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Joystiq goes back to school

With some of our readers heading back to school, the team at Joystiq started to discuss the games that have mechanics or stories that could apply to standard school curriculum.

Of course there are obvious choices: the Civilization series can teach…
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Castle Crashers dev teases its next game with Earth-shattering bear

The Behemoth, developer of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater, is teasing the impending announcement of its next game. Labeled “Game 4″ for the time being, its trailer shows an enormous six-legged bear crashing into the Earth as a narrator…
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Bungie ordered to recoup Marty O’Donnell’s founders’ stock

A court-appointed arbitrator has ruled that Bungie must return the founders’ stock it stripped from former Halo composer Marty O’Donnell following his contentious dismissal earlier this year, reports VentureBeat.

As our readers are no doubt aware,…
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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 box art spotted on

Leaked box art straight from Microsoft’s official site points towards a sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations, the horror shooter that transitioned from 3DS to big screens last year. As spotted by French site Gamer in a Box, the site…
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Infamous dev Sucker Punch hit by layoffs, numbers unknown

Sony-owned developer Sucker Punch laid off some of its staff this week, just days ahead of Infamous: Second Son standalone expansion First Light releasing on PS4. Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed the layoffs to IGN yesterday, though it’s…
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Ousted Bungie composer O’Donnell to get his stock back

Terminated “without cause” according to an arbitrator, Marty O’Donnell has already won one settlement against the Destiny dev — and it looks like another is in his sights. …

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Hotline Miami Jacket Figure With Swappable Masks On The Way

Hotline Miami's protagonist, known simply as Jacket, is getting the collectible figure treatment, and you will be able to choose his mask, just like you could in the game.

The figure is 1/6 scale, 12" tall, and will be poseable. In terms of masks, you will be able to swap between Tony (the tiger mask), Richard (the rooster mask), Aubrey (the pig mask), and Jacket with a bloody bandaged head. He also has real clothes.

The figure is born from a Kickstarter, which is still ongoing even though it reached its funding very quickly. There are assorted backing tiers affording you copies of the game, or collectible Hotline Miami pins, but if you want the figure, the lowest tier is $ 75 – but it's already sold out, so the next available tier is $ 85. Delivery on the figures is expected to happen April, 2015.

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Fish Are Now Playing Street Fighter On Twitch

Growing tired of Pokémon (presumably), pet fish have now moved onto the fast-paced world of Street Fighter.

You can check out the stream here, which pits the fish Aquarius against his in-tank roommate Robert the Bruce, by heading here. The owner of the channel, which goes by the name FishPlayStreetFighter, openly acknowledges its inspiration as coming from the FishPlaysPokemon stream – which is still going on, by the way.

At the moment, Robert the Bruce is currently hanging out in the d-pad direction right section of the fishtank allowing him to block Aquarius' attacks. Clearly, he knows what he's doing.

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Deals With Gold: CoD, GTA 5, DLC, other acronyms

This week in Deals with Gold, it’s all Call of Duty and Rockstar, all the time. For Xbox One, Gold members can snag the Call of Duty Ghosts season pass, the Snoop Dogg VO Pack, Makarov Legend Pack, Squad Pack Extinction and Captain Price Legend Pack…
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Burn, crush your jelly pals in Gang Beasts from Double Fine

Gang Beasts is a silly, brutal brawler starring four jelly-boned fighters in local co-op matches, and it’s now getting publishing support from Double Fine. The game comes from three brothers at UK studio Boneloaf, and it combines ragdoll physics,…
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