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Titanfall Review

Immerse yourself into a futuristic world filled with epic titan battles, ground forces and pilots fighting for survival. No, I’m not writing about the popular anime “Attack On Titan” I am talking about the critically acclaimed Xbox game “Titanfall.”

Titanfall drops you in a furious battle between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The IMC are manufacturers of militaristic titans, based on planet Earth, that are branching out to regain control of the Militia forces on distant planets. The Militia or Marauder Corps is the other side in the battle between the factions. The Militia’s mission is to keep additional forces of the IMC from invading. The fierce battle rages on fifteen different maps all focused around the game’s parkour and titan game elements put into a fast paced battle enviorment.

Titanfall includes many elements of “classic” first person shooters, but adds a few more key elements into its unique fighting style. The Parkour Kit, a game jetpack like device, allows the player to move around the environment in a stealthy, yet speedy manner, climbing over walls, buildings and anything in their path. The titan element brings a sort of fear into the player’s heart when he or she is one-on-one against a titan, or up against set of titans. The battle styles are very similar to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and Star Wars: Battlefront. Unlike many other online first person shooters that pit 4 against 4 or sometimes 16 against 16, Titanfall features 6 against 6 pilot combat and also adds AI bots as “grunts” and “spectors” that run up and down the battlefield shooting to kill. Their AI is pretty solid, but still lacks some of the ferocity of bots in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. While these deviations from the norms of current FPS games are innovative and seemingly minor, they change much of the tactics and gameplay feel of Titanfall. Instead of repeatedly killing the same player, here you are constantly on the lookout for other players, AI bots and most fearsome of all, Titans.

In the latest patch, Respawn Entertainment has included some interesting new features. One of the newest features allows players to name their custom classes for both their titan and pilot loadouts, as well as adds new custom game “rules” including: score limit, time limit, AI lethality (the difficulty of the grunts and specters), and combat fixes.

Now, the big news: Expedition DLC. The Expedition DLC is the first non-patch and general feature content bundle. It was released today (May 15) for the Xbox One and PC (it will be released for the Xbox 360 sometime in June). The delay between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 release dates comes from Bluepoint Studios converting the content that was built for XBOne back into 360 format.

The Expedition DLC includes three new maps – Swampland, Runoff, and War Games; all built to test each player’s skills with all of the game’s battlefield elements, as displayed in the video below.

Overall, Titanfall for any system is a fantastically done game that I highly recommend for people looking for something different from other popular first person shooters like Battlefield, Call of Duty or even Halo. This game has proved time and time again to be a game changer and a tough challenge for any online based FPS to beat. Check out Expedition which is out today and take a look at the video below!

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