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Blog: Prototyping a virtual reality app with Enlighten

This dev diary takes a look at the behind-the-scenes of an Enlighten demo development process, describing what goes into creating a VR showcase. Starting with the essential first phase of prototyping. …

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Devs React: Nintendo unveils its hybrid-handheld console Switch

What are game devs saying about the recently-unveiled Nintendo Switch? What do they know? Do they know things? We found out! …

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Do you want to make a game for the Nintendo Switch?

We polled developers on Twitter to see just how interested they were in the idea of making games for Nintendo’s new hybrid console. …

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Blizzard rolls out its own cross-game voice chat platform

Industry watchers should note it’s another brick in the platform Blizzard is building to support its online games, a platform that was until very recently known as …

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Switch marks the end of Nintendo’s mainstream console aspirations (and that’s ok)

The Switch marks the end of Nintendo’s mainstream home console aspirations, and not only is that totally ok, but it also makes sense.  …

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Xbox sales continue to pull down Microsoft’s games biz revenue

Microsoft published its latest earnings report today, beating analyst expectations and reporting revenue growth in all of its divisions — except the one which houses its Xbox games business. …

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These New Street Fighter Statues Will Hadouken Your Wallet

Your expensive Ken statue is about to get a sparring partner (or two). Statue producer Kinetiquettes is putting a Ryu and Evil Ryu statue up for pre-order on October 31. They can be purchased together or separately but you'll get a free statue of fighting game legend Daigo Umehara if you choose to get both.

Kinetiquettes will announce the price on October 31 and says "we're sure everyone will be pleased."

Sadly, these statues won't be getting Halloween costumes like some of the fighters in Street Fighter V.

[Source: Kinetiquettes on Twitter] – The Feed

GI Show – Battlefield 1, Red Dead, Ready At Dawn Interview

It's such a big week for games that we had to release two episodes of The Game Informer Show in one day. If you're interested in hearing our thoughts on the freshly announced Nintendo Switch system, click here to check out our thorough discussion of Nintendo's funky hybrid future. On this full episode though, we're joined by Matt Bertz, Javy Gwaltney, and Andrew Reiner to talk about why we're really enjoying Battlefield 1, why there's more to Mafia III than meets the eye, the hype surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2, and much more. After some fun community emails, we have a great interview with Ready at Dawn co-founders Ru Weerasuriya and Andrea Pessino about The Order: 1886 in retrospect and how the studio is adapting for a multiplayer-focused future.

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Play, or listen to episode 319 on SoundCloud. Also, be sure to send your questions to [email protected] for a chance to have them answered on the show and win a prize by becoming Email of the Week!

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below…

2:10 – Battlefield 1
24:40 – Mafia III's highs and lows
41:10 – Red Dead Redemption 2 hype
47:20 – Shadow Warrior 2
50:20 – Skylanders Imaginators
55:35 – Oculus Connect impressions
1:02:15 – Community emails
1:40:00 – Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya and Andrea Pessino – The Feed

Five Ways Pokémon Sun And Moon Adds Depth To A Classic Formula

With just a month before their release, the enthusiasm for Pokémon
Sun and Moon is swelling. At the height of this hype, The Pokémon Company has
given everyone a peek at the final product with a recent demo. While we can't say
for certain that everything in the demo is reflective of the final product,
this appetizer gives us a good idea of what the main course might be like.

The Graphics
From the first moment you boot up the demo you can tell that
this is on another level graphically. While X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire dabbled
in 3D, they were still technically based on a 2D grid. Sun and Moon go all-in,
adding depth that changes how players interact with the game. Opposing trainers
now watch the player's movements within a line of sight. This gives the
environments a sense of scale that is reinforced by new cutscenes that show
Pokémon at their actual heights compared to the trainer. The final battle of
the demo's main trial with a larger-than-life Hakamo-o felt way more
intimidating when it was towering over the player character just moments

Super Effective Battle Tweak
The battle system has been one of the most consistent mechanics
in the Pokémon series, but with Sun and Moon it seems to be changing for the
better. The easiest addition to spot is each move now has flavor text about
whether it'll be effective against the current opponent. This probably won't
affect the competitive scene too much since most of the players will have
memorized how the 18 different Pokémon types interact with each other, but it's
perfect for the casual player that forgets how rock is super effective against flying.
Another welcome change is the ability to check what status changes each Pokémon
has. This isn't limited to status ailments like before, instead expanding to
more nitty-gritty details like changes in attributes. Both of these changes have
the potential to allow players to focus more on the battle and less on the
details outside of team-building.

Evolution Of Music
One of the other biggest mainstays of the Pokémon franchise
has been the music. Almost everyone knows how the battle theme sounds even as
each new entry in the series gets a remixed version. It perfectly jives to the
wail of the other musical scores, which in turn makes them feel classic already.
While music during the day comes with a predictable ukulele tones, the track at
night comes with a surprisingly calming score that reminds me of the National
Park theme from Gold and Silver. These different tunes are complemented by Pokémon
cries that sound off whenever the player is near tall grass. It's just one of
the new features that makes the world feel more alive.

New Features
Going on a safari in the world of Pokémon has been a dream
for those who have grown up with the franchise. Pokémon Snap gave us a taste of
that in 1999, and Sun and Moon's Pokéfinder has been built up to be a spiritual
successor to that cult classic. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case,
as the chances to take photos in the demo are heavily controlled and there's no
scoring system for any creatures that you snap. Hopefully the Pokéfinder
sequences aren't as restrictive in the full game. While the photography feature
is a bit underwhelming, riding Pokémon is as satisfying as you would hope. Being
a nuisance on a Tauros feels wonderfully ridiculous and makes me wonder what
function the bicycle will have in this new generation. In the past we've been
able to surf with Gyarados or fly with Charizard, but seeing the idea expanded
upon in this manner feels like a natural evolution.

A Bone To Pick With Team Skull
Just as certain mechanics have changed over the Pokémon
series, the various antagonistic teams have as well. We've been introduced to
Sun and Moon's heinous Team Skull slowly, so while their motives are still a
mystery their personality has been pretty noticeable. The grunts are the most
ridiculous yet, dancing as they walk like caricatures from the '90s. Their
admin Plumeria seems to be an anime trope, going from non-threatening to
sadistic as soon as her minions ask for help. They're an interesting bunch that
is sure to obstruct the player throughout the story. On the other end of the
spectrum, Professor Kukui is especially helpful to the player within the demo; if
our time with him in this short snippet is any indication, he may be more
involved than previous Pokémon scholars. It's a little strange how he
researches moves by having Pokémon use them on him, so hopefully we learn more
about his unique studying methods next month.

After months of getting information piecemeal,
it's awesome that everyone can finally get their hands on this quick demo. If
it is any indication, Pokémon Sun and Moon are going to innovate this 20-year-old
series in some practical and useful ways. While we haven't had a chance to try
out some things, this demo seems to indicate the final game will be a solid
entry for the series. – The Feed

Reader Discussion – What Do You Think Of Nintendo’s Switch Reveal?

Earlier today, Nintendo finally reveal the details on its upcoming NX console – now called the Nintendo Switch. We already told you what we think of the new console, but now we want to hear from you. Personally, I'd really like to know if this is the final design of the console, how long the internal battery will last, and, of course, the price. Also, what's the deal with that Mario game they teased?

What about you? Are you excited for this new Nintendo console? Do you think it's the right direction for the company? Do you think you'll buy one? What do you still need to know before pre-ordering? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. – The Feed