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Good Old Games discounts 35 games, delistings imminent

At the time of this writing, there’s about a day left to pick over Good Old Games’ recent promotion for PC, the Last Chance Special. There’s more urgency to this sale than the allure of a good deal however – after the sale’s conclusion on Monday at…
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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Get Four DLC Packs And A Season Pass

During the Inside Gearbox Software panel at PAX, the studio announced that the upcoming shooter looter would have four post-release add-on content packs and a season pass granting players access to all the new content.

Following the release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on October 14th, the game will get four add-on content packs that will include new characters, missions, and experiences. Each set of DLC will retail for $ 9.99, but players can also purchase a Pre-Sequel Season Pass that will include all the content for $ 29.99.

Players who pre-order the game will get the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit bonus content, which will also be solid separately, but will not be included in the Season Pass.

If you're still not sure what you think about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, check out this trailer of playable character Claptrap in action. – The Feed

Pillars of Eternity and the dangers of fantasy pest control

“Streamlined” is a buzzword you hear often when talking to developers about games. “Simplified” is almost as common. The unspoken implication behind these descriptors is that complexity and time-consuming mechanics are a thing of the past. If that’s…
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Super Meat Boy Forever trims fat, cooks up ‘huge’ challenge

Super Meat Boy Forever is as much a game as it is a meat grinder. It’s “impossible,” but only in the sense that it’s similar to The Impossible Game, Grip Games’ 2011 auto-running platformer that placed an emphasis on blazing hard difficulty. Super…
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Report: More Dragon Quest mobile ports on the way

Square Enix’s mobile ports of Dragon Quest 4 and Dragon Quest 8 must not have strained the publisher’s budget too terribly, as Game Informer reports the RPG nostalgia train will keep running on mobile devices. According to the report, a mobile port…
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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is making the most of summer

Technically the last day of summer is September 22, but the weather already feels like it’s turning and we won’t have another three-day weekend for quite a while. This holiday feels less about sleeping in and more about frantically trying to have as…
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How I teach game design: Games and rules

NYU’s Eric Zimmerman: A rules-centric approach is a very dry and restrictive way of looking at game design. It’s a formal approach to game design (more on that below). But it’s often incredibly useful.” …

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Konami veteran Dave Cox leaves company after 17 years

Dave Cox, a Konami veteran of 17 years, has decided to leave the company to “explore new opportunities.” …

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Constraining the design space of possibility

“I have always defended ‘laser-focused’ game design that keeps only what is absolutely needed and cuts off any ‘unnecessary’ parts… but I’ve been exploring a more balanced approach.” …

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190 Nintendo Europe workers are losing their jobs to outsourcing

NOE confirms termination of 190 contract workers in addition to the 120 full-time employees who are losing their jobs as the company moves its headquarters and begins outsourcing QA & localization. …

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