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A peek at the preferences of Chinese mobile players

Interested in entering the Chinese mobile market? This blog post, with information on players and games culled from reports by a local service operator, should be eye-opening. …

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Sony quietly stops shipping PlayStation TV in Japan

UPDATESony seems to be quietly halting sales of the PlayStation TV, at least in Japan, as the microconsole’s official Japanese product page lists it as being no longer available for shipment. …

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What it’s like to game jam on the open sea

100 devs from around the world (and one Eurogamer contributor) found out this month during the inaugural Splash Jam, a game jam organized aboard a wintry weekend cruise off the coast of Norway.  …

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EA and Ubisoft bury the hatchet over trademark ‘Ghost’

Ghost Games owner Electronic Arts has given up on trying to trademark “Ghost” in the face of formal opposition from Ghost Recon owner Ubisoft. …

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Get a job: Crytek seeks an experienced Tools Programmer

Warface developer Crytek is looking for an experienced coder to take a senior role as a tools programmer on CryEngine at its offices in Frankfurt, Germany. …

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Hotline Miami devs greenlight fan-made spinoff Midnight Animal

Since many developers got their start making mods for other games, it’s nice to see Dennaton supporting fellow indie devs in its community — though they’re not allowing the game to turn a profit. …

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Harrison Ford Was ‘Thoughtful’ About The Force Awakens’ Biggest Moment

While it’s been a few months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ release, we’ll warn you up front that there are spoilers throughout this story. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the film.

If you’re still here, you likely knew what the headline was about before clicking in. Harrison Ford hasn’t spoken much about how he felt about his big scene in The Force Awakens, but an interview with director J.J. Abrams reveals a bit about the actor’s reaction.

Han Solo’s demise at the hands of Kylo Ren was one of the most shocking things the Star Wars universe has thrown our way. The manner of his death, while telegraphed in the moments leading up to the act, still made many of us gasp. However, Ford was “thoughtful” and understood when the situation was presented to him.

According to an interview with Fandango Movieclips, Abrams says that Ford always believed that Han needed to have “utility.” In fact, the actor campaigned for his character’s death during the original trilogy, but George Lucas had other plans.

“In this case there was such a clear utility — it's about bringing this new villain to the fore, and there's nothing I could think of that is more hideous than patricide, especially when it comes to Han Solo,” Abrams said. Still, the loss of one of Star Wars most beloved characters was a blow to fans. We still have hope that there is a deeper meaning behind it.

[Source: Fandango] – The Feed

Activision Releases Limited Edition Skylanders To Bring Awareness To Autism

Skylanders collaborated with Autism Speaks to release Power Blue Skylanders: SuperCharger figures today. Autism Speaks is an organization focused on autism science and advocacy, and has partnered up with Activision to put a spotlight on April’s Autism Awareness month.

The blue and white Skylanders are colored to match Autism Speaks' “Light It Up Blue” campaign, which seeks to highlight autism as a global health priority. Characters Splat and Trigger, as well as their SuperCharged vehicles, will appear in-game bearing the organization’s unique palette swap. 

"When my son was diagnosed with autism, I felt very alone,” Matt Asner says, who is director of Corporate Development at Autism Speaks. “From my first Autism Speaks Walk, I felt the power of community, and this partnership with Skylanders will bring awareness and belonging to kids and families in a unique way." 

In conjunction with the release of these limited edition Skylanders, Activision is launching an employee donation matching program for Autism Awareness Month. Activision said it will be making donations to autism focused nonprofit organizations. 

Skylanders: SuperChargers released on September 20, 2015 for all major platforms. To hear our thoughts on SuperChargers, head here. To read a feature about creating games for diverse audiences, click here


Our Take
According to Peter Morten, who is vice president of Corporate Development at Autism Speaks, Autism affects one in 68 kids in the U.S. That means a segment of the Skylanders fan base is likely being recognized, and that acknowledgement and representation can go a long way for children and parents. – The Feed

Watch Us Die Horribly In The Culling’s Closed Alpha

It’s not every game that can pull off vomit as a tactical choice. If The Culling’s closed alpha test taught me anything though, it’s that making your enemies sick is the key to beating them with a billy club.

I spent a number of hours exploring The Culling’s Hunger Games-esque arena this weekend. And while I can’t say that I’m any good at the game yet, I can most certainly assure you that I will be coming back to hone my skills.

From the moment the menu loads, you’ll likely notice that Xaviant’s latest doesn’t take itself too seriously. The smarmy game show host that announces major in-game events lightens the mood, even as you’re running from poison gas or chasing down a fleeing foe.

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One of the strangest parts of The Culling isn’t its jovial approach to murder, though. It’s the odd crafting system.

As you’ll see in the video below, in order to create something new, you’ll need to spend flexible universal nano-compound (F.U.N.C.). Combine two rocks and you get a knife. Add a stick and you get a spear. Put one more in the mix and that sharp pointy melee weapon becomes a bow.

With just those two items, you can make bandages, hatchets, satchels and blow guns. The later is the current favorite of many players because of its gastrointestinal effects. 

Tag an enemy with one and they’ll be stunned occasionally while under the influence. This is accompanied by the uncomfortable rumblings of digestive distress, vocal lament, and vomiting. This is enough to close the distance on your foe and slash or bash them to death while they deal with whatever is going wrong in their stomachs.

Because starting locations are randomized, you and your 15 foes will need to adapt. If you start in the wilderness, you’ll have time to craft without interruption, but you also are likely to be last to one of the buildings.

Starting near a structure means you’ll be able to rummage through cabinets for better gear than you can craft. But with others making a beeline for those locations, your round could come to an end if you aren’t prepared for a fight.

Regardless, the key is managing your F.U.N.C. You don’t start with much, so choosing what to craft with the rocks and sticks you find (or punch out of the ground or trees) is important. You’ll also find F.U.N.C. tanks and the remains of former contestants that can give you a small boost. 

By default, you can only hold three items. You can open up one more with a satchel or two more with a backpack. You’ll find recyclers outside each building that you can use to dispose of unwanted items (or those you don’t want your foes to find).

F.U.N.C. can also be used to open blue item chests and, if you manage to save up enough, call in a custom airdrop. Your foes can shoot your drop out of the sky, and they’ll know where you are going to be waiting for it. There’s huge risk, but massive reward for calling one in.

Knowing what to hang onto and what to toss depends on how you set up your loadout. You can choose three perks, some of which raise your maximum health, drain stamina as well as health with blunt weapon hits, or include a chance to cripple with arrow shots.

The ingredients for greatness are present in The Culling. It’s an extremely watchable game that plays quickly and doesn’t force players to stick around after they’ve died. 

As it enters early access on March 8, Xaviant will hopefully put its focus on improving the melee. It’s very haphazard right now with clumsy blocking and shoving. A more defined weapon relationship (similar to a rock-paper-scissors triangle) would help players approach encounters more strategically.

For the first outing though, the game ran smoothly. I’m hopeful as it heads into a more public test phase that Xaviant is able to improve weapon balance, add new arenas, and further incentivize the use of traps and snares.

If the closed alpha weekend is any indication, you’ll be seeing a lot more of The Culling. We’ll certainly be playing more of it. – The Feed

The Predator And Alien: Covenant Now Have Official Release Dates

20th Century Fox announced the release dates for the upcoming sci-fi monster films Alien: Covenant and The Predator today. Alien: Covenant will be in theaters in summer 2017, while The Predator will hit screens in spring 2018.

Alien: Covenant will follow Prometheus as the second chapter in the Alien prequel trilogy. The film will pick up 10 years after the events of Prometheus and Michael Fassbender will reprise his role as the android David.

We have less information about The Predator, though a recent poster suggests that the titular alien hunter will appear in its signature armor once again. 

Alien: Covenant will come to theaters on August 4, 2017. The Predator is set for release on March 2, 2018. For more on the Alien, read our review of Isolation here.

[Source: Collider – The Feed