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PSA: Do not send death threats to digital distribution platform holders

The general public service announcement here is to not send death threats, like, in general, but here’s an incident of a developer posting a death threat on Twitter against Valve’s Gabe Newell, who runs a little digital distribution shop called…
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Get a job: Nintendo of America seeks a Visual Development Artist

Nintendo is looking to hire an experienced visual development artist who will work alongside the team in the company’s Redmond office to “work on projects that span several products.” …

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Gamer Spends Two Years Building Minecraft City Inspired By New York

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Titan City. One enterprising 19-year-old gamer from Delaware spent over two years making what is possibly the largest city constructed in Minecraft. Eat your heart out New York.

YouTube user Colonial Puppet, used over 4.5 million blocks to create a living city, complete with roads, lights, a rail system, and 96 skyscrapers in the in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Many of the buildings are even furnished. Even more impressively, this city was built entirely by hand…and it’s not done yet. Check out Colonial Puppet’s current progress in the video below, or download the 360 map for yourself here, or the PC version here.

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Reader Discussion: Is There Something Specific You Collect Related To Games?

As the number of consumer-facing trade shows has increased, so has the volume of more easily obtainable, game-related paraphernalia. Inflatable weapons, branded and oddly shaped USB drives, patches, and more are handed out to consumers as they walk the halls of PAX, ComicCon, and more.

We’ve asked you about your game-related collectibles before, but this is a more focused question. Is there a specific type of item you collect, or is there a specific game for which you’d buy any related item.

I’ve got an absurd collection of pins and patches, for instance. Andrew Reiner and I are a bit fanatical about our Lego sets (and we have the text message history to prove it). Whether it’s action figures, Magic or Pokémon cards, or even strategy guides or manuals, we want to hear about. 

Let us know in the comments! And happy hunting for the next collector’s item on your list. – The Feed

Humble Flash Bundle Raises Money For Extra Life

Humble Bundle has kicked off a six-day flash bundle that will raise money for this weekend’s Extra Life marathon. You can get 18 games and more for just $ 13.

And the “pay what you want” level, you’ll get Potatoman Seeks the Troof, access to the Trove closed beta with a starter pack, a Defiance starter pack, 30 days of Twitch Turbo, a 30-day Reddit gold subscription, and one-week access to the Everquest Landmark closed beta.

For contributions of $ 6 or more, you’ll get King Arthur’s Gold, Speedruners (currently in Early Access), a Rift starter pack, and nine classic You Don’t Know Jack games. At $ 13 or more, you’ll get Nom Nom Galaxy (currently in Early Access) and three more copies of King Arthur’s Gold for your friends.

For more on Extra Life, read up on our team. There’s still time to participate if you want in on the 24-hour charity effort, which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can purchase the Humble Flash Bundle in support of Extra Life on the Humble website. – The Feed

Xbox One November Update Makes Each Achievement A Collectible Piece Of Background Art

Microsoft has been regular with its Xbox One updates, rolling out improvements and new features on a monthly basis. We now know what to look forward to in November.

You’ll finally be able to change the standard black background to something a bit more personal. To start with, you’ll be able to choose another color or art from one of your achievements (yes, you can only use one that you’ve unlocked).

Your profile will also start looking a bit more like it did on the Xbox 360. It will also feature a new showcase area to which you can pin your favorite achievements, clips, and more.

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You’ll also be able to tweet your saved clips directly from the dashboard using the share button in the menu. Twitter is also coming to television. You’ll be able to see which live programs are trending in your Twitter timeline.

Trending programs (separate from Twitter) are rolling out today to preview members. This appears as a separate tab in the One Guide. It will show the 20 most popular shows, updated every minute. There are other TV improvements coming, including recents and favorites.

SmartGlass is getting some new social features and store improvements, including the ability to see your friends’ gaming activity and Xbox Live Games with Gold. Internet Explorer will be eligible for Snap from the address bar in the November update, too. 

For the full list of changes, you can read up on Xbox Wire.

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Our Take
Even though I run my television through my Xbox One, I’ve not spent much time with the OneGuide. I’m curious to check out the trending features and the Twitter integration.

I’m glad that some personalization features have been integrated, but I’m surprised that they are a bit limited. The achievement art function is made cooler by being tied to those you’ve unlocked, making each one a system-wide collectible. 

The most interesting feature is the Twitter sharing for recorded clips. I’m looking forward to seeing those pop up in my timeline. – The Feed

Dark Souls PC Players Will Be Able To Transfer Data To Steam In November

If you’ve been sitting on a copy of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC, you might have noticed some problems thanks to the defunct Games for Windows Live. There’s good news, as Bandai Namco has announced it will be porting everything over to Steam.

During November, you’ll be able to use your Games for Windows Live token to redeem a copy on Steam. During the transfer period, you’ll be able to move your characters and progress over to the new platform.

If you miss the pilot window, you’ll still be able to get your Steam copy. However, you may miss out on moving your data over. Dates have yet to be announced for the migration period, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

[Source: Bandai Namco via Polygon]


Our Take
Microsoft says that it continues to support Games for Windows Live, but developers continue to flee the platform. Between it and the death of the Gamespy matchmaking service, it’s been a costly year for publishers and developers. It’s good to see games rescued from wilting platforms and continue to have a life via other means. 

As for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, the community improved that game with a patch. It would be great to see Bandai Namco take the opportunity to improve the PC version of this title with already proven and widely adopted upgrades like DSfix. – The Feed

Demon’s Crest, Gargoyle’s Quest 2 invade eShop on October 30

Capcom will resurrect a pair of demonic platformers from its back catalog next week with the launch of Demon’s Crest and Gargoyle’s Quest 2 for the Nintendo eShop.

Both games star Ghosts ‘n Goblins series antagonist Firebrand, and both feature…
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Doctor Who game starring Capaldi teaches kids to code

The Doctor and the Dalek is a web-based game intended to teach kids age 6 to 12 how to code, starring a friendly Dalek and The Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi. Capaldi lends his voice to the game and it’s written by series writer Phil Ford.

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Chinese developers need to better identify the needs of their players

“We serve the customers, that’s our common goal,” says Jeff Lyndon, president and co-founder of Chinese mobile game publisher iDreamSky, at GDC China today. …

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