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Rumor: German Amazon Listing Reveals Arkham Knight Game Of The Year Edition

According to a retail listing on, a Game of the Year edition of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight may be in the works.

The game is listed at the price of €49.99, with a release date slated for July 28. In the description, it's mentioned that all the DLC are included. However, without any preceding official announcement, it's difficult to say how accurate this listing is.

Notably, Batman: Return to Arkham, a remastered collection featuring Rocksteady's Asylum and City titles, releases the same month.

Batman: Arkham Knight released last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Read our review here

[Source: Amazon Germany via DualShockers]


Our Take
If this listing is true, which it very well may be, it will probably be taken down soon. We might be hearing an official announcement about this Game of the Year edition in the near future. – The Feed

Epic’s Sweeney just wants to sell Unreal Engine, as Amazon, Unity move to services

Unity has added analytics and advertisements, and Amazon’s Lumberyard is free but tightly integrated with Amazon Web Services. Epic’s Tim Sweeney says his company will focus on the engine. …

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Get a job: Amazon seeks a Lumberyard Dev Relations Engineer

Amazon is looking for an experienced coder to work in Seattle, WA with Lumberyard game dev engine teams, and to help internal studios and external partners use the tech to make games. …

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GDC 2016: Amazon & Unity show you how to better use their game engines

Game Developers Conference¬†organizers are excited to highlight some promising day-long sponsored developer days for GDC 2016 next month from Amazon and Unity about their respective game engines. …

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Get practical game dev tips from Amazon and Google at GDC 2016

Game Developers Conference¬†organizers are excited to highlight some promising day-long sponsored developer days for GDC 2016 next month from Amazon, Imagination Technologies and Google experts. …

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Amazon Announces Free Game Engine For Consoles, PC, Mobile

Amazon’s game initiative has expanded from end-user products to engines. The company announced and released today two new tools for game developers, including cloud-driven multiplayer server support.

The Lumberyard engine is a free 3D game engine that is compatible with PC, game consoles, mobile devices, and VR headsets. It is designed with Amazon’s cloud services and Twitch support baked in. Amazon acquired the streaming platform in August 2014 for just short of $ 1 billion.

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The Twitch functions will more readily enable interaction between audience and gameplay. Developers will also be able to include functions that invite viewers into multiplayer games.

Amazon has also announced the GameLift service, which sounds similar to Microsoft’s Azure offering. Developers using the tools will have access to dynamically scaling servers based on player demand.

In the video above, Gunfire Games details how it has experimented with Lumberyard. The studio, which is currently developing Chronos for Oculus Rift, built a playable multiplayer, first-person shooter prototype in three months.

[Source: Amazon]


Our Take
With Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and now Lumberyard, developers have accessible, affordable tools for tinkering. The move away from expensive licenses opens the door for smaller developers to get their games to market without hefty up front engine costs. This is also the first time we’ve heard Amazon mention anything significant about its Twitch acquisition in the 18 months since that happened. – The Feed

Amazon challenges retail game stores with 20% discount on preorders

As the retail game business gets more challenging for incumbents like GameStop, Amazon makes a major move to shore up its competitiveness. …

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Get a job: Be a Combat Design Lead at Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios wants someone with combat design experience to join their office in Irvine, CA and take a lead role in designing a “fast and fun, visceral combat system.” …

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Get a job: Amazon Games is hiring an experienced UI Artist

Amazon Game Studios wants someone with design experience to join their Double Helix office in Irvine, CA and work on building interface schemes and smooth player interaction experiences. …

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Sponsored: Take a quick game dev survey, receive an Amazon gift card!

Take a minute to fill out this game developer survey to receive a $ 10 Amazon gift card, while supplies last. It’s as simple as that! …

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