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Live Stream – Ride To Hell: Retribution

UPDATE: Missed the stream when it aired live? Check out the archived video here if you've got a good 12 hours to spare.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you've read my recent review of Ride To Hell: Retribution or seen our episode of Test Chamber devoted to it, you know that it's hilariously awful. Halfway through playing the game, I realized that its sheer awfulness needed to be seen by a wider audience than myself and the other GI editors that crowded around to mock it. After talking with some of the staff, we've decided to convene at video editor Jason Oestricher's house to stream it late into Saturday night.

We'll start at 9pm Central, and play until either we fall asleep or you folks get tired of watching this garbage. If the latter happens, we'll have some other options available for streaming (but trust me, Ride To Hell is a gift that keeps on giving). Please click the banner below Saturday night at 9pm Central to join us in celebration of this unbelievable piece of trash.

Note: This is very much an M-rated game, filled with naughty words, sexual situations, drugs, murder, what-have-you. This will also be an after-hours podcast, so the language may be a bit saltier than Replay or other streams from time to time. If you are a small child or don't like hearing bad words, this probably isn't the best way to spend your Saturday night. – The Feed

Buy us this Earthbound Zero NES reproduction cart

Buy us this EarthBound Zero NES reproduction cart

Rose Colored Gaming recently unveiled a beautiful Earthbound Zero reproduction NES cart, complete with a slick plastic case and custom cover art. The cart includes an English-translated ROM of Japanese Nintendo RPG and cult classic Mother.

Mother never came to the United States, though Mother 2 was released as Earthbound on SNES in North America, and will see a Wii U Virtual Console port this year. The game that followed in the series, Mother 3 for Game Boy Advance, also never saw official North American localization, though fan translators of the game offered Nintendo to use their work free of charge for further Virtual Console localization purposes.

As for Rose Colored Gaming’s gorgeous Earthbound Zero reproduction cart, there’s no price listed yet on its store as it’s working to produce “as many of these as possible for as long as possible.” We’re just saying, this collectible item would be a great gift for a sorrowful Joystiq editor that has lost hope that any future iterations of the series will come to life in a language they understand.

[Thanks, Wes!]

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Adjusted For Inflation, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Reasonably Priced

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not cheap consoles, but compared to the history of video game console prices, the two are both priced reasonably.

Ars Technica has put together an easy to read chart looking at console prices through the decades in order to create an understandable comparison to next-generation hardware. Consoles like the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis are priced about the same as Microsoft and Sony's new consoles when you consider the worth of the dollar back in the late eighties/early nineties. Considering inflation, the two consoles cost about $ 342 and $ 357 respectively.

You can also see the breakdown of console price drops through the decades and how everything stands up against one another. Ars Technica has a full rundown of interesting statistics and graphs.

[Source: Ars Technica] – The Feed

Reader Discussion: Do You Play Bad Games?

Ride to Hell: Retribution is a bad game, but it has an entertainment factor that cannot be denied. It’s the reason our Test Chamber of the game is so entertaining, and why a group of editors stayed up all night live streaming the game. It’s a hilarious train wreck with fully-clothed sex scenes, and you just can’t look away.

There are a number of games like Ride to Hell that are described as, “so bad, it’s good,” but I wonder if the second part of that statement – “It’s good” – is true. Do you actually want to play these types of games by yourself? Is there joy in playing these games without an audience, or is being part of the audience that watches the game be played the only way to truly enjoy it?

Pictured above: Tim Turi severely regretting his decision to play Ride to Hell: Retribution all night, and Ben Hanson. Photo courtesy of GI intern Brain Albert.

I was among the many editors that crowded around Dan Ryckert as he reviewed the game, and I tuned into the live stream to see more of it, but I will never take the time to play the game myself. How about you? It's hilarious, but it's an experience I am perfectly comfortable letting somebody else endure for my own entertainment.

Also, while we're at it, what are some of your favorite hilariously bad games? – The Feed

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Dungeon Smash

It’s not that there are too many indie games; it’s that there aren’t enough hours in a day to play all of them. The Joystiq Indie Pitch curates the best indies to play now and watch out for in the future.

The Joystiq Indie Pitch Dungeon Smash

What’s your game called and what’s it about?

Dungeon Smash is about being a heroic champion, surviving insurmountable odds, rescuing the princesses, vengeance, love, duty, lust for power, forgiveness and bringing peace to the kingdoms.

The story begins with our champions accompanying their wards, the princesses of the war-torn five kingdoms, to the neutral city of Overkalix to sign a peace treaty. On the eve of the signing of the treaty, Overkalix is attacked by demons and the princesses are abducted. The players take on the roles of the princesses’ champions and set off toward the Dark Isles to rescue the princesses. Each player is presented with an individual back-story which may influence how they play the game.

Why develop for Xbox Live Indie Games, rather than PC or other platforms?

It’s relatively easy to get published to a potentially massive market and the hardware is fixed so you only really have to cater for two screen resolutions. Dungeon Smash is a twin-stick shooter and you really need a controller for that. However, development has been stopped on XNA and Microsoft is being coy about self-publishing on the Xbox One80, whereas Unity on the PlayStation 4 is sounding pretty attractive.

Continue reading The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Dungeon Smash

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Amazon Digital Games Summer Sale now through July 14

Amazon's digital games summer sale is on now through July 14

From June 30 – July 14, Amazon is hosting the Digital Games Summer Sale, offering discounts on its lineup of PC and Mac games. Like, all of its games. Almost 900 titles are on sale, including the Borderlands bundle, with the first and second games and the Borderlands 2 season pass for $ 22, normally listed at $ 100.

Other deals include Assassin’s Creed 3 for $ 13, Assassin’s Creed 2 for $ 5, Amnesia for $ 3, Dead Space 3 for $ 20, Rayman Origins for $ 7.50 and about 895 more games. Separately, Amazon’s indie store is still live and kicking, and right now purchase any indie game and get some free games to go with it. Take your pick!

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Samurai Showdown II Now Available On Mobile Devices

Samurai Showdown II, the classic Neo Geo fighter, is available now on iOS and Android devices.

The game is $ 8.99 on both platforms, and features all 15 characters, and the ability to customize controls. You can also play multiplayer over Blutooth.

Here's the link to grab it for iPhone users, and here's the link for Android users.

[Via: Joystiq] – The Feed

Steam Greenlight Approves 11 More Titles

Steam Greenlight, the system that puts publishing decisions into the hands of the gamer public, has selected 11 new titles for appearance on Steam's store.

You can check out the full list of new games and software below:



The most exciting announcement from this list is is of course the appearance of FL Studio. Once this music creation software becomes easily accessible to the public, there will be more musical masterpieces like this. I may even dabble myself. I have been denying the world of my brilliance for far too long.

Yesterday, in celebration of Steam Greenlight, the community gathered together for a live stream. You can find out more about it here. – The Feed

Hitman: Absolution is absolutely $12 at Best Buy

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Hitman: Absolution are on sale for a mere $ 12 at Best Buy right now.

While the deal includes free shipping, the game is no longer listed as available for shipping. Instead, those looking to save a few dollars on the game can opt to pick up a copy at select locations that still have it in stock. If the diminishing stock at our local stores is any indication, this deal many not last much longer.

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Guncraft, Cognition among eight games Greenlit on Steam

Steam Greenlight recently gave the go-ahead for eight games and three pieces of software to begin distribution on Steam.

The greenlit games were Guncraft by Exacto Game Studios, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller by Phoenix Online Studios, Wild Games Studio’s Day One : Garry’s Incident, Homesick by Lucky Pause, In Verbis Virtus by Indomitus Games, XGen Studios’ Super Motherload, Vector by Nekki and Verdun by Blackmill Games. The apps greenlit this week were Actual Multiple Monitors, FL Studio and Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition.

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