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Video: Roadtripping across Europe to make games with 11 other developers

At GDC Europe 2015, German dev Marius Winter shared what he and Benedikt Hummel learned from the experience of roadtripping across Europe to meet 11 other developers and make 11 games with them. …

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Ask Me Anything On The Destiny Reddit, Today At 1pm CST/11am PST

After we wrapped up our month-long cover story coverage on Destiny: The Taken King, I was contacted by the fine folks who moderate the Destiny Reddit, who were curious if I might come share my opinions about the game and answer reader questions. We received incredible enthusiasm for our coverage of Bungie’s upcoming release in recent weeks, so it’s the least I can do to answer whatever questions I can. If you have questions about what I think of Destiny: The Taken King and my time playing it, you’re curious about my visit to Bungie, or you just want to chat about the game with me, you should swing by the Destiny Reddit at 1pm CST/11am PST.

Hope you can make it!

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2015 Unity Awards nominees announced

Plenty of excellent games are on the slate for the engine’s annual award show; statues will be handed out this month in Boston, at the Unite conference. …

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Court rules for Gran Turismo in trademark suit, cites First Amendment protection

Flooring manufacturer Virag sued Sony over Gran Turismo’s depiction of its trademark on a race course — but the case has been dismissed, in a case that has broader First Amendment implications. …

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Destiny King’s Fall Raid Coming September 18

After today’s Court of Oryx-focused livestream, Bungie offered a quick look at one of the biggest secrets still left undetailed after the last several weeks of coverage. The team showed off a teaser video with a brief glimpse of King’s Fall, and announced  a release date of September 18 for the new raid.

That date should give the most hardcore of players three days to power-up and prepare before diving into The Taken King’s biggest challenge, after the September 15 launch of the rest of the new content. As for what is on offer, the teaser’s narration makes it clear that confronting Oryx in the story missions is only the beginning, and that King’s Fall will see players descending into an as-yet unseen part of the massive Hive Dreadnaught.

To read about Bungie's raid philosophy and the scope Of King's Fall, head here.


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Players will have to hustle if they want to be among the first to confront King's Fall. Having played much of The Taken King content for our recent cover story, I know there's a lot of story missions, leveling, and gear acquisition needed to feel fully powered in the new Destiny adventure. My guess is that the earliest players are going to find a big challenge when they enter King's Fall for the first time. – The Feed

Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Shows Metal Gear Solid V’s Apparently Cut “Episode 51″

If you've finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain already, odds are that you have a couple questions about the resolution of a particular plot thread. It turns out that Kojima Productions has answers for you…but those answers didn't make it into the final version of the game.

Included in the Collector's Edition of the game (which also comes with a weird hand) is a Blu-Ray disc with behind-the-scenes features. One of those features is a look at "Episode 51," a mission that apparently takes place after all of the other events in the game. I won't go into details here since they involve late-game spoilers for The Phantom Pain, but if you're interested, you can watch the (spoiler-filled) video from YouTube user Inzaa to see the 18-minute sequence.

Considering that the feature includes voice work from characters like Big Boss and Miller, along with partly finished cutscenes, this content was likely initially intended to be part of the core Phantom Pain experience, but it obviously did not make the final cut. 

[Source: NeoGAF]

Our Take
This sequence resolves a major lingering plot thread that remained conspicuously unaddressed during the main game. On one hand, I'm angry that such important information didn't make it into the game considering how little story-based content is in The Phantom Pain in the first place. On the other hand, I'm glad that Kojima Productions found a way to release this somehow – even in non-playable form – to answer my questions about what happened after the final credits rolled. – The Feed

Destiny: The Taken King’s Court Of Oryx Detailed

Today, we got a first look at the Court of Oryx, a new activity set aboard the Hive Dreadnaught in The Taken King. The arena-based combat space was shown off with a fireteam of Bungie players, along with the help of online personality and game streamer, Laced Up Lauren. The live steam showed off how these new public events are triggered by players, as well as how the different tiers of arena fights can be attained.

The stream starts with a brief look at the new Raze-Lighter, a solar exotic sword, the new weapon type that is premiering for the first time, and clarified that we will indeed be getting at least one exotic sword in the mix when The Taken King launches.

After exiting the inventory, the fireteam started off in the Dreadnaught, where they came across a Taken Blight. When attacking this swirling rift, the Taken swarm the area, and you’re suddenly engaged in a fight. By completing the Blight, the fireteam was able to get one of several unique rune items that can drop. In this case, the fireteam got the Agonarch Rune.

Before continuing on, the team next found a Wormspore, the new location-specific resource material in the game.

The fireteam next moved deeper into the Dreadnaught, and eventually, the team converged on the Court of Oryx. Within the Court, you see statues of enemies defeated over the course of The Taken King. By presenting a rune to one of the statues, it starts a challenge in the arena that lies ahead. 

Different runes and statues lead to different bosses. We first saw a fight against a Hive Knight named Vorlog, whose shield colors rotate. 

In practice, these arena fights are reminiscent of the fights in the Prison of Elders, although it seems apparent that there is much more variety in the types of battles you’ll engage in. With Vorlog dead, the players received a reward chest. The summoner receives a big reward after these fights, while the other participants also get lesser rewards, including potential additional runes. After completing a summoning, you have a debuff called Summoner’s Exhaustion for a few seconds, allowing other players to be the next summoner if they desire.

A second fight was against several powerful Hive Wizards who respawned if the team didn’t kill all of them in quick succession.The three players coordinated their attacks to bring down the three bosses.

For players, respawns in the Court of Oryx occur very quickly, allowing dead players to get back into the action quickly. We also noted that each fight is on a timer, and you need to complete killing the boss or bosses in the designated time frame or fail the event.

A third fight was against a Taken Knight and Hive Knight pair, and each only get weakened shields (and become vulnerable) if the team got them close to one another. 

By using lower-leveled runes and starting Tier 1 events, you charge higher level runes, opening up higher level fights. With this third fight complete, the team was able to confront a Tier 2 Court of Oryx fight. In Tier 2, you fight two boss groups at the same time. When the summoner died at one point during this battle, we saw that Bungie has included an event cancellation timer, which forces the summoning player to stay engaged in the fight, rather than staying dead or outside of the fight and letting other players do the fight for them.

Tier 2 Court of Oryx events also offer better rewards, including runes that lead to Tier 3 fights, which are described as fights on the same level as raid boss fights, though Bungie chose not to show off any of these higher level fights. At the end of the stream, Bungie also offered a quick addendum video in which they announced a launch date for the King's Fall raid.

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Watch Big Boss Get A Birthday Surprise In MGS V: The Phantom Pain

At the beginning of The Phantom Pain, you are asked to enter your date of birth. While it doesn’t seem significant at the time, the game stores that information and treats you to an amusing scene when the special day rolls around. If you don’t want to wait (or mess with your system’s date settings), you can see the event play out right here.

The scene occurs after you’ve gained access to Mother Base. It might happen when you return to base on your own, or you might get a call from Miller directing you home after a mission. Either way, once you exit the helicopter, you witness the sequence depicted in the video below. Happy birthday, Boss!

(Please visit the site to view this media)

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Watch The Game Informer Show Live From The GameStop EXPO

Update: The livestream of the Game Informer Show is all done, but the you can watch the archived version this Thursday. For more information on our October cover story, Dark Souls III, read more about the reveal here.

This week we have a very special edition of The Game Informer Show as we'll be coming to you live from Las Vegas at the GameStop EXPO! Ben Hanson, Kimberley Wallace, Andrew Reiner, and Andy McNamara will be on stage talking about their hands-on time with exciting, upcoming releases from the show floor. In the second half of the show, we'll be joined by a mystery guest as we reveal Game Informer's October cover story and kick off a month of coverage.


If you missed The Game Informer Show segment, the show's archive will still be posted on our website and YouTube on Thursday evening and will still appear in the iTunes feed as well. Hope you enjoy the show!

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Spending A Day With My New Best Friend, The MGS V Collector’s Edition Hand

While I have largely weaned myself off the knick-knack poison of collector’s editions, I couldn’t resist the Metal Gear Solid V bundle. I’ve been a fan of the series since the NES days, and with this likely Kojima’s last hurrah (for real this time), I wanted to have something to remember this by.

When my package arrived yesterday morning, I rushed to unbox the included half-scale version of Big Boss’ hand. Is it (and the few other items included) worth the extra $ 40? Probably not, unless, like me, you adore the series.

My tiny Big Boss arm is my new best friend, and I’ve decided to start spending much more time with him. 

Earlier today, we decided we’d re-enact my favorite scene from the Metal Gear games. You know the one. A guard is nearby, so you pull out that man-sized cardboard box from your pocket and stay very still. Oh, Handsy. You’re such a cad!

After that, we decided to take the dog for a walk. Unfortunately, Holly is old and preferred to sleep. We spent time petting her instead. Handsy tried to feed her, and almost lost a plastic finger.

School is almost starting, and Handsy wanted to make sure to spend time with the kids, too. Paul was busy playing video games, so we just ducked in for a quick Handsy-five.

As we were leaving, Handsy told me I was an awesome Dad. It was so nice of him to mention my great parenting skills. Thanks, Handsy!

We retired to play some games together. It’s hard for me to find a group of people to play a tabletop RPG with, but Handsy was totally up for it. I was the Dungeon Master and set up a scenario with which he was familiar.

You enter an enemy encampment. As you approach a building, you hear a menacing grumble. Soon after, you hear the whimpering and wailing of a man in pain.

Handsy decided to approach.

The moaning and grumbling are joined by the sound of something liquid being poured into a toilet, but from where you do not know. What do you want to do?

Handsy moved closer.

There is a terrible stench as you realize the moaning is a man in bowel distress. You are poisoned by the smell. Bad luck, Handsy. Johnny Sasaki has killed you with his butt grumbling.

He wasn’t happy about losing, but he decided he was up for one more game. We decided to play Cards Against Humanity. That Handsy is a lot funnier than you’d think a plastic, mouthless, expressionless hand might be.

We ended our day with two of Handsy’s most emotional moments ever. I had to break some bad news to him. He didn’t know that Silent Hills had been canceled. If he had eyes, he’d have cried. Instead, he just touched the screen for a moment, wistful and mourning.

Before we tucked in for the night, I decided to cheer him up. Handsy confided in me that he had a child he’d never met. It was always a regret of his that he couldn’t have held his son in his arm.

Their reunion made my cold heart grow three sizes. Handsy and Tiny Snake have been reunited, and papa rocked his little boy to sleep as we cuddled up for the night. 

Good night, Handsy. Good night, Tiny Snake. Good night, moon. – The Feed