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Rez’s Mizuguchi reflects on his ‘unorthodox’ route into game dev

“I wanted to make games with the future in mind,” writes Tetsuya Mizuguchi in a new Edge feature. “The interviewer said to me: ‘You are kind of out there, but we could probably use someone like you.’” …

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Breaking down the anatomy of a mission in a mobile action game

This is how Sticky Studios created a system that its designers could use to quickly create a wide variety of missions for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. game. …

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Hitman’s Second Elusive Target, A Corrupt Congressman, Is Available Now

Pack your bags for Sapienza. The Congressman has shown his face, but he won’t be around long.

Congressman Anthony L. Troutt has been linked to offshore accounts, foreign financiers, and friendly fire deaths while in the Navy. But do you really need a reason to help him meet his maker?

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He’ll be around for 48 hours. You have one chance. Once you kill him, your score is locked. Let him escape or die, and he’s gone for good.

Good hunting. – The Feed

Deep Silver Releases Musical Tribute to Original Dead Island Reveal Trailer

To commemorate the release of the Dead Island: Definitive Collection next week, publisher Deep Silver is paying homage to our first experience with the series. A tribute video has been unveiled that includes a live performance of the emotional music from the initial teaser.

The first trailer for Dead Island debuted in 2011 and begins with a young girl after an unfortunate zombie encounter, moving us backwards through time to discover a family vacation gone horribly wrong. It moved audiences upon release and remains went on to win some awards. The tribute video seen below  features a classical ensemble of piano, two violins, a
viola, and cello re-creating the music of the trailer as footage plays
in the background

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Though the final game's tone was drastically different than this first trailer, that doesn't take away from the emotional impact it had on a lot of people at the time. The Dead Island Definitive Collection, featuring the first two games as well as a new bonus game, comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 31. – The Feed

Become A GTA Online Crime Boss In Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Update

Invoke your inner Frank Costello and become a kingpin of the criminal world in the newest update for Grand Theft Auto V Online, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. Following updates such as Executives and Other Criminals last year, this time around players can expand their own criminal organization as CEO and turn it into an enterprise. 

The update will include features such as new high-rise office and special warehouse properties that can be the center of your operation to ship conraband across all of Los Santos and Blaine County while keeping both the LSPD and fellow criminals at bay. As well, the update promises all new gameplay, and a series of special new vehicles including the Pegassi Reaper. 

This is the first major DLC released for Grand Theft Auto Online in 2016, said to be one of the largest and deepest ones to date. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is set to release on June 7. – The Feed

Gearbox Has Started Issuing Battleborn Loot Codes

Borderlands players are likely familiar with Gearbox’s “Shift” system for giving out free loot. In Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, these awarded skins and golden keys (in turn giving access to premium gear).

Battleborn players can now start looking for these code drops. The first two of these will give you an epic loot pack each. Future codes will award epic, rare, or uncommon packs for Battleborn or Battleborn Tap.

The first two loot pack codes, issued via the weekly Battleplan update are: HWC3B-6XZ99-FK5RJ-RWXTJ-6XBX3 and SC5BB-ZWHHH-RWWRB-6KXBT-BCSHZ.

It’s only live through June 5 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern / 8:59 p.m. Pacific. You can find the Shift option under the Extras tab in the main menu.

In the past, codes have been issued via Twitter, Facebook, and official Gearbox websites. Keep your eyes on those locations for future drops.

The first DLC character Alani, will be live for everyone on Tuesday, May 31, and is currently in early access for season pass and deluxe edition owners. For more on Battleborn, check out our review

Note: We've added a second epic loot pack code. Also, we corrected the release date for Alani. – The Feed

Ex-Ubisoft devs form Sloclap and strike a publishing deal with Devolver

Last year a group of ex-Ubisoft devs quietly formed a new Parisian indie studio, Sloclap, and now they’ve signed a deal with Devolver Digital to publish their inaugural ‘online combat RPG’ Absolver. …

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Blog: Procedural generation – panacea or poison?

Procedural generation systems can be used to create nearly limitless play experiences, but can an algorithm create an experience as compelling as one that is hand-crafted by a designer? …

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VR has launched, so what now? Developers weigh in

VR’s been available to the public for a little over 2 months now. We check in with a few developers for a status update on the burgeoning industry. …

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Video: How Campo Santo crafted the world of Firewatch

At GDC 2016, Campo Santo lead artist Jane Ng breaks down the art production challenges encountered in making the world of Firewatch, which is set in the late-’80s Wyoming wilderness. …

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