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Obituary: Pinball, video game artist and designer Python Anghelo

Python Anghelo, designer of the classic Pin-Bot tables and arcade hit Joust, has succumbed to cancer, according to a post on his GoFundMe page. …

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Artist Offers An Interesting Take On Venusaur

Artist Davis Surman recently posted an interesting take on a fully evolved Bulbasaur.

It has an interesting style, evoking a sense of loneliness as there is no trainer in sight, and Venusaur stares into his Pokéball home. On the blog post of the piece Surman writes, "I remember buying Pokémon (Blue) on the day it came out in the shops. How many hours did I spend running around the long grass looking for monsters?"

For a less serious discussion of all things Pokémon, check out our list of the 23 weirdest.

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Legendary Dungeons & Dragons Artist David Trampier Has Died

Today the sad news broke that the original Dungeons & Dragons artist David Trampier has passed away at the age of 59.

The Southern Illinoisan posted a short obituary stating that Trampier died on March 24. Trampier created all the original artwork for the early versions of the iconic table-top role-playing game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, including the first edition.

He quit working as an artist in 1988 for unknown reasons and drove a taxicab in Carbondale, IL. He had been in ill health in recent years, suffering a stroke in 2013.

Sources: Tor, The Southern Illinoisan

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While its a pen-and-paper game, you could argue that Dungeons & Dragons has had as much influence as any actual video game on the game industry. From character progression to turn-based battle systems, the fingerprints of D&D are all over video games to this day. Trampier's work as an artist helped define D&D to generations of gamers, and also influenced the general look and feel of high fantasy and video game art for years to come. Rest in peace. – The Feed

Pixeljam, comics artist Kochalka launch Glorkian Warrior on iOS

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork, a collaboration between Dino Run studio Pixeljam and comic book artist James Kochalka, hit the iOS App Store today for $ 3, no in-app purchases in sight. The launch trailer explains it all in Adult Swim-style…
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Infamous: Second Son live-action trailer shows a misunderstood artist

While this live-action ad for Infamous: Second Son is pretty cool, we think there may be a secret reveal going on here. Does Delsin have superhuman graffiti skills? How else do you explain spraying up a whole base of SWAT-like guys with armored…
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Titanfall Artist To Hold Live Q&A On Twitch

If you're devouring any Titanfall information you can before the game's launch, then you might want to tune into N0M4D's Twitch channel tomorrow to listen to Respawn's lead artist Joel Emslie candidly talk about the game.

Randy Fitzgerald, aka N0M4D, is a huge fan of shooters. In spite of a disability, Fitzgerald is able to play games using his face. This pro player was such a fan of Call of Duty that Infinity Ward named a button layout after him.

When the Infinity Ward team moved on to start Respawn, the two parties continued a friendship. Now that N0M4D has signed a two-year contract with Twitch TV, he'll be doing a LIVE Titanfall Q&A with lead artist Joel Emslie at 7 p.m. CST tomorrow, March 4. Fitzgerald has promised that he's not planning on holding anything back, so if you're interested in getting the scoop on the state of Titanfall a week before launch, then tune into N0M4D's Twitch stream.


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I always love seeing game developers interact with their fans, and it's great to see people like Fitzgerald rise up against their misfortunes and succeed in impressive ways. I'll probably check into this Twitch stream just to see what these two guys have to say. – The Feed

Get a job: 2K is hiring a Senior Character Artist

The folks at 2K Games are looking to hire a senior-level character artist to work on a current-gen game in the studio’s Novato, CA office. …

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Artist Uses Pixelation To Represent Fading Memories

Much of artist Hollis Brown Thornton’s work invokes 8-bit gaming with its pixelated qualities and game references. Unlike some other artists, Thornton’s use of pixelation serves an additional purpose besides just looking cool.

Whether using old family photos, VHS tapes, or images from pop culture, Thornton enjoys the unique qualities pixelating a physical object can create and what it can represent.

“Whenever I use something from the past, either the pop culture images or family photos, I try to somehow change the image, perhaps obscure certain elements,” Thornton says. “I associate that with the way memory breaks down or simplifies, makes the past vague, perhaps altered by my personal experiences. It is one reason I enjoy converting a VHS box art to pixels. Part of it is the simplification and obscurity of specific details while maintaining the overall structure. At the same time, the pixels represent the change from physical to digital media.”

Thornton was inspired by 8-bit gaming, growing up when the Nintendo Entertainment System was released. “I think a lot of it is the charming visual simplicity of those games," he says. "I think that is one of the reasons a lot of younger people love Minecraft so much, that basic visual structure is easy to wrap your mind around.”

You can check out more of Thornton’s work on his website. – The Feed

How Metal Gear Solid’s Artist Helped Pacific Rim

In this bonus video interview, we steer away from our month of coverage on Metal Gear Solid V to share the inside story on an unexpected collaboration. Metal Gear Solid's art director Yoji Shinkawa is well known for his designs of multiple Metal Gears and the orbital frames in Zone of the Enders, but his work with Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim was his first entry into the world of Hollywood films. To learn more about Shinkawa's career working on Metal Gear Solid, check out our video interview about his past and the future of the series.

Watch the video below to learn how this collaboration happened and the only aspect of the work that disappointed Shinkawa.

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To learn much more about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, click on the banner below to enter our exclusive content hub. – The Feed

Legend Of Zelda Turned Into Playing Cards By Artist

The mythology and artwork of the Legend of Zelda inspires a nearly uncountable amount of fan art, some good and some bad. This playing card set created by an artist going by the alias Soren Kalla is an example of the former.

The deck uses the Triforce, Arrows, Rupees, and Hearts as the four suits, instead of the traditional spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. Both heroes and villains alike appear in a hybrid form between Zelda character and playing card likeness, including series favorites like Link, Zelda, and Ganon.

The Hylian Court playing cards set is available for $ 12.00. There is also a bonus set of extra Royal cards for the extreme Zelda fan. This set goes for another $ 10 and includes Sheik, Midna (imp form), Happy Mask Salesman, Girahim, the Hero’s Spirit, and Epona. Other products like prints, T-Shirts, posters, phone cases, and more products using the Hylian Court card designs are being sold from the artist’s Redbubble page – The Feed