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Wargaming shuts down Seattle-based WG Cells

Gamasutra has learned that Seattle-based WG Cells, formerly known as DropForge games, has been shut down. …

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30 Minutes Of Alleged Unfinished Goldeneye 007 Remake For Xbox Live Arcade Appears Online

A video appeared online recently showing a large amount of what is, allegedly, an official remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, Goldeneye 007, which was at one point planned for release on Xbox Live Arcade.

The video comes care of website and YouTube account, Rare Thief. It shows off familiar levels Dam, Facility, Surface, Cradle, and Aztec, some of the multiplayer features, and also shows an option that lets players switch between old and upgraded visuals.

Supposedly, Rare was working on remaking Goldeneye for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade in 2007 (source: Unseen64), but outside forces prevented the game from being released. Presumably, this is footage from that unreleased game, but it is difficult to confirm. Activision did release a game called Goldeneye in 2011, and while it shared a lot of overlap with the Nintendo 64 game, it was more brand new game than remake. You can read our review of that game here.

There is a fan recreation of the original Goldeneye currently in development and you can find some information about it right here.

[Source:, Rare Thief on YouTube]


Our Take
I played Activision's 2011 Goldeneye on both Xbox 360 and DS, and was immensely disappointed in both. I just wanted a cleaned up version of the game I loved on Nintendo 64, and while the remake offered some interesting Call of Duty-esque moments, it just wasn't the same. If this was truly the remake the video implies, I would have loved to have played it – I would still love to play it. Regardless of the veracity of the game in the video, it's still nice to see a cleaned up Goldeneye with a nice framerate in action. – The Feed

Zelda: Majora’s Mask’s Clock Town Theme Gets The Smooth McGroove Treatment

The latest from master YouTube acapellist, Smooth McGroove, recalls Majora's Mask's dawn of the first day with Clock Town's day one theme.

Majora's Mask's general tone is one of sadness, as the inhabitants of its world brace for unignorable destruction. The theme for Clock Town's first day marks some of the happier music from the game. You can check out McGroove's take below.

For more music from Smooth McGroove you can listen to his take on Yoshi's Island, Papyrus' battle theme from Undertale, and Dark Souls III by following the link. For more on the man himself, check out our feature, How Smooth Got His McGroove where we interviewed him about his music, here.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was remade for 3DS last year, and it's great. You can find our review here. – The Feed

Five Solid Ideas For Where Metal Gear Can Go Next

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain served as Hideo Kojima’s swan song for the beloved franchise he created. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the game, including production troubles during the buildup to release, culminating in Kojima parting ways with Konami to pursue new ideas at his own studio. However, before The Phantom Pain released, a statement from Konami said the company would be making new Metal Gear games even after Kojima was done with the series.

Earlier this summer, the trailer surfaced for a pachinko game based on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Die-hard Metal Gear fans reacted negatively to the trailer, expressing that this was not the future they wanted to see for the franchise. A Konami employee took to Reddit after the backlash over the pachinko game to assure fans that Metal Gear would be properly supported on consoles moving forward. We were recently given our first glimpse of the post-Kojima Metal Gear world with the trailer for Metal Gear Survive. While zombie survival may not be the way many expected a new Metal Gear to look, there are still a number of great ideas for a proper spin-off. Here are just a few directions a new Metal Gear game could take the series in.

The Joy
Metal Gear Solid 3’s pachinko treatment has fans particularly upset because it teased a revamped version of what some consider the best entry in the series. While the updated graphics and cinematics for the game are exclusive to the machine, there is no reason certain aspects of the story can’t be revisited in a future Metal Gear game. The most intriguing story that can spin out of Metal Gear Solid 3 would explore the history of The Boss (also known as The Joy). Her actions in Snake Eater set the entire Metal Gear Solid storyline into action, but it is her exploits in World War II that made her a legend on the battlefield.

Players encounter The Boss through the eyes of Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3. By this time, she has served as a mentor and role model to the young soldier for a number of years. Players are told how adept The Boss is in battle, and see it demonstrated through CQC takedowns and her expert tactics. During World War II, The Boss led the Cobra Unit the beaches of Normandy under the codename; a game that follows these events could offer a grounded look at war for the Metal Gear series, and tell an intimate and personal story that explores how this talented leader became one of the most important characters in the entire series.

Diamond Dogs
War is ever-present in the Metal Gear series, and some of the best explorations of the consequences of war in games have come in the form of first-person shooters. A hypothetical first-person shooter spin-off could run parallel to the most recent entry, The Phantom Pain. During the story of that game, players built and managed a private army of soldiers known as the Diamond Dogs. They took part in missions, collected resources, and maintained the conditions of Mother Base. A game focusing on the lives of the Diamond Dogs would offer a gritty, realistic vision of war set in the typically over-the-top world of Metal Gear.

Tweaking the objectives and missions from Metal Gear Online, this kind of game could focus on squad-based missions and cooperation, in addition to standard multiplayer gameplay modes. Ideally, these missions would feel like Grand Theft Auto Online heists or Destiny’s raids, emphasizing coordination and communication between a team. The dramatic setting of the Metal Gear universe could benefit by granting players control of regular soldiers in the world of nanomachines and giant mechs.

Check out our ideas for strategy, adventure, and action games on the next page! – The Feed

Sony is bringing its PlayStation Now game streaming service to PC

More than a year after its official debut, Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service is being prepped for launch on PC and Mac in the U.S. and Europe. …

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Coming To Early Access, Complete With Excellent PVP Mode

You might recall that way back in June 2014, we quite enjoyed a little RPG called Divinity: Original Sin. It earned a 9 from us, thanks engaging interactions with the environment and cool spell and effect interactions.

Its sequel is coming up on us quickly, with plans to arrive in early access in less than a month. The first build will include the first part of the campaign, but Larian is also including something pretty cool.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

At PAX East, we got to try out the player-versus-player mode. It combines the cool environmental and spell interactions with a bite-sized tabletop miniature feel. The result is something I can see playing quite a lot with friends.

You’ll be able to give it a spin for yourself on September 15. – The Feed

Disgaea 2 Is Coming To PC In January, Dood

The Disgaea series is getting another PC port, following the February 2016 release of the series’ original entry on Steam. You won’t need to wait too long either to dive into a re-released version of Disgaea 2.

NIS America has announced a January 30, 2017 release. Additionally, four of the characters from the sequel (Adell, Rozalin, Zetta, and Pleinair) have been added to the original Disgaea on PC.

The upcoming Steam release will include content that has never before been available in the West. The three characters are Dark Eclair, Gig, and Miabel, who were previously only in the Japanese version of the game.

The PC release will bundle content from both the original PS2 game (Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories) and the PSP release (Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days). You’ll be able to play on Windows, Mac, and SteamOS device.


Our Take
I'm a big fan of all of the recent PC ports of older console games. Not only does this make the titles available to new audiences, but it goes a long way toward preservation. – The Feed

NPD: 3DS, Xbox One, And GTA V Lead Brutal July Slump

The NPD report for July is finally available, completing the picture that started coming into focus a couple of weeks ago. We already knew that Xbox One led console sales, with 3DS beating it out by selling more units and topping the handheld category.

July wasn't a great month in the United States, with slumps across spending categories. Total sales dipped by 14 percent to $ 480.1 million, with hardware dropping heavily by 30 percent to $ 141.3 million.  

Monster Hunter Generations was a driving force for Nintendo, as Capcom’s latest entry propelled the 3DS to the lead. Software was down overall, with no major console releases. Last year saw Batman: Arkham Knight push strong numbers.

Here’s the top 10 best-selling titles for the month.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Overwatch
  3. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  4. Monster Hunter: Generations
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  6. Minecraft
  7. NBA 2K16
  8. Doom 2016
  9. Destiny: The Taken King
  10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Note that the NPD report includes new, physical retail sales and select digital sales in the United States. Of note, Overwatch was a strong second, despite sales not being included. Monster Hunter: Generations, Minecraft, and Doom also do not include digital sales.

For a complete list of which publishers and storefronts are included in the digital sales report, please visit our previous coverage.


Our Take
The combination of a weak release schedule and major unknowns around confirmed hardware releases over the next 12 months have left gamers up in the air. It's not a great time to buy a console right now, with so many questions. Pricing and bundling will be big factors (as usual) going into the holiday, but still, the hardware right around the corner is going to cause some to just wait. – The Feed

PSA: Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle Gets You Both Resident Evil Remakes For $15

Usually, Humble’s curated bundles of games at bargain bin prices are limited to PC and Android devices. For the next two weeks, PlayStation 3 and 4 owners get their moment to save.

The Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle offers up 13 games and more. Here’s what you can get:

Pay $ 1 or more

  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (PS3)
  • Strider (PS3 or PS4)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
  • Final Fight Double Impact (PS3)
  • Coupon: 45 percent off Street Fighter V on PS4

Pay more than the average (currently $ 9.69)

  • Lost Planet 3 (PS3)
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
  • Resident Evil HD (PS3 or PS4)
  • Okami HD (PS3)
  • Remember Me (PS3)
  • Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 Combo Pack (PS3)

Pay $ 15 or more

  • Resident Evil 0 Remastered (PS3 or PS4)
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3)
  • Coupon: 50 percent off Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4

This bundle supports three charities: Save the Children, American Red Cross, and You can check out the bundle on Humble’s website. – The Feed

Alone With You Review – Charming But Forgettable

In the opening scene of Alone With You, you stand on the edge of a rift with your scarf blowing in the wind. Smoke billows in the distance, and space stations are reduced to rubble. A deep sense of loneliness washes over you, as you come to terms with being the only one left. Toying with this sensation, Alone With You makes you question whether you are really as alone as you first thought. This adventure game offers an interesting premise that retells the downfall of a space colony, but fails to support it with a captivating storyline.

Following a failed terraforming project, all of the other colonists are dead, and time is of the essence. With only 21 days before the planet implodes, you must escape back to Earth by repairing the last remaining escape pod. To fix your ship, you rely on your A.I. companion and holographic recreations of the colony’s four leaders. You spend your days rummaging through the old facilities they ran, scavenging for supplies and parts for your escape pod. Though you encounter light puzzles when exploring these areas, you spend most of your time scanning objects hidden in corners or underneath rubble. This process is more tedious than enjoyable, since the scan is followed by uninteresting technical explanations. 

Puzzles are scattered from one location to the next. These rely mostly on common sense and finding hints in your surroundings. For example, you often have to figure out a terminal or locked door’s key code to gain access, and usually the answer is nearby, such as scribbled on notes stuck on the walls. One of my favorite puzzles had me reading descriptions of deceased colonists through a computer program, and then deducing who lived in which rooms based on their bios. While this is a highlight, much of the puzzles are too simple and repetitive; more often than not, you’re trying to figure out a password.

Alone With You is at its best when it forms a compelling narrative about the colonists that lost their lives, but it gets too hung up on details. I enjoyed discovering pages from one of the colonists’ short stories scattered around a communications tower and reading the excerpts, but this was a rare occasion. I was usually too busy scanning mundane objects like thrusters, research notes, and plants. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

An upside is that every night, you visit a holo-sim chamber in your space station to speak with one of the four colonists, depending on which station you ventured to during the day (the holograms are sentient, even though their “true” selves are dead). Here, they impart their expertise, but they also offer you friendship – and if you play your cards right, even love. You discuss what you found, but you also get a chance to learn about them as people. As time passes, the holograms and even the A.I. open up about past regrets with the terraforming project or their personal lives. The holograms, however, have gaps in their memory, especially the moments leading up to their deaths. None of them know how they met their demise, and part of your mission is unearthing those mysteries and giving them closure. Some feel their leadership failed, others delve into reflection on existentialism, and these are Alone With You’s most captivating moments. Each character’s reaction is unique, and provides insight into the fall of the colony. 

With each completed week, you can choose one of the four holo-leaders to spend quality time with. It has an awkward date vibe to it, as you admire serene and idyllic sights with them by your side. The dialogue feels genuine, but my biggest problem is that these characters lack personality. They all feel similar, and even as you dive into a romance, those relationships never reach their full potential. For example, I made sure to choose one colonist for each of these meetings, yet it never progressed passed “awkward date” to actual romance.

Alone With You is an endearing adventure, albeit a flawed one. Despite its dark subject matter, it somehow remains to have a lighthearted tone with its pastel, washed-out aesthetic. I admired the different locations and existential tone, but longed for a more captivating storyline. Like the holographic cast it chronicles, this experience lacks a distinct personality, leaving it as a charming but forgettable adventure. – The Feed