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Learn How Darksiders And Battle Chasers Artist Joe Madureira Influenced Jak & Daxter’s Look

The latest entry in the Did You Know Gaming video series takes a look at Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter franchise, and showcases some interesting concept art work.

Along with providing an overview of the series' development, the video also showcases some of the early concept art that eventually lead to Jak and Daxter's final designs. You can check out the video below, which also quotes Naughty Dog's responses as to why it abandoned its attempts at a new entry after beginning work on one after the release of Uncharted 2.

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Artist Collective Creates Intriguing Takes On Classic Zelda Enemies

A classic video game hero can gain a lot of enemies over the course of 28 years. Link’s Blacklist, a Legend of Zelda enemy artwork collective, is celebrating those villains in its annual digital art showcase.

Link’s Blacklist, established in 2012, is a group of over 150 artists that submit original pieces to a collection of artwork specifically focused on adversaries seen throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise. The latest update features the three-headed Staldra, Majora’s Mask antagonist Skull Kid, and Ganon's favorite underlings, the Moblins. An average of 50 pieces of art are collected each year. You can see a partial selection of the collection below.

Link’s Blacklist is part of the larger Game Art HQ, a collective of video game art across numerous game franchises. Last year, Game Art HQ contributed to the PlayStation 20th Anniversary Tribute by producing artwork based on 40 PlayStation titles released between 1995 and 2002.

You can see the existing Link's Blacklist gallery on the Game Art HQ website. The new images for this year will be released later this month. – The Feed

Get a job: Ready At Dawn is hiring an experienced Concept Artist

The makers of The Order: 1886 are after an experienced artist to work on creating concept art alongside the team at Ready At Dawn’s Irvine, CA headquarters. …

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Get a job: Be a Lead Character Artist at Monolith Productions

The folks responsible for making Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor seek an artist to serve as a character design lead alongside the rest of the team at Monolith’s Kirkland, Washington office. …

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Get a job: Sony Santa Monica seeks a Character Artist

Sony’s Santa Monica-based studio is looking for an experienced artist to collaborate with the God of War team and develop new characters using a mix of fine art and technical art skills. …

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Watch A Disney Artist Showcase The Platform’s Non-Gaming Application By Drawing In Virtual Reality

When we think VR, we typically think of the platform's video game applications. Seeing Disney artist Glen Keane draw using VR reminds that there's potential outside of immersive interactive experiences.

Glen Keane has been an artist with Disney for years with his name attached to films like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Tangled among others. In the video below, he explores the idea of drawing in a 3D space that the artist inhabits. Obviously, with 3D animation, artists have been drawing in a 3D space for years, but VR offers the first opportunity for an artist to physically step inside that space to draw, and the results are impressive.

It's easy to get hyperbolic when it comes to VR, but seeing Keane's art and hearing him ask, "What does this mean for the future of storytelling?" does inspire some exciting speculation. There's going to be more to VR than just cool video games, and it's easy to forget that.

[Source: The Future of Storytelling on Vimeo] – The Feed

Get a job: NetherRealm seeks an Unreal Engine Technical Artist

The makers of Mortal Kombat are looking for a technical artist well-versed in Unreal Engine to join the team at its Chicago, IL studio to work with the art team on creating in-game assets. …

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Get a job: Insomniac is hiring an Environment Artist

The folks responsible for Sunset Overdrive & Ratchet & Clank are looking to hire an artist to work on modeling, texturing and laying out in-game environments at their studio in Durham, North Carolina. …

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Get a job: Be a UI/UX Artist and Designer at Radiant

The makers of Rising Thunder and Stonehearth are looking for a multi-talented artist and designer to take a lead role on user interface and experience design at their Los Altos, CA headquarters. …

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Get a job: Zindagi Games seeks a Technical Artist

Want to work on 3D mobile games? Southern California-based Zindagi Games is seeking a Maya conversant artist to work on animation and rigging of characters. …

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