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Get a job: Be an Environment Artist at Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucasfilm’s VFX/animation studio, seeks an experienced environment artist to work alongside a team of artists and game designers at its San Francisco, CA office. …

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Dishonored And Half-Life 2 Artist Viktor Antonov Joins Darewise Entertainment

Viktor Antonov, the man behind creating the environments of both Dishonored's Dunwall and Half-Life 2's City 17, is now joining Darewise Entertainment.

Antonov was the art director and conceptual artist for Half-Life 2, and the visual design director for Dishonored. Now, he's bringing his expertise to Darewise, a studio headed by former Ubisoft director Benjamin Charbit. Darewise is currently working on Rokh, a mutliplayer survival game that takes place on Mars. It's a project that Antonov believes is right up his alley.

"What I’ve been doing for the past 20 years is creating sci-fi worlds," he says in the video below. "Everything starts with a pencil, a synopsis, and a script."

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You can learn about Dishonored's sequel, which takes place in the new city of Karnaca, by checking out our video interview with Bethesda regarding the exaggerated art direction.

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With Antonov's track record, I'm optimistic that Rokh will have some stellar environmental artwork. Thinking back to my time with Dunwall in Dishonored, it was a city with tons of personality. I look forward to seeing what he brings on this new venture, even though I don't know much about Rokh yet. – The Feed

Get a job: Hi-Rez seeks a Senior Concept Artist

The studio behind Smite seeks an experienced concept artist to take a senior position at Hi-Rez Studios’ Alpharetta, Georgia HQ to work on “exciting new game projects.” …

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Get a job: Be a Texture Artist at Telltale Games

Tales from the Borderlands developer Telltale Games seeks a Texture Artist to work on games alongside the rest of the team at the company’s San Rafael, CA headquarters. …

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Artist Re-Imagines Pokémon With A Canadian Twist

Artist Darren Calvert has taken familiar Pokémon, but given them a bit of a northern twist. I recently consulted our resident Canadian and fellow intern, Haley MacLean, to help break down the parody behind each Canadian Pokémon.

  • Number 725, Dubbledubble: This Pokémon is a play on a type of coffee with "two creams, two sugars" often ordered at the popular Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons – the Pokémon is styled after the shop's cup, as well.
  • Number 734, Bobndug: A take on the Pokémon Diglett, Bobndug is reference to Bob and Doug McKenzie, fictional Canadian characters created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. 
  • Number 830, Hoser: In Canada, according to MacLean, to call someone a "Hoser" is to refer to them as "trash," possibly the reasoning behind why the Pokémon looks so angry. The term originates from hockey, where losing teams would have to hose down a rink to smooth out cracks.
  • Number 780, Loonie: Canadian one dollar coins are referred to as "Loonies," and feature pictures of the loon bird. "There's a lot of Loons where I'm from [Halifax]," MacLean adds.
  • Number 811, Pux: "Just some good old hockey pucks," MacLean says.
  • Numbers 821 and 822, Poutiny and Poutitan: A play on the famous gross food, poutine. Which, according to MacLean, is the best drunk food ever created.

It is currently not known if these Pokémon will be featured in the Canadian version upcoming augmented-reality game, Pokemon Go.

[Source: Darren Calvert] – The Feed

Get a job: Hi-Rez Studios is hiring an experienced Concept Artist

The Tribes: Ascend and Smite developer seeks an experienced concept artist to take a senior position at Hi-Rez Studios’ Alpharetta, Georgia HQ to work on “exciting new game projects.” …

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Realistic Pokémon Artist Puts All His Recent Work Into Giant Impressive Collage

Click the image for the full banner.

RJ Palmer, whose work imagining Pokémon as realistic creatures is always impressive, recently gathered up a number of his creations into one huge collage.

Palmer refers to the montage as his season 2 collection of designs and says it features more than 100 species of Pokémon on his deviantart page. Alongside the montage, Palmer has also released a printed book of the collection, which you can find here.

For more impressive work from Palmer click the links to see Yveltal, Latios, Latias, And Salamence, Zapdos and Voltorb, Ninetales, Steelix and Onix, Kyogre, Tentacruel, and Omastar, Kyurem, Raikou, Abomasnow, and Mr. Mime, Gyarados and Rayquaza, Lugia and Tyrantrum, Giratina, Feraligatr, and Meganium. RJ Palmer has been creating these impressive realistic Pokémon for quite some time. You can see more of his collection on his blog, as well as his DeviantArt page.

[Source: arvalis on DeviantArt,] – The Feed

Meet The Uncharted 4 Artist Who Made Nathan Drake So Good At Journaling

One of the highlights of Uncharted 4, is discovering the journal notes and finding places that inspire Nate’s own entries. And while it’s easy to imagine Drake as the world’s fastest sketch artist, his work is actually that of Alexandria Neonakis.

In a recent blog post, Neonakis shares that she was behind the 33 journal spreads that gradually become available in Nate’s journal throughout the game. She also wrote many of the notes scattered about that help tell the story of Henry Avery and Libertalia.

“I think the coolest part about the whole thing is my young nephew and cousin came to visit me at the studio,” she writes. “I was showing them some stuff I worked on and my cousin goes ‘so wait… is Nathan Drake’s handwriting your handwriting?’ I think my cool aunt/cousin status tripled that day hahaha.”

You can see her 10 favorite journal spreads in her post, including the one we’ve selected above.

[Source: Alexandra Neonakis] – The Feed

Get a job: Infinity Ward is hiring a Technical Artist

The Call of Duty studio is looking for a technical artist to specialize in materials and lighting and work alongside the team at the company’s Woodland Hills, CA offices. …

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Artist Re-Imagines Overwatch Heroes as Dark Souls Bosses

Passionate fans are known to show love for their favorite games in plenty of ways, in this case by making some awesome art featuring a few Overwatch characters crossing over into the Dark Souls world. The artist may work on more, if there’s demand.

Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest IP, launched today after the servers went live last night. Fans have been clamoring for months about the game’s diverse and colorful cast of heroes with loads of custom art and cosplay pictures hitting the web.

One artist, with the username Doctaword on DeviantArt, posted on the dedicated Overwatch subreddit today to share a gallery of five images featuring some of Overwatch’s most popular characters looking downright frightening and straight out of Dark Souls.

The creator commented on the post to say that the endeavor of re-designing these heroes took a great deal of time, but is open to doing more in the near future. The image sizes also make for great mobile wallpapers if you are looking to express your love for either series.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game received a rare 10 from Game Informer.

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