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Titanfall Review

Immerse yourself into a futuristic world filled with epic titan battles, ground forces and pilots fighting for survival. No, I’m not writing about the popular anime “Attack On Titan” I am talking about the critically acclaimed Xbox game “Titanfall.”

Titanfall drops you in a furious battle between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The IMC are manufacturers of militaristic titans, based on planet Earth, that are branching out to regain control of the Militia forces on distant planets. The Militia or Marauder Corps is the other side in the battle between the factions. The Militia’s mission is to keep additional forces of the IMC from invading. The fierce battle rages on fifteen different maps all focused around the game’s parkour and titan game elements put into a fast paced battle enviorment.

Titanfall includes many elements of “classic” first person shooters, but adds a few more key elements into its unique fighting style. The Parkour Kit, a game jetpack like device, allows the player to move around the environment in a stealthy, yet speedy manner, climbing over walls, buildings and anything in their path. The titan element brings a sort of fear into the player’s heart when he or she is one-on-one against a titan, or up against set of titans. The battle styles are very similar to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and Star Wars: Battlefront. Unlike many other online first person shooters that pit 4 against 4 or sometimes 16 against 16, Titanfall features 6 against 6 pilot combat and also adds AI bots as “grunts” and “spectors” that run up and down the battlefield shooting to kill. Their AI is pretty solid, but still lacks some of the ferocity of bots in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. While these deviations from the norms of current FPS games are innovative and seemingly minor, they change much of the tactics and gameplay feel of Titanfall. Instead of repeatedly killing the same player, here you are constantly on the lookout for other players, AI bots and most fearsome of all, Titans.

In the latest patch, Respawn Entertainment has included some interesting new features. One of the newest features allows players to name their custom classes for both their titan and pilot loadouts, as well as adds new custom game “rules” including: score limit, time limit, AI lethality (the difficulty of the grunts and specters), and combat fixes.

Now, the big news: Expedition DLC. The Expedition DLC is the first non-patch and general feature content bundle. It was released today (May 15) for the Xbox One and PC (it will be released for the Xbox 360 sometime in June). The delay between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 release dates comes from Bluepoint Studios converting the content that was built for XBOne back into 360 format.

The Expedition DLC includes three new maps – Swampland, Runoff, and War Games; all built to test each player’s skills with all of the game’s battlefield elements, as displayed in the video below.

Overall, Titanfall for any system is a fantastically done game that I highly recommend for people looking for something different from other popular first person shooters like Battlefield, Call of Duty or even Halo. This game has proved time and time again to be a game changer and a tough challenge for any online based FPS to beat. Check out Expedition which is out today and take a look at the video below!

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Far Cry 4 Announced by Ubisoft – GamingBloom

Far Cry 4 was announced this morning (May 15th) by Ubisoft, famous for franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy games and Far Cry. It is being developed primarily by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Red Storm Entertainment, a Ubisoft studio, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai, and Ubisoft Kiev. It is scheduled to be released on November 18th 2014 in the US…oh, and by the way, it is set in the Himalayas.

Players will be able to experience Kyrat, a vast and dangerous territory of the Himalayas that is ruled by a self-appointed and oppressive king. As we have come to expect with the Far Cry franchise, players will be able to navigate the massive open world environment with a large assortment of vehicles, wreaking havoc with an equally as large arsenal of weaponry, and this time, there will be rideable elephants.

This is the next installment of the Far Cry franchise following the highly successful Far Cry 3 which was released in 2012. FC4 appears so far to not be a direct sequel, but more of a separate story happening within the new Far Cry universe, just as FC3 was a non-direct sequel to FC2.

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations. Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.” – Dan Hay, Executive Producer.

According to Ubisoft, customers who pre-order Far Cry 4 receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of the game which will also include “Hurk’s Redemption”. This is a series of three action-packed single-player missions featuring the popular character Hurk from Far Cry 3’s DLC, it will also add Hurk’s signature harpoon gun “The Impaler” to the game.

More info will be coming out at E3, for anyone interested. Tune into Ubisoft’s Media Briefing for an exclusive first look and more information about the game!

To keep up to date, check out for more information, and check back at GamingBloom for more updates.

Lucian The Purifier

The last champion League of Legends released for us was the frozen witch Lissandra. So who’s next on the line up? Well that would be none other than Lucian The Purifier himself. Riot leaked a few pictures of him earlier this year but they didn’t really say anything on him. So we where pretty surprised when he turned out to be a real champion and not just a tease from Riot. We don’t have an official release date or prices for him, as of right now we have his picture and his skills though, and they are as follows:

Passive – Lightslinger: After he uses an ability his next attack hits twice, the second strike deals reduced damage.

Q – Piercing Light: Shoots a bolt through an enemy dealing damage to enemies on a line

W – Ardent Blaze: Fires a shot that explodes in a star pattern, it also marks foes and if the marked foes are attacked Lucian gain a speed burst

E – Relentless Pursuit: Dashes a short distance and removes all slowing effects. Its cooldown is refreshed if The Culling kills an enemy champion

R – The Culling: Lucian moves freely while shooting in one direction damaging the first enemy hit. Relentless Pursuit can be used while this ability is active



Just cause 2 Steam sale

For all you Just Cause lover’s out there a great deal is going on right now, for today only you can buy Just Cause 2 for 3 dollar’s and 74 cent’s ($3.74 USD), originally priced at $14.99. I’d say you should go ahead and pick up this great game, well, just cause.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Who loves Far Cry 3? Well if you do (and you should) you’ll be excited to learn the the DLC expansion pack Blood Dragon has official been released as of April 30th 2013 for only $14.99. This expansion is set in what people from the 1980′s thought our time would be like. So you know, lasers and cyborgs and the like. Sound cool? We thought so, and to reenforce it’s awesomeness into our little gaming heads, the Creative Director, Dean Evans is quoted as saying:

“Out of the ashes of Far Cry 3, a few chosen devs came together to define a retro vision of the future. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an all-out, balls-to-the-wall cyber shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In a genre saturated with super-serious narrative and realistic settings we felt it was time to inject some good old-fashioned robofun into the mix,”

So if that doesn’t make you want it then we really don’t know what will, aside from like not owning the game in the first place, but that should be your only excuse!

City Car Driving: Commercial Simulator to Steam Greenlight – Interview

Let me start by saying I love interviews, and the following is probably one of my favorite ones I’ve ever conducted.

I was recently in touch with the people of Forward Development, the people behind the commercial and now publicly available driving simulator, City Car Driving.

I was in contact with a man named Eugene who manages Press Relations for Forward. He was eager to talk about their product, which is now part of Steam Greenlight in hopes of opening it to a wider gaming audience.

The interview gives some great insight into the game and the still relatively new Steam Greenlight process!


- How long have you guys been working on City Car Driving? 

Our simulator has a rather long story. First version has been released in 2007. In the very beginning only the Russian version has been available. The most first car driving simulator (parent of the “City Car Driving”) was released in 2007 and represented a three-dimensional simulation of a car with real streets of Moscow. It was a rather simple car game, but thanks to the efforts of developers and users feedback, several updates have been released within six months. Later an advanced version was released. It was a seriously improved modification of the first version – it has got realistic physics, the clutch pedal support and a new extended virtual city. For the two next years our car driving simulator was sold only in Russia and in the CIS – more than 500 thousand copies has been sold! Our driving simulator has repeatedly demonstrated at Russian exhibitions and shows, and it has received high ratings of foreign specialists and currently it is the absolute leader in software for car training simulators and of course in area of car driving education. Not without reason many drivingschools and manufacturers of car driving simulators hardware use the “City Car Driving” software in their products for novice car drivers training. In the end of 2010 an English version of the most popular and realistic carsimulator was released! And now the whole world can appreciate the high realism level and quality of the “City Car Driving” car training simulator! In summer of 2011 the latest modification of the simulator was released! It has contained many important new features – more virtual city locations, more cars, more road situations and opportunities! At present “City Car Driving” driving simulator is continuing its developing. New patches are being released periodically with bug fixes and adding new features. At now users can even add their own car models and sounds into the game.
- What were some initial struggles in development and what were some of your early successes with City Car Driving?

The most struggles were in performance optimization, because hundreds of traffic cars controlled by A.I consume a lot of resources. And against this struggles we’re fighting constantly. The engine of the game has been undergone a lot of changes made by our programmers. And during the last year of the development we’ve achieved serious success in this work – the performance increment summary raised till to 25-30% (according to game settings and PC performance). The second serious problem was connected with the A.I programming. It was very-very difficult to create such complex car’s intelligence, which is most similar to the behavior of realdrivers. As you can see in our simulator traffic cars are not just robots – they don’t follow the traffic rules strictly. We’ve tried to create them as real people with all their character qualities and behavior peculiarities. And we think we’ve succeed in this – traffic cars sometimes hurry and violate traffic rules, sometimes they “don’t see” the player car and just “cut” him off on the lane, traffic cars can drive around the obstacles and use the reverse movement, etc. So, when player drives the car in the “City Car Driving” simulator he feels himself just like he drives on a real road with real people around him. It’s very important for the simulation.

- Can you talk a little but about what Steam Greenlight is and explain why is a great opportunity for you as the developers?

Greenlight is a very serious step for Valve. As you probably know, earlier Valve made their own decisions about approving one or another game to sell in STEAM or not. No one knows what was on the minds of people, who made these decisions, and what factors they were due. And quite often this kind of censorship was not fair enough and very subjective. For example, 1,5 year ago we’ve already tried to submit our simulator in STEAM, but Valve has declined it without explaining the reason. But now the situation is cardinally different! Any developer can submit his project in Greenlight, and STEAM users will decide themselves by voting – they need this game in STEAM or not. We think it’s fair enough. When Valve decided to launch the Greenlight project, it was a really earthshattering step for them and for all their community, because some STEAM users consider that such method will lower the quality of games in STEAM, but we don’t agree with them. We’re sure that STEAM users have the right to decide themselves what games they need in STEAM.


- Can you talk about the Steam Greenlight process and your experience with it thus far?

Yes, of course, but I’m afraid our answer will have rather negative attitude. Greenlight idea itself is brilliant! However, how it often happens – realization is not perfect. Greenlight rating system is not as transparent and clear as we (and many other developers) wish it to be. For example, we’ve submitted our simulator in Greenlight in November 2012, and till the last months the Greenlight hadn’t got even an appropriate and detailed statistics available for developers. We didn’t see any details about our progress besides the one foggy and confusing number, which shows how many votes we need to enter the TOP-100 game rating list in Greenlight, but the most confusing fact is that this number measures in percentage! Besides during our progress this parameter has jumps in both directions. For example, today we can have 85%, tomorrow 86%, but the day after tomorrow can easily shows us 80%. And in the beginning such strange jumps were very confusing for us. In further we’ve supposed that such issues can be connected with game rotation in Greenlight rating list – some games disappear from there after approving by Valve, some games gather votes faster than others and etc. So, such jumps in both directions are usual in Greenlight, and can be result of games rotation in Greenlight top list. But as I’ve already said – it’s just our assumption, and even after all our experience we can’t say exactly, why this parameter jumps in both directions. Several months ago a statistics screen appeared in Greenlight, and now we can see diagrams and more details about our progress (for example – total amount of votes gathered by the City Car Driving), but the main parameter is still the same percentage number until the TOP-100 list. And we even don’t know what will happen, when we achieve the 100%. Will it be the happy finish or will we have to wait even more, until Valve approves our project? It’s funny, but we don’t know that! And STEAM technical support doesn’t know too (or just doesn’t wish to answer). We’ve asked them to provide us the clear and detailed answer with description how exactly the whole process works, but received only the indistinct reply beside the point (something like: “Thank you! You’ve successfully submitted your game. Now just relax and communicate with your fans on your Greenlight page”). So, as you can see both our experiences of communicating with Valve administration regarding the STEAM submitting are rather negative. We very hope that STEAM will change their policy and become friendlier to the developers, because they really should understand that developers bring money to the STEAM and Valve, and they deserve much more careful treatment.
- What is your current Greenlight standing?
Several days ago we’ve jumped from 85% to 95% at once, but today we’ve rolled back to 93%. But as I’ve already said – such jumps in both directions are usual in Greenlight, and we suppose that it’s a result of games rotation in Greenlight rating list.


- How long did it take you guys to get into Greenlight? Is there a waiting list?
No, we haven’t waited at all. The submitting process is rather simple and fast. All the developer needs to do is to pay the game submitting fee (~$150). And after paying this tax your game becomes available in Greenlight for user’s voting immediately.


- What will be the biggest change for you guys if the Steam Greenlight process works out?

We believe it will greatly raise the popularity of our simulator! Support of the community will help us to continue the development, add new features, ideas, etc. As you may know some time ago we’ve added the multilingual support, and the number of supported languages will be broaden. We believe the potential of our driving simulator is limitless! Recently we’ve started to work on left-side driving version of the City CarDriving simulator. Player will have to drive the right-hand car on the left side of the road (for example, like in the UK or Australia). And we will not just adapt the existing locations to the movement on the other side of the road – a new version will contain new right-hand steering car models (both – in traffic and player controlled vehicles), as well as a modified traffic rules control system, new road markings, traffic lights and signs! Also just after the STEAM release we have a lot of work to do. We need include the support of STEAM Achievements system and STEAM Workshop (for mod creators), adapt the activation system and make the comfortable migration between the STEAM and no-STEAM versions (of course if STEAM allows such things).
- Do you think of your project as more of a game or educational simulation, or both? 
We always believed our simulator is educational. But our fans proved us the opposite. :) Our goal always was to create a serious and maximum realistic car driving simulator for education purposes, but absolute most of our fans use it like a game for entertainment purposes. And we can’t ignore them. That’s why we’ve added the modification support – so our fans can add new cars, change plates, sounds, weather, textures and many other things. However, we never forget about our educational goal. We’ve developed the special Enterprise version of the City Car Driving simulator for commercial purposes. Companies all over the world use it in theircar training simulation complexes. Every second driving school in Russia is equipped with our professional car driving simulators. We also have made simulators of very special vehicles (for example, cranes, bulldozers, combines, etc.). Special versions of our simulator are used by government organizations, military, emergency services, etc. We have serious partners in different countries all over the world (for example, in Italy, Australia, Mexico, etc.). So, returning to your question – as you can see we work seriously in both (educational and entertainment) directions.


- What is your favorite feature in City Car Driving? Any hidden features you would like to divulge? 

Our favorite feature is the opportunity to knock down the pedestrians of course! :) )) Relax, I’m just kidding! :) Yes, there’re some secrets. For example, not everyone knows that there’s a secret road with a tunnel thought the mountain – you can find it on a country highway (there’s a dirt road, which leads there). And also there’s another one Easter egg – many billboards in virtual city have a portrait of a man. This is a real man – his name is Anton and he was our lead level designer for a very long time.


- What is your preferred tool for racing/driving games? Steering wheel, controller, or keyboard?

Of course we recommend using a steering wheel. No one else controller will help you feel the realism of a car driving. The most realistic steering wheel, which has ever been produced, is the Logitech G25/G27. This steering wheel supports all the most modern features such as: 900 degrees wheel rotation, clutch pedal, manual H-type transmission shifter, etc. And all these features are also supported by the City Car Driving simulator. That’s why we recommend this wheel for the best driving simulation experience!

Thank you for granting us this interview, and we wish you the best of luck in the process!

You’re welcome! Thank you!



Thank you once again to Eugene who was a blast to work with, as well as and everyone at Forward Development and those behind City Car Driving. It is a blast to play, even casually, and we look forward to covering more stories about it soon!


Check out and vote for them on Steam Greenlight here:

Check out the newest episode of Loading-Screen featuring City Car Driving:

League of Legends introduces Lissandra

League of Legends is known for their huge pool of playable champions. And so the newest champion prepares to join the ranks. Lissandra The Ice Witch. A nice little mage who will specialize in crowd control and immobilizing the enemy team. There is no release date set for her yet, although she will most likely cost 6300 Ip points or 975 RP to buy.  Her skills have been released, and they are as follows.

Passive: Iceborn – Give an occasional free spell cast

Q: Ice Shard – Throws and ice spear that shatters and splits into three shards on the first enemy it hits

W: Ring of Frost – Slows all enemies around Lissandra and deals damage

E: Glacial Path -A slow moving skill shot that deals damage, and if activated again Lissandra will teleport the the projectile

R: Frozen Tomb – Lissandra freezes either herself or an enemy dealing AOE damage and slowing enemies.


Look forward to Lissandra, coming within the next few weeks.







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