be coming to PlayStation 3 in 2015. Not much has been revealed yet, but we suspect that social links and shadows will be on hand.


Our Take
We had high hopes for Persona 5 and Persona Q making their way to North America, but getting all four is a nice surprise. It'll be interesting to see what the PlayStation 3 library looks like in 2015, but I expect that even if many have largely retired the system by then, it'll get reconnected just for Persona 5. – The Feed

Atlus confirms four new Persona games for North America

In November, Atlus revealed four new games in the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off series, Persona. Notably absent from that announcement was any information on a North American release, but now Atlus has revealed its plan to bring those games to the…
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Atlus Shows Off Even More Conception Classes

The premise behind Conception II is bizarre, but the basic result is that players have 30 classes of "star children" to do battle in a labyrinth. Today, Atlus has revealed more details about some of these classes.

This batch highlights eight kinds of Star Children. Read the official descriptions from Atlus below, and check out the images in the gallery.

This early-to-mid game unit excels at hitting weak points with bows and tricky movement. Archers are good attackers that can add effects to their attacks, be it debuffs, status conditions, etc.

This master of weaponry can wear down opponents with repeated smashing. Can break enemies' defense, and shatter enemy power. They're a fairly powerful unit to acquire early game, but drop off in mid-to-late game.

With dapper hats and tuxedo outfits, Bondsmen are late-game units that require maxing out your relationship bond with their mother. They wield lances and unlike most other units, they use Bond Points for their magic attacks and heals instead of mana.

This pop idol-like musician is a stronger version of the minstrel. This support unit requires an extremely rare item to create. But in addition to buffing allies and debuffing enemies, she can also revive her teammates.

Gun Saint
Take a paladin, give him a gun, and you get a Gun Saint. This late-game unit requires a special rare drop, but with gold armor and a powerful weapon, the GS can penetrate any armor.

Strong attacking class that excels at building Chain gauge quickly to help immobilize units. Deals an incredible amount of damage in the right team composition, and are available mid game.

This early game unit is great for wheeling and dealing, as well as axing monsters right in their face. In addition to strong attacks, Merchants also have the ability to summon a shop to buy or sell items, in case you find yourself mid-dungeon without enough health or mana potions.

Rangers are quick to adapt to a multitude of roles within a party. They have effective heals, and debilitating debuff attacks. Their defense also allows them to be solid protectors. Rangers are a good mid-game choice for all but the most specialized parties.

For more info, you can read about some other classes, and watch a video. – The Feed