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Lucian The Purifier

The last champion League of Legends released for us was the frozen witch Lissandra. So who’s next on the line up? Well that would be none other than Lucian The Purifier himself. Riot leaked a few pictures of him earlier this year but they didn’t really say anything on him. So we where pretty surprised when he turned out to be a real champion and not just a tease from Riot. We don’t have an official release date or prices for him, as of right now we have his picture and his skills though, and they are as follows:

Passive – Lightslinger: After he uses an ability his next attack hits twice, the second strike deals reduced damage.

Q – Piercing Light: Shoots a bolt through an enemy dealing damage to enemies on a line

W – Ardent Blaze: Fires a shot that explodes in a star pattern, it also marks foes and if the marked foes are attacked Lucian gain a speed burst

E – Relentless Pursuit: Dashes a short distance and removes all slowing effects. Its cooldown is refreshed if The Culling kills an enemy champion

R – The Culling: Lucian moves freely while shooting in one direction damaging the first enemy hit. Relentless Pursuit can be used while this ability is active



League of Legends introduces Lissandra

League of Legends is known for their huge pool of playable champions. And so the newest champion prepares to join the ranks. Lissandra The Ice Witch. A nice little mage who will specialize in crowd control and immobilizing the enemy team. There is no release date set for her yet, although she will most likely cost 6300 Ip points or 975 RP to buy.  Her skills have been released, and they are as follows.

Passive: Iceborn – Give an occasional free spell cast

Q: Ice Shard – Throws and ice spear that shatters and splits into three shards on the first enemy it hits

W: Ring of Frost – Slows all enemies around Lissandra and deals damage

E: Glacial Path -A slow moving skill shot that deals damage, and if activated again Lissandra will teleport the the projectile

R: Frozen Tomb – Lissandra freezes either herself or an enemy dealing AOE damage and slowing enemies.


Look forward to Lissandra, coming within the next few weeks.







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