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We Happy Few Enters Early Access With A Fresh Look At Gameplay

The sublime, Orwellian-inspired We Happy Few is out now via several different early access programs. Check out a new gameplay trailer to be introduced to the game's surreal world and combat.

We Happy Few is available for Xbox via its Preview program, Steam Early Access, and GOG's Games In Development. For those participating in early access, developer Compulsion Games will be adding content and features, such as expanding the city Wellington
Wells. Players currently have access to some of the game's key mechanics, such as, "
conformity and suspicion, Joy intake, crafting, combat, and survival," as explained in a press release.

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A date for We Happy Few's full release has not yet been announced, though it's expected to come out this year. For more on the game, read our E3 preview. – The Feed

Origin Access Vault Gets 10 More Games This Summer

Last week, we reported that the EA Access vault on Xbox One is going to grow over the summer. Not to be outdone, the PC version of the program, Origin Access, is adding some new games to its own collection.

Today brings both Need for Speed and Unravel to the vault on PC. Then, on August 30, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will be free for members. 

Also coming at some point this summer is a slate of slightly older games. You’ll be able to play the following before the leaves start to turn color:

  • Crysis
  • Crysis 2
  • Crysis 3
  • Mini Metro
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Jade Empire
  • SimCity 2000

There are also a number of early play trials coming to Origin Access. On September 22, you’ll be able to take FIFA 17 out to the pitch. On October 13, it’s back to war with Battlefield 1.

Origin Access costs $ 4.99 per month on PC. – The Feed

PlayStation Plus Members Are Getting Free Early Access To Paragon In July

Starting on July 5, the starter pack for Epic Games' MOBA Paragon will be free for the month for PlayStation Plus members.

The starter pack will allow players to enter the early access season before its free open beta arrives on August 16 for both PlayStation 4 and PC. Early access will have challenges for three hero classes: Murdock, Rampage, and Gadget. Master challenges for these classes include an immediate challenger skin and permanent hero level XP boost. Completing a master challenge unlocks a taunt and master skin for each separate class.  

Epic Games released the trailer seen below announcing the PlayStation Plus release. 

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Earlier this month, Paragon received retail packaging and began selling in stores despite not being fully finished and tested. The back of the box stated it was in early access, and it came with unique features such as skins, five hero master challenges, and rep boosts for a $ 60 price tag labeled as Paragon Essentials Edition.

In 2015, we talked to Epic Games about what will make Paragon unique in the rapidly growing MOBA genre, and you can check out a gameplay trailer for the Paragon here. – The Feed

7 successful Early Access games that all developers should study

We sought input from several game developers on which games offer instructive examples of how to truly take full advantage of an early access campaign. …

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Early access version of Minecraft: Education Edition launches for free

Following a beta program featuring over 100 schools from 30 countries, the early access version of Minecraft: Education Edition has been made available for free for educations around the world.  …

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Unity and Unreal devs can now access WorldViz’s ‘warehouse-scale’ VR tech

WorldViz has what it calls a 50 x 50 meter motion tracking system for VR, and next month that tech will be accessible to game developers via new Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 plugins. …

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Early Access coming to Android via Google Play

A new section called Google Play Early Access, which will include a “hand-picked group of promising open betas that haven’t gone to production yet” is coming to Android phones. …

Gamasutra News launches Refinery, an early access toolset

The indie-friendly Steam competitor levels up its offering with a flexible new solution for developers who want to share games with audiences during development. …

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EA Is Giving Away Battlefield 4 And Hardline Premium To Access Members

Yesterday, we reported that EA is giving away a DLC pack each for Battlefield 4 and Hardline. The publisher is also giving its Xbox One and Origin Access members something extra.

If you happen to a member of EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access on PS4, you now get all of the DLC for both games as part of your membership. Each includes four DLC packs and additional battlepacks.

You can read more about Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline in our reviews. On Friday, EA will be announcing details about the next game in the franchise. You can read up on that here. – The Feed