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Get a job: Cryptic Studios is hiring a Character Artist

The Star Trek Online dev is hiring an artist to work closely with the rest of the team at its Los Gatos, CA studio and contribute to creating creatures, weapons, armor and costumes in its games. …

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Artist Imagines What A Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Movie Trailer From Studio Ghibli Might Look Like

Back in 2015, artist Matt Vince put together a series faux movie posters imagining a Studio Ghibli take on The Legend of Zelda. Vince took things a step forward recently, by creating a trailer for his Ghibli Zelda movie.

You can check out the video below which marries Vince's art with a solemn, piano rendition of some familiar Zelda music. Its resemblance to a Ghibil movie, (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) really is uncanny. Zelda is a franchise I don't know that I ever actually want to see adapted into a film, but if it were to be done, I think I would be happy if it looked like this.

For more from Vince, you can check out his Tumblr page here.

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Artist Depicts Overwatch’s Tracer In Amazing 3D Chalk Drawing

Artist Chris Carlson from the Awe Me YouTube channel, who specializes in 3D chalk drawings, has dedicated his newest project to Overwatch.

In the video below, you'll see the intricately detailed 3D chalk drawing of the speedy and British Tracer. The clip shows the process of its creation as well as the stunning finished product.

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For more on Overwatch, read our review as well as Game Informer Australia's interview with Blizzard about designing the game.

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Get a job: Magic Leap seeks to hire a 3D Artist

VR/AR startup Magic Leap is hiring a 3D artist to “join our growing team in New Zealand and help us build the ultimate robot disintegrating science fiction experience”, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders. …

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Get a job: Be an Environment Artist at Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucasfilm’s VFX/animation studio, seeks an experienced environment artist to work alongside a team of artists and game designers at its San Francisco, CA office. …

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Dishonored And Half-Life 2 Artist Viktor Antonov Joins Darewise Entertainment

Viktor Antonov, the man behind creating the environments of both Dishonored's Dunwall and Half-Life 2's City 17, is now joining Darewise Entertainment.

Antonov was the art director and conceptual artist for Half-Life 2, and the visual design director for Dishonored. Now, he's bringing his expertise to Darewise, a studio headed by former Ubisoft director Benjamin Charbit. Darewise is currently working on Rokh, a mutliplayer survival game that takes place on Mars. It's a project that Antonov believes is right up his alley.

"What I’ve been doing for the past 20 years is creating sci-fi worlds," he says in the video below. "Everything starts with a pencil, a synopsis, and a script."

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You can learn about Dishonored's sequel, which takes place in the new city of Karnaca, by checking out our video interview with Bethesda regarding the exaggerated art direction.

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Our Take
With Antonov's track record, I'm optimistic that Rokh will have some stellar environmental artwork. Thinking back to my time with Dunwall in Dishonored, it was a city with tons of personality. I look forward to seeing what he brings on this new venture, even though I don't know much about Rokh yet. – The Feed

Get a job: Hi-Rez seeks a Senior Concept Artist

The studio behind Smite seeks an experienced concept artist to take a senior position at Hi-Rez Studios’ Alpharetta, Georgia HQ to work on “exciting new game projects.” …

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Get a job: Be a Texture Artist at Telltale Games

Tales from the Borderlands developer Telltale Games seeks a Texture Artist to work on games alongside the rest of the team at the company’s San Rafael, CA headquarters. …

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Artist Re-Imagines Pokémon With A Canadian Twist

Artist Darren Calvert has taken familiar Pokémon, but given them a bit of a northern twist. I recently consulted our resident Canadian and fellow intern, Haley MacLean, to help break down the parody behind each Canadian Pokémon.

  • Number 725, Dubbledubble: This Pokémon is a play on a type of coffee with "two creams, two sugars" often ordered at the popular Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons – the Pokémon is styled after the shop's cup, as well.
  • Number 734, Bobndug: A take on the Pokémon Diglett, Bobndug is reference to Bob and Doug McKenzie, fictional Canadian characters created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. 
  • Number 830, Hoser: In Canada, according to MacLean, to call someone a "Hoser" is to refer to them as "trash," possibly the reasoning behind why the Pokémon looks so angry. The term originates from hockey, where losing teams would have to hose down a rink to smooth out cracks.
  • Number 780, Loonie: Canadian one dollar coins are referred to as "Loonies," and feature pictures of the loon bird. "There's a lot of Loons where I'm from [Halifax]," MacLean adds.
  • Number 811, Pux: "Just some good old hockey pucks," MacLean says.
  • Numbers 821 and 822, Poutiny and Poutitan: A play on the famous gross food, poutine. Which, according to MacLean, is the best drunk food ever created.

It is currently not known if these Pokémon will be featured in the Canadian version upcoming augmented-reality game, Pokemon Go.

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Get a job: Hi-Rez Studios is hiring an experienced Concept Artist

The Tribes: Ascend and Smite developer seeks an experienced concept artist to take a senior position at Hi-Rez Studios’ Alpharetta, Georgia HQ to work on “exciting new game projects.” …

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