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La Mulana Not Coming to NA/EU Wii

La Mulana, by NIGORO

Nicalis, who published La Mulana on WiiWare in Japan, has decided to suddenly cancel its North American and European release, citing declining sales on WiiWare and developmental issues as the cause. Nicalis’s Tyrone Rodriguez told GoNintendo: “With the Wii U in the not too distant future and WiiWare sales almost non-existent, I had to make a call today. I wish them the best. They’re good game developers and good guys.” Click the link for the full statement, which points to the DLC as the main reason why La Mulana was having trouble passing certification in North America and Europe (it’s apparently more strict than in Japan). You may also want to check the Twitter accounts of NIGORO and Nicalis for more details.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news: according to NIGORO, a PC release of the new La Mulana is almost finished and will be self-published. Distribution has yet to be determined.


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