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Microsoft Debuts Halo: The Fall Of Reach Animated Adaptation Launch Trailer

You can get a glimpse of the upcoming animated adaptation of the Halo: The Fall of Reach novel through a new launch trailer released by Microsoft. The series is included as a part of the Halo 5: Guardians Digital Deluxe, Limited, and Limited Collector's Editions. Those who buy the special Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One bundle will also have access to it.

The Fall of Reach gives players a good look into the origin stories of Master Chief, Blue Team, and the Spartan program. The trailer features the voices of Dr. Halsey and Master Chief as they give some context into what future viewers can expect to see. You can check out the launch trailer below.

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Halo: The Fall of Reach is told in three connected acts that shows the training the Spartans go through, as well as the early days of the Covenant War. The series is produced and directors by Sequence, the studio behind the terminals in Halo 4 and Halo 2: Anniversary. Halo: The Fall of Reach will be viewable to those with access on October 27 through the Halo Channel.


Our Take
As someone who has always been interested in the lore surrounding the Halo IP, but has never had the time to delve into the novels, this is looking pretty interesting. There are probably plenty of people in the same boat as me, but I have to wonder how many have one of the special editions of Halo 5 pre-ordered. Either way, this looks really promising and I'm looking forward to watching it all the way through. – The Feed

Charting Progress: The History Of Animation At Naughty Dog

This feature was originally published on January 30th, 2015 but we wanted to resurface the content in honor of the release of the Uncharted collection on PS4.

Josh Scherr has worked at Naughty Dog for nearly fifteen years. Joining the studio to help animate Jak and Daxter, Scherr has had a front-row seat for the evolution of Naughty Dog's animating process. While he has now shifted roles and is helping write Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (you can watch him discuss his new role here), Scherr helped shape and guide the revered studio from the days of cartoon-inspired key-frame animation for the Jak and Daxter series to the expertly detailed animation of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Watch the video interview below (or on YouTube) to learn about the stressful days of transitioning away from the Jak and Daxter era, the flaws Scherr now sees in Uncharted 1's animation, and what the future holds for animation at Naughty Dog.

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To learn more about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, click on the banner below to enter our hub that's filled with exclusive content. – The Feed

Grey Goo developer Petroglyph lays off staff

Gamasutra has learned that Las Vegas-based Petroglyph Games laid off more than a dozen people this week, primarily in its production and art departments, due to a lack of funds. …

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U.N. vows to battle online harassment — while tarring games

A major governmental agency pledges to battle online harassment of women — while at the same time drawing fire for unfairly criticizing video games. …

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Video game voice actors overwhelmingly authorize strike

Negotiations between the game industry and the leading actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, have taken on a new tinge as the actors vote in favor of a strike. …

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Designing smooth systems

“Always design for fun. When you can keep your mechanics consistent and allow for innovation, you bring your world alive to players and offer even more fun.” …

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Getting Arrested Was Only The Start Of This Twitch Streamer’s Problems

Twitch streamer Mr_13ig's rowdy look at NewZ earned him a
late-night visit from Washington state law enforcement, and things only went
downhill from there.

Mr_13ig, also known as Big, had his livestream of NewZ interrupted
when a police offer appeared at his door due to a noise complaint. The
livestream kept filming, however, catching his entire interaction with the responding
officer. That interaction ended up being quite long – Big repeatedly objected
to the officer's request to give him his name and date of birth, but did offer up a variety of other thoughts, including his neighbor's
alleged crimes, his opinion of Alienware computers (not a fan), and the livestream itself.
Eventually, the officer arrested Big, leaving the door to his apartment

Turns out Big's concerns about his fellow apartment dwellers were correct, however, as minutes
after being taken away by police, his neighbor can be seen entering the apartment and stealing a number of items – including Big's shoes. Like Big's
argument with police, the robbery was streamed live to his viewers, prompting a
few good Samaritans to call the cops…again.

Big has uploaded an excerpted video of the stream to
YouTube, which you can watch below.

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On the bright side, Big says in the video description that his neighbor was arrested for the
robbery, and his belongings had been returned to him. As for his own run-in with the law, Big is still fighting the charges, which he characterizes as erroneous. 


[Source: Twitch, YouTube via BGR] – The Feed

So you’re going to be an indie parent

“Lately I feel like I’ve been having the same conversation over and over. This conversation starts like this: ‘We’re having our first child soon! We’re excited but sort of terrified. How does this work?’” …

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Earn Your Wings In Minecraft’s Latest Update

Ever wonder how easy that trek across a full-scale Middle Earth in Minecraft would be with some better transport besides horses? Wonder no more; developer Mojang’s latest update includes the ability to find a magical set of wings.

Keep your hopes at ground level, though, as the wings necessary to fly can only be found, not crafted, according to developer Jens Bergensten on Twitter. Judging from the GIF below, however, searching for the new power-up will be worth it.

The wings look nearly identical to an ability found in Trion World’s Trove, which allowed players to craft a variety of wings that open up aerial traversal. Those came in a number of styles, including fairy and fire wings among others. Judging from Bergensten’s tweets, it looks like wings can be reskinned (Bergensten uses a Mojang cape design on his) and then fold up into a cape when the player touches ground. Players can only trigger the wings by falling from a high enough point and looking in a certain direction.

[Source: Mojang, Twitter (1), (2), (3)]

Our Take
The Minecraft community is undoubtedly taking this well, judging from replies to Bergensten's tweets alone, but this is something that Trion World's Trove did better and with more flair some months ago, and at an easier entry point than "go find it." It's also a little odd that the wings can only be triggered by letting your character begin to fall. You can't flap your wings to gain height, making them seem like more of a glider. – The Feed

Halo 5 Goes Gold, 343 Prepping More Multiplayer Content

After three years, work on Halo 5: Guardians is wrapping up at 343 Industries. The developer announced today that the fifth numbered Halo game has officially gone gold.

To celebrate the milestone, 343 shared an infographic of juicy Halo 5: Guardians statistics on its website. For instance, the studio estimates it will take an average of 8-12 hours to beat the game’s 15 campaign missions. At launch, the game will offer eight playable co-op campaign characters, 175 armor sets and helmets, and more than 1,000 REQs. By December, the game will also have more than 1,600 Forge objects.

In the coming weeks, 343 will continue working on additional multiplayer content in preparation for the October 27 release date. These components, which include Arena and Warzone multiplayer content, will become downloadable on launch day, and 343 recommends players set their Xbox One Power Setting to “Instant On” to get the update automatically. After launch, the development team has plans for monthly releases, including REQ system content and 18 free multiplayer maps.

We still have a few weeks before Halo 5: Guardian comes out. In the meantime, Halo cartographers can brainstorm maps to create in the revamped Forge system and Collector’s Edition buyers can find out how to trade their download codes for physical discs.

Our Take
343 seems fully committed to supplementing Halo 5 with additional post-release content, and the fact that the multiplayer maps are free is great news for players, as it ensures that the multiplayer community isn't split up into the haves and the have-nots. – The Feed