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Stiq Figures, June 16 – 22: I miss action sports games edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don’t matter.

Between serious simulators and strap-on-your-face VR devices, video games can mimic real-world experiences pretty well. Still, it’s great to have options,…
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Have faith Natural Doctrine will be out this September

Tactical RPG Natural Doctrine arrives in North America on September 16, before coming to Europe three days later on September 19. Kadokawa’s PS4, PS3 and Vita game is now up for pre-order on the NIS America store, with the publisher’s traditional…
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The ‘Sheltered’ apocalypse is coming!

Sheltered, described as a post-apocalyptic strategy game, will be published by Team17, the developer best (only?) known for the Worms franchise. The publishing deal is part of Team17′s expanding third-party publishing program, which is interesting…
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Just Dance is now an eSport

The realm of eSports isn’t confined to fighting games, competitive FPSes, and MOBAs anymore. Ubisoft’s Just Dance series has joined the Electronic Sports World Cup as the organization’s first casual game.

Just Dance competition finalists will be…
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Joystiq Deals: Modern Warfare trilogy

Today, Joystiq Deals goes into battle. Each of the three games in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is half-off through the end of today only, so those looking to play through the trilogy should act soon. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and…
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Nuclear Throne update adds titular seat, final boss battle

After 33 weekly updates, Vlambeer’s self-described “action roguelike-like” Nuclear Throne now contains an actual nuclear throne.

According to the developer, the throne can be found at the game’s climax, after players have battled their way from a…
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Gone Home Boxed Special Edition goes international on July 3

Those who haven’t already enjoyed the critically-beloved Gone Home via digital distribution can pick up the game at retail in a new “Boxed Special Edition” which arrives on July 3.

Developer The Fullbright Company has teamed with Merge Games to…
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Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer remade in real life, in Madrid

If Madrid is in the market for a new tourism campaign, the fine folks at Zapruder Pictures have it covered. Zapruder remade the first-ever Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, shot-for-shot, in real life in Madrid, the capital city of Spain….
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Over 7,000 stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys revoked

Valve has removed Sniper Elite 3 from the Steam libraries of a large number of players who purchased stolen keys from unlicensed vendors, developer Rebellion reports.

A total of 7,050 Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys were stolen and given to resellers, who…
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Transmigration washes away a sad, wasted life

Well, this looks cool. Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering is a narrative-driven, rain-soaked, single-player game from Polish studio Transhuman Design. It’s dark, with elements of historical weirdness, transcendental ideas and alternate universe…
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