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El Shaddai Teaser Site Could Be Teasing Anything

The hope is that it might be a new El Shaddai game, or some DLC, but really it could be anything.

You can see the teaser site by clicking here. According to, the text seen below “Coming Soon” roughly translates to, “Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of?” which isn’t particularly indicative of why there are five characters standing behind the text.

We liked El Shaddai a lot, and would love to see a sequel or more content, but this could be a teaser for more El Shaddai jeans, or some kind of concert, or just about anything, so we’re keeping our hopes in check.

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Witcher 2′s Dark Edition sold out across Europe

Developer CD Projekt RED has announced that the special Dark Edition of their popular third-person RPG, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, has sold out across Europe for the Xbox 360.

Pre-orders for the Dark Edition have been officially been fulfilled, a full month ahead of the game’s release date.

CD Projekt RED did announce, however, that limited quantities are still available for fans in Poland, so for all you Polish TVGB readers, you’re in luck.

“We are really pleased, that the Dark Edition was so well received by gamers,” said Michal Nowakowski. “We’re half way from the beginning of the pre-orders to the premiere and already European gamers bought all of the Dark Edition copies.”

Nowakowski notes that players can still get more than the standalone Witcher 2 experience by ordering the Enhanced Edition of the title, which contains “the game, official soundtrack, quest handbook and world map.” For a sneak peek at this Enhanced Edition, check out some screens here.

Expect the Xbox 360 version of Assassins, which contains an additional four hours of content compared to the PC version, to drop April 17. PC owners of the game will be able to download these extras for free upon the 360 edition’s release.

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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is one quarter Irish

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, or more specifically it’s Saint Patrick’s Night at this point, and chances are that, by now, those among us that are of legal drinking age are either properly sloshed, or taking delicate care of a group of properly sloshed friends.

If you’re your group’s designated driver, God bless you, and remember to breathe deeply and stay patient. If you’re amongst the designated driven tonight, remember to pace yourself, match every beer/shot with water, and most importantly of all, keep your damn voice down. You’re louder than you think you are, and no one thinks you’re as funny as you do.

If you didn’t go out tonight, drown your lonesome sorrows in our favorite webcomics from last week, and vote for your favorite after the break.

Also, as an aside, it’s Saint “Paddy’s” Day, not Saint “Patty’s” Day. Tell a friend.

The Delicious Invasion (Penny Arcade)
Relevant Experience (Virtual Shackles)
It’s not you, it’s-a-me. (Extra Life)
Worth it (Nerf Now!!)
Pythagorean: Fear ‘Em (Awkward Zombie)
Cause For Celebration (Life In Aggro)
Family Values (GameOver Nation)

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