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Amazon challenges retail game stores with 20% discount on preorders

As the retail game business gets more challenging for incumbents like GameStop, Amazon makes a major move to shore up its competitiveness. …

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Get a job: Be a Combat Design Lead at Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios wants someone with combat design experience to join their office in Irvine, CA and take a lead role in designing a “fast and fun, visceral combat system.” …

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Get a job: Amazon Games is hiring an experienced UI Artist

Amazon Game Studios wants someone with design experience to join their Double Helix office in Irvine, CA and work on building interface schemes and smooth player interaction experiences. …

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Sponsored: Take a quick game dev survey, receive an Amazon gift card!

Take a minute to fill out this game developer survey to receive a $ 10 Amazon gift card, while supplies last. It’s as simple as that! …

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Get a job: Amazon seeks an experienced Game Programmer

Got a few years of game dev coding experience and a shipped title under your belt? Amazon Game Studios wants someone like you to take a lead role alongside the team at its Seattle, WA offices. …

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Amazon unveils Fire TV Gaming Edition

The newest member of the Amazon Fire family, the game orientated Fire TV Gaming Edition, will arrive on October 5. …

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Amazon Game Studios loses one of its top hires

Amazon has been staffing up for big-time internal projects, but it’s lost a key staffer — Gamasutra can confirm that Splinter Cell dev Clint Hocking has left the company. …

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Report: Clint Hocking Departs Amazon Game Studios

Clint Hocking has departed Amazon Game Studios after 16 months with the company. Hocking joined the company shortly after the announcement of the Amazon Fire TV, an Android-powered set-top box that also plays games.

IGN broke the news of Hocking’s departure earlier this afternoon. Prior to joining Amazon, he was the creative director on Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. After leaving Ubisoft in 2010, Hocking spent time at LucasArts and Valve, working on an unannounced project at the former. No details are available on what he was doing at Valve.

Hocking joined Amazon alongside Kim Swift in April 2014. We've reached out to Hocking for comment and will update should he respond.

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Our Take
With his Ubisoft roots, it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if he joined fellow alum Jade Raymond at EA's Motive in Montreal. It would be a good fit, and give him a solid chance at getting his first game out the door since 2008. If he's headed back to Montreal, he could also be ;and at Warner Bros., which has been quiet post-Arkham Origins. – The Feed

[Update] Amazon Confirms Mighty No. 9 Pre-Orders Are Safe

Update: Amazon has some good news for those that received cancelation emails related to the Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition.

Original Story:

Earlier today, a number of people received an email from Amazon indicating that their Mighty No. 9 special edition had been canceled. The email suggests that the orders were canceled “due to lack of availability,” but fans shouldn’t give up hope yet.

“We are in communication with Amazon,” a Deep Silver representative told us by phone. “We’re working to determine the specifics of the situation and will update as soon as we have more information.”

The publisher assures us that the special edition is still planned (this isn’t going to be a situation like the last-minute cancelation of the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile edition). Other retailers are not impacted and this is an “isolated incident.” Furthermore, Amazon has not canceled all of the pre-orders, though many are effected.

We’ll update as soon as we have more information from Deep Silver, which is publishing the game for Comcept. For more on Mighty No. 9, check out our E3 2015 coverage.


Our Take
Fingers are crossed for those impacted that this is a fluke and there are enough units to cover all the pre-orders. – The Feed

Sandboxr’s 3D-printed game toys now on Amazon

3D-printed Smite, Primal Carnage, and Infinity Blade toys now sell on the massive online storefront thanks to new biz relationship. …

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