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Amazon: Wii U game pre-orders up following Gamescom

With all the news that surfaced last week during Gamescom, it makes sense that video game pre-orders would increase at retailers like Amazon. As it turns out, the biggest winner coming away from the show is Nintendo, as Wii U games saw the biggest…
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Mega Man Soundtrack volumes on iTunes, Amazon, more soon

Tired of humming songs from the NES Mega Man games to yourself? If a particular tune from Mega Man 1-5 won’t stop knocking around your skull, you can now jam away to the real deal by grabbing volumes of the Mega Man Soundtrack, available via iTunes…
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Flappy Bird brings the whole family as it returns to Amazon

Like a phoenix from the ashes, viral sensation Flappy Bird has risen anew, just as the prophet (and game creator) Dong Nguyen foretold back in May of this year. The beast slumbered for a time, but has once again come to wreak havok on our…
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Amazon queen Maya returns in Killer Instinct season two

Divekick developer Iron Galaxy Studios will re-introduce players to Maya, Queen of the Amazons, when it rolls out the second season of content for Killer Instinct, according to reports from this year’s EVO event.

Microsoft community manager Mike…
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FTC sues Amazon over in-app purchase practices

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has sued online retailer Amazon for refusing to change its framework for purchases made within its hosted mobile apps, according to a Reuters report.

The lawsuit is an expected result of Amazon’s denial of…
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Get a job: Amazon Game Studios is hiring a Graphics Engineer

The folks at Amazon Game Studios are looking to hire a software engineer to work as a graphics specialist on a rendering team at the studio’s Irvine, CA offices. …

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Amazon fighting FTC’s demands over in-app purchases

Amazon has denied a Federal Trade Commission request to restrict add-on purchases made within its mobile applications, the Wall Street Journal reports.

As part of the FTC’s terms, Amazon would need to clearly warn users of real-money transactions…
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Batman: Arkham Origins ‘Complete Edition’ listed by Amazon Germany

You don’t have to be the “World’s Greatest Detective” to follow this trail: Amazon Germany has posted a listing for Batman: Arkham Origins “Complete Edition,” a package which will supposedly combine Arkham Origins and all of its DLC into one…
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The Room Two among free apps on Amazon App Store through tomorrow

Amazon is offering 31 paid apps for free in its Android marketplace today and tomorrow. Of the premium apps available for free through Saturday on the Amazon App Store, 14 are games. The discounted games include Fireproof’s puzzler The Room Two as…
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Amazon UK lists Rise of the Tomb Raider for consoles old and new

Rise of the Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix may have been announced during Microsoft’s Xbox press conference at E3 this year, but if Amazon UK is to be believed, Ms. Croft will sink her climbing axe into both current and…
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