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Starpoint Gemini 2: How we survived and succeeded on Steam Early Access

“We can only say what we got: loads of valued and appreciated feedback, a great community that pointed us (and still does!) in the right direction, and additional funds to invest into production.” …

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EA Access Vault adds Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

A war between pugnacious plant-life and zealous zombies has been raging for eons – or at least since Garden Warfare launched in February on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Today, humanoid EA Access members have been invited to join the battle with the…
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EA Access embraces the criminal thrill of value-priced games

Speaking onstage today at GamesBeat, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said his company’s EA Access subscription service was designed to thrill customers by making them feel like they’re stealing from the company. …

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Distance brings Early Access patrons to the track this fall

After introducing players to its neon-streaked streets at PAX Prime last month and in a private beta, Refract Studios’ Distance will turn the corner on Early Access sometime this fall. Although an exact arrival date has not been set, Refract’s…
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Endless Legend exits Steam Early Access on September 18

Endless Legend will exit Early Access and launch in full on Steam on September 18, Iceberg Interactive announced. The 4X strategy game entered its alpha phase on the PC distribution platform in April, receiving new factions, “fully functional”…
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Report: NHL 15′s EA Access version missing options

With the absence of EA Sports Hockey League and other modes from the PS4 and Xbox One versions of NHL 15, fans have spent a fair amount of time hearing about what they won’t be doing on the ice. If you recall EA Access’ reveal, one of the service’s…
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After dev goes silent, sales halted for Early Access dino game

Supercrit’s dinosaur-infested survival game The Stomping Land seems to have been removed from Steam’s Early Access service after going without a significant update for months. …

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Early Access Players Reporting Missing Features in NHL 15

EA Access subscribers can now play a six-hour trial of NHL 15, and some are reporting that a substantial number of features are missing from the game.

Operation Sports has posted a report detailing the missing features. We've known the the game's popular GM Connect and six-player online EASHL modes were going to be absent from NHL 15, but now there appear to be more missing features.

These include the game's yearly draft being conducted exclusively by the CPU (players can only scout, not select draft picks), Live the Life mode, the ability to sim to your next shift in Be A Pro mode, season mode (season play only available in Be A GM), and the ability to edit individual players.

For a complete list of the reportedly missing features, read the original story on Operation Sports.

Are you playing NHL 15 right now? What missing features have you noticed?

[Source: Operation Sports]

Our Take
NHL has traditionally been one of EA's better-reviewed sports franchises. This report causes concern that the game is being bit by the "Madden bug" of excluding or botching features that are important to fans. – The Feed

Early Access game The Stomping Land pulled from Steam

Early Access multiplayer survival game The Stomping Land has been pulled from Steam after a month-long period of silence from its developers and no sign of promised updates.

Priced at $ 24.99 when it was available, The Stomping Land challenged…
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Video: Arma 3 and the dark side of Early Access

Using a range of examples from the development of Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive’s James Crowe examines the failures and successes of his studio’s early access strategy in this GDC Europe 2014 talk …

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