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Mega Man X4, X5 zero in on PlayStations next month

Two of the PlayStation-era Mega Man X platformers are blasting their way onto PS3 and Vita in the next couple of weeks. The first mighty number to land is X4, which hits PSN in North America on September 2. X5 follows a week later on September 9….
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Rockstar: Lohan’s GTA 5 lawsuit just Jonas-ing for publicity

Lindsay Lohan’s Grand Theft Auto 5 lawsuit was “filed for publicity purposes” according to creator Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive. Lohan sued Rockstar and Take-Two for damages back in July over the in-game character of Lacey Jonas,…
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The perils, opportunities, and responsibilities of Steam Early Access

Prominent Steam Early Access developers weigh in on the state of the service — how it helps them make games, but how its reputation is beginning to hurt them, too. …

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Let’s get ready to POKKEN!!!!!!!


Pokken Tournament, the love child between Pokemon and Tekken has been born! In Pokken Tournament, you fight as various Pokemon in a one-on-one, fighting game style similar to Tekken.

Here are a few images I dug-up online (sorry for the poor quality):







Not much else is known about this game other than it is for sure coming out in Japanese arcades in 2015.

I’m hoping it will feature ALL 51 fighting-type Pokemon because I would LOVE to rock me some Hitmoncham, Primeape, Toxicroak and Hawlucha! I can TOTALLY see Mewtwo-X making an appearance as well.

To witness this wicked game in action, check-out the “first look” trailer below!

Which fighting-types would you play as?

-Gotta beat ‘em all!

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Amazon buys Twitch for $1 billion



Amazon, the online store for everything, has purchased Twitch, the world’s largest videogame streaming community for a whopping $ 1 billion (approximately).

The purpose of this purchase (try saying that 5X fast) is to help Amazon creep past YouTube and Netflix when it comes to offering online video content to younger audiences. Google had talked about purchasing the online streaming company for some time but the deal never happened. That’s when Amazon stepped in and sealed the deal, making it one of Amazon’s biggest acquisitions to date.

Amazon’s current online video service, Amazon Instant Video, is similar to Netflix in that it offers movie rentals and streaming video for a monthly fee. It will be interesting to see what they do with Twitch and the plethora of free user-generated content found on the site everyday.

But what changes will happen to Twitch itself? According to Twitch CEO Emmett Shear… nothing. Twitch will remain an independent entity, but will only be made better thanks to the newly gained Amazon resources and support. Let’s hope that stays true.

So look forward to an even better Twitch experience! Coming soon to a computer near you.

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Mega Man X4 And X5 Heading To PlayStation 3 And Vita

PlayStation classics Mega Man X4 and X5 are coming to the PlayStation Network for play on PlayStation 3 and Vita very soon.

Mega Man X4 launches (or re-launches technically) on Tuesday September 2, while Mega Man X5 will be available on Tuesday the following week, September 9.

With the launch of Mega Man X3 on Wii U just around the corner, pretty soon you will be able to play your way through the first five Mega Man X games on modern systems.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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I'm a huge Mega Man X fan, something regular readers will likely be fully aware. It's been years since I played either of these games, so I can't wait to have them on a portable platform. – The Feed

Joystiq is giving away tens of thousands of Dizzel beta codes

We love games, you love games. That is why you are here reading this right now, it is the central component in our ineffable bond. Want to know what we love even more? Playing games a little bit early. Why wait when you can dive into the gory innards…
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Execs explain the rationale behind Amazon buying Twitch

If yesterday’s news that online megaretailer Amazon had purchased streaming game footage hub Twitch for $ 970 million took you by surprise, you’re not alone – not by a long shot. However, a recent Time interview with Amazon vice president of games…
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EA hopes to earn $1 billion from add-on content this year

Electronic Arts is aiming to surpass $ 1 billion in add-on content and DLC sales this year with major expected contributions from its sports franchises, Bloomberg reports.

EA spokesperson John Reseburg confirmed with Bloomberg that Madden NFL add-on…
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Report: Capcom aims patent infringment suit at Koei Tecmo

Capcom has filed suit against Koei Tecmo alleging that the Dynasty Warriors publisher infringed on key Capcom patents in recent games, according to a Sankei report translated by Siliconera.

The patent in question refers to backwards compatible…
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