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Prison Architect Fans Get Creative With Maps Based On A Star Destroyer, Kings Landing, More

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that gamers are immensely creative. If a game supports a way for players to build out their imaginations, we know we’ll find some amazing things. Thus is the case with Introversion’s Prison Architect.

There are a healthy amount of mods for the game, including those based on Papers, Please, Fallout vaults, Warhammer. We’ve decided to highlight some of the creative map designs (some built with the assistance of available Steam Workshop mods).

If you have a copy of Prison Architect, you can import any of these into your game. We’ve included links so you can nab these. For more on Prison Architect, check out our review.

The Legend of Zelda Tribute by TheStable1

Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing by Lardlover

The USS Enterprise by Nexis

Bro Prison Supermax by Ben

Injustice League by TheStable1

AT-AT by Kuberous

The Tree of Life (and Punishment) by Lardlover

Star Destroyer by Silveriño

The Magic Kingdom by TheStable1

Tesla Coil by Marcpacy – The Feed

Destiny Microtransactions Dominate PSN Paid Add-Ons

A glance at the PlayStation Store’s current top paid Add-Ons rankings reveal that Destiny’s new Silver system is off to a strong start. To put it another way, that means that silver purchases are among the most popular paid add-ons being downloaded across all games available on Sony’s consoles. We asked Sony, and representatives told us that this listing includes add-on purchases in the last seven days. The three different tiers of silver purchases are all in the top five for recent sales, as you can see in the picture below.

Players are opting for the mid-tier purchase of 1100 silver ($ 10), followed up by the more expensive 2300 Silver option ($ 20). 500 Silver ($ 5) is the least popular option of the three, coming in at slot five.

It’s also worth noting that the only thing that is selling better than these microtransactions is The Taken King expansion itself. 

[Source: PlayStation Store, via Destiny Reddit]


Our Take
I am firmly in the camp that cosmetic microtransactions can be an appropriate way to help fund an ongoing game’s development and money making. Right now, Destiny’s microtransactions exclusively fuel new emotes and cosmetic event items. If Destiny begins to have Silver affect in-game functionality or progress, I’ll be a lot more negative about it. Until then, it’s hard to take issue with the system, or the enthusiasm that players have for finding new ways to express themselves with their in-game characters. Based on what PSN is reporting here, the Destiny community seems to agree. – The Feed

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’s Nuk3town Gets The Spotlight In Latest Trailer

As previously announced, Nuketown (now known as "Nuk3town") makes its grand return in Call of Duty: Black Ops III as a pre-order bonus (for new-gen versions only). Early adopters can preview what they're getting in a new video showcasing the futuristic version of the fan-favorite map.

Nuk3town's been re-designed from the ground up to accommodate Black Ops III’s increased focus on verticality and momentum-based, chained movement system. Set in 2065, the formerly Cold War-era map has received a significant hi-tech facelift. Check out a sizzle reel of the close-quarters, fast-paced gameplay Nuk3town engenders in the trailer below. 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III hits store shelves on November 6. For more on the game, read about Black Ops III's development cycle and how it's ditching campaign and season pass for last-gen versions. – The Feed

Five Reasons You Should Try Destiny’s Trials Of Osiris

Today marks the return of Brother Vance and the Trials of Osiris, and you should play. No, really! You should. While the competition is fierce, there are several reasons why Trials of Osiris is worth your time this weekend. Whether you’ve ventured into the Trials many times before, or you’re a player who just started Destiny with The Taken King, the mode has been refined and the best features maintained to create a one-of-a-kind competitive experience. 

By way of explanation for newcomers, Trials of Osiris is a weekend-only event in Destiny. You pick up a scorecard/passage from a vendor named Brother Vance, who hangs out in the Vestian Outpost of the Reef. You then need two teammates to join you and enter a special 3v3 Elimination game mode. Your passage ends if you ever reach three match losses. So you want to get as many wins as you can before that happens.

You can buy buffs/boons from him before your passage begins by using Passage Coins (which you may already have a good number of if you’ve been playing other Crucible modes). These boons make it easier to reach the higher reward tiers. 

I outline the reasons to give the mode a try below, but let’s start out with a big caveat. While I think Trials of Osiris is thrilling, and you should definitely try it at some point, that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily ready to dive in right now. Specifically, if your level is below 40 and your light value is still below 251, you won’t even be able to enter the tournament. Even at 251, you’re at a disadvantage in the damage you give and take. Keep playing, and you’ll eliminate that inherent disadvantage and have a better time when you finally do dive in. 

When your light level is competitive (let’s say around 280 or higher), consider the following.

The More the Merrier

One of the reasons I’ve heard cited by players about why they don’t attempt the Trials is that “all the best PvP players are in there, and they crush me.” 

That’s a fair statement, and it’s often correct. Especially if you’re just starting out with the game mode, you will undoubtedly run into some excellent teams that will shut you out. While there’s something to be said for what you can learn from those defeats, it’s not fun to never make any progress.

That’s the biggest reason everyone should play. When only a few beginner teams are brave enough to enter Trials, the only teams they can potentially be matched against are experienced pros. But as more teams brave the waters, the chance for running into another beginner team goes up for everyone, and that means everyone has a higher chance to run into a competitive match rather than a blowout. 

Improved Matchmaking

Matchmaking is a relative term when discussing Trials of Osiris. From the beginning, the idea of the mode was to not specifically match teams by skill, but rather present a pure system where the best teams would consistently win. 

The spirit of that idea is still in place in the new version of Trials, but a new twist should make the experience better for newcomers and lead to more exciting matches for experienced teams. When matching teams, Trials now more closely examines how many wins your team already has, and tries to match you accordingly with another team at a similar tier. 

If you think about this for a few minutes, you can see the positive effect it has. When you have zero wins, you are most likely to be matched with other teams that have zero wins. Yes, that means that as a champion-level team is just starting its passage, you may run into them. But very soon, that team will have a few wins under their belt, and move out to fight other teams that are already doing well. 

For excellent teams, it means that the match you play after you’ve gone 8-0 is almost certainly going to be very challenging, since you’ll be facing other teams that are doing about as well as you. You’ll have to work for your win, which might be frustrating for some who were used to easier paths to the Lighthouse. But it does seem to be more fair for all players, and should lead to better more competitive matches overall.

In short, if you abandoned Trials of Osiris this summer because you were always overmatched, there’s reason to believe that at least some of the matches should be much more approachable now.

[Next Page: It's not all about the Lighthouse] – The Feed

Replay – Halloween Stuptacular!

Happy Halloween, Replay viewers! We hope you have a mountain of candy in front of you as you watch this extra-stupid episode of what we believe is the Internet's longest-running dumb show. In this episode we decided to play "trick or treat" with a handful of Game Informer editors.

When kids going trick or treating, they almost always get candy. That isn't the case here at all. Our version of candy is a great game that syncs up with an editor's interests. A trick is a bad game that they would never want to play. We put a lot of thought into this horrible idea, and even dressed up for the occasion. As you'll soon see, one of us didn't fully understand what "dressing up for Halloween" meant.

As silly as this episode is, it is a nice stroll through the history of gaming – from the NES to Xbox 360. We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween and are quick to forget everything you just watched in this terrible, terrible episode. We'll see you again in seven days!

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Want more Replay? Check out our hub to catch up on all our previous episodes by clicking the banner below. – The Feed

Zero Escape 3 Has An Official Title And A Creepy Piece Of Concept Art

Aksys games and Spike Chunsoft have an official title for the next entry in the Zero Escape series, a piece of art, and a release window for the game.

Despite being preceded by a game called Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and sequel called Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, the third game in the series will be called Zero Time Dilemma. Aksys announced the game's title on its website and though it dies have a summer 2016 release window for the game, it did not announced a platform. The first two games in the series were handheld-exclusives.

For our review of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, head here.

[Source: Aksys Games]


Our Take
Some consistency in the series' naming convention would probably be helpful for fans who discover one entry, and want to explore the rest. Also, Zero Time Dilemma sort of makes it sound like there is nothing wrong happening in the game. There are no Time Dilemmas. I'm sure the title will make more sense when we finally get a chance to play the game next year. – The Feed

Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town GBA Now On Wii U Virtual Console

It's not a very scary game (depending on how you feel about hard labor), but the Game Boy Advance's Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town is now available on Wii U.

Originally released in 2005, the game is a sequel to the 2003 Harvest Moon game, Friends of Mineral Town, which was a remake of sorts of the 1999 PlayStation Harvest Moon, Back to Nature.

We recently took a detailed look back at the Harvest Moon series with producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto. You can find that interview here.

[Source: Nintendo]


Our Take
This week probably would have been a good opportunity to release a scary, Halloween-themed game on Virtual Console. Not complaining about getting more titles on the service, but it feels like a missed opportunity. – The Feed

How To Recreate The Best Cut Stages In Super Smash Bros. Wii U

The latest installment in the Smash Bros. series is a fantastic game, as I mentioned in my review, but longtime fans may notice a few things missing. Specifically, several stages that have been around since the early days are now gone. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has more than plenty of battlegrounds to play in, but it's hard not to miss those classics. Fortunately, I'm here to help. My video tutorial will show you how to bring back the stages you love, step by step. Don't be intimidated – you can do it, too!

As you can see in the video below, all you need to bring these five favorites back into the rotation is a steady hand, patience, and a willingness to express yourself. There's no wrong way to do it, only a few ways that are less right. Take your time and have fun. And you're welcome.

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SKTelecom Takes Home The 2015 League Of Legends World Champions’ Summoner’s Cup

The 2015 League of Legends World Champions tournament has declared its winner.

SKTelecom defeated KOO Tigers in the final rounds this morning making it the first team to ever win two League of Legends World Champions. SKTelecom also won in 2013. SKTelecom's Gyeong-hwan "MaRin" Jang was awarded the Worlds 2015 MVP. For more on the winning team you can check out the video below.

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[Source: LoL eSports] – The Feed

Mad Max And Just Cause 3 Developer Avalanche Studios Suffers Layoffs

With Just Cause 3 out in a few weeks and Mad Max complete and shipped, developer Avalanche Studios has suffered two rounds of layoffs. Job cuts began this summer in Stockholm after Mad Max was released.

Avalanche maintains two offices. The original location in Stockholm, Sweden, worked on Mad Max. The newer office in New York City is handling development of Just Cause 3.

"The transition between major projects is always challenging, especially for independent developers,"  a representative told us via email. "We have just completed one project and are currently wrapping up another. In starting up our new projects, we were not able to perfectly match the team sizes and skill sets of the previous ones, and we unfortunately had to let some talented developers go. 12 developers were given notice in New York. There was a similar number of notices given this summer in Stockholm, but right now we are in the process of rehiring some of those who left. We expect to keep hiring in the new year. This unfortunate event does not affect any of our current projects, and we're taking measures to avoid situations like this in the future."

The studio has also released the prehistoric survival game The Hunter: Primal this year. Note that this is not Avalanche Software, the studio at the center of Disney Infinity. The two companies are unrelated.


Our Take
Our thoughts are with those affected by the layoffs. It's a positive sign that some are being rehired, as it means there's another project in the works at Avalanche. – The Feed