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This Goro Statue Can Be Yours For Only $1,400

Pop Culture Shock Toys is offering a tremendously detailed 1:3 scale statue of one of Mortal Kombat's most fearsome fighters, Goro, Prince of the Shokan.

The figure stands at nearly three feet tall and is adorned with a cloth outfit, real hair, and a hand-sculpted base. It's nothing short of a work of art, an impressive recreation of one of MK's most popular characters.

Pre-orders for the limited run figure go live at 3:00 PM Pacific Time on February 27. There will only be 150 figures made in the entire run, so act fast if you need this in your collection. Being such a top–shelf collectible, it's only reasonable to expect this one to be a bit pricey: just one of these statues carries a price tag of $ 1,399.99. 

The Goro statue is a Pop Culture Shock Toys exclusive and can only be purchased from their website. Statues will be delivered sometime in Q2 2018.

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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Is Free On Steam This Weekend

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's online multiplayer component will be free to play on Steam. From now until Sunday, February 26 at 1:00 pm PST, PC players will have free access to Call of Duty's vast multiplayer suite.

There is no level cap, so hardcore players will theoretically be able to prestige if they can muster the resolve and dedication to go the distance. If you feel you need more time, then don't worry; all Steam versions of this latest Call of Duty are discounted until March 2. The base game is currently going for 50 percent off ($ 29.99), while the Digital Deluxe Edition, which contains the Season Pass and Modern Warfare Remastered, is discounted by 25 percent ($ 74.99).

While it was still a strong performer for publisher Activision, Infinite Warfare did not meet sales expectations, leading to a retooling of the series for future installments, which promise a return to "traditional combat."

Check out GI's review of the sci-fi shooter here.

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Irrational Games Changes Name To Ghost Story Games

Irrational Games announced a name change today. The studio best known for BioShock is now going by the name Ghost Story Games. A website launched that detailed more what that means going forward.

After BioShock Infinite and its Burial at Sea DLC wrapped, Irrational Games announced it was winding down, and only a little over a dozen staff members were staying on. Not much was revealed as the company refocused, just that it would focus on narrative-driven and repayable games exclusively designed for digital delivery. Today was a big first step by announcing Ghost Story Games as its new name, which on its official site says was selected because, "Ghost stories are immersive, exciting, and steeped in community. The name reminds us of our mission."

The website confirms Irrational shut down in 2014, but kept the social channels going as a way for the developers to engage with the fan community. Now it's time to move forward. "We are a new team, working on a new game and we’d like our studio name to reflect that," the website states. 

Ghost Story Games' mission statement states the following: "Ghost Story was founded by twelve former Irrational Games developers and our mission is simple: to create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them. While we believe our new games will have strong appeal to fans of BioShock, our new focus allows us to craft experiences where the gameplay is as challenging as the stories."

After that, it says the team isn't ready to say any more about its game just yet, but you can learn more about its staff, which includes creative director Ken Levine, art director Shawn Robertson, executive producer Don Roy, and more. Levine did share some of the game's vision with us in one of our recent podcast interviews, which you can find here.

[Source: Ghost Story official site via Irrational Games' Twitter]

Our Take
I was a fan of Irrational, so I'm interested in seeing what this new team can do moving forward. It's great to finally hear an update. The biggest hurdle for the studio is separating itself from BioShock, and maybe the name change was done for that fresh start. Either way, I'm intrigued to hear more about Ghost Story's first project. This feels like we're getting closer to more concrete information in the future. – The Feed

Castlevania Netflix Series Producer Unveils Teaser Poster

As we previously reported, Netflix is producing a Castlevania series with the help of Adi Shankar and Frederator Studios, the animation studio behind Adventure Time. Earlier today via Facebook, Shankar revealed a teaser poster depicting a blood-red rendition of Dracula's iconic castle, as well as a spiffy new logo. You can get a look at the full image down below.

Castlevania is set to make its Netflix debut sometime in 2017. According to Shankar, the series will be "in the vein of Game of Thrones", and is set to be an adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. 

[Source: Adi Shankar's Facebook] – The Feed

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Begins Today

The open beta for Ubisoft's open-world tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands, begins today. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The free testing period allows players to team up with up to three friends to explore the landscape and complete missions across two provinces of war-torn Bolivia. The map is but a fraction of the size of what the final game will entail, but it should be a great opportunity to get acclimated with the world of Ghost Recon before the game launches on March 7.

The open beta runs from today until Monday, February 27. For more on Ghost Recon Wildlands, check out the first details of the open beta here, as well as GI's hands-on impressions of the squad-based action here. – The Feed

Funko Announces Borderlands, Aliens, And Gravity Falls Figures

Fans of Funko's vinyl collections will be thrilled to know the company announced two new additions to its Rock Candy line and a new Pop! Animation line at last week's New York Toy Fair. Already incarnated in Pop! Games form, Borderlands' Mad Moxxi is now available from Funko's Rock Candy line as well. Standing 5" tall, the Underdome's alluring proprietor comes in purple with a red chase variant more familiar to Borderlands players.

Ellen Ripley from Aliens is joining the Rock Candy line as well this April.

Funko also announced its newest Pop! Animation line, Gravity Falls. Coming in May, the vinyls include twins Dipper and Mable, their Grunkle Stan, and antagonist Bill Cipher. Chase variants will be available for Dipper and Bill Cipher.

Check out McFarlane Toys' announcement of a Handsome Jack figure here, as well as other New York Toy Fair 2017 announcements for The Witcher III figures, a Trypticon action figure, and Pokémon Mega Construx. – The Feed

Old Time Hockey Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

V7 Entertainment Inc. announced today that the mustachioed players of the Bush Hockey League will skate their way to the Switch later this year.

Featuring an arcade mode designed for couch co-op and a story mode for solo play, the addition of Nintendo's console mean the sports title will launch on four different platforms. Though the dates for the Switch and Xbox One releases have yet to be announced, the developer confirmed that Old Time Hockey will be available on PC and PlayStation 4 starting on March 28.

Learn more about the game from our Old Time Hockey preview.



Our Take
We've been considering the potential of sports games on the Switch for a while, so seeing it added to the Switch's growing list of indie titles is exciting. The simple, two-button "beer mode" controls seem perfect for the split controls of the Joy-Con. Just be careful not to accidentally clobber your opponent with it – save that for when you're on the ice. – The Feed

Insomniac: Sunset Overdrive May Have A Future, With Or Without Microsoft

Sunset Overdrive was one of the surprise success stories of the early Xbox One era, winning over critics with its irreverent attitude and fast-paced gameplay. For a console that lacks defining first-party games beyond the Halo, Gears of War, and Forza franchises, the Insomniac Games title seemed like a natural candidate to receive a sequel. But more than two years removed from its launch, the franchise is still dormant.

We asked Insomniac president Ted Price why there has been no movement on a sequel, and he replied, "You'd have to ask Microsoft." But with or without Microsoft's participation, Sunset Overdrive may grind again.

"We are passionate about that franchise, and we own it, so you may see more Sunset in the future from us," Price said. "No promises, and no timeline to speak of, but it is something that represents our willingness to create unexpected experiences."

Right now, Insomniac is currently working on the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man and its VR title The Unspoken, which has a full season of content planned. The studio just came off its busiest year to date, shipping Ratchet & Clank, Song of the Deep, Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rites, and The Unspoken all in 2016. – The Feed

Night In The Woods Review – A Colorful Adventure That Hits Home

Night in the Woods is about mistakes, recklessness, and friendship, all wrapped up in a colorful adventure game. You play as Mae, a 20-year-old anthropomorphic cat who drops out of college and returns to her hometown. With an emphasis on self-discovery, rebuilding old relationships, and understanding the struggles of a dead-end town, Night in the Woods is an enthralling experience that captures both the wonder of childhood and the dread of adulthood.

This narrative-driven adventure draws players in by allowing them to explore the town of Possum Springs and reconnect with Mae’s past. Upon her return, she begins to notice ominous happenings that tie into the ghostly folklore of the town, and soon her and a group of friends set out to find the truth. This tale unfolds gradually as players establish a daily in-game routine – interacting with friends, venturing into town, causing trouble – but Night in the Woods rewards your patience as it gradually brings the threads together.

Although the story is slow-paced, Night in the Woods shines in its smaller moments. Mae scribbles doodles in her notebook after certain events, which can be dark or hilarious. Making dubious decisions to let off steam, like breaking things with a baseball bat or knife-dueling your best friend, is childishly amusing in its recklessness. The plot also taps into complicated subject matter delicately, from dealing with issues of depression to a gay couple expressing frustration at being the only openly LGBTQ people in a small town. Ranging from heavy to irreverent, the way Night in the Woods handles a broad array of interesting situations is among its best qualities. 

Mae is particularly memorable because she is deeply flawed and complex. I chuckled often at her cynical wit, became endeared by her morbid back-and-forth jokes with her best friend Gregg, and related to her insecurities as she gives herself a pep talk in the mirror before heading to a party. While it may seem like she’s pumping the brakes on her future by dropping out of college, her reasons for doing so become apparent as the story progresses. 

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The natural, funny dialogue and characters’ evolution are more ways Night in the Woods sets itself apart. You notice subtle changes with the townsfolk from one day to the next, and hanging out with friends over time has them open up to you. Chatting online with friends uses just the right amount of abbreviations, and has a realistic flow. Dialogue options bring interactivity to conversations, but the choices mainly impact who you hang out with and which scenarios you witness. 

A number of simple-but-amusing minigames pop up through the story. Some of these include a rhythm game that occurs during band practice and shooting pierogis into a friend’s mouth with careful aiming. The rhythm game in particular has a Guitar Hero feel to it, which turns out to be fun and challenging as you attempt to hit the right notes in a timely manner. These quirky diversions add a degree of novelty and immersion, but aren’t challenging enough to interrupt your progress. 

Mae has bizarre out-of-body experiences through her dreams, which focus on exploration. In most of these dreamscapes, you platform your way through shadowy parts of town, searching for four different musicians to complete a puzzle. These are never difficult to complete, but are breathtakingly atmospheric as an eclipsed moon hangs above, and apartment windows glow in the nighttime. 

Talking to all the characters on a daily basis and revisiting locations can be tedious, but it’s often rewarding once you get there. I enjoyed listening to my neighbor’s short and strange poems, and looking for stars with a teacher on a rooftop as he explains the mythos behind different constellations in the sky. By overhearing conversations, I better understand the dismal economy of a town that no longer prospers as it did years ago, and how this affects its working-class townsfolk. 

Night in the Woods is a strange tale with an even stranger cast of characters, but it revels in its oddities. The excellent writing pulls off a realistic sense of cynicism, childlike wonder, and comradery between friends. With its careful balance between adult themes and youth, it captures a stage of life that is confusing, frightening, and thrilling. The sluggish pacing can drag, but players fill the time by building friendships and understanding the grim secrets of a town they once again call home. – The Feed

Sail The High Seas In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

After meeting its initial goal of $ 1.1 million in just a day, Obsidian Entertainment continues to build more content into Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire through its Fig crowdfunding campaign. 

The most recent addition to the game is a Dyrwoodan sloop called the Defiant. This ship not only acts as players' base of operations to interact with party members, but also allows them to freely navigate and explore the world. Aided by a new world map, players can now enjoy a more open-world experience as they sail around the Deadfire Archipelago, discovering uncharted islands and stumbling onto special ship-related events.

As the trailer shows below, players can also customize and upgrade their ship. Sails can be changed to reflect players' alliances, the Defiant's hull can be repainted, and the cannons can be improved for more power in combat.

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With this announcement, Obsidian has also revealed several new stretch goals related to the game's new seafaring content. The first two of these goals, which add new ship upgrades and more islands to explore along with more language options, have already been met. If the $ 4 million goal is reached, players will gain the ability to purchase or even steal new ships.

The Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Fig campaign ends February 24 at 5 pm PST.

For more information about the crowdfunding project, check here. You can also read Matt Miller's review of the original Pillars of Eternity game here. – The Feed