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Deadfall Adventures Announced With First Trailer

Players take on the role of James Lee Quartermain in Painkiller: Hell and Damnation developer The Farm 51’s newest title. The first-person shooter places you in the shoes of the adventurer as he escorts Jennifer Goodwin, an US agent and past colleague, to an Egyptian temple to dig up an ancient artifact.

As Quartermain explains in the video below, his great-grandfather wasn’t a liar when he brought up stories about ancient beasts and spirits – and players will run into them often on their way to collect the Heart of Atlantis before the Nazis or Russians can. The game will take players to other locales aside from dusty Egypt, each protected by a supernatural guardian. 

"Deadfall Adventures marries the ethos of the Saturday morning matinee with the summer blockbuster to create an original adventure which will grip players from start to finish," says Nordic managing director Klemens Kreuzer. "We're putting players into the heart of the action, just as they’d dreamed as children, staring at their heroes on the silver screen. It's fantastic to be working on Deadfall Adventures with The Farm 51 from the roots up; it’s going to be an exciting summer."

Deadfall releases on July 30 for both Xbox 360 and PC. 

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Star Wars Pinball Review

Studios has released its first DLC pack based on the Star Wars universe,
containing three tables that run the gamut of visual themes and play styles. If
these new tables are an indication of the quality we can expect from the rest
of the series, then pinball fans have a happy year ahead.

Pinball FX's DLC packs usually end up containing at
least one table I don't like, largely due to personal tastes in table design.
With Star Wars Pinball, I find myself liking all three tables for completely different
reasons. The Empire Strikes Back retells the events of the movie in an
entertaining way and contains the most side missions, hurry-up modes, and
multiballs – at any given time you're working towards a handful of different
goals, making it one of the most replayable tables Zen has released yet. Boba
Fett, on the other hand, is mainly focused on a gameplay loop of activating, completing,
and turning in bounties. While I found the table's other side missions less
compelling, the massive payouts for turning in intergalactic criminals had me constantly
looking forward to the next bounty. Clone Wars is (perhaps unsurprisingly,
given its source material) the most accessible of the three tables, and
features constant action thanks to its numerous ramps, none of which are
particularly hard to shoot. I've never been particularly interested in the
animated series, but it contains a few of my favorite modes from the pack,
including a clone training mode that features two distinct mini-playfields,
making it another welcome addition to my rotation.

All three tables are also loaded with Star Wars
details, from the voice clips and dot matrix reenactments of movie scenes in
The Empire Strikes Back to the CG-inspired characters of Clone Wars voiced by
the actors of the show. I can't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia every time
Yoda offers some cryptic advice, or when a favorite bit of Star Wars music pops
up to introduce a new mode.

You don't need to be a Star Wars fan to recognize
the creativity Zen has brought to the new tables. The company continues to include
more fantasy elements in its designs (though nothing as crazy as the
table-flipping antics of Infinity Gauntlet), which may turn off old-school
pinball fans, but I enjoy launching pinballs at Darth Vader and locking balls
into a floating Slave I, even if such antics would be impossible on a real

While Zen Studios continues to hone its table
design, Star Wars Pinball is presented to players within the aging structure of
Pinball FX 2, providing no new improvements or surprises in terms of table
guides, social features, or tournaments. It also lacks the Balance of the Force
and custom ranking features of the standalone Star Wars Pinball. Having the
tables accessible within my main table library is worth it, but I wish it
wasn't an either/or proposition, and I yearn to see what new features a
full-fledged Pinball FX sequel might have. In the meantime, Star Wars Pinball
provides players three more entertaining tables well worth a spot in their
ever-growing collections.

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Survey Finds Mobile, PC Development Growing

Over half – 58 percent – of developers responding to a
survey performed by the Game Developers Conference organizers said they're
planning on releasing their next titles on mobile devices, compared to the 38
percent of respondents whose last game was on a smartphone or tablet.

(pictured: Infinity Blade from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment, which has made big waves on iOS)

PC/Mac development was lumped together in the survey, and
had nearly half of the developers surveyed planning on hitting those platforms
as opposed to the 34.6 percent who put their previous title out on them.

For their next games, Xbox 360 (14%) beat out PlayStation 3
(12.4%) while next-gen Microsoft and Sony hardware trailed both (11%). The Wii
U came in with just 6 percent of developers planning to support the platform
with their next games.

The enthusiastic support of mobile devices shouldn't come as
a surprise – it's been the dominant storyline of the last few years in video
games. This survey favors the phone/tablet market even more, built as it is
around absolute numbers of games in development; budgets are much smaller and mobile
teams can range all the way down to one person working on a game when they're
not at their day job. The PC/Mac support comes as a slightly larger surprise,
though again the openness of the platforms allows for a much greater breadth of
projects to be undertaken.

Though mobile games are cheaper to make, the rewards can be
huge. Pete Dille, CMO of Tapjoy (a company that develops mobile games and runs
a service that rewards users for installing apps and engaging with advertising
with virtual currency and items), told Game Informer that the average Tapjoy
user spends $ 18 per month split between games and virtual goods. Whether a
developer seeks fame and fortune through a service like Tapjoy, a small but
loyal fanbase buying in-game purchases, or big sales numbers at a low price
point, it's an attractive gamble for many.

Now, if only more than a tiny fraction of this huge amount
of mobile development resulted in decent games…then we'd really be living in
the future. In the current climate where I still average out keeping one game
out of ten installed on my phone because the other nine aren't worth the
storage space, though, I can't help but think we have a long way to go.

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Bombermine blasts up to 1,000 players in your browser

Unofficial 1000player inbrowser Bomberman

We’ll always have a soft spot in our heart for the man with the bombs. Bombermine, a free Flash-based clone of the iconic Bomberman series, lets up to 1,000 players face off in the same game. Yes, 1,000.

The premise of Bombermine is the same as in Bomberman: destroy the other players before they destroy you. All players are trapped in the same maze and must place bombs to clear paths toward the other players and powerups.

Bombermine is currently in beta, with play servers across the US, Europe, Japan and Russia live right now. Once you sign up with a username and pick your server, you’ll automatically spawn into an active game and probably not get any work done ever again.

JoystiqBombermine blasts up to 1,000 players in your browser originally appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 23:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Mark of the Ninja slashed to $5 on Steam this weekend

One of Joystiq’s favorite games of 2012, Mark of the Ninja, is on sale on Steam this weekend. From now until 10am PT Monday morning, you can snag the 2D stealth game for just five bucks. Now you can spend all that extra scratch on some new caltrops. Or tacos. You know, ninja tacos.

JoystiqMark of the Ninja slashed to $ 5 on Steam this weekend originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 01 Mar 2013 01:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Nintendo platforms lagging behind in developer support

Only 4.6 percent of developers are currently working on a Nintendo Wii U game, according to the Game Developers Conference’s 2013 State Of The Industry survey. …

Gamasutra News

Parody Or Reality? Game Infarcer Predicts Nintendo’s Future

Game Informer's annual April Fool's Day prank comes in the form of Game Infarcer, a parody feature in the magazine that pokes fun at the games, events, and people in the industry. When we write these fake stories (which some people actually believe), we're usually just making stuff up. However, on more than one occasion, Game Infarcer has proven to be prophetic – especially when it comes to Nintendo. Just check out these examples, and remember that today's punchline may be tomorrow's Wii Fit.

2013 update: This year's Game Infarcer will be in readers' hands shortly, so we've added a new entry to our ever-growing list of ways the parody feature has correctly predicted the future. 
The WiiDS

Parody: Instead of rectifying the problems the made the Wii fall flat among hardcore gamers, Nintendo decides to double-down on the kooky novelty factor. The WiiDS combines the gimmicky qualities of both the DS and the Wii, which is way better than having an HD console.
Reality: This piece ran in the 2010 edition of Game Infarcer. Over a year later at E3 2011, Nintendo revealed the Wii U, and the console finally released during the 2012 holiday season. Now that we've had a chance to play the system, we can see how eerily close our prediction came to the truth. We were wrong about it not having HD capabilities, but we nailed the basic concept perfectly.

Original Story:
Nintendo Goes F—ing Crazy

The news piece paints a picture of Shigeru Miyamoto as man on the brink of madness. "I have a dog. His name is Pikachu," our fake Miyamoto says. "I love him very much. So, I thought, why should I have all the fun?" Dressed as a Dalmatian and barking in front of a human-sized doghouse, the Miyamoto in this story appears absolutely insane – due mainly to his obsession with dogs.
Reality: The following year, Nintendogs became a handheld gaming phenomenon. It even had a Dalmatian edition. At the time of our Game Infarcer story (issue 132), the game hadn't even been announced.

Nintendo Revolution Unveiled

Continuing the GameCube's tradition of lagging behind the competition, Nintendo's next-gen hardware will feature PS2-caliber graphics along with a controller that eliminates all complications in favor of a dumbed-down, all-purpose "Do" button. Also, it can stand vertically or lay sideways.
Reality: The Nintendo Wii features PS2-caliber graphics along with a controller that eliminates all complications in favor of a dumbed-down, all-purpose A button. Also, it can stand vertically or lay sideways. When we ran our Infarcer article in issue 144, all we knew was that the console was codenamed "Revolution."

Metroid Prime Xtreme

Team Ninja is taking over the beloved Metroid series in order to give Samus more, um, "exposure." Additionally, Ridley plays volleyball with a metroid in a bikini.
Reality: This Game Infarcer cover was in issue 168 (April 2007). At E3 2009, Nintendo announced that it was collaborating with Team Ninja to create Samus' next adventure, Metroid: Other M. Sadly, it doesn't appear to incorporate volleyball in any way. Hey, you can't be right all the time.


Parody: With stupid peripherals being greeted with surprising success, Nintendo pushes its luck even further with the game WiiNap (and accompanying pillow accessory). It's all about sleeping, resting, snoozing, and somehow letting your Wii know whether you're awake or not.
Reality: A little over a year after this story ran in issue 180, Nintendo revealed the Wii Vitality Sensor. When presenting the device during the press conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata remarked: "Games have been used for stimulation, but maybe it won't be long until
games are used for relaxation and even to fall asleep." We'll have to be more careful in the future – apparently Game Infarcer is a weapon that wields universe-altering power. – The Feed

Open Beta for Salem kicks off!

Paradox Interactive have announced that the open beta for their upcoming MMO Salem has begun.

In Salem, players take on the role of colonists populating The New World. You can craft items, and more notably, engage in perma-death based PvP combat with one another. You read that right…in Salem, dying means losing your character completely.

The developers have adopted a minimal-constraint approach to the game’s community, allowing them to do pretty much anything they want beyond the confines of the one developer-built settlement. Over the course of the closed beta, the developers said that a full-fledged barter-based economy has developed alongside gang rivalries and vigilante justice. Needless to say, they’re pretty excited to see what players will make of the open beta.

Head on over to the official site to participate in the open beta for this innovative MMO.

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GameFly restructuring causes layoffs

By-mail video game rental service GameFly went through a round of layoffs today as part of a restructuring plan. GameFly CEO Dave Hodess expressed the business is aligning itself better to existing console and digital games markets.

“We studied our business and determined that we could operate with a smaller team while continuing to provide the same high level of service to our customers,” said Hodess in a prepared statement provided to Joystiq. “Aside from a greater focus in our software development efforts, we’re not making any significant changes in our console subscription or digital download businesses. GameFly remains profitable with a strong balance sheet.”

The company did not mention the extent of the layoffs, but sources tell us it was 35 employees in total, with another mentioning it was a third of the Los Angeles-based company’s staff. Much like GameStop’s used games business, a digitally distributed future of one-time-use watermarked games isn’t likely to be kind to the by-mail rental service, so it’ll hopefully soften the blow that GameFly also owns Direct2Drive (now GF Digital).

JoystiqGameFly restructuring causes layoffs originally appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Tomb Raider: What the critics are saying

This edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider series reboot, which reviewers describe as “exciting, beautiful and just incredibly well-made.” …

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